Fireworks In My Heart

A one-shot celebrating the Fourth of July in Zootopia with your two favorite mammals

Warning : This one shot may contain scenes that are too fluffy for some people. Viewer discretion is advised.


Judy Hopps smiled happily as she gazed at the park she walked in, her pad-less paws grazing the soft green grass with each paw step. It had been four years since the missing mammal case along with the conjoined nighthowler conspiracy that was put together by a unsuspected sheep. Through that time the doe had admitted to her feelings for a certain fox, and after a while of hiding it in fear of unrequited love, the doe confessed. No sooner than she did so, the two later became boyfriend and girlfriend.

And now tonight, they'd become mates. Judy had known for a while she wanted more with Nick and although the fox was hesitant to admit it, he wanted more as well. Knowing the doe couldn't possibly wait any longer led her to the final point. Proposal.

The bunny had headed to the jewelers store that early morning to collect the ring she'd been notified that was now ready. Silver band encrusted with emerald jewels and a large amethyst gem in the middle, the doe happily picked up her purchase.

She could do nothing other than giggle excitedly as she headed back to her house to her fox who had no idea what she had planned.

As Judy walked home, ring in her pocket she couldn't help but sing to herself. Not only was today going to be the night she made her fox, her husband and mate. But the night all of the city celebrated their freedom from war in the form of happiness with food and presentations of colors in the sky, due to none other than fireworks.

It was no doubt that this was to be the perfect night she'd ever experienced.

"Carrots, where are we going? It's eleven at night and I'm tired as hell. I thought we were going home to watch the fireworks from the porch…" Nick whined as the eager bunny pulled him along, ignoring his protests as she brought him further and further out of the city grounds.

When Judy finally found the secret spot she'd kept hidden from her fox in preparation for the surprise, she released the tod's paw ignoring his over dramatic sigh of relief as she 'stopped pulling his arm out its socket' the doe merely waited patiently as the tod stopped talking his maw widening in a shocked expression revealing rows of pearly whites, at the sight that laid before him.

A river ran clear with no end, the moonlight adding a soft sparkle to the water that continued to pass, giving off an illusion of millions of diamonds spreading across the waves.

To the side of the river sat a trail of roses, leading up to a small wooden table that sat with two folding chairs and a plate of meats and cheeses for dinner.

The tod looked in awe at his surroundings before masking it back into his usual smirk as he faced his bunny.

"What is all of this carrots, here to woo me into a romantic getaway, and then to later kill me when I've been caught off my guard?" He grinned, his eyes holding nothing but mirth.

The doe rolled her eyes ignoring the joke as she motioned for the fox to sit at one of the proffered chairs.

"Just sit down dumb fox before the food gets cold and you complain about being hungry when we have to throw it out.' She retorted. The fox did so throwing a lazy salute and a 'Yes Ma'am' as he hurried to his seat staring eagerly at the meal that lay before him.

As soon as Judy sat across from him, the fox dug in. Licking his chops eagerly after each bite. The doe could only watch in amusement as the fox openly enjoyed his meal showing his appreciation to the bunny who cooked it.

The meal was done all too soon (according to a hungry Nick) and as the doe pushed the plates in an area on the table, she could feel her paws start to shake from nerves as she knew of the events to come, but not the response.

Nick seemed to notice this too as he looked concerned for the bunny having caught the nervous look on her face she didn't seem to realize she held.

Well here it goes, Judy. You're about to tell the most important mammal in your life you want to marry him. Now this can go in either two directions. One, He says yes and you guys live together in happiness and peace or two,he says no and ends up breaking the relationships you both hold including friendship, and leaves you to wallow in your misery….

The doe shook her head at the latter, not wanting to psych herself out even more, she took a deep breath before sliding her paw into her blouse pocket, and grasping the box that held the ring. She looked to see Nick studying the river before them, his back towards her and she grinned. Perfect.

She quickly lowered herself onto one knee and then called the fox by name.

Her ears stood up in satisfaction as the fox turned to her, his eyes widening in puzzlement and tail spazzing out as he tried to comprehend what he saw before him.

Taking this as an opportunity to speak the doe did so, doing her best to keep her voice from wavering as her eyes burned with tears threatening to spill.

"Nicholas Wilde when we first met outside that ice cream shop four years ago, I fell in love. Now at the time it might have not felt as such as not a few moments later did I discover you swindled me out of twenty hard earned dollars to make a few cheap pawpsicles. But as time flew by and the hustler ended up being hustled did I realize just how much you meant to me and how bad I wanted to be yours and you to be mine. It was only after we became more than friends that I still felt it was not enough and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you as Mrs. Wilde. And because I know you want it too, as much as I think you do, I wanted to be the first to ask… Will you marry me?"

The doe continued to kneel, her heart beating faster than she could keep up as she awaited the fox's response, his unreadable expression making her sweat with worry. Just when she was going to accept defeat and understand the fact she might have moved too fast. The fox lifted a paw and rubbed at his eyes, a loud sob escaping him.

The bunny watched with wide eyes as the tod continued to cry, his usual mask of never let them see that they get to you Having melted at the doe's offering of marriage.

She did not have time to blink as the fox having wiped his tears despite more coming out, pulled the bunny into a kiss muttering 'yes' onto her lips multiple times as he took the ring from the stunned rabbit and slipped it on.

Fireworks suddenly lit the sky as the newly engaged couple stared into each other's eyes, the bursts of color reflecting in one another's irises, representing the love they held for each other, and for their new life that was to come.

And as the night passed on the fourth of July became more than just a declaration of Zootopia's freedom but a declaration of the underlying love of a bunny and a fox.


Hello, everyone. I wanted to wish you all a wonderful fourth of July, and I hope you all are making good choices and staying safe. As you can see I made a little one shot in honor of the fourth of July where we celebrate our freedom.

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