Harry Potter/RWBY crossover

Part 1


"Harry? Mate, you sure this'is a good idea? For the record I'm completely against the idea of these wattoos." Asked Ron, looking uncomfortable looking at the newly inked marks that adorned my body.

"It's tattoos Ron, and Hermione said it'll work I'm more inclined to believe her besides... If I don't..."

I trailed, idly picking at one of the marks.

"It's just, completely mental you know. There has to be a better way to do this than draw pictures at you."

"Ron, drop it. If it seals whatever it is that Voldemort did then it's fine isn't it?" Harry said examining the somewhat tribal looking tattoo that was prominently exhibited on his chest. It looked liked a pair of chains crossed that intersected at his median section.

"Besides doesn't it look intimidating?" I said trying to add some levity. it was kinda cool made me look somewhat more manly, I hope.

"I forgot you're about as mental as Hermione." Ron muttered but I heard him still.

"About as?" That's something, usually no one was as mental as Hermione... For Ron anyway.

"Yeah, can you believe she's on her SPEW gig again?"

I raised a brow. "If it's Hermione I can believe a lot of things."


It has been a year since Voldemort's defeat. There was a large battle near the start of my sixth year and a public duel where I trounced Voldemort so solidly that most of the remaining death eaters surrendered rather than fight me.

It wasn't that I trained for that battle, but since fourth year at Voldemort's revival there was many a thing out of place in my life. A voice in my head, extra power, extremely advanced reflex and a seemingly bottomless well of magic.

I never told anyone of course, only Ron and Hermione because they were the only ones I could trust with such a secret.

Hermione's research bore some unexpected results. Voldemort's ritual didn't only affect his body but mine's as well. If it could turn a frail and useless homunculus into the scaly yet formidable body that Voldemort used what could it have done to my body? What were the side effects?

That was the question and they didn't really want the answers so Hermione found sealing magic in the form of the tattoos in my body to suppress anything unwanted and it worked mostly. I still had to discharge lots of magical power monthly but it was better than being equivalent to a nuclear power plant.

Everything would be okay so long as the seal is maintained. I know that sound like an ok deal but then came the deal breaker. I got transported to another world, where there was monsters called grim and a humanity that was on the brink of extinction. Worse of all there was no Hermione to maintain the seal.