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Just wanted to write something with Touken Ranbu...


A pair of feet landed gracefully on the ground and the small figure began to brush her clothes off in case any of the demon blood had landed on her.

"Come now," An amused voice sounded in her head and Kagome glanced down to the golden hilt of the Tachi she was holding, "Surely you are experienced enough not to sully yourself with the likes of lowly Youkai remains."

Kagome shrugged, "You know I like to be clean," She simply responded, huffing slightly at the proceeding chuckle, "And speaking of Youkai..." Her blue eyes moved towards a nearby tree in the empty park.

"Ah, you sense him too?" She could practically hear the smile in the male's voice, "Nothing less than expected from my Miko-sama."

"Yours?" Kagome's tone turned a bit teasing-like, "If anything, you are mine." She stated, making sure that she was directly staring at the Youkai's location so as to alert him that she knew of his presence.

"I will not argue with that," The voice replied, "If not for that forged replica, I would be wasting away at the Tokyo National Museum."

"You can thank Toutousai for that," Kagome said, "Even the world's top experts can't tell the blade sitting in the museum is a forgery," She gripped the gold hilt a bit tighter as she grew a bit impatient, "You may show yourself." She called out, watching with guarded eyes as a black blur stopped only a few metres away from her position.

She was thankful that her hunting of rogue Youkai only occurred at night, so the park was completely deserted and there would be no witnesses.

Red eyes glared immediately, "A Miko," The spiky-haired male was clothed in all black save for the white scarf wrapped around his neck, "How is it possible that one undiscovered even exists in this age?"

Although it sounded like a question, Kagome most certainly knew it was more of a demand for answers.

"Were you hunting down that Youkai too?" Kagome glanced down at the remains of the demon she had just purified, which only just consisted of sparkling ash, "I am sorry if I stole your prey from you."

"Hn," The Youkai's face scowled deeper, "You possess no ordinary weapon, Miko," His red eyes moved to look at the weapon in her hand and his own moved to his own blade unconsciously, "A holy sword. Should it not be locked away in Reikai's vault?"

"Perhaps," Kagome shrugged again, "But then again, a holy being should possess a holy weapon, right? It makes sense if you think about it." She blinked, feeling the Tachi's hilt heat up in her hand.

The surprisingly short Youkai let out an irritated noise, "Come with me, Miko," He ordered, knowing just how utterly annoying and unbearable Koenma would be once he found out there was a true Miko running around and Hiei had no doubt that he would find out sooner or later, "Now."

"Hmm, who are you to order my Miko-sama in such a manner?" A tall figure slowly began to materialize behind the petite girl and Hiei clutched his sword as he prepared himself for a fight, "I do not appreciate your lack of respect, Youkai boy."

Hiei's eye twitched with anger and he had to resist the urge to snarl, but he wisely kept his position in order to stay out of reach of the Miko who could probably purify him with only a simple touch.

Plus, the Miko's weapon had sentience, so he knew it would not be an easy victory for him.

Kagome sighed, feeling a warm body press tightly against her back as arms wrapped around her waist, "Mikazuki," She felt him lower his body slightly in order to rest his head on her shoulder, "I would like to avoid a fight if we can. It's so late and I still have school tomorrow."

The dark-haired male stared at the Youkai with keen eyes, which only seemed to deepen the crescent moon that shined with his glowing orbs, "If you say so, Miko-sama," He did not, however, pull himself back from the tight embrace he held his master within, "But understand this, Youkai child, my Miko-sama belongs to me alone."

Hiei grit his teeth, now knowing what he was truly dealing with, 'Mikazuki Munechika.' He could only wonder how this tiny slip of a human girl came into possession of such a powerful weapon. He hated to admit it, but he knew he could not win this fight.

Not without backup.

"Good choice, Youkai-san," Kagome smiled brightly as Hiei took his hand away from his sword, "You seem decent enough, so I hope that we can meet again." And with that, the Miko turned on her feet as the spirit of Mikazuki Munechika behind her slowly began to fade, though not before giving him a warning glance that clearly carried his message across to Hiei.

She was his.