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Turles stalked to and throw around his chambers. He was incredible frustrated even though it had been nearly a day since the incident with the girl had occurred.

He was now waiting for his men to deliver her to him, so she could receive her punishment ... At that thought he paused in mid-step. How was he going to punish her? He hadn't really thought about it properly. Sure he had a few ideas at first when he was being irrational and blinded by fury, but he hadn't calmed enough to think it through thoroughly.

Throwing himself into a nearby chair he leaned forward with his head in his hands, pushing his thick spiky hair back, before it sprang back into place. Thinking fast as he knew she was going to be brought before him any minute now.

Just then the doors of his chambers opened throwing out any rational thoughts in his mind and being replaced with rage at the sight of the figure being supported by his two men.

His nostrils flared and veins stuck up across his forehead as he was seized by a barely controllable wrath. How dare she disobey him like that, it could have cost them all their lives, if she would have been anyone else she would have been dead … Wait why hadn't he killed or punished as of yet, so what if she was the last female of his kind, was he going soft? These thoughts took him by surprise momentarily before he shook them off.

Going back to his original thoughts of 'if she had been anyone else she would have been dead' he decided he would make an example out of her and teach her who her master is.

"Take her to the main deck and gather everyone, including …" he paused slightly, "No especially the slaves. Today everyone will learn why it is not a good idea to disobey me," his tone was soft and cold, making him sound as dangerous as he was.

The two pirates paled, at their master's tone, and the fact they new how cruel Turles could be. Also the fact Holly was still suffering from the injuries she had received earlier from Turles, explaining why she had not reacted much during this time. But even through her hazy mind she was aware of Turles' cold, smouldering eyes, and new she was in the shit to be put bluntly.

Just as they were about to leave when the twins, Rakasie and Rezun, appeared over the ship's intercom screen. "Sir, the slaver Hadeon's ship is approaching us and they are now hailing us. What do you wish us to do sir?"

Turles scowled at the screen for a moment, while thinking "He may be interested in taking some of these slaves off our hands …" he muttered. "Answer him and say I'll be there in a minute," The Twins muttered a 'yes sir' and disappeared as the screen turned off, leaving Holly, Duiiza and Amound under an intense glare.

"Take her back to her cell, her punishment will have to wait for now. Then join me on deck as we have business to discuss with our old friend, Hadeon," With that they nodded and quickly exited, scared to encounter Turles' wrath.

Holly was left on her bunk by the two pirates, as they left they cast her, what she though was, a sympathetic look over their shoulder. But she could have been wrong, as her head still hurt pretty badly, telling how much Turles had hurt her.

From the cell opposite hers a tentative voice came out from the darkness asking, "Are you okay?"

Realising it belonged to the girl opposite her; she almost made her laugh at the irony of it, as less than hour ago she herself had asked that very same question to the girl opposite her.

"Aye, I'm okay had worse happen to me," she said with her lopsided grin, causing the girl to grin back at her. She was apparently starting to recover from her ordeal, though she would never fully recover from it Holly thought darkly, because she certainly never did.

There was an uncomfortable silence lying in the air. "Sooo," Holly started, twiddling her thumbs as she sat on her bunk, "Wot's yer name? I never got around to asking ye the last time, oh by the way mine is Holly," her Scottish accent was coming back to her more and more for some weird reason.

"It's Missy," she said laughing.

"Miss Kissy Missy," Holly playfully teased her.

"Shut up!" Missy playful scolded her new friend, while launching a cup from her cell across at Holly that hit the bars of Holly's cell.

Holly stared at the cup in mock horror with a hand over her chest. "Ye could 'ave hit me and I could 'ave died!" she said in a melodramatic tone. Now Missy was howling for laughter at her sincere face.

"Turles," said a deep silky voice from the shadows, "Nice to see you old friend,"

"Likewise," Turles replied, as he sat down opposite him, while having a glass of wine being poured by a young female slave.

They sat there a minute taking a drink of wine while eyeing each other up, Turles broke the silence. "What is your after Hadeon?"

"What makes you think that I'm after anything Turles?" he asked slyly

Turles grinned back at him, "As 'old friends' I know fine well you are only here because you are after something," he said

Hadeon laughed "Well I did hear that you have recently purchased a shipment of slaves or two," he said before sipping his wine again.