About Destini:

Full name- Destini Crane

Age- 19

Sex- Female

Species- Human

Birthplace- Aeropolis

Date of birth- May 30, 2541

Known relatives- None

Height- 1.5 m (157 cm)

Weight- 50 kg (110 lbs)

Complexion- Olive

Hair colour- Black

Eye colour- Brown

Outfit- Purple tube top, blue leggings, black heeled boots, racing goggles worn around her neck, hair in a braid

Traits- Street smart, has fast reflexes, good at making quick descisions

Flaws- Not a very eloquent speaker, cold/aloof, often selfish

Some background info- Aspires to be an F-Zero racer for the competition and thrills, often gets into mischief as means to an end, independent and takes orders from nobody but herself

Lap 1- The Beginning

It was a cool evening in the buzzing metropolis that called itself Mute City. The city's neon lights glowed in the orange sky as the sun was beginning to set. Vehicles made their way down the roads and life forms from all reaches of the galaxy crowded the sidewalks. Among these life forms was a young woman by the name of Destini Crane. She walked quickly, clutching the strings of her drawstring backpack in her hands and staring straight ahead; she was a woman with a mission. She was making her way to a small bar that many popular F-Zero racers would go to in their free time to drink, gamble, and shoot the breeze. She wasn't a racer yet, but Destini had gotten her pilot's license a few weeks ago after passing the final exam. All she needed was an F-Zero machine of her own. She had been saving money that she had earned through various methods over several years, whether it was working odd jobs or even theivery, and after a period of about 5 years she had attained a total of 84 million credits, only 16 million short of the 100 million she would need to fund the construction of her very own machine. One method that Destini had some success in was gambling, an easy but very risky way to make large amounts of money. She caught wind that there would be a Bet Race that night, and betting on the F-Zero with its own racers could potentially have a very large payout. Possibly even enough to get the last 16 million she needed...

Destini turned a corner and saw a large black building bordered with neon lights, and an even brighter neon sign that said "Bet Race Dollars" with the famous Blue Falcon boosting above the bright words. Just the place she was looking for. The doors slid open as the young woman stepped inside, the sound of dozens of conversations hitting her ears all at once. It was a bright and lively place with a polished red floor and purple lights on the walls and tables set up all over. Several F-Zero racers, some well known and some not, were enjoying a drink, having a conversation, or both. A few looked over to see who the new arrival was, but quickly went back to their drinks or conversations. Destini recognized a few of the racers, knowing their faces and names from following the F-Zero for many years. "Ironman Silver" Neelson, Jack Levin, Samurai Goroh, Gomar and Shioh, just to name a few. She sat at the far end of the bar in the corner, noticing that the counter was polished brightly like the floor, so much so that it reflected like a mirror. Destini turned her attention to a television screen mounted up on the wall. What was displayed on screen confirmed her earlier suspicions of a Bet Race being held that evening. The leaderboard displayed nine competitors- Little Wyvern, White Cat, King Meteor, Wild Goose, Groovy Taxi, Crazy Bear, Wild Boar, Super Piranha, and Rainbow Phoenix.

Rainbow Phoenix has a good track record, Destini thought as she propped her head up with her hand, elbow against the countertop. There's also the White Cat...

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt something metal touching her shoulder. Destini turned around and was greeted by Dr. Clash, the large, spiky haired man that both ran this joint and piloted the Crazy Bear. One of his robotic hands had tapped on Destini's shoulder to get her attention. "Can I get you anything, miss?" He asked with a friendly smile. "I have my license, I just need a machine," came the young woman's simple answer. She reached into her pocket and presented the card. Dr. Clash took a quick glance at it, then laughed. "Miss Crane, I see my reputation as an engineer precedes me!" the portly man chuckled. "It's been a while since we've had a newcomer in the Grand Prix!"

Destini nodded. "I almost have all the money. I'm here for the Bet Race." Dr. Clash chuckled again. "By any chance, are you placing your bets on my Crazy Bear?" Destini tilted her head and shrugged. "I might. I might not." She said with a small smile. "I can't wait for the day that people are betting on me." Dr. Clash grinned and leaned against the countertop. "It's a wild and exciting life not for the faint of heart," he crowed.

"The Bet Race will begin in ten minutes. Competitors, please make your way to the course." A voice buzzed from the television up on the wall. "Speaking of wild and exciting," Dr. Clash exclaimed, rubbing his hands together excitedly, "I'd best be preparing my Crazy Bear! We'll talk another time, all right?" Destini nodded. "All right." She watched the grey haired man hustle out the front doors, not too far behind James McCloud and Super Arrow. Now alone, Destini sighed through her nose and looked down at her reflection on the countertop. Who would she place bets with? Preferably someone that would bet a lot of money, of course. Destini looked up and scanned the room. Nobody that would give a good bet, just other lowlifes that wouldn't have much to offer. Wait! A glint caught her eye and she looked back in that direction. A tall man that was even more portly than Dr. Clash was seated at a small table across the room with his back to her. It took a moment, but Destini recognized the white suit with thin black stripes, gold chain on the man's shoulders, and spiked white hair atop his partly bald head. She had seen the infamous Don Genie on television before, whether he was in the news for some nefarious deed or piloting his Fat Shark in the Grand Prix. Sure, he was a shady man, but a billionaire like him would offer a handsome bet that would potentially earn Destini more money than she would ever need in her lifetime. The young woman stood up and strode across the room to the small table.

"Hey," Destini queried as she sidled up to the ornately dressed man. "Aren't you Don Genie?"