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Harry sat on his bed in the new bedroom that he got today. Well it was Dudley's old bedroom but it sure was better than sleeping under the stairs like he did for the past 11 years. Harry looked outside his window where he could see the sun slowly coming up and thought about what happened two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago he and the Dursley's were having dinner (or at least they were while Harry got a cold pancake to eat) when suddenly the doorbell rang. Nothing special so far but when Vernon Dursley started screaming after he opened the door Harry, his aunt and Dudley raced to the hallway.

A giant man named Hagrid came in and gave Harry a letter. This letter said Harry was a wizard and said he could go to a Wizarding school named Hogwarts. Harry saw the shock on his uncles face and saw the fear in the eyes of his aunt. The man named Hagrid left after he made plans with Harry that he would pick him up in two weeks to get all his school stuff.

Back in his bedroom Harry couldn't stop smiling just at the thought of that evening. Somewhere in the back of his head however he thought he might have dreamed it. Today was going to prove if it was a dream or not. Today he hoped the man named Hagrid came back to his house to pick him up.

Harry slowly changed in to his clothes ( Dudley's old clothes that were way to big) and looked in the mirror at the bruises he had from a beating he got from Vernon the day before. It sure wasn't the first time he got beaten by his uncle or Dudley but this time the bruises were insanely and covered almost his entire body. After a few seconds he stopped looking and walked downstairs.

"Hurry up boy, I'm hungry!" his uncle shouted as Harry walked in to the kitchen.

"Yes uncle Vernon," Harry said as he began making breakfast for the three Dursley's. Harry himself had a burned toast from the day before as breakfast.

Just as Harry sat down the doorbell rang. Vernon and Petunia exchanged a quick look with eachoter.

"Go open the door you lazy boy!" Vernon snapped after a moment of silence.

Harry got up to open the door and was happily surprised when Hagrid was standing on the doorstep.

"Heya Harry!" Hagrid said loudly as he patted him on the back. Hagrid's smile vanished instantly as he heard Harry moan when he patted him on the back. "Are you ready to go?" he asked and without waiting for an answer he took Harry's hand and walked outside. Without saying goodbye to his uncle and aunt Harry took off with Hagrid.

After Harry and Hagrid walked a few streets Hagrid stopped.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked after seeing the thoughtful look on Hagrid's face.

"These muggles have beaten you haven't they?" Hagrid asked with a small voice that didn't really fit him.

Harry didn't know where to look but after a few seconds he nodded.

"Merlin's beard, how can Dumbledore allow this?!" Hagrid said more to himself than to Harry.

"Who is Dumbledore?" Harry asked after a while.

"Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the greatest wizards of all time," Hagrid said. "Or at least I though he was but letting you stay there with these crazy muggles is just insane," Hagrid whispered to himself.

Harry looked to the ground, uncomfortable to talk about his life.

"Okay let's go to London and get your school stuff Harry," Hagrid said, seeing Harry's discomfort.

"How are we going to get there?" Harry asked because he knew it was a few hours car drive to London and he didn't see a car where Hagrid could possibly fit in.

"We're going to apparate to London Harry, just take my hand and take a deep breath" Hagrid said with a little smile on his face.

Harry took the gigantic hand of Hagrid and took a few deep breaths.

"Okay ready? Three…two…one…"

After a few seconds where Harry felt like he would be crushed by an invisible force he could finally breath again. After his eyes had adjust to the light he could see where he was and couldn't believe it. In just a matter of seconds he got from his small hometown to London.

Hagrid smiled when he saw the look on Harry's face and started to walk to a small pub on the corner of the street.

"The leaky Cauldron" Harry said out loud, "but Hagrid how come only wizards are going to enter this pub?".

"Muggles simply can't see the pub Harry," Hagrid smiled as he opened the door for Harry.

Harry walked in closely followed by Hagrid and stopped with his mouth wide open in surprise. Harry was completely blown away with what he saw. He saw bottles flying through the air, owls sitting on a small table, a newspaper with moving images and on top of that loads of people in clothes that Harry assumed where wizard robes.

"Hiya Hagrid, the same as usual?" the man behind the bar asked Hagrid with a smile on his face.

"Sorry Tom, I'm helping young Harry today with his school stuff" Hagrid said while taking Harry's hand and walking him to the back of the pub. What happened next completely overwhelmed Harry.

For a second the whole pub was dead quiet, then everybody came jumping to Harry. Everybody shook Harry's hand and some witches even gave him a kiss on his head.

Hagrid who realized it was a bit too much for Harry simply picked Harry up and walked him outside at the back of the pub.

"What was that all about Hagrid?" Harry asked, still a bit shocked from what happened.

"Eh I'm not really the person who should tell you" Hagrid said " now I want to welcome you at Diagon Alley" Hagrid said with a huge smile on his face and tapped on a few stones on the wall with his umbrella.

Where just seconds before a wall had been now a complete street was in front of Harry.

"I love magic," Harry said quietly to himself.

"I already got some money for you Harry so we don't have to go to Gringgotts today," Hagrid said.

"I have no idea where to start," Harry stuttered as he watched with an open mouth to all the stores and stuff he could see.

"Let me drop you off at Olivander to get a wand while I go ahead a get you your birthday gift," Hagrid said while leading Harry to a small shop.

Harry walked inside the shop and sat in a waiting chair while an old man which Harry assumed was the wandmaker helped a young girl with long brown bushy hair. Then Harry noticed something about the clothes the parents of the girl were wearing. They wore normal clothes, muggle clothes, Harry thought to himself.

A few moments later the young girl took a wand in her hand and golden flowers came out of the top of the wand. One again Harry was blown away. The old wandmaker applauded and gave the young girl the box with her wand. The girl walked to the door and after giving Harry a quick smile she was gone as well were her parents.

A few hours later Harry walked back to the pub together with Hagrid and wit all the stuff he had bought.

Harry barely could remember all the things that he had done today. When he got his wand he was shocked that he had made red sparks coming out of it when he took the wand in his hand, after that he had gotten a beautiful white owl named Hedwig from Hagrid as birthday present. Then Harry and Hagrid had picked up his books, potions ingredients, school robes, a big trunk, and many more stuff he couldn't remember.

Harry had a huge smile on his face all day and for the first time he felt genuinely happy.

Back in the pub Hagrid and Harry ordered some dinner.

"I was so free to get you a room for tonight Harry," Hagrid said after taking a huge bite of his food.

"Thanks Hagrid, for everything" Harry said and gave Hagrid a smile, he was so happy he wouldn't return to his aunts place.

After dinner Hagrid helped Harry put all of his stuff in his trunk and brought it to his room. Harry petted Hedwig for a while before saying goodnight to Hagrid.

"I'll meet you tomorrow morning downstairs in the pub," Hagrid said.

Harry didn't even took his clothes off before falling onto the bed and falling asleep. He couldn't wait for tomorrow when he finally was going to see Hogwarts.

The next morning Harry walked downstairs with his trunk and with Hedwig in her cage to meet Hagrid.

"Morning Harry," Hagrid, who was already waiting with breakfast, smiled.

Harry sat down and ate breakfast together with Hagrid. After both were finished Harry followed Hagrid outside all the way to Kings Cross Station.

"So that means we're going to Hogwarts by train?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry you're going with the Hogwarts Express," Hagrid smiled.

Harry followed him to the platforms 9 and 10 where Hagrid stopped.

"Okay Harry take my hand and follow me" Hagrid said and without warning he pulled Harry, along with his trunk and owl, with him and started running to a stone wall between the platforms.

Just as Harry wanted to scream because he thought they would run against the wall he was surprised when he was standing on a different platform. After a few seconds he saw the enormous red train and dozens of people, obviously wizards and witches.

"In you go Harry" Hagrid said as he put Harry's trunk and owl inside the train.

"Aren't you going with me?" Harry asked a bit nervous.

"No Harry I have to do some other stuff but I'll see you this evening at Hogwarts" Hagrid smiled. Harry sad his goodbye to Hagrid and walked in to the train.