Welcome everyone! Ohata Uchiha here with a crossover of Dragonball Z and My Hero Academia! Now I need to give some context before we start. This is set in a time where the first Quirk was discovered generations before the events of Dragonball Z started. Now, because of how our cast is, besides minor (yet useless) interference from some strong Pro Heroes during the siege of the Saiyans and the Cell Games, not much has changed. However, Hercule will be buffed, having needed to train harder than before in order to become the World Champion. Still nothing compared to Goku, but on a scale of power, he's just under All Might. Why? Because I think it's not fair that Hercule gets to be shown up by everyone, and I want him to not look like trash. Also, with the start of the Hero Academy, ChiChi aims for Gohan to be the very best, hoping for him to start high school at no better place. And finally, Gohan will take the place of Mashirao Ojiro, the Martial Arts Hero: Tailman. Besides that, I think we're ready to start.

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Chapter 1: One For All

It's been three whole years since the defeat of the terrifying Cell at the hands of the half-Saiyan child, Son Gohan. Of course, due to the loss of footage, the world was mislead to believe that Hercule Satan was the one to vanquish the being in the place of All Might's absence. Now, the young warrior, after three years of training and studying, stood before the gates of Battle Center B of U.A. High School, the gathering place for many future heroes. Getting this far was nothing thanks to his mother's homeschooling, however she had only agreed to let him enroll if he promised to be a scholar or a doctor or something of the sort as his primary job.

With his hair remaining the same from three years back, Gohan's growth spurt put him at about 5'5", and he had decided to come in his own personal gi, a no-character purple Turtle Hermit gi with a blue undershirt, blue sash, and blue wrist bands, showing a sign of gratitude and respect for the training from both Piccolo and his father. The 14-year-old could spot another boy about his height, with a mess of green hair, shivering in place.

Gohan approached the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder, catching his attention. "Hey, don't worry, ok? I'm sure you'll do fine." He delivered his best confidence-boosting smile.

"Thanks. It really helps that you think that." He told Gohan, followed by an eased smile. "Everyone is so confident about this mock battle."

"Well, that's the key. Be confident in your abilities, and yourself." He reminded the boy with a thumbs up.

"Right! Let's start!" A man shouted from the top of the structure behind the crowd of students. "Get moving! There are no timers in real battles! RUN RUN RUN, listeners! You're wasting air-time!" Gohan wasted no time. He was through the gate just as it opened, speeding ahead of the crowd and already gathering 50 points within the first minute. Running down the street, he zigzagged back and forth from the left and right side of the street, crushing every enemy that came into sight.

Not long after, Gohan had racked up well over 100 points, using a smart combination of his speed and power. Everywhere Gohan went was nothing but destruction. It wasn't soon that a monster robot emerged from. As a crowd ran past Gohan to escape, he prepared to take off. As he ascended into the air, he could see the boy from earlier bolt into the sky, prompting him to stop. Let me give him a chance. In the meantime… He thought as he looked down and descended in front of the pile of rubble immobilizing a girl in a tracksuit. Removing the rubble, he pulled the girl out and made sure she was ok before taking off to catch the boy.

Gohan descended with the boy in his arms. When he realized that he had been caught, his eyes filled with tears. "My name is Gohan, by the way. I never got yours."

"Midoriya, Izuku Midoriya." He told me as we landed.

"That was one hell of a punch, Izuku. It was nothing short of powerful." Gohan praise, followed by the praise of the crowd. Gohan left Izuku be, under the care of the girl he saved. "What about you? What's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Ochaco Uraraka. Um, thank you for saving him…"

"Gohan." He told her with a smile before trying to meld into the crowd.

Gohan flew over the lush green forest in front of U.A. as he recalled the events from the night before. "Gohan, I know I want you to be a great scholar, but ever since these nasty villains started rising, the streets are barely safe anymore. I want you to be both. A hero just as strong as your father, with a brain more intelligent than your mother's. Will you promise me that if you attend this school, you'll stay on this track, and help lots of people?"

"Of course!" he shouted. "I'll continue right now!" An excited Gohan ran outside and struggled to swing his fists and legs faster than ever. "Just wait until I get in touch with King Kai, he'll give me some weighted training clothes, just like Dad!"

"Look at him, Goku." ChiChi said softly to herself. "I know I said I didn't want his life to be all about martial arts, but he is our son, after all. At least let me keep him educated if he's going to be a fighter. That way he'll at least learn how to drive so he won't bring any attention to himself by flying in the middle of the city, or popping in and out of existence." A hand held itself over her chest, remembering the days when Gohan wasn't even a toddler. The loss of her husband had once again began to ache, seeing how much their son had grown.

Gohan quickly shuck his head and flew to a stop, landing and walking inside before giving a bit of a controlled super sprint in order to find his class. 1-A…1-A… "There!" He came to a halt in front of a large door. Upon entering, the blue-haired student greeted him.

"Ah! Another diligent, speedy student I see!" he shouted.

"Why do you have to say that to every loser that walks in here?" the spiky-haired blonde boy said as he leaned back and put a foot on the desk, beginning an argument between them as Midoriya walked in.

"Oh, Izuku. How have you been? I've actually been meaning to tell you something." I heard the tall student introduce himself as Tenya Iida. I didn't get a chance to tell him as Tenya ran up to him to introduce himself, followed by an apology and Ochaco's appearance. I decided to just sit down and wait my turn, taking a seat next to the girl who had chord-like skin dangling from her ears. Her praise made Midoriya's face turn bright pink, but the conversation was missing something. "You need to control it." Gohan said, standing up and catching everyone's attention. "I can tell from looking at you that you only recently started to train your body. If it can't handle your Quirk, it becomes useless."

The sudden outburst of perception and knowledge made his face sulk. "You're right." He said quietly.

"Don't worry, Izuku. I've been training my body since I was only 4-years-old. I'll help you whip that body into a mountain-crusher in no time at all!" He told him, wrapping an arm around his neck.

"Wow…Thank you…" He said, tears starting to fill his eyes.

"Don't sweat it! By the way…" Gohan left Midoriya's side, approaching the disrespectful blond. "Aren't you Katsuki Bakugo?"

"What of it, loser?" He responded aggressively.

"You're the one who had the score right below mine! You must have some really good combat skills." He praised before Bakugo shot out of his seat.


The half-Saiyan simply smiled. "That's fine. I don't want my clothes to get tattered after the first day." Gohan removed his hand like it was nothing before walking back to his seat.


"Stop yelling, kid." A man in a sleeping bag said from the doorway. "If it took you that long to notice me, than you all have a long way to go. My name is Shouta Aizawa, I'll be your homeroom teacher."

After Mr. Aizawa introduced himself, we were told to put on the school's Gym Uniforms and go outside to the baseball fields, where we would be tested with our Quirks. It was time for the first test, 50 meter dash. Gohan was paired with Iida, so we both huddled at the starting line, and upon start, he managed to stun everyone once the machine read: "0.51 seconds!" after crossing the finish line, followed by Iida's three second run.

The next test was the grip strength. I could hear the boy with the Tape Quirk praise the large man for hitting 540 kilograms on the grip machine. Gohan gave it a squeeze, and before he knew it, the bar in his hand was crushed, with a reading of 1346 kilograms. "No way!" the Tape boy shouted. As small as you are, you're gripping almost 3000 pounds?!"

"Well, I think the machine broke before I could finish squeezing." Gohan said modestly.

"What the hell is this kid?!" multiple people shouted.

The third test. Long jumps. Gohan tried to suppress his Ki to keep himself from flying, managing to jump the longest distance. At the fourth test, it turns out that the camera couldn't catch him side-stepping, and could just barely get the afterimage.

The fifth test, a good old round of baseball, Yamcha's favorite. Gohan went up right after Midoriya and Bakugou, who had both scored over 700 meters.Okay…be careful… I need to make sure the ball comes back… Just give it a dash of Super Saiyan…and… Gohan lightly threw the ball, sending it into the sky faster than anybody could see. Crap…I went overboard… We waited around for maybe ten minutes, however, the ball never returned. Aizawa picked up his phone to reveal that, just like Uraraka, his distance read infinity.

Something switched in Bakugo, making him spring towards Midoriya, explosions engulfing his hands. Before Aizawa had a chance to interfere, Gohan appeared in front of him, holding an open palm in front of him as a sign to stop. "What do you think you're doing!?" he shouted.

"You can't just lunge at your classmate for no reason, Katsuki. I may not have a Quirk, but in terms of power, speed, and combat ability, I've been above you since I was only five-years-old." Gohan's words began to resonate within the class. He didn't have a Quirk, which would have meant that all of his tests before were of his own strength. Bakugou, after having seen what Gohan was capable of, didn't feel like trying to squash him. The only person he was after was Midoriya, so with that, he grumbled and walked away.

The following tests allowed Gohan to shine, with the exception of the seated toe-touch. Although flexibility is an important element in martial arts, there were others who managed to stretch further than Gohan, since most of his past training never focused on stretching. Once the tests were finished, Aizawa presented a ranked list of students, as follows:

Son Gohan, Momo Yaoyorozu, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, Tenya Iida, Fumikage Tokoyami, Mezo Shoji, Eijiro Kirishima, Mina Ashido, Ochaco Uraraka, followed by the next ten contenders. As it turned out, nobody was getting expelled, and so ended the first day of Gohan's new life at U.A. High School. He caught up to Iida and Midoriya as they were walking to the station, which reminded him of something.

"Izuku…" Gohan said, catching his attention. "You want to learn how to control your power, right?"

Midoriya suddenly turned to him, eyes shimmering with a gleam that could only be seen in the eyes of a future hero. "More than anything! Weren't you saying that you could help me?!"

With a nod, Gohan made sure to lean in. "I need to take you somewhere first. It's kinda private, ok?"

"Yeah, sure!"

"Good. Then take my hand." Gohan said as he held it out and put two fingers to his forhead. Once Midoriya grabbed it, the two vanished and appeared at Korin's spot below the lookout.

"Oh, Gohan! What brings you here?" the cat said.

"Hey, Korin. Could I have six months of Senzu Beans for my friend, Izuku?"

"Of course." He stated, handing Gohan a bag of beans before the two vanished again, appearing on Dende's Lookout this time.

"I thought you didn't have a Quirk, Gohan?" Midoriya asked him, looking around.

"You wouldn't believe me if I said that Instant Transmission wasn't a Quirk."

"And what is this about six months? I can't be gone for that long!"

"Don't worry, you won't miss any time at all. I'll explain, don't worry. I just need to get a few things. I'll be back in a few moments." Gohan said. "Make sure you call your mother and let her know that you won't be home tonight but you'll be back tomorrow after school."

As he vanished, Midoriya was greeted by a slightly older Dende. "Welcome to my Lookout, Young Izuku. I assume Gohan brought you here, right?"

"Oh yeah. Um, I'm really sorry but I need to contact my mother. Could you hold on for just a minute?"

"Of course, Young Izuku. Take your time." Dende said before walking away to handle whatever matters Dendes handle.

Once everything got settled, Gohan returned with different pairs of training armor, on top of weighted training clothes. "Ok, so beyond those doors is a separate dimension that dilates time. So, we are going to train until midnight, which will be about nine hours out here, but in there, six months will pass by. On top of your previous training, whatever it was, this should really help. However, I'm going to need you to explain your Quirk to me."

"I don't know if I could do that… My Quirk is supposed to remain a secret…" He said, hanging his head. Gohan placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's fine. Based on what I've observed, it's a basic reinforcement-type Quirk. It'll greatly enhance your strength, but at the cost of breaking your bones since your body can't handle it. Believe it or not, my father knew a technique similar to that, called the Kaio-Ken. So we'll put you through some similar training. Put these on." He said as he tossed him the training armor.

Once they entered, Midoriya was already blown away. "Wow, I can't believe a place like this exists! I can't see where it ends, is there even an end!? What were you saying about time dilation?! WHY DOES MY BODY FEEL SO STRANGE?!" He yelled before Gohan calmed him down.

"Hey, calm down! It's just the gravity, you'll get used to it! Now look, Izuku, I need you to punch me as hard as possible. You have to put your full power behind yourself, don't worry about breaking your arm, just hit me." He said, prompting the beginning of Midoriya's strength tests.

"Are you sure? I don't want to end up hurting you…" Suddenly Gohan's power spiked, sending a gust of dust and wind in all directions. Gohan powered up into a Super Saiyan, emitting a golden light.

"Do you feel that Izuku! I'll be fine! I've monsters stronger than you could ever imagine, some that even All Might wouldn't be able to handle! Hit me with everything you've got!" He said before powering down.

"All right, fine!" Midoriya shouted before reeling his arm back. Red, ribbon-like lights wrapped around his right arm as he hurled his fist into Gohan's chestplate. "SMAASH~!"

As the dust cleared, Gohan's chestplate was cracked, but not broken, and he had not budged an inch. "Just like I thought, your arm is broken. Here, eat this." Gohan said as he handed him a Senzu Bean. He downed it, and within seconds his arm was back to normal.

"Wow, that's incredible!"

"More useful than Recovery Girl. They're portable, too. Now, I need you to change into these clothes." He told him as he tossed him some traditional Turtle Hermit Gi with weighted accessories like the undershirt and wristbands. Each piece was ten pounds. At first, Midoriya could barely move. "Alright! We're going to run 100 laps! Let's go!" And so, the two friends started their six months of training together.

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