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Girls Dead Rise

By SeekerMeeker

Chapter 1: Nightmare Twins

Oarai, Japan

1:00 PM; July 4, 20XX

She heard screams. Screams of anger. Screams of pain. Screams of desperation.

"Miporin!" a girl called out to her.

"Miho-san!" another voice whispered.

"Nishizumi-dono!" another called out.

"Miho-san..." a nervous voice echoed.

She opened her eyes. Thousands of people ran past her. She stared around, confused. Then, she saw them.

They swarmed over the humans, tearing them apart. They dragged people down, and something red splattered on the walls nearby. In the distance, she saw something.

"Onee-chan!" she called out. "Sis! Older sis!"

She ran to her sister, who was wrestling with one of them, who was trying to overwhelm her. She came just in time, kicking the attacker, who then fell down.

"Watch out!" her sister screamed.

She turned, but it was too late. Another attacker came, grabbed her throat, and-



Miho woke up, rubbing her eyes.

"Wow," she whispered. "What a dream."

An average-sized Japanese girl, she sported light brown hair that reached to her shoulders. Her bright, brown eyes looked almost orange; although round and sweet, they bore the glint of a natural leader.

She shook herself, and looked around.

She and her friends sat in a huge stadium, with the audience circling around it in a semi-circle. In the center, three members of the Student Council, the top leader of the whole school, spoke.

"Are you alright?" asked one of her friends, with an eye of concern.

"Oh!" Miho realized, rubbing her eyes. "So-sorry, Saori-chan. I-I guess I slept."

"It's OK," said Saori, who played with her long, ginger hair that looked very orange in color. "But you look scared. Sigh, if only I had a boy to wake me up..."

Takebe Saori is a girl who looked more like a "typical boy-chaser." Although cute in appearance, she loved to give advice on how to get boys' attention. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, she had no dating experience, so far.

"You do look pale," a tall, elegant girl with long, flowing, black hair calmly remarked.

"Yes," Miho sighed. "Hana-chan, sorry to make you all worry."

Isuzu Hana was the tallest of her group. Her long, jet-black hair reached down to her hip, and black eyes that glowed almost like gems. Distinctly, she had a single "antenna" of hair that stuck out, and curved down like a cockroach, but prettier.

"You sure look ready for something," a girl with fluffy, brown hair said, jumping a little in her seat. "As if ready to fight."

"You're right," Miho grinned sheepishly. "Yukari-san, thank you for your concern."

Akiyama Yukari was a girl with the fluffiest hair not only in her group, but perhaps even in her whole school. Both her hair and her eyes were dark brown, but they expressed her expressive nature. Indeed, she was a tank fanatic, and she was more concerned with collecting tank accessories than with trimming her hair.

"Why did we wake her?" asked a sleepy girl, leaning forward with her long, black hair waving around like hanging vines. "She slept, while you all did not allow me to."

"Mako!" Saori groaned, shaking her long-time friend. "We thought that she won't, but she did."

One look, and almost anyone could tell Reizei Mako from a glance. Mako was the laziest girl in her group, which was composed of five members, with her being the last to join. She had long, black hair that reached down to her hip, with a white headband on it. Her dark hazel eyes expressed a life of lethargy, in the morning, that is. However, her lazy demeanor belied her genius; she was the smartest girl in the entire school.

"You intelligence," said Saori, shaking her to keep her awake. "Is no excuse to sleep, especially now!"

"I have low blood sugar level," said Mako nonchalantly. "Remember?"

"We'll get a dessert after this meeting," Miho said, smiling.

"Really?" Mako smiled, waking up a little.

"Please," Saori groaned. "You just ate a popsicle in the morning!"

"Ladies aaannnnddd gentlemen!" a petite girl with reddish-brown pigtails called on the stage. The five friends turned to pay attention to their President.

The President was a petite girl, with long, twin ponytails of reddish-brown color, and a wide smile. Her white teeth kept cracking a bite out of a piece of dried sweet potato. She stood in the middle, all spotlights on her. Side by side are her two closest friends: on her right stood a cold-looking, tall girl with a monocle. She had short, black hair, which fit her well. On the President's left stood a rather voluptuous girl with a large, brown ponytail, bearing a sweet smile on her face.

"There are no boys here," Saori groaned. "President, please stop tricking us!"

Miho giggled, as others around Saori grunted in agreement.

All five of them, and everyone around (including the Council on stage), wore school uniforms that looked vaguely military, blackish-blue with white collars and white skirts. They and all others also wore the same uniforms. However, the five friends were the only ones to have a strange emblem on their backs: a pink fish. A cartoonish, cute pink Anglerfish.

"Cheer up!" the President roared at her microphone. "So anyway, let's get to the point: I, President Kadotani Anzu, have gotten an amazing request!"

Kadotani Anzu was the President of her school; hence, she commanded the attention of her whole group. Despite this, she was not the leader of the club that she gathered; that honor belonged to Miho. For now, however, Anzu took the stage.

The audience sighed in relief. The previous 20 minutes was boring, with the President saying random words of wisdom and praise. Miho now understood that it was so boring, that even she dozed off into sleep.

"We got a request," the monocled girl declared, fixing her glass. "That a nation outside of ours wants us to tour our tank club around."

The monocled girl was Kawashima Momo. Momo was the tallest of the three top leaders of the Student Council. She was the Public Relations manager, so she normally did much of the talking. Her monocle on her right eye was her distinct feature.

"Really?" everybody roared from the audience seats. Now, everybody was fueled with passion.

Miho smiled. She was glad to see her own club look so passionate and happy.

"It's amazing," the ponytailed girl said, panting a little. She was Koyama Yuzu, the vice president of the trio. Despite this, she did much of the paperwork and the actual work of the Council; hence, despite her cheerful demeanor, she easily got tired.

"But...Anzu has no idea who," she admitted.

The crowd went silent, then murmured in complaint.

"Prez!" Momo roared. "Did you even OPEN the letter? You just told us somebody told you! But not this?"

"Eh..." Anzu averted her eyes. "I know that we're going to get a request, from somebody who called, telling me that I was going to get a letter...but...I want it to be a surprise..."

Everybody in the audience seat groaned. Miho blinked.

That is odd of her, she thought. Anzu normally would confidently open the letter, and tell us sooner. Why didn't she do that?

"Hey-hey!" Anzu called out. "OK! I also intend for our leader, the leader of our Tank sport team, to open the actual letter! Nishizumi Miho!"

"Y-yes! I am coming!" Miho responded. She jumped out of her seat, and jogged to the stage. Her Anglerfish emblem flashed a little in the spotlight.

So that's why, she thought. She wanted ME to open it; that's why she was acting a little strange right now.

"Nishizumi-dono!" multiple voices cried from the audience. "Hooray! Our Nishizumi-dono! Miho our Savior of the School!"

"BE QUIET!" Momo roared, and the room was silent.

"Cheer up," Yuzu told her, gigging. "Momo-chan."

"Stop calling me that!" Momo roared. "Yuzu-chan, how many times did I tell you to NOT add that honorific at the end?"

"You did it, too," said Miho and Yuzu together. The two blinked at each other, and gave small smiles to each other. Momo turned red, as the audience laughed and giggled in the background.

"Arghh!" Momo groaned. "OK, you two win!"

"Anyway," said Miho. "Prez, do you-"

"Just call me Anzu," Anzu waved off. "And no honorifics attached. You saved our school, twice! You saved us in the official nationwide tournament, then saved our school again against the Selection University."

Everybody nodded in firm conviction. Miho nodded, too. She remembered how crazy this year had been...

It's been only about a month ago, but Miho was the key to saving the Oarai Girls High School. In Japan, due to a huge economic boom long ago, high schools and up now were located on massive ships called school ships. The smallest being at least a mile long, these titanic creations were designed to encourage young high school students, especially girls, to train and become the "best women" they could be. The Oarai Girls High School was one of these. However, a man of authority in the MEXT, an organization that oversaw the school ships, attempted to shut down their school.

Miho transferred to this school not long ago, in order to avoid a sport that she formerly hated. However, the Council forced her into it, only for her to eventually like it. Then, she led her club to win the school back, twice. It was a crazy year, but everything worked out in the end. Now, she was called the "Legend" of the sport, the one sport that she now liked...

"Senshadou," Miho said aloud with a dreamy tone. She blinked, realizing that everybody was watching her. She was speaking through a microphone, as well. She blushed in embarrassment.

"Oops," she mumbled. "S-sorry."

Giggles echoed from the audience, as Miho stretched a little to ready herself.

"Yes," Anzu said. "Senshadou. Known as the 'way of tanks,' it is a sport unlike any sport."

"Using tanks!" Yukari roared from the audience. "To beat other tanks!"

"Pipe down," Miho called from the stage, causing the cheerful girl to cool down. "Yukari, we already know it."

"Aw, come on!" Yukari said. "Aren't we going to have fun?"

"Which is why," Anzu said. "We're letting our great leader Miho open the letter."

"Oh! Oh...OK," she answered.

Miho reached out for the letter, and inspected it. It looked like any letter, white and plain, except with an American stamp on it.

"Feels thin," she noted.

"Need a knife?" Yuzu asked, rummaging into her pockets. "Strange, I thought I had one..."

"I don't think so," Miho said, checking her fingers.

"What are you doing?" Momo retorted impatiently.

"Checking my fingers," Miho said the obvious, leading to a few giggles from the audience.

"This is no girly matter!" Momo roared, causing more giggles to erupt from the crowd. Momo blushed.

"You do that too," Yuzu said. "Momo-chan."

"Hey!" Momo roared and blushed even harder, getting into a friendly argument with her friend. The audience then focused on the duo, as Miho smiled and continued to inspect the letter. Anzu merely shrugged, and went off-stage to find a blade to open the letter.

"Something's odd about this letter," she mumbled to herself. "Feels a little for a mere piece of mail."

"Just open it!" Momo groaned, as she continued to bicker.

"Wait," Miho said, checking her fingers. "I think this will do..."

Miho felt the edges of the letter, then peeled the top edges very finely.

A few girls in the crowd pointed out.

"Look!" one of them yelled. "Miho cut it with her bare hands!"

"Wait a second!" Momo cried out. "You opened it without any blade or scissors?!"

Everybody then immediately turned to look at their leader, who calmly took out the mail contents. At first, everyone was silent, then many girls erupted into cheers, with oohs and aahs everywhere.

"That's the Nishizumi right there!" Yukari cried out.

"Oh boy!" a few girls cheered, as if they saw a male celebrity coming in.

"Guts!" a group of female athletes roared, throwing up volleyballs.

"Stop that!" three girls, who all looked like triplets, yelled at them; they were the Public Morals Committee, in charge of maintaining order.

"Eh..." Momo hesitated. "That was...quite sharp."

"I got the blade!" Anzu said casually, walking back unto the stage. "I am...oh, you already cut it? Man, that's the Nishizumi right there!"

"Hehe, "Miho giggled. "Thanks, Pre-I mean, Anzu."

"OK!" Anzu spoke on the microphone to calm the crowd. "So, what's on the letter, Miss Nishizumi?

"It says," she began. The audience stared at her, as she read through each sentence.

Miho looked at it, read it, read it, and read it again. Her calm, sweet face gradually changed to a look of surprise; her large, round eyes grew in size, to the point when they looked like the size of oranges. Sweats poured down from her forehead. A whole minute passed, before Miho managed to even say something.

"Oh my..." she finally said. "This is unbelievable."

"Wh-what?" everybody asked.

"I..." Miho tried to say, but kept sweating. "Wow..."

"Take your time," Anzu said. "Take your time..."

Breathing deeply, Miho straightened her posture, as the crowd of girls looked on. Even the few adults around stared, wondering what was going on.

"Alright," she finally said. The audience stared at her, tense.

"Here I go..." she said again. "But I am going to just say it in a few words, since the letter is quite long."

"OK!" said Anzu and the others.

"What is it?" Momo asked, impatient.

"We're not just going to a country," Miho managed to blurt out. "We're going to star in a state."

"Which state?" the whole crowd asked.

"We," said Miho. "Are going to California."

The whole crowd erupted, and it took a whole minute for it to settle down, after Momo turned her microphone's volume to max level to tame the uproar.

"Not just California," she continued, after the crowd settled down. "The person who signed it will personally come and greet us. That person is..."

When the last words left her mouth, the crowd exploded into a huge uproar, so loud that it drowned out even Momo's own microphone voice. Anzu casually strolled to Miho, a huge grin on her face. Miho silently gave her back the letter. In it was the last few words:


Abel Benford, the President of the United States of America

San Andreas Lab #Classified

Somewhere in California...

2:00 AM; July 4, 20XX

"It's Fourth of July," a scientist with pale skin and blue eyes groaned. "And we have to work overtime!"

"Pipe down," another scientist, whose dark skin and black eyes glowed in the fluorescent lights, told him. "We're making lots of money with this, you know?

"You're right," the white man sighed. "At least we'll get rich from this in only a few months."

"But I have to admit," the black man said. "This job is so mysterious; we're in charge of this program of sort."

"A secret program," the white man retorted. "But this thing is intriguing..."

The two stared up at the machine. It looked like something out of a science fiction movie, as it featured a round circular "thing" in the middle. It looked like a giant, white table covered in a huge lens that was deep blue in color. Above the white-and-blue machine hovered a light magenta orb.

"It really looks like the Sun," said the white man. "Except sinister and mysterious."

The magenta orb shone, shooting out strange rays of its purplish color, so that it really looked like a miniature version of the Sun. Some of the rays, however, split into three rays of white, red, and blue. They danced in the air, before returning back into the orb.

"Oh, shush," said the black man. "Joseph, you're such a coward."

"Am not!" he retorted. "But to be honest, this floating orb of weird energy is unlike anything we've ever seen."

"Quite right," the black man said. "And we just watch over it."

"And Rudolf," Joseph said. "What do you think this is?"

"Dunno," Rudolf replied. "To be honest, I was a janitor when they hired me out. Now, I am paid millions of dollars to keep this a secret. All I know is that it's nicknamed the 'Light Magenta Orb,' or short for LMO."

"LMO..." Joseph mused. "An odd, lame name."

"Quite right," whispered Rudolf. "But don't say that in public!"

"But I wonder what it is really," pondered Joseph. "A mad scientist's invention?"

"Shush!" Rudolf whispered angrily. "Don't gossip about our boss or company! I don't want to get fired."

"Still," Joseph admitted. "We've been paid to keep quiet for so long. All we do is check this LMO thing, and make sure it does not cause earthquakes or something."

"And they say," Rudolf began, trying to remember something. "That this orb of energy has the power to change the world. Some kind of a 'God Particle' or something that is beyond anything."

"And both of us," Joseph added. "Are not even told what it does, where it came, or what is even its PURPOSE in the first place!"

Both men sighed.

"Curiosity kills the cat," said Joseph. "I wish they will tell us, before we do something. And what was our company's name again?"

"I remember," began Rudolf. "That it was-"


The two turned around, and frowned in unison.

"What is it now?" groaned Joseph.

"Professors!" an assistant, young for his age, with brown hair and tanned skin called out to them. "Great news!"

"What news?" asked Rudolf sarcastically.

"I've managed to get the files!" he whispered to them slyly. "About what this energy orb-thing is!"

"Really?!" both men responded in disbelief. The two men turned to each other, then grinned at their young assistant.

"Alright!" said Rudolf, getting the files. "Let's check them out!"

The three men spread out the files on a table.

"How did you get them?" asked Joseph, as he and his partner rummaged around the paperwork.

"I got them," he whispered. "I bribed the security guards. Apparently, they get less paid than we do, so I gave them huge amounts of cash, and they allowed me to sneak through!"

"And?" asked Rudolf.

"And I gave them a free copy of a movie," the assistant replied. "I recall that it was 'Night of the Living Dead.' A classic."

"Are you kidding?" asked Joseph, annoyed. "That old movie?"

"But it's amazing!" the assistant declared. "It's the one that started the zombie craze in the US! Now, it's emulated and spread from around the world!"

"What an old thing," Rudolf grunted, causing the assistant to growl. "But these files...they don't seem suspicious."

They kept rummaging through the piles of paper, and one of them fell to the floor. Henry lunged for it, but Rudolf caught it and looked at it. He frowned.

"Some Japanese girls coming to US?" he read. "To showcase Senshadou?"

"It's a type of sport," said Henry, fidgeting. "Where girls drive WWII-era tanks to fight each other."

"A violent yet non-violent type of sport," said Joseph. "And one where only girls play, not boys. Man, what's up with Japan?"

"I remember that in the US," said Rudolf. "That we're trying to turn our own version into co-ed or something. Then, the whole thing got cancelled after 9/11. Now, the President is trying to revive it back."

"I am so excited!" Henry cried out.

"Hey! Joseph retorted. "We're getting off-topic! Anyway, Henry, are you sure these files are the right ones?"

Henry frowned, as he rummaged through the files.

"I deliberately 'borrowed' a lot," he said. "In order to hide something."

"Something?" the men asked.

"Here it is!" Henry yelled out loud, taking out a strange, red piece of paper. It had a single, huge word colored gold in the middle: LMO

"Odd," both scientists observed it.

They opened it and read the content. Their faces raised their eyes in confusion. Joseph even tilted his head to his left.

"Eh?" Joseph asked. "A type of mysterious energy that is supposed to 'give life to non-life'? What is this, a hoax?"

"No," said Rudolf. "It says something about an orb of purplish mass discovered somewhere between Africa and the Middle East. According to this file, it is supposed to...reanimate the nonliving?"

The three men were silent.

"***, no!" Joseph declared. "This is ridiculous! They're basically keeping us watch over a strange orb that can bring back the dead?"

"It says here," said Rudolf, pointing to a title with a shaking finger. "The codename is: 'Operation Revival.' A project to use this to revive what was long gone."

"How did they find it?" asked Joseph. "And more importantly, we've been told to guard something that can actually revive?!"

"I guess so," Henry replied, shrugging. "That makes sense."

"Why?" the two scientists asked.

"We three are all orphans," said Henry.

The lab interior was silent, except for the occasional humming sound that echoed from the Orb. It kept spinning and spinning, the rays dancing on the surface.

"You're right..." Joseph said.

"That's why we're hired..." Rudolf realized, sitting down. "So that we don't...dare think about..."

"Reviving our own relatives," Joseph finished him. "If we have any."

"I am sorry," said Henry, sighing. "I realized that earlier, but did not tell you all, for fear that it could...well, you know."

"Enough said," Joseph began, his voice a low growl. "What will-"

The screens all around started to shake, and one blared:


Looking up, the three men watched in horror, as the Orb started to glow blood-red. Its waves of energy suddenly moved and jumped throughout the orb, just like the solar flares from the Sun.

"Push it!" Henry screamed, and the scientists ran without question. The three dashed to three buttons on a control board, and each pushed it.

Three arms, each equipped with what looked like three giant needles at the tip, appeared from three holes around the table-like machine. The arms focused on the orb, and each fired three types of laser: white, red, and blue. The orb suddenly calmed down, turned back to light magenta color, and everything was silent.

"Whew!" everybody sighed in relief.

"I do not want to imagine what could have happened next," Joseph panted, trembling. He sat down on a nearby chair, which groaned.

"A zombie outbreak?" asked Rudolf, left hand over his heart as he collapsed unto another chair. It creaked, grunting under the weight.

"Don't even go there!" Henry declared. "It's bad enough that I talked about something scary before; now, I do not want to see a rodent rise from the dead!"

"A rodent?" the two men asked. "We have no rodents here."

"Oops!" Henry realized, closing his mouth, but it was too late.

"Wait a minute," said Joseph, as he and his partner got up from their chairs. Henry squirmed into a corner.

"You didn't tell us?" asked Rudolf, growling. He and Joseph both approached their own assistant.

"And you said about the 'Living Dead' movie?" asked Joseph, cracking his knuckles. "Now that I remember, you normally were NEVER interested in zombie movies before..."

"I kept it!" Henry stammered. "It-it was amazing! A lone rat stumbled near the machine, apparently poisoned. I-I electrocuted it with a taser ray, which sent out a bolt of lightning to kill! Then-then..."

"And then let the machine revive it," Rudolf finished. "And you kept it, somewhere?"

Henry hesitantly pointed at a crack in a wall. Joseph wrestled Henry hard, while his partner slowly moved to the crack.

"P-please!" Henry said, struggling. "It-it was so friendly towards me! Seeing it poisoned made me sad! And-and-"

"And you revived your pet," Rudolf declared. "But this is what it has become!"

Rudolf tore the wall open with his bare hands. Despite its appearance, the wall was surprisingly fragile and ripped out easily. Inside was a cage made of thick glass, and the mutilated rat snarled and clawed at its cage. Its right eye was gone, filled in by something glowing green, while its left was bloody red. Parts of its body had overdeveloped muscles, which tore out of the skin. Its claws looked sharper and blacker than usual, leaving visible marks on the glass interior.

"A black rat," Rudolf noted. "So, this is what that 'reviving' orb does? It sure does NOT revive it!"

"We need to destroy that thing!" Joseph said. "And expose this to the world!"

"No!" Henry declared. "Not my rat!"

"No," Joseph corrected him. "The machine."

"Not that either!" Henry roared, pulling something from his left pocket, and fired it point-blank at Joseph.


Joseph got 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through his veins, as Henry leapt out, taser in hand. He then took out another weapon from one of his hidden pockets. This time, Rudolf backed away, as a cold steel barrel stared down at him.

"Well," said Henry, pointing his pistol at Rudolf. "Good thing that I also bribed the security, allowing me to bring in a gun."

"You..." Rudolf growled, raising his hands up. Joseph recovered, but emulated Rudolf, as Henry forced him to stick with Rudolf.

"That's right," Henry hissed with glee, forcing the two men to walk away to a corner. Still pointing his gun at them, Henry then caressed the cage, the rat snarling still inside.

However, Rudolf noticed something. The rat stopped clawing, and stared at the gun-wielding man, its remaining eye staring with a strange light.

"I am going to show the world," Henry declared, grinning maliciously. "That we humanity can finally live without fear of death."

"You're mad!" Joseph declared, hands still raised.

"Do you think so?" asked Henry. "You may not know me, but I am actually above you."

"What?" both men responded, aghast.

"You see," Henry explained. "Have you wondered why you don't know your immediate superior?"

"No," both men answered.

"I am," he answered. The two men gasped.

"No wonder you bribed the guards!" Joseph inferred. "You're their boss, too!"

"Yes," said Henry. "Now, since you already know about this orb a little too much, I need to kill you."

He clicked his handgun, dropped his taser, and drew out a hand drill. He then triggered the drill, causing it to spin.

The rat suddenly stopped scratching, and watched the drill.

"But," Rudolf hissed. "What about your pet?"

"He'll be fine," Henry answered. "He's actually not a real rat."

The two men gasped.

"Wait a minute," Rudolf began. "You're the head of the genetic en...en..."

"Yes," Henry replied curtly. "You know, it wasn't easy to avoid the public eye, watching over us and preventing us from attaining the limits of evolution."

"Henry..." Joseph growled. "So, what do you want?"

"I think he's trying to use the Orb," said Rudolf. "To accelerate his genetic...experiments?"

"Correct," Henry said, cocking the gun. "Very correct.

Suddenly, the two men noticed something behind Henry, as he approached them.

"Henry..." Joseph tried to warn him.

"L-look behind you!" Rudolf cried in alarm.

"You cannot escape," Henry continued, ignoring the men's pleas.

"Look behind you!" Rudolf warned him again.

"Don't trick me," Henry said.

Unknown to him, the mutant rat twitched, then started to transform. The right fingers and claws rapidly fused together into what looked like a drill, and the rat grinned, as it pointed the tip at the glass. The glass started to break, as the organic drill somehow effectively broke through the hard glass.

How is that even possible? thought Rudolf. That's one clever monster! I only see that kind in zombie games and movies! Am I dreaming?!

"Henry!" Joseph roared, but hiccuped, as a shot rang. He walked back, then checked his chest. A single shot nailed right through the heart.

"You..." he began, but collapsed.

"Murderer..." Rudolf groaned.

"And you're next," said Henry, gun raised and slowly approaching. He still kept the drill on, the noise drowning out another noise: the organic drill that the demonic rat made.

"You don't even know what you're messing with," said Rudolf, eyeing the rat. The rat managed to make a hole, big enough for its head, but retracted to enlarge the hole further.

"And there is another thing I want to do," said Henry. "Once I make enough money, I am going to Japan."

"Japan?" Rudolf asked, startled. "Why-wait, the article about Japan!"

"Yes," Henry replied, grinning as he pointed the gun still at Rudolf's chest. "After all this is over, I intend to fund the Senshadou League, so that I greet those girls, and live a life full of luxury, life, and...girls."

"You're so power-hungry," Rudolf retorted.

"Haha," he answered with a low laugh, slowly readying the weapon. "You know this orb can fetch me infinite amounts of money. Then, I get what I deserve for the past few years: power, love, and immortality!"

"You lunatic," Rudolf growled. "You care about yourself, and not others?!"

"It sure has the power," grunted Henry. "You've seen the files; this thing will fetch millions in the stock market. And girls will fawn over me forever!"

"And millions will die?" retorted Rudolf. "All because of your experiments?!"

"It's science," answered Henry. "No more, no less, and a way to heal the human condition."

"And one way is to end the very nature of 'death' for good," said Rudolf, growling. "And you alone will get the credits, since you are directly responsible for this Orb."

"Quite right," said Henry, the gun still pointing. "Any last words? I will give you three, since you are quite smart."

"You," began Rudolf. The rat slowly squeezed out of its cage, while Henry wrapped his fingers around the trigger.

"Are." The rat managed to get out, then eyed the two living humans. Henry started to pull the trigger.


Welcome to the beginning of the apocalypse. Now, let me explain how this started out:

I had amazing friends on FanFiction, talking with them, and discussing interesting topics and even personal lifestyles.

However, I thank Trex98 for his generous support; it was while talking with him that I got a sudden burst of inspiration. What if you add Girls und Panzer with zombie apocalypse survival? And the rest is history.

Furthermore, you will notice that this story has plenty of characterization of GuP characters; this is because this story is also intended for readers who do not know about the Girls und Panzer series much.

Hence, in the next two chapters, I will let you GuP fans know which parts to skip, if you are not interested in the description of each GuP character. However, you may want to check them out, to see if I characterize each character well.

I also give a shout-out to the following people:

-aGuestfromGreece45 for his passion and contribution to the story.

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