My Little Pony: Jaeger

Chapter 4: Equestria

It is said that the First Equestrian-Griffon War was the war where the old tactics died, and the armies of the kingdoms entered the modern age. The Battle of Turtledove Run was a disaster for the allied Equestrian troops. The war dragged on with defeats for the Equestrian troops at the River Grover, Adlerland Fields, and the Siege of Hawksbill.

One of the advantages the griffons had over ponies were their use of tactics from dug-in trenches to advancements in rifle technology. The griffons replaced their aging Wanzl rifles with a new service rifle, the Sharps-Borchardt M1878. Griffon gunsmiths modified the safety system so it didn't have to be disengaged after each cycling of the action.

There was an arms race between the warring kingdoms. The Equestrian Army now had the Trapdoor Springfield and the Remington Rolling-Block. The Gritish troops had the Martini-Henry rifle. The quick loading time of the Sharps-Borchardt rifle with the modified safety system made the new service rifle a beloved companion to the Griffon Troops.

Griffons found their new rifles were perfect for the ambush. The Gritish hated this rifle, and would shoot on sight any Griffon soldier they captured that happened to have the rifle. Gritish officers had to be on their hooves and wings when traveling through forest trails and fields. The feared Griffon Kingdom 'Jaeger' troops would harass the Gritish.

The Griffons wanted to ware out the Gritish, and the constant attacking did that. The Gritish were ambushed by the Griffons two times a day for the next three months of the war. At the annual summit of the commanders by Princess Celestia, the Gritish Commander, Earl of Grey, put his hoof down, "Your majesty, we must pull out of the north!"

"Do I sense doubt in you?" asked the Princess, turning to the Gritish Commander

The unicorn stallion in uniform furthered his suggestion to her, "The griffons are a stronger opponent than we anticipated, and we're paying for our mistakes with our lives, no matter what we do, all the atrocities we have committed against them, it only adds more fuel to their fire, I beg of you to consider this, we cannot win this war!" he pleaded,

Princess Celestia smiled a motherly smile to the commander, and nodded lightly, "I understand your concerns, Earl of Grey," said Princess Celestia getting up from her throne, and put a hoof on his shoulder and leading him toward a window, "then with your concerns in mind, I suggest...a change in RANK!" just then, Princess Celestia threw him out.

The Earl of Grey screamed as he was taken by surprise, and Princess Celestia threw him out the window. With a loud 'thump!' the Earl landed headfirst on the stone walkway below. The royal guards went to the body where their was a splat of blood on the stone walkway. They all looked up at Celestia at the window, and went back to their posts.

"Does anypony else have any concerns I should know about?" she asked, the commanders were silent in the face of Princess Celestia, "good," she said with a smile and nod to her commanders. Princess Celestia then called forth the deceased Earl's replacement, "Fleur Dis Lee, congratulations, you have just been promoted to lead the Gritish Troops,"

"Now that everything is settled, you have orders and they will remain your orders unless I say otherwise," Celestia said to her commanders, "kill them all, I want the Griffon Kingdom wiped off the face of Equestria, this is our land, a land for ponies, and we are enforcing that, if I have to put all the Griffon Kingdom to fire and sword, then so be it"

"Do I make myself perfectly clear?" Princess Celestia asked her officers,

"Yes, your majesty," they all said in unison, and the meeting was adjourned. The very next day, she ordered extra troops into the Griffon Kingdom to reinforce the Equestrian Troops. The Griffons were now a thorn in Princess Celestia's belly, one that twists in the wound. An Equestrian supply train was attacked, and raided by Griffon Jaeger troops.

The ammunition was taken along with other items like blankets and medical supplies. In the Griffon Kingdom at the walls of the three mountain fortresses, the crows feasted on the bodies of the dead ponies that covered the hills. The Griffons did not shoot the ponies that came to collect the dead, "Why do they keep fighting like this?" asked Gabby

"It is all they can do, Gabby, they all have their orders, a good soldier must follow them," said Galiana watching ponies take cartloads filled with dead bodies away from the field. The Griffons covered their beaks with white cloths because of the putrid smell of rotting flesh in the air, "as this war drags on, I do pity our enemy," said the countess,

The morale was low for the Ponies. Even with sheer numbers, the Griffons were holding out against their invading armies. Many regions in the Griffon Kingdoms were reduced to ash at the will of Princess Celestia, and villages were burned. Some of the images that Galiana has seen that reflect the brutality of Princess Celestia still haunt her dreams.

One of the greatest atrocities committed by Equestria's armies was a raid upon on a hospital. Innocent pregnant griffons were tied to wooden posts, and shot in the head by firing squad in the courtyards. Eggs were smashed, and griffon cubs were either shot or used for bayonet practice. It is then that griffons knew that this was an extermination.

Fleur Dis Lee went to the walls of the fortresses, "Lay down your weapons, you filthy catbirds!"

With her at his side was Flash Sentry, another one of Princess Celestia's commanders. Suddenly, a shot rang out from the fort from a slit in one of the turrets. A young griffon named Gabby took the shot, and hit Flash Sentry between the eyes on Galiana's orders, "You wvant our wveapons? Come and claim zhem!" said Galiana from the fort catwalk.

"Heed my warning, Countess, it doesn't matter how many battles you win, you can't hold out forever, Equestria will crush you and your troops!" Fleur Dis Lee bellowed back to the griffon, Galiana watched as Flash Sentry was dragged by his back legs with his red blood painting the trail back to the Equestrian Camp with the help of two other soldiers.

"Good shot, Gabby," said Galiana, "it seems our enemy must always choose zhe hard way"