Hi there. This is my first Boku no Hero fanfic and I freaking love Tododeku. I've been lurking some time in this pairing and I wanted to add my own story. This is the first time I'm trying the alpha/beta/omega dynamic and I've decided to change a few things up a bit to fit it into the world of Boku no Hero. Please forgive me if some parts are jumbled, there is quite a bit of backstory to get into before the present part of the story begins. Please let me know what you think!

This relationship had to end. This very sentence was not the first time it was said by Endeavor. As a man with very little patience, that meant that a plan had to be carried out as soon as possible to achieve the goal he wanted.

Destroy Shouto's relationship. As a family that bred strong alphas, it was a guarantee that Shouto would become just as strong as the family he was birthed to. And when strong alphas were involved, that meant finding suitable omegas to carry on the bloodline of the Todoroki clan. To a clan as ruthless as theirs, there was no rule they wouldn't break to ensure a fruitful future. No Todoroki would breed with anyone with a quirk that wasn't heroic. They flaunted and thrived off the power of fire. Alphas were paired with desirable omegas and omegas were married to powerful alphas. An alpha-omega pair bred the best possible combination of quirks while betas had their quirks disrupt the flow of an alpha's quirk manifesting in their children. Betas were off the table as far as they were concerned, but their betas with fire quirks would serve to find suitable omegas to pass down their genes.

In his quest to find the perfect omega, Endeavor researched all possible quirks he and his clan would want. While Endeavor might have had a fated omega, his ambition to surpass All Might outweighed the silly feelings of longing he had at the thought of a fated mate.

Endeavor remembered the time when he met his wife Fubuki. Her family's quirk was the perfect complement to his. And she was beautiful, he remembered as his younger self licked his lips when he first saw her.

Fubuki had a fated mate, an alpha with a non-heroic quirk, writing messages on walls by touching them. This quirk helped him become a teacher who spent little time creating lessons when he could put it all on the board with a mere second. He had no higher influence in his background, coming from a simple family of blue-collar workers with quirks dedicated to easing day-to-day activities such as weak levitation. But Fubuki loved him and told Endeavor that she couldn't marry him because she was fated to another. If she wanted to play hard-to-get, then Endeavor was interested in playing.

Separating fated pairs was looked down upon in their society, but that didn't mean people stopped trying in the ambition to meld strong quirks. He lured her family into his favor with his hero status and fortune. They saw a charming man and no qualms with handing their daughter's hand in marriage to him. Though it was true that an alpha's quirk was strengthened when they sensed their omega in danger, there was no reason to fear Fubuki's fated mate with his harmless quirk. Just in case, Endeavor offered a gift he couldn't reject. What impoverished person would reject the easiest fifty million yen they could ever make?

At first, her fated one was apprehensive. He would run away with her if pushed too far, but Endeavor knew he didn't have the money or the balls to actually do it. Besides, his family needed him to provide. He wouldn't be so cruel to abandon the people who raised him even though he was trying to do right by his fated one. With shaking hands, he accepted the envelope of money, silent tears running down his face as he apologized over and over to Fubuki.

Fubuki didn't believe Endeavor when he told her what her fated one had done. She thought he was being impatient after being rejected so many times in favor of fate. At the time, she was secretly writing a letter to her fated one about running away together.

"Fated pairs hold a bond that is priceless, Enji-san. This bond is precious. Maybe you have a fated one waiting for you. You should find them and know true happiness. You will never have that with me," she stated politely, shaking her head at the notion of her beloved Kiyoshi abandoning her.

Endeavor snorted, his flames flaring up and barely licking her ice cold skin.

"Priceless, you say? Then I found that price. It was worth fifty million yen." At the specific number, Fubuki dropped her pen. The room became as cold as winter, but he was unaffected.

"You did something, didn't you?! Kiyoshi wouldn't leave me so coldly!" she shouted, showing frustration for the first time since they met. Endeavor didn't hide his smirk.

"Kiyoshi made the decision on his own after I gave him an offering." An offering…her eyes widened.

"Money. You know he's poor and his family needs him!" This man was despicable. He knew what Kiyoshi's weakness was and used it against him for his ambition to gain her quirk. Endeavor had to lure her onto his side like he did her family.

"I never told him to take the money. I let him have a choice. He chose to abandon you and take the money." Despite her mind telling her to find reason, her omega felt abandoned, sinking into despair as she began to believe him. Kiyoshi needed money. They talked about running away and being impoverished was a constant worry. Seeing her waver, Endeavor knew he had to keep pressing to win her omega over. By winning over her omega, that would make her depend on him.

"Kiyoshi did this. I would never be so careless as to allow someone to have power over me like him. Is that really how you wanted your fated mate to be? He and his family left you. Destined mates are supposed to be family through your bond, right? And he abandoned that bond. You are the only one clinging desperately while he is gone with my money. He chose my money over you, Fubuki." Her destined mate left her! Her omega wailed at the betrayal. He left her with a man they both called a monster. He left her with a monster.

"Ki-Kiyoshi..." She fell to the floor on her knees, holding herself for comfort among the cold she created. Kiyoshi was no longer the one who could do that anymore. Endeavor knelt down and tilted her chin up. His alpha pheromones poured out to ease her into comfort and submission.

"Marry me and you won't feel abandoned. We will have children who will love you as their strong mother. We will be a powerful family so we would never need to make the decisions Kiyoshi and his family made." Her omega longed for the comfort his alpha was offering. Like the money he gave Kiyoshi, that meant surrendering her freedom. Her omega didn't care. Her fated one left her. Who else could bring her comfort and care? This alpha was offering it to her. He had money and he was at least honorable enough to swear her loyalty and companionship. But she was wavering at the danger he posed.

"I-I don't want to..." The words never made it out of her throat as the imposing alpha embraced her, knowing fully well that he won. Her ice was no match against his devastating fire.

Being separated and betrayed by her mate was the first few things that slowly drove her into insanity. Her own family took that monster's side and not their flesh and blood. Her friends were silenced and warned to behave lest they never want to see her again. She begged her friends to keep quiet, not wanting to be abandoned again in a literal prison.

On their wedding day, All Might along with many other heroes came to congratulate the 'happy couple.' Knowing she was never going to be as happy as she was with Kiyoshi, Fubuki embraced All Might when he hugged her and wept, taking in the warmth of everyone's favorite hero. All Might could tell that something was off. Her cries were of sorrow, not happiness of a beautiful bride. But even when he pulled her aside to less populated area with no prying eyes, she couldn't tell him. Endeavor was a hero. No one would listen to her. Her family would abandon her next and she would have no one to turn to. She couldn't bear to burden her friends who couldn't keep her from Endeavor's overbearing hands.

The only period of happiness she had was when their children were born, but it didn't last when her son Shouto demonstrated the perfect marriage of their quirks, her shining ice and his bright flames. Endeavor's treatment of her and the slow realization that her beloved children resembled that monster pushed her to the limit. Now she was in the hospital for pouring boiling water on her sweet Shouto and regretted it with each passing day.

This time, Shouto was beginning to show his defiance more than he usually did and Endeavor had enough. Regardless of the consequences, Endeavor was going to do what he needed to get rid of Midoriya. If he could get over never meeting a fated mate if he had one, then Shouto had to do the same.

It's not like Midoriya had a weak quirk. In fact, Endeavor would say that his quirk was strong for an omega. Though it reminded him of All Might, he thought with a sneer. However, the issue was the damage he sustained from using it. While that pointed to the need for better quirk control, Endeavor didn't want to constantly deal with broken limbs from future grandchildren when the quirk manifested. Shouto needed to find a new mate, even if that meant not having a wonderful quirk to pass onto his children. The risk was too troublesome.

Shouto would listen to him. As his masterpiece who owed him for the abilities he now has, he will obey.

This is my first chapter! Chapter 2 is almost done and that is mainly about how Todoroki and Midoriya met and found out they were fated. Things will get pretty hot and heavy there! It will be much longer than this one, for sure.