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Chapter 7: The Final Round

Midoriya was taken from the stadium to heal, as Todoroki's explosion did a number on him. Although he had no broken bones, he made a few slight tears in his muscles, something that he'll be able to avoid the next time he'll have to use all he can of One For All. He lied his head back, resting his body, until he heard the door open and close.

"That was really something, kid." All Might told him before taking a seat. "Even if you lost, you still displayed an incredible resolve, and you put One For All to good use. I'm proud of you, Midoriya. It makes me rest easy knowing that you're the next Symbol of Peace." He praised as he let out a sigh.

His words brought tears to Izuku's eyes, but not the normal set of waterworks he'd splash out at a moment's notice. In the last year, Izuku has matured thanks to All Might and Gohan.

The two made their way back to their seats to watch the next fight. Midoriya sat down next to Uraraka as the girl from Class 1–B seemed to vanish and reappear above Gohan, slamming her leg down on his arm before using the momentum to push herself back. Dammit! She thought to herself, making her anger apparent with a glare. What the hell is he, a moving brick wall!? Could that be his Quirk? Can he harden himself like Tetsutetsu? It can't be, Mr. Yamada would have announced it in the race! Why is he just standing there!? Is he looking down on me! "How dare you, asshole!" She yelled before lunging. Much like Bakugo, she was short-tempered and foul-mouthed, but she wouldn't ever let anyone think less of her because she's Quirkless.

She had unleashed a furious barrage of punches and kicks on Gohan, who easily blocked them all before putting an open hand up to her chest and propelling her out of bounds with his Ki. "Videl is out of bounds, Gohan advances to the third round!" Midnight announced.


The next two rounds proceeded with expected results. It was time for the semi-final matches. The two fighters walked out onto the arena as Yamada hyped up their entrance. "The first match of the semi-finals! Both of these young heroes-in-the-making have been on the front lines for the whole Sports Festival with incredible displays of power, but who will emerge on top!? Is it going to be Son Gohan from Class 1-A, or his classmate Shoto Todoroki!?" It was seconds of waiting, seconds that felt like an eternity to the crowd. The moment the match started, Todoroki unleashed an ice barrage, and it seemed to bury Gohan. However, everyone watched in amazement as Gohan appeared behind Todoroki and pat him on the back, before vanishing to dodge his backhand.

"I'm sorry, Todoroki, but you will never catch me." He told him as he pat him on the head. Icy-Hot stomped his foot and unleashed a wave of ice in all directions.

"It looks like to stop Gohan's game of tag, Todoroki filled the stage with ice!" He heard. "Although I guess it makes sense that it would have no affect when you can fly!" Upond hearing this, Todoroki looked above him and his jaw dropped. This had been the first actual time he'd seen Gohan fly. As the Saiyan sunk like a stone, he unleashed ice into the air, but just before the ice met him, he vanished and appeared behind Todoroki, grabbing him by the collar and throwing him into the air before reappearing once again above him to kick him into the ground outside of the arena.

"Todoroki is out of bounds! Gohan wins and advances to the final round!" Midnight announced, whipping in Gohan's direction.

Bakugo had finished his round easily, and now kicked open the door to his waiting room. "That dumbass! If he tries to make a fool out of me, I'll kill him!" He angrily yelled before realizing that Gohan was sitting in front of him.

"Hey, Katsuki! You came to wait with me before our match!" Gohan said, letting off a warm smile.

"What the hell are you doing in my waiting room!?" he yelled before looking at the sign. "Crap, this is waiting room two?! Well, I guess it doesn't matter. You heard what I said, wonderboy. If you play around and avoid using your full strength, I'll kill you!" he said, slamming his fist on the table, creating an explosion.

"Listen, Katsuki." Gohan told him as he stood up. "I'm not afraid of you. Anything you dish out at me, I can take it and return it, one hundred fold." Gohan told him calmly. "I should be the one telling you to bring everything you've got." He walked out, further shocking and irritating Bakugo. Although it was unlike Gohan to brag or make threats like that, Bakugo's piss-poor attitude had started getting to him. He shook his head and made his way to his side of the arena for the final match.

The two students entered the ring, and the flames on all for corners burst to life. "Welcome to the final battle of the U.A. High School Sports Festival! In just a moment we'll see here which first-years come out on top!" Yamada announced. "Yes it all comes down to this folks! From the Hero Course, Katsuki Bakugo! Against his classmate, Son Gohan!" All eyes were on them. The eyes of several million, maybe even billion, people watched intently as the battle was soon to begin. "Now, START!"

Gohan's declaration seemed to have fired up Bakugo, because not even a second after the match began, he was halfway across the arena, propelling himself with a massive explosion. Gohan charged, and as he reached Bakugo's explosion range, Katsuki held his hands out in front of him, unleashing a massive explosion in front of him. Gohan had been nowhere to be seen, and Bakugo quickly blew himself into the sky as Gohan threw a punch to where he just was. The half-Saiyan smiled. He had slowed himself down to give everyone else some fun, and to give the audience a show, but it was still impressive that he predicted what Gohan was going to do.

"Fine, if you're just going to play around, then I'll end this right now!" Bakugo yelled as he let himself drop, using his explosions to surround himself in a massive vortex. As he neared his target, he yelled from at the top of his lungs. "Howitzer…IMPACT!" the moment he touched the ground, the whole arena was engulfed in one massive explosion.

"Woah! Bakugo combones speed and rotation with a huge blast like he used against Uraraka! He turned himself into a human missile! However it look like Gohan tried in no way to avoid it! So what has become of our two top contenders?!"

As the dust cleared, Bakugo's eyes widened. Gohan emerged, unscathed. His shirt missing completely, and his pants in tatters, he approached his opponent, who scrambled to his feet. "But…how?!"

"It's just like I told you." He said as he approached Bakugo slowly, standing in front of him so that he could hear. "I can take anything you dish out, and return it a hundred fold…Kacchan." He said as he raised a hand faster than Bakugo could see, flicking one finger against his forehead and sending him flying out of the ring. He slammed into the wall, leaving a mark, before he fell onto the ground, knocked out completely.

"Bakugo is unconscious, and out of bounds! That means Gohan is the winner!" Midnight announced, causing the crowd to roar with excitement.

"And with that the final match is officially over! The first-year champion of the U.A. Sports Festival is…SON GOHAN FROM CLASS 1-A!"

"The first year students have completed all of the events for the U.A. Sports Festival! Now it's time to relax and enjoy the award ceremony!" Confetti exploded behind Midnight, and the three pedestals were raised before the first-year students of U.A. High School. On first place stood Gohan, on second was a chained down and muffled Bakugo, and on third was Todoroki and Tokoyami. "We have nobody better to present the awards then the number one hero himself, All Might!" She announced with a hardy laughter filling the air as All Might landed in between the crowd and the winners. "So now that you're here, All Might, why don't you present the awards?"

The Hero gave words of encouragement and kindness to all three runner-ups, with the exception of Bakugo, along with their awards and a nice, warm hug for all except Bakugo…again. Once he approached Gohan, he put the gold medal around his neck. "And Young Gohan. You've not only showed immense bravery and courage, but strength and hope in your time here. Whether you may or may not be ready to become a Pro Hero just yet, I don't even know myself. But, I want to thank you for helping and guiding Midoriya along his path with me. It means a lot." He told him before his big arms wrapped around him.

"Of course, All Might. I won't tell anyone about your secret, I promise. In exchange for your friendship, of course." Gohan whispered to him.

"I'd be honored." As he turned back to the crowd, he held out a hand. "Here they are, the winner of this year's Sports Festival!"

"Not so fast!" A voice called out, followed by another hardy laughter. Behind the crowd, an explosion of dust kicked up, and once it settled it revealed a buff, but plain looking man, sporting a brown gi with white pants and a white belt, along with a mess of an afro that matched his mustache. The mere sight of this man made Gohan's eyes widen with surprise. "I, Hercule Satan, the World Champion and the Symbol of Strength, challenge you, All Might, the Symbol of Peace, to our own Sports-Festival-style final match!"

"Ah, I knew you'd come for me at some point! I accept your challenge, Hercule!" He shouted excitedly for their publicity stunt. The two made their way to the arena and stood their ground.

"Now it's time for the final match of the U.A. Sports Festival!" Yamada announced. "It's a battle between the Symbol of Peace and the Symbol of Strength! The two most powerful people in the world, however Quirkless, exchanging blows right here! I'd hate to be anyone that misses this! And with that, BEGIN!"

The two dashed at eachother and collided fists, sending a large gale through the stadium as a crater formed below them. Wow! Gohan thought. Is this really the same Hercule from three years ago!? The two Heroes colldided fists several more times, matching speed and strength together, until Hercule threw a right hook, but wrapped his arm around All Might, hurling him over his shoulder and jumping towards him to throw a punch, but All Might blocked several hits. Beforehand, All Might had no choice but to reveal his secrets to Hercule, as to make sure he doesn't damage his scar. Hercule threw a punch at his face, spinning him upright as the two began to fight in midair, slowly descending to the ground thanks to the force of their attacks creating enough of a gale to keep them aloft. As their feet touched down, Hercule picked up his leg and swung it, but All Might deflected it and went in for a counterattack, only to have the same result as Hercule had. After several minutes of collided fists and connected blows, the two tired heroes stood proud and shook hands.

"This match is a draw! Both Heroes refuse to keep going, as this is only a sparring match!" Midnight announced. With that last surprise match, the U.A. High School Sports Festival was over.

The students were given a couple of days to rest and recuperate, but upon their return, fame had overtaken their lives. Gohan couldn't walk the streets anymore without being swarmed, so he now flew over the city, wrapped in a large plastic sheet to keep him dry from the rain. Once it was time for the students to return to school, it was revealed that several Hero Agencies had sent in recruitment requests. The list was shown with Gohan having 5,467, Todoroki having 4,056, Bakugo having 3,469, and Midoriya having 1,075, followed by everyone else having less than 400 Agencies trying to recruit them.

"In past years it's been pretty spread out across the students, but this time there's a big gap." Aizawa told the students, failing at making them feel better.

"Look Iida, people want us!" Uraraka shouted as she shook Iida back and forth by the shoulders. "Isn't this great, Deku!" she called out. It wasn't long until Midnight walked in and began passing out dry-erase boards with markers, explaining how everyone had to make a Hero name. The first two were kind of weird, but Asui took a stand to give everyone confidence.

"I've had this name in mind since grade school." She said as she revealed her board. "Rainy Season Hero: Froppy." Suddenly, everyone's tension was cleared as the class cheered Asui's Hero name.

"The Sturdy Hero: My name is Red Riot!" Kirishima said, slamming his board on the table before explaining his dedication to Crimson Riot.

"The Hearing Hero: I am Earphone Jack."

"The Tentacle Hero: Tentacole."

"The Taping Hero: Cellophane."

"I'm the Sweets Hero: Sugarman!"

"PINKY!" Ashido yelled with her fist raised high.

"Stun Gun Hero: I am Chargebolt. Electric, isn't it?"

"The Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl!"

"I hope I can live up to this name. The Everything Hero: I'm Creati."


"Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi."

"I'm the Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice!"

Koda displayed his board, reading 'Petting Hero: Anima,' before taking his seat.

"King Explosion Murder." Bakugo said angrily.

"I'm gonna say that one's a little too violent."

"Huh!? What do you mean!?" He yelled before Kirishima called out to him.

"Why don't you be Explosion Boy?"

"Shut it, weird hair!" he yelled. "Why don't we go outside and I'll show you exactly why murder should be in my name!?"

"This is the name I thought of: Uravity." Uraraka presented, earning Midnight's consent as she let out a breath of relief.

"This is going by faster than I thought it would. All we have left is Young Bakugo, who needs to change his, Iida, Midoriya, oh yes, and Gohan." She announced to the class.

What do I represent? Gohan thought to himself as Iida displayed his. 'Iida,' followed by Midoriya, revealing his. 'Deku.' Uraraka and Gohan smiled.

"LORD EXPLOSION MURDER!" That's it! Gohan suddenly thought before standing and walking to the front of the room.

He slammed his board on the podium and a golden aura surrounded him as he turned Super Saiyan. "I'm the Golden Warrior: Saiyaman!" That's right! When I fight and protect lives, I represent the next generation of the Saiyan race. I won't let you down, Dad. The same goes for you…Vegeta.

"Tomura Shigaraki… I've located it." Kurogiri said, warping back into the small building that the League of Villains called their headquarters.

"Oh, have you now? That was fast, Kurogiri. How is it looking?" Shigaraki asked him.

"Exactly like you thought. Dr. Gero's research will benefit us greatly, when combining it with our own creations. All Might won't stand a chance."

"Good. But, before we take care of All Might, let's get rid of that stupid brat. What was his name again…?"


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