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Their mating was the talk of Class 1-A for quite some time. Aizawa couldn't be around when they talked about it, but Denki and Eijirou would ask embarrassing questions like if Todoroki's curtains matched his drapes. Midoriya would blush, but he never told them that they did. Bakugou had to be in therapy to help him stop throwing up at the sight of their PDA, but Ochako and Mina were all for it.

The fated pair was the lifeline of Class 1-A and had to be protected. But that didn't mean their studies were excused.

With the term about to end and start a productive summer, Principal Nedzu decided to treat all the students to a formal ball. A prom, All Might had called it. The inspiration came from when All Might saved some students in America from a villain who attacked their limo. They happily invited All Might to attend the prom with them and he was happy with seeing flocks of students enjoying their night dancing with friends and significant others.

"It's in a week," Aizawa announced in a bored tone next to an enthusiastic Midnight. "You can come with a date, without, I don't care. Show up if you want. If any of you want to ask someone, you'd best act quickly. Some of you will need every second to find someone."

Denki, Sero and Mineta were visibly shaken.

"The cruelty…" Sero muttered in despair.

"The truth," Tsuyu added blandly. He seemed to shrivel up in his chair. All Might laughed happily.

"Remember to be confident in asking someone. No matter their answer, respect their decision. A rejection does not always mean try harder. Desperation and begging aren't attractive." The trio sunk into their chairs further. All Might stood tall and proud.

"Either way, the goal is to have fun and create jolly memories with our peers!" Everyone was inspired, excited as he was. "ALTOGETHER-!"

"PLUS ULTRA!" Arms were raised in the air as they shouted, Izuku the most enthusiastic. Aizawa was forced into it when All Might grabbed his arm and raised it high.

By lunch time, students were scrambling to get food so they could find potential dates without starving. Tenya and Ochako sat with Izuku while the others were still in line for food.

"Uraraka-kun, would you like to attend the ball with me?" he asked formally. His asking had both his friends surprised. He had never shown interest in her like that. When she looked confused, he raised his hand to explain.

"You are a good friend and I would like to show you a good time as a thank you for everything you've done for me. I do not harbor intimate feelings for you beyond friendship and respect." Ochako laughed.

"You could at least try to sound like it's a date! But I'd love to go with you, Iida-kun, as friends." Iida's hands made chopping motions, confident now that he got a yes.

"Very well! I must first let you know that I know quite a few variations of ballroom dancing! I know three styles of salsa, two styles of tango and at least five variations of the waltz! Whatever suits you, please let me know!" Izuku and Ochako both looked confused at one another. She laughed nervously.

"We'll just freestyle, I guess…" Iida nodded confidently. With that part over, Ochako smiled brightly at Izuku.

"I'm guessing you'll go with Todoroki-kun, won't you?" At that moment, several of their friends returned with trays. Kaminari was laughing at them.

"Can you imagine someone from a fated pair going with someone else? Someone had to have fucked up real bad." The others started to laugh, but Midoriya didn't find it so funny. Imagining Todoroki with someone else so intimately made his heart hurt. Kirishima made a worried face.

"If anyone tried to ask Midoriya out for the ball, they'd be frozen before they could get all the words out."

"If they're smart, I won't need to." A new voice joined them, instantly bringing Midoriya's attention to him. He almost whimpered at the sight of his alpha.

"You want to go with me, right?" he asked nervously, looking up at him with tears dotting his eyes. It was like an arrow to the heart. Todoroki shot them a dirty look before crooning at him.

"Of course I do." They shared a gentle kiss that had hearts melting. Bakugou, trying to enjoy flaming hot curry, felt the food come back up his throat. He started to choke, trying to remember the waterfalls and shit Recovery Girl talked about in therapy. Kirishima was at his side to help him get the food down, but the pair was ignored as the others talked about other dates.

"Momo and Jirou are going together?" asked Kaminari, whining as they nodded. "You guys are supposed to be my backups!"

Jirou frowned, stabbing his neck with an earphone jack. "Way to make a girl feel like a priority. We'll dance with you if your chances of scoring a date look pathetic enough."

"I will attend, but I won't be dancing. Merely enjoying your company," announced Tokoyami, appearing cool as ever. Beside him, Kouda, Shouji and Satou agreed. Tsuyu let out a soft ribbit when a boy suddenly approached her sheepishly. He had brunet hair and stormy grey eyes, hinting his quirk to call for cloudy days. Based on his casual demeanor despite his nervousness, they could tell he was a beta.

"Uh…Asui-san?" She didn't ask him to call her Tsuyu. She didn't know this guy. He swallowed.

"I'm Togaru Ryouta from 1-C in general Ed. I was wondering…i-if…" he trailed off, unsure how to continue. They all knew what he wanted, but asking was important. Tsuyu remained impassive.

"W-would y-you at-attend the ba-ball with me?" he asked, stuttering terribly. There we go. Midoriya looked up at Tsuyu, expecting her to be flattered, but she was still impassive.

"Are you sure you're not asking me to go because I'm in 1-A?" she asked bluntly. Everyone winced. Tsuyu wasn't impressed. But was that really the deal with this guy? He quickly hid his shock.

"N-no! I-I just thought I'd escort you! I think you're really-" She tilted her head, stopping him from speaking with unfathomable eyes.

"Mina-chan is going with Aoyama. Tooru-chan is going with Ojiro. I'm the only girl left in 1-A without a date, otherwise you'd ask them." She didn't seem ticked, just pointing out what she thought was the obvious. The girls all seemed horrified. This boy was cute and Tsuyu wasn't giving him a chance!

"Excuse us!" sang Mina, snatching Tsuyu's arm to give her a pep talk with the others. Midoriya frowned. It wasn't uncommon for people to want to talk to his classmates because they were in the hero course. Their classmates responded because they were either friendly, liked the attention or wanted to give advice. Todoroki didn't care much to socialize with people outside of their class. He only cared the most about Midoriya, who was often friendly with others.

Tsuyu agreed to go, sending the beta away with the biggest smile on his face. But she just wanted to go because she'd be with her friends. The others were trying to assure her that she'd have fun with this boy, but a gut feeling told her that he simply knew her name and nothing else.

By the time class started again, Aizawa had another announcement for the class.

"I'll be here to prevent any type of PDA during the ball. No one gets to complain." Cue complaining from the vocal students, much to Aizawa's annoyance.

"Aren't these sort of things supposed to be romantic? Like Cinderella?" asked Mina, jumping out of her seat. Aizawa scoffed.

"No, people walk out pregnant. I've heard too many stories of that sort of thing happening. All Might likes the idea of a ball, but he forgets the reality of putting hormonal teenagers in the same room. I'm keeping an eye on all of you," he warned, keeping track on how Midoriya and Todoroki responded. Todoroki didn't seem to react.

"But kissing doesn't mean sex!" argued Tooru. Aizawa shuddered, using his quirk to establish dominance.

"No more complaints. No kissing, no feeling up anyone, none of that. I heard some of you are still dateless and a few of those are voluntarily. If you're not part of the voluntarily single group, step up. But don't be creepy, I get called in if you guys do anything stupid." Kaminari, Mineta and Sero had to put their heads on their desks.

By the time the ball was going to start, the single statuses remained single. The girls were all wearing dresses that had been accessorized with Momo's quirk. The only things she couldn't make were corsages and boutonnieres, but everyone got their hands on one each.

Inko quickly sent Izuku an emerald green suit with a ruby red bow tie she had been tailoring all week, happy when she saw how handsome he looked in it. Shouto liked it so much that he had felt the urge to take him in the suit, but Midoriya was quick to command the alpha down.

Fuyumi had a silver suit and sapphire tie sent to Shouto from a formal event the family had once gone to, tailored now that he had gotten more muscular. It wasn't hard to imagine Shouto on top of him wearing that, but Midoriya scolded his omega for such a dirty thought. Prom was about making happy memories, not pups.

The cafeteria turned into a grand hall with plenty of tables for a dinner and a space for dancing. Aizawa was wearing a wrinkled suit along with All Might in fine threads, but he was making sure their table wasn't breaking his rules. While Midoriya was stuffing his face with katsudon, All Might tapped Todoroki's shoulder, signaling him to follow him outside. Todoroki wordlessly leaned over to kiss Midoriya's cheek, getting up to follow the favorite hero into the yard where a large fountain was decorated with flowers and an ice sculpture Midoriya had to beg Todoroki to make.

Toshinori chuckled as he laid a hand on the smooth ice that was shaped like an angel. The face had the same roundness and innocence of Midoriya. Midoriya said to make an angel. The only one Todoroki knew was him.

"Your ice is impeccable, Young Todoroki. You have a lot of control and finesse. I wonder if that's because of Young Midoriya's influence," he teased. Shouto felt his left side warm.

"I would say yes." He cleared his throat, still trying to keep in track before he would daydream of his mate. "Should you really be in this state? You won't last until the end of dinner, let alone the dance."

Izuku and All Might told him all about his secret. It started when Shouto bust open their meeting room door because he felt Izuku whimper in stress. Toshinori had to laugh at that memory. Seeing Shouto go from a worrisome alpha to a confused boy was a sight to never forget.

"Young Midoriya, you do understand why I wasn't able to catch anything you blubbered to me this morning? You cried directly into the phone," Toshinori pointed out, pouring some tea for his distressed pupil. Midoriya was curled up on the couch, looking distraught as he looked around wildly as if expecting a sneak attack.

"H-have you s-seen Shoucchan?" he asked, reaching for the tea. Toshinori chuckled, resting on the couch to ease his weak body.

"That's a question I'd ask you. You two are mates, after all." Midoriya fiddled with his fingers.

"Yeah, but I've been avoiding him all day and taking suppressants to stop my pheromones from getting to him. Otherwise he'll sense me freaking out and come running to help me. I texted him that I'd see him later, but I know he's worried. I feel terrible." Toshinori frowned.

"Well, why are you avoiding him?" he asked. Midoriya bit his bottom lip, Toshinori immediately preparing for a mass of mumbling and blubbering.

"I'm quirkless," he answered after a few seconds, causing his mentor to blink as realization dawned on him.

"O-oh. You haven't told him." Midoriya shook his head wildly.

"I-I feel awful. He's my mate and I can't bring myself to open up about it. I can have children, but being quirkless means I have nothing to give our pups, just pass down the gene. Wh-what if…what if…" His distressed hormones pushed against the suppressants, his emotions overtaking the drugs and instantly permeating the air. Toshinori panicked as he could faintly sense a strong alpha presence targeting their direction.

"Y-Young Midoriya, you should calm-"

"Get off me!" The familiar harsh voice had both of them freezing. They could hear a scuffle outside and Snipe-sensei could be heard over it.

"Todoroki-kun, you need to remain calm. Midoriya-kun-"

"He needs me! Fuck off!" The sound of ice crystallizing had them both at attention, then Aizawa could be heard sighing.

"Let him go, Snipe. It's not worth the time." The door was quickly wrenched open and Todoroki shouldered his way in, both occupants jumping at the sight of his ragged form. He was breathing heavily, his clothes wrinkled from the rush and hair out of place. He looked worried, heart drumming in his chest and smoking from Snipe trying to stop him when he stormed the faculty office. Seeing Midoriya, his worriedness dropped somewhat so he could hold his mate, pressing him against his chest.

"You're okay," he breathed. Midoriya smiled shakily.

"Y-yeah…I'm sorry I worried you." Todoroki pressed his lips against his forehead, then looked up and glared at Toshinori, his pheromones flaring in warning.

"Why was my mate distressed?" The temperature of the room spiked. "Did you-"

Toshinori quickly opened his mouth to stop him, but Midoriya beat him to it.

"Shoucchan, no!" he ordered, forcing the alpha to stand down. He visibly flinched and held his tongue, instead giving his attention to his omega. He slowly stroked Todoroki's cheek as the alpha calmed down and the temperature returned to normal.

Todoroki took a deep breath, then gave the man a weary look, staring him up and down while Toshinori simply waved and released his pheromones to give off a non-threatening greeting. This man was an alpha. His pheromones were familiar…they had a fierceness to them, just like Todoroki's, but they also gave him reassurance that Todoroki could trust him. Like he was…

"Hello, Todoroki-kun. I'm Midoriya's distant uncle-"

"All Might…you're All Might." Toshinori sputtered blood while Izuku choked. Confused, Todoroki stared at them.

"What's going on?" Izuku sighed, looking over at Toshinori who simply nodded. There was no reason to hide it from him. He sat down to pour Todoroki some tea while Midoriya sat his mate down.

"Shoucchan, please tell me you won't be upset with me." Midoriya vowed not to cry, but he was. It didn't bother Todoroki at all.

"I'd be more upset if you never told me. I can handle it, just tell me the truth. I don't want you living with this guilt." The alpha held his hand, squeezing tight and crooning to him. Midoriya felt the tears rising.

"E-even if I told you I-I'm actually q-q-quirkless?" Todoroki's face didn't read disgust, just surprise. He stayed quiet as Midoriya explained to him about One for All, about All Might's condition, about how he came to obtain All Might's power. Not once did he interrupt, slowly allowing each piece of info to process. At the end, Midoriya laughed bitterly.

"Despite that, all of that, it means nothing when I get pregnant. My quirklessness comes back and it will affect my pregnancy. So I'm afraid out of all of this, even though I should worry about the League of Villains more, that you'll-" the thought had tears in his throat and eyes flooding. His voice was shaking and it was hard for him to keep his composure, not when the fear seized him by the throat. Todoroki crooned to him, coaxing him to finish. Squeezing his hand, Midoriya breathed out.

"Please don't leave me." He began to sob, his emotions boiling over and relentless. Todoroki immediately held him close, cursing himself for not realizing the conclusion and making Midoriya struggle to say it. He wasn't upset about Midoriya being quirkless. It didn't matter to him. But it mattered to Midoriya and simply dismissing it did nothing to ease Midoriya's pain. He didn't love Midoriya's quirk. He loved him and it was his place as both mate and alpha to make his omega feel protected and loved.

Quirkless individuals still found mates, quirk or no quirk. Plenty of betas loved their counterparts. If the one with the quirk was an alpha, their quirkless omega was still treated dearly. Society might turn their backs on the quirkless, but mates remained loyal. No one would dare mock a quirkless omega in front of their alpha mate. To put it simply, no one wanted to die.

"Why would I want to leave you? I love you." Midoriya's heart warmed, but his fear kept the doubt lingering.

"B-but I have nothing to offer our pups. No-nothing e-except ca-carrying a-a useless gene." Todoroki reacted so fast that Midoriya wasn't sure he finished his sentence. He kissed him so sweetly that Midoriya could feel the calming pheromones against his lips. It was so soft that he found his lips cold before he could savor the kiss.

"You're not useless. Never say that to me again." It wasn't an order from an alpha, it was a plea from a lover. Todoroki sighed, the idea of his father's idiotic ramblings of quirk marriages coming to mind.

"So you don't naturally have a quirk. So what? Our bond wasn't through having a quirk. It's from just existing. Your existence means more to me than a fucking gene pool." He leaned in until he was practically pinning Midoriya to the couch, their eyes staring into the other's.

"If we met and you were still quirkless, that would've never mattered. All that mattered would be you wanting me. Because I would never stop wanting you. As long as you want me, I'll always be by your side. Even if you didn't, I would fight to be with you."

'No fighting, please,' thought Toshinori as he remembered Todoroki's rage. He let them have their sappy moment in peace.

Remembering where he was, Toshinori shook his head at him.

"No need to worry, I'm going into the teacher's lounge to rest after the dinner with Cementoss and Principal Nedzu. I trust you won't do anything out of the ordinary in our absence." Todoroki scoffed.

"No, our romance is going to get Aizawa involved anyway." At the mention of Aizawa, Toshinori laughed again.

"HAHA! I'm sorry, my boy! I really tried convincing him, I did! But Aizawa was insistent on abiding to his rules. Being discreet is the best possible route." The sound of chimes went off, letting everyone know that there was a couple minutes left before they'd open the dance floor. "Ah, that's our cue. Let's return to dinner, Young Todoroki."

Shouto nodded, then stopped when All Might turned to him with a smiling expression, but a sterner atmosphere.

"You are a good boy, Young Todoroki. I trust you'd keep Midoriya happy." His smile was gone for a brief moment, the darkness hiding the mean features of his eyes. "But if I even sense the slightest amount of distress from him because of you, you best hope I return to normal before I reach you."

His threat was empty compared to the imaginary guilt that sprung in his chest at the mere thought of making Midoriya whimper in distress.

"You better hope you find me before I kick my own ass," he muttered. Toshinori laughed and gave him a fatherly hug before happily leading him back inside.

Shouto took his seat next to Izuku, heart still fluttering with love when his omega looked at him lovingly.

"Shoucchan, do you want to dance?" he asked, rice stuck to his face from digging into his dinner. Shouto reached a hand out to clean his face, smiling endearingly.

"If that's what you want, sure." They shared a quick peck that was appreciated by their classmates. Well, except…

"Bakugou!" Kirishima shouted suddenly, making the two jump in their seats. They looked over to where he was yelling and saw Kirishima trying to shake Bakugou out of his disgusted state. He looked like he just passed out. Izuku and some others ran up to check on him, but Shouto stayed in place and smirked.

All Might approached him again, bending over slightly.

"I hope you two bear healthy pups in the future and love them dearly." The idea of having pups pleased Shouto.

In the past, he didn't think much of it, but now he thought about their babies at least once every few weeks. He would love their pups. It didn't bother him the least bit when Izuku tearfully confessed that he was quirkless and would probably pass that recessive gene onto their children. To Shouto, it only bothered him that he was so upset. Besides, his quirk would be passed down to their pups. His alpha genes would dominate in that regard and their kids would probably frolic in their spacious backyard making snow angels and any excuse to have a pool party with the summer they'd create. Quirks coexist in the children of alpha-omega pairs. With nothing to pair or compete against, his half hot and cold would take over.

Shouto didn't care about quirks, but imagining Izuku with a belly swollen with pups did a number on his heart.

After making sure Bakugou was going to be as fine as he was capable of, everyone was getting ready to start dancing. Uraraka stuffed some last minute dumplings into her mouth before Iida grabbed her hand. The two wore matching colors to coordinate, the blush of her poofy, off-the-shoulders dress and gloves matching with Iida's elegant, cherry blossom pink tie.

Momo and Jirou sprung up next, happily swinging each other around by their hands in matching scarlet. While the couples all got up to dance, the fated pair included, Tsuyu grew a little uncomfortable when her date came up to her. His smile was nervous and sweet.

"Asui-san, will you give me the pleasure of sharing this dance?" She didn't ask him to call her Tsuyu. She simply took his outstretched hand and followed him to the dance floor.

"Uraraka-kun, your movements are causing you to almost step on my foot!" scolded Iida to his partner. She rolled her eyes.

"I said I only know freestyle, not the Viennese waltz! I don't know what you're doing!" She groaned when he scowled at her. "Look at Deku-kun and Todoroki-kun!"

She gestured to her best friend and his mate, the both of them in their own little world as they held each other and danced to the romantic music. She sighed dreamily.

"They look so cute together. I wish someone looked at me the way they do to each other." Iida's face was blank.

"Uraraka-kun, my feelings for you are strictly platonic-" She cut him off by waving her hand frantically.

"I know, I know! But still, I like to think about it sometimes. Don't you want a mate too, Iida-kun?" The class president frowned for a minute, then opened his mouth to answer before they were quickly interrupted when Midoriya cried out from being bumped into. The sound had all of Class 1-A on edge, knowing that his mate might not respond well.

Monoma Neito looked unapologetic as he bumped into the omega, keeping his smirk to a minimum.

"Ara, did I shock the little omega out of his romance?" he jeered, quite possibly forgetting how ferocious alphas could be towards threats to their omegas.

Todoroki looked plenty pissed off at the interfering beta who caused his mate to become uneasy. 'Freeze him,' ordered his alpha harshly. But he needed to listen to his head. Maybe it was an accident. No one would dare bully Midoriya in front of him. Like an angel, Midoriya smiled.

"It's okay, Monoma-kun. It's not like you knocked me down." Monoma's eyes sharpened.

"Maybe I should. You 1-A peasants deserve to get knocked down a few-" Having heard enough, Todoroki tapped his foot on the floor, ice spreading and encasing Monoma in a pod of crystal while he was frozen in shock. With a solid kick, Todoroki sent him flying out into the courtyard. His classmates shrugged. Standard reaction. A sigh from Kendou followed as she and Tetsutetsu went to free Monoma from his prison.

"Can't we keep him in there until the party's over?" Tetsutetsu was heard saying. The pair stopped in their tracks, but Kendou had to repeat her duties as class president to herself before going back to helping him. Midoriya smiled and wrapped his arms around Todoroki's neck while the latter has his around the omega's waist.

"He wasn't really bothering me," he pointed out. Todoroki snarled in Monoma's direction.

"I won't let anyone mock you in front of me again." Shrugging, Midoriya buried his face into his alpha's chest and continued their dance.

Toshinori reverted back to his weakened form, keeping himself relaxed in the teacher's lounge while he and Cementoss were watching the dance hall through installed cameras on the TV. He chuckled as he saw Todoroki's reaction to someone insulting Midoriya. He turned to Cementoss, leaning in to ask him for a favor.

Aizawa saw the message at his feet, prompting him to take it easy on Todoroki. He was making out with Midoriya, wasn't he?! How dare they? His rules are supposed to be respected. Before he could find them, he spotted another couple trying to secretly make out behind a giant potted plant. His capture fibers came out to stop them.

While he was busy stopping hormonal brats, there was other drama happening with Tsuyu and her partner. In the middle of their dance, a group of boys sauntered up to the pair, making faces of disgust.

"You asked out the frog? Out of all the hero girls? I know we said 1-A, but if she was the only one left, there were plenty of girls in 1-B." Tsuyu blinked, looking over at her date. He looked petrified.

"She's still a hero. That was the point," another boy muttered. It took a bit of effort not to sigh too loud.

"I knew it." She didn't sound surprised at all. Disappointed maybe, but it didn't make her sweat. "Togaru, I was hoping you'd at least be truthful in your intentions."

He looked guilt-ridden. "I did want to try to get to know you, but-"

"You couldn't get passed my looks. I don't look like normal people. I have features of a frog because it's what I am. I'm aware of that." She was so blunt that it had Togaru wincing.

"I did try..." She shook her head.

"You wanted a hero girl to date because for you, it's like a trophy." One of the boys growled. He didn't like her attitude and she honestly didn't care.

"For people like us, it is! Everyone knows that the hero course gets all of the attention, so we have to scramble to get noticed! If dating a hero helps us gain recognition, then it's what we'll do! There's no place for us in the Sports Festival with you guys taking over. Feelings might get hurt, but in the end we all get acknowledged. An ugly frog like you should at least be grateful that someone even asked you out!" Tsuyu wasn't fazed at being called ugly, just annoyed.

"You're all terrible. I might be ugly, but as you said, I'm a hero. I'm going to gain recognition and respect because of it. I'd much rather be where I am now than a bitter person who uses people to climb up the hero ladder. Good luck getting any respect when I will make sure no one will ever associate themselves with your class." Togaru looked hurt, but guilty. Tsuyu could feel pity, but she was upset too for being used and being stupid enough to fall for it.

The other boys weren't hurt, they were pissed. One tried to reach for her, hand covered in adhesive from his quirk, but she quickly slapped him with her tongue. This caused the other boys except Togaru to react with their own quirks. Thankfully, they didn't get a chance to touch her.

"Leave her alone!" A giant dark mass swept in and forcefully shoved the boys aside, leaving Tsuyu unscathed. She saw the familiar blur of Dark Shadow returning to Tokoyami's side, who looked mildly concerned.

"Are you alright, Asui?" he asked.

"Call me Tsuyu-chan," she answered casually. The group scrambled up, Togaru hurrying back to Tsuyu.

"Asui-san, I know I look like a terrible person and my intentions weren't pure, but I want to try and redeem myself. I want to get to know you-"

"Liar!" shouted Dark Shadow as Tokoyami narrowed his eyes.

"I told you to leave her alone. That doesn't mean talk to her." Satou and Shouji were hurrying over to them. Satou downed the packet of sugar he had in hand and buffed up.

"You messing with one of our own?!" he demanded, Shouji glaring at them after witnessing the whole thing. The general Ed boys were up and getting in their faces as well. Tokoyami nodded at Tsuyu.

"Walk away, Asui. We'll handle this." She nodded and went towards the courtyard, wanting to be alone for a bit. She didn't show it, but what she heard stung her heart.

Aizawa finished punishing the couple and looked around for more trouble, noticing Tsuyu suddenly walk out into the courtyard. His eyes narrowed suspiciously, but had to stop the fight first when he saw Satou haul a boy towards a buffet table when the kid attempted to use his quirk to elongate his arms at him.

The fated pair took a break from dancing to sit and let themselves relax. Midoriya went to go get drinks, passing by the table of treats as he neared the punch bowl. He was greeted by several others around the bowl.

"Really thirsty..." muttered an omega as she took a gulp. Her beta smiled understandingly.

"All that dancing must've tired you out." Midoriya nodded to them and took two cups, filling them with punch before taking them back to his table.

Todoroki smiled up at him, taking the cup and a sip while Midoriya drank. They sat together, holding hands and watching their friends learn how to tango from Iida.

It seemed like a lot of fun, but Midoriya didn't have the motivation to convince Todoroki to dance with them. Instead, he sat in Todoroki's lap and cuddled with his alpha, feeling content.

The strong, reassuring scent of his alpha granted him more confidence in nuzzling and showing his affection. Something about his scent was more intoxicating than usual, yet Shouto didn't look like he was putting much effort into doing so. He nuzzled into Todoroki's scent gland, feeling more emboldened to do so as he felt fire dancing under his skin. Todoroki was surprised at his actions, but they weren't unwelcome. He gently moved so he could eye his mate in the face, smirking.

"You're very forward tonight, Izuku." The omega licked his lips, a sight that had his cock twitching and alpha howling with want. Izuku kissed him, a firm press on his lips so he could feel the familiar skin and taste.

On instinct, Todoroki's hips thrust up when Midoriya pressed himself down into his lap. The kiss drove into a more passionate one with their tongues mingling together. He could hear Midoriya panting, a clear sign that he wanted more than what he was getting. He immediately stood with Midoriya in his arms.

"My room," he managed to mutter before briskly walking out of the hall to the dorms. On the way, Izuku pressed warm kisses and electrifying licks to his neck where he had marked him during their first mating. They were like many of the couples who had omegas, all of the pairs leaving sporadically to go to the dorms.

One would think that fated alphas had all the control in the bedroom, but Todoroki knew that was a huge lie. Omegas had their alphas wrapped around their fingers and Midoriya had Todoroki by the balls.

While alphas had an insatiable sex drive, that didn't mean their omegas didn't. In fact, if an omega really wanted to mate, the alpha would immediately bow down and please their omega like they were meant to. They needed one another to feel thoroughly spent. If an omega wanted their alpha, they would take immediate charge until they were bouncing in their laps with their alpha's cocks hard and driving into them.

Midoriya was no different. It took one simple lick to Todoroki's marked scent gland to have the omega pinned down and deliciously thrust into in under a minute. The best sex is when Midoriya initiated it. He was initiating it stronger than he ever had before, oozing aroused pheromones with little care as to who could be watching them. Todoroki brought him to his room as fast as he could, desperately keeping his composure in the elevator when the air was heavy with tension and lust. Midoriya happily pulled off his jacket and went to work at peeling off his clothes, whimpering when Todoroki was slow to do the same. With his slacks and boxers off, all that was left for Midoriya to take off was his shirt.

"Shoucchan, aren't you hot?" He made a show of slowly unbuttoning his shirt, pushing his alpha onto the futon and straddling him. The shirt glided down his body and pooled behind him, exposing the omega shamelessly to the alpha. There was slick already glistening down his skin. Saliva pooled in Todoroki's mouth, swallowing thickly as he unconsciously reached out and slid a finger inside his already loose mate. Midoriya threw his head back and moaned lusciously, immediately dropping his hips to take him in to the knuckle. His entire body shuddered, submitting to his alpha and permitting him to touch him further. Something inside the alpha clicked, a voice desperately making him see reason if he was planning to make love. In his hesitation, the omega frowned and moved to take charge.

"Shoucchan...I want to have your pups..."

Izuku traced his tongue along his scent gland, desperate to get his alpha in the mood and ease the heat pooling inside him. His sweet licks promised him another passionate night, but Shouto had to swallow down his instincts for logical reasoning to have a voice.

Izuku hadn't taken his birth control pills regularly with the hectic testing schedule. Whenever they had sex, Shouto had to wear a condom despite feeling upset at the notion of not spilling his seed where it was meant to. He had no condoms and Izuku was acting like he was going into heat rather than simple lovemaking. He wasn't going to have sex with him just because he wanted to, he had every intention of getting himself pregnant.

He didn't want pups now. Pups were inevitable and what they both wanted, but it was too early. He would be killing Izuku's dream to become a hero and he didn't want that. It warmed and hurt his heart to imagine Izuku caring for their pups at home, but losing out to what he had wanted his whole life.

He had to find condoms, a morning after pill, something. The latter would probably have Izuku vomit it out with the state he was in. His omega wanted to breed. His alpha roared at him to stand down and breed his omega, already building up for a healthy knot. He didn't know when his shirt and pants came off, but now it didn't matter with Izuku grinding his naked slicked bottom to Shouto's dampening boxers.

There were condoms out in the common room, in a jar made by Momo to ensure that they wouldn't grow lax and unusable in the future. He tried to wiggle out of Izuku's grasp, but was immediately slammed down as gently as possible with One for All.

"Noooo," Midoriya whined, outright upset and knowing why Shouto wanted to leave. "Give it to me raw. I want you to breed me, alpha. Breed me until I'm heavy with your pups."

'Fucking do it...' growled his alpha. 'You both want this. Give it to him. Don't stop until you know he's pregnant.'

Shouto grit his teeth, torn between logic and desire. His head was filling with images of lying against Midoriya's pregnant belly, the heartbeats of their pups gently drumming in his ears. They slowly overtook the rest of his mind.

In the ballroom, Hatsume Mei dragged an unwilling Shinsou Hitoshi with her to the punch bowl. All thanks to her trusty metallic baby that strapped people down and moved about with a remote that only she knew how to use. This was going to be used for the police force sometime in the future. She eyed how horny some of the couple were being before they retreated to the dorms, but she could tell something was off even though her beta instincts weren't as keen as the other demographics. What was more suspicious was that she saw her dear classmates from the support course fussing around the bowl with her quirk. Her class was full of pride and would never trade secrets if they were latched onto an idea, so she needed an extra hand to figure out what was going on.


"Shinsou," the beta corrected for the umpteenth time that night, but was ignored. She pointed to two of her classmates that were rapidly taking notes.

"I want you to go to those guys and use the Force on them!" He rolled his eyes.

"It's not called...okay, fine whatever. As long as you take this stupid thing off me. I can walk by myself," he added when he felt a jolt. She nodded and waved goodbye.

He moved to the pair, smirking a little.

"Oi," he called out, getting their attention. They protected their notes and eyed him suspiciously.

"What's one plus one?" They both looked at him like he was stupid, one opening his mouth before the other stopped him.

"Don't! He can control you if you answer him!" The other suddenly remembered and glared at him. Shinsou quirked a brow.

"That's what you're afraid of?" They looked determined.

"Yes!" they answered in unison, suddenly falling under his control. He blinked, not expecting that to actually work. Mei danced over.

"Now ask them what they put in the bowl!" Shinsou narrowed his eyes at her.

"Why would they-" He was jerked forward by a press of a button, growling. "Fine."

He was handed a small bag of tablets after he asked, snatched by Mei. She dug her hand in and pulled one out, nibbling and quickly nodding when a familiar sweet taste coated her tongue.

"Heat inducers for omegas. We talked about them in class and how using them would fail. Omegas are always willing to pay big money to find supplements to enhance their quirks and heats naturally do that. But that also makes them willing to mate with anybody if they're not mated. If they are, then they go into heat and their mates go into ruts. I remember some people wanting to play with the concept, but our sensei yelled at us not to. Looks like they did. Ask them for the antidote. Any good support tech can reverse their invention." They were handed a bag of blue colored pills. She clicked her tongue.

"This won't do. Omegas won't drink pills in heat, they wanna ride their partners until they're pregnant. But!" Her eyes shone wildly. She jumped onto Shinsou's back and wrapped her legs around him, using the remote to zoom them out of the ballroom. He kept his yelp in his throat as she ramped the speed up to 20 mph.

"Everyone who drank went to the dorms, right?! All omegas want to breed in their nests, so I know what to do! You can't kill a virus, but you can stop the symptoms!" Shinsou just wanted away from this crazy beta.

Shouto didn't fucking care anymore. He lost full control when Izuku licked his scent gland and massaged his balls to the point of knotting. He was going to breed him heavy with his pups. His cock ached to be inside his mate's warmth and Shouto's alpha side took over. They were kissing sloppily, Izuku feeling drool running down as his slick amounted copiously below. Without any thought, Shouto plunged two fingers in, humming contently when he felt how wide his omega's usually tight hole was. He was ready for his knot.

"Get on top of me," he muttered harshly. "Make me give you my knot."

Izuku scrambled to comply, grabbing hold of his cock and inching it towards his waiting hole. Before he sank down and unbeknownst to them both, the vent wafted in translucent air. Not just to their room, but to the entire dorm building.

Mei happily cranked her little baby up to release the gas into the main vent, noting Shinsou's struggle beneath her. She shook her head at him in disappointment.

"You need to work out," she pointed out wisely. His legs quaked as he tried to keep her upright.

"You mind your own business!" he snapped. "What are you doing anyway?"

She had him use his quirk on a security guard to give him the key to the utilities room, asking him to forget once he released him from his control. Then Mei needed him as a boost to reach the vents and turned the AC on.

Mei grinned slyly. "Mind your own business!" she parroted, then cackled when he glared at her.

"Airborne birth control! My mom's an omega and she'd forget to take her birth control pills before her heats, so I invented this baby to disperse the pills in gas form so it would make things more convenient! Of course in this case, I used the emergency ones used before sex, so I'll have to grab some morning after ones too. Can't you see this baby flying off the shelf when it makes its debut?! Using it in a situation like this shows how well it works even in a pinch! Not just birth control, but it can be used in hostage situations where calming pheromones can be used to calm hostages down! The support companies will definitely want me after this, don't you think, Shinsei?!" During her speech, Shinsou started to crumble.

"I get it! Now. Get. Off!"

The gas made its way to every room, couples in some of them already going at it and spilling into their mates with little abandon. In some cases, knots were about to catch and with the intensity of the heat inducers, no one thought about protection or pills. They were going to breed.

Izuku gasped as he took in Todoroki's cock, moaning deliciously and moving his hips once he sank down to the hilt. Todoroki shot his hips up to meet him, cock thrusting in and determined to catch his knot right into his womb. However, something inside grabbed hold of his consciousness and yanked him back. His mind screamed at him to wake up, he was going to ruin Izuku's future. He didn't want that. The guilt flooded inside as he thought about Izuku crying over his dreams being dashed over their hormones. He gained consciousness when the sound of the intercom turned on. It was mainly used by staff to announce if class was canceled, so why...?

"Hiya! It's Hatsume Mei from the support course! I don't know if anyone can hear me since you're all horny and your other selves have taken over, but I just wanna let you know that I, Hatsume Mei, have saved everyone from unwanted pregnancy by giving the omegas airborne birth control! Now you can screw each other's brains out in peace! Remember, Hatsume Mei did this! Spread the word!" A scoff was heard in the background.

"If no one can hear you, then why bother-" The intercom was cut off before the thought could finish. Did she just say...?

"Shoucchan, please..." Midoriya pleaded desperately, "I want your knot. I want to have your pups..."

Shouto chuckled, elated that he wasn't about to ruin their future. "I'll give you my knot, Izuku. You won't have to worry about having my pups."

His alpha was given an internal slap, but he would still give his omega most of what he wanted. Izuku was about to ask what he meant, but squealed as he was pushed onto his back and thrust into deeply. Moans spilled from his mouth, hips moving upwards to meet Shouto's cock. His legs wrapped around Todoroki's waist to hell hoist himself up to meet him, cooing desperately and begging for his knot. Todoroki shuddered, his cock being squeezed by Midoriya's walls so deliciously that it was begging to be milked. They hadn't had sex without protection unless Midoriya was in the pill, so it had been weeks since a proper release that left an omega satisfied.

He was going to cum and spill himself inside his mate, bathing his omega with the semen he wanted from his alpha. He held his breath when his knot formed, catching inside Midoriya.

"I-Izuku!" he groaned. Izuku moved his hips faster, feeling the knot inside him swell.

"Inside me!" he gasped. "Knot your omega! Don't let me spill a drop! Give me your pups, Shoucchan. Breed me!"

His incoming knot and Izuku's dirty talk pushed him over the edge. Seizing Midoriya's waist, he came inside him and filled his womb with his semen. That alone was enough to have Midoriya cum without touching his cock. His infertile semen spurted onto their stomachs as Midoriya continued to grind his hips and savor his alpha's knot inside of him. Midoriya sighed in content and lied down, pulling him down with him to kiss him deeply. Shouto let him, thoroughly spent and waiting for his knot to die down. Poor Midoriya would die of shame if he heard what he was doing just now.

It look five minutes for the heat to subside and Todoroki was kicked out of his own bed while Midoriya wrapped himself into a ball with a blanket.

"I. Am. A. Slut." Were the words muttered out of the ball. Todoroki chuckled, wanting to go inside and curl against his omega.

"It's fine, Izuku," he assured. There was a shake, meaning disagreement.

"It's only fine because Hatsume-san saved us. I know my omega. I would've kept going until I was three months pregnant." They ignored the image that came into their heads.

"But we didn't," Todoroki pointed out calmly. He sighed and inched closer to the ball, both still naked but no longer desiring each other's bodies.

"Let me cuddle you at least. Then we'll go back to the ball and dance again." Midoriya muttered something, but he did want to have fun with their friends. He willingly opened the covers and welcomed Todoroki back into his arms.

After Aizawa handled the fight between his students and some general Ed ones, he set to work to stop couples from shamelessly sucking each other's faces off in the hall.

He had successfully prevented six couples from getting down and dirty before Principal Nedzu had to pull him aside and tell him to let the students enjoy the ball. He'd let them enjoy the ball, he just didn't want anyone sucking on anybody else's. But he could relax.

Walking out to the fountain for some air, he was surprised to see Tsuyu by the edge of it instead of inside the dance hall like everyone else was. The last dance was coming up and it wasn't to be missed because Mic hyped up how romantic it would be.

"Shouldn't you be enjoying the dance like your friends?" he asked, faintly hearing Mina squealing inside. Tsuyu let out a little ribbit, turning to him. She looked pretty nice in her fluffy white dress laced with soft green ribbons.

"I came out here to be alone for a bit. My date only wanted to be my date because I was in Class 1-A." He narrowed his eyes for a second, remembering when some general Ed student came into their classroom during lunch break to ask her about what to wear for the dance. He had a face to attach to the sudden urge to avenge his student.

"Ouch." His voice was perfectly monotone. Tsuyu shrugged her shoulders.

"Only for a little bit. Then I decided if that person cares little for me, I shouldn't care much about them." He only asked her out because she was from 1-A. She didn't want that to be a reason to start a relationship and an attribute in a mate.

"Midoriya-chan and Todoroki-kun are lucky to be fated to one another. I want someone to be loyal to me as they are to each other. Todoroki-kun can be a scary alpha, but his heart is good. I'm just a normal beta who has to find someone the normal way. In normal terms, rejecting someone is more common. Fated pairs never reject their partners. They never feel that sting. But this isn't the first time I've been rejected, so it gets easier each time it happens." Her personality was pretty clear and she was blunt to a fault. But she still had feelings and rejection hurts. Aizawa may not know the feeling personally, but he could understand.

"You're not a bad kid, Asui." It seemed to lift her spirits a little.

"Coming from you, Aizawa-sensei, that makes it more believable." Oh no, she was doing some weird smile. Not bad considering how down she looked, but there was a hope in there that he didn't want a part of.

"Don't go asking me for a hug though." He meant it as a warning. She nodded politely.

"You like your space. I'll respect it." They sat in silence for a moment longer, too long for Aizawa.

"Do you want to go back inside?" he asked. She fidgeted a little, feeling unconfident for the first time.

"'s a little embarrassing to go inside with no one to dance with for the final song."


Todoroki and Midoriya dressed and made it back to the ballroom to their friends. Ochako raced over to them, demanding where they had gone and letting them know that they missed out on the tango Iida was trying to teach them. Present Mic interrupted them from his stand.

"Hey, everybody! Last dance! It's so romantic!" They had to cover their ears from the feedback. He changed the song from upbeat to a slow dance.

Midoriya was about to hold Todoroki, but stopped suddenly when he saw another pair join their Class 1-A circle.

"Ai-Aizawa-sensei?!" Said sensei twitched when he heard him, but refused to acknowledge it. He held hands with Tsuyu and refused to touch her waist. Kaminari cackled.

"Like an uncle dancing with his niece!" he joked. Aizawa glared at him.

"Detention." To appease his anger, the other girls and Iida ganged up on him.

"We'll show you how to dance, sensei! Iida's an expert!" Iida nodded energetically. It made Tsuyu smile for the first time the whole night. Aizawa rolled his eyes.

"We're fine. Now stop looking and speak of this to no one." They nodded enthusiastically and went back to their partners.

The rest of the night was fun to say the least. Aizawa got annoyed of dancing one minute in when Present Mic teased him and forced Tokoyami to take his place, who didn't mind and had Dark Shadow trade places with him when needed.

Midoriya went back to Todoroki, who opened up his arms and let his omega in. He buried his nose into Izuku's fluffy hair and held him closely. Izuku hummed and wrapped his arms around Todoroki's neck, happily living in the moment. Pups…can wait. He wanted both, to be a hero and a mother. But his dream to be a hero came first before settling down.

In the next few days, the drugged punch bowl was the talk of the school and it wasn't hard to find out who had done it. For some reason, the students involved wrote a full-fledged confession letter and turned themselves into the office. But once they walked into the office, they acted as if they snapped out of a trance and had no idea why they were there. But their pockets were full of the heat inducers and a flash drive of all the research and trials they had done, dated with their names and several logs of information.

Ryo Inui was in charge of their discipline along with Gang Orca, but neither student was seen again after the doors were shut for their punishment.

Mei and Shinsou walked away from the office, Mei looking pleased with herself.

"I also included how their plans were stopped by me and my babies! I'm going to get calls from support companies for sure!" Shinsou rolled his eyes.

"Do you even think about the victims?" She stopped in her tracks and grabbed him by the arm. For once, her eyes were serious.

"Of course I do! I would never make an invention focusing on what it does for me. What it does to me is a benefit. It should do what I made it for, that's why it has existence in the first place!" For a moment, he had admiration for her. But it quickly went away when she tugged him towards the workshop room.

"Now time to make something for you! You're my new muse!" Her strength was too much for him to overcome. He was heard yelling for miles until the workshop door closed.

I didn't write about their quirks going haywire, I wanted to focus solely on the pups possibility! Thank you all for enjoying this story, but I think it's a nice spot to end and put it to rest :D

I will write another story for Tododeku for sure! A oneshot, won't give too much away ;)