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They all just stood there, smirking and laughing at them. The other warriors just went further into defensive positions. Then the space pirates launched themselves at the at the earth's protectors, who did their best to fight. Soon it became apparent that the pirates were too strong, but they had to hold on until help came.

Chapter One

They were nearly there.

Holly looked over at the older saiyans who were flying along side her; Ranger grinned at the young female, but then stopped upon hearing an explosion.

Landing a few feet away from the giant roots of an enormous tree, the three males showing no emotion, while the young female looking up at the tree with wide eyes and her now hanging down jaw. '

Wow!' was all she could think, and then she noticed that her male companions had disappeared.

The space pirates lazed about on the Tree of Might, smirking as they watched the young girl turn her head from side to side looking for her friends.

"Pretty little thing ain't she?" the long blue haired warrior commented quietly, running his eyes up and down her petite form.

"Yeah, doesn't look like she's been in a situation like this before," the twins sniggered, to his left.

A giant orange skinned man flipped his brown hair braid over his shoulder.

"She's about sixteen years old and it is no surprise she hasn't been involved in anything like this before. I mean look at the rest of the weaklings on this planet,"

This set the twins off laughing again, their purple bodies shaking, as the fifth member of the group interrupted them. He was a large male made out of a metal like material and lava like body spoke quietly

"What do we do with her Amound?"

The orange man shrugged " I don't think we should harm her if possible,"

"But why?" the twins cried out at this.

He turned and calmly explained to them as one would to a child, "Master Turles might want to deal with her,"

Then turning around "Don't you think so Duiiza?" Amound asked his blue haired companion.

Duiiza smirked, his eyes never leaving the female below him. "I think he would. Kakao where are the rest of her friends?"

The man tapped the scouter attached to his lava face. "Near the bit we left the rest of those earth warriors. Should we finish dealing with them first?"

"Yeah," Amound replied.

"We'll deal with the little one later,"

The girl made a noise in confusion and looked around.

'I'm sure I heard someone,'

After a moments inspection of her surroundings coming to the conclusion is was her just being paranoid, she just shrugged her shoulders and continued to exam one of the tree's roots.

Ranger gasped when he saw the battered bodies of the people he knew.





He couldn't see Goku anywhere, and was fearing the worse.

Slowly turning his head to look at Max and Cumber's faces, they looked as equally shocked as he was.

Upon hearing a noise coming behind them, they all spun around to find a horrified Goku, who only nodded a greeting to them, which they returned.

It was then they all heard the cruel laughter, and saw the faces of their enemies and they too prepared to fight, as had the others earlier.

At the other side of the battlefield the saiyan Turles, who was the space pirates' leader, was holding Gohan's head making him stare at the full moon.

Onlyletting go as the boy as soon as his transformation began into an oozaru.

With out looking up, with a swift movement he destroyed the moon sphere quickly, to avoid his own transformation.

All this was happening as Turles' henchmen pounded the others into the ground, they were about to finish them all off when they saw Gohan roaring at the night's sky and flew off.

Goku managed to pull himself from a crater and instantly headed for his son.

Walking under one of the tree's massive roots, Holly yelped in alarm as she caught sight of the rampaging oozuru and backed away from it.

But she did not get far before she bumped into someone.

"Where have you been?" she laughed, thinking it was one of her friends.

"Oh only here and there," came a cold voice.