A/N: Last July I began posting a countdown to the premiere of Supergirl, lasting 100 days and updating daily, until the premiere of the second season. Since then, I caught up to and got into the rest of the Arrowverse, so this year's countdown will feature each of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Now as I can only crossover two shows at one time on here, there will be two volumes of this singular project: 100 Days of Arrowverse 2017: Supergirl & Arrow, and 100 Days of Arrowverse 2017: The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow. I'll be alternating from one to the other depending on what's next, but there will be a new chapter every day in one or the other. This is break down:

Days 1-20: 5-part stories for a single character (Lena Luthor, Jesse Wells, Thea Queen, Sara Lance)
Days 21-40: 5-part stories for a pair of characters (Alex & Winn, Cisco & Caitlin, Quentin & Daughters, Mick & Amaya)
Days 41-80: 10-part stories for each show (Team Supergirl, Team Flash, Team Arrow, Team Legends)
Days 81-100: 20-part crossover (I haven't figured out how I'll split that one over the two volumes yet.)

100 Days of Arrowverse 2017 Volume A: Supergirl & Arrow

96 days until Supergirl - 97 days until Flash & Legends - 99 days until Arrow

(Supergirl: Lena Luthor, part 1 of 5)

Lena Luthor awoke with little memory and a pounding headache. She opened her eyes to find herself in a darkened bare room. She sat up once and felt her world spin but did not fall back down. She did not know where she was, and if that was the case, then losing consciousness was not the way.

What did she know? She knew… She knew… The last thing she remembered, she was sitting in her office, late at night, looking at… something… What had she been looking at, what had she been doing? Why couldn't she remember? Oh well now, going off of where she'd woken up, and the disoriented feeling and the pain in her head, she could take a wild guess. Someone had come along, someone had knocked her out and taken her here.

Here. Where was here? Nothing on the walls told her a thing. There was no window on the door either. Her clothes… Someone had changed her, dressed her in a plain pair of pants and shirt that looked anywhere between hospital scrubs and prison uniforms. No markings to help her here either.

What else did she have to learn? She had herself. Her head was settling, and she felt no cuts or bruises there. Nothing either on her arms, her legs, nothing, nowhere. If there was a needle's prick, she couldn't find it. Well there was something to be said about her being unharmed, and regaining her balance: she could find her way out.

She stood off the bed where she'd been laid out, bare feet on a cold floor, and she looked around the room. There was no doubt in her that she was being watched. So where were the cameras? Oh well at least they hadn't made that too hard for her. Here was one, there was another. Two cameras, increasing the coverage of a single camera, but not leaving her without any blind spots. Finding those could be all she needed to work her way out of here.

Admittedly, it might be easier said than done. Everything she might have had on her to help her break out of here had been taken from her. She had a bed, and nothing else on hand. She might have tried to break something off the frame of the bed, find a spring in the mattress if there were any. But she would be in full view, always. How long before whoever was on the other side of those cameras to come in and try to stop her?

Let's find out.

"Whoever's out there, I know you're watching, I know you're listening. I don't know who you are or why you're doing this, an honestly, right now, I don't even care. You know who I am, and I'm not going to sit by here. Either you let me out, or I'll let myself out. Let's see who gets to let me out." She had kept on looking right into that camera on the right as she spoke, showing how little fear she felt. Now she kept on holding it a while more, to see if anything would come of this.

When twenty seconds had gone by, there was little else for her to know or do. She turned back to the bed, pulling her hair back from her face as she took in what little tools she had at her disposal. Little was certainly correct. She turned back to the door and inspected it, every part that connected it to the walls of the small, silent room. Already she could grasp what she would need in order to get it open; now she needed to get her hands on it.

A minute had gone by since her challenge when she turned again to the bed. No one had come. Either they really didn't know who they were dealing with, or they weren't really watching, or they wanted to see what she'd do. One way or the other, she wasn't about to sit back and wait.

See you tomorrow in Volume B for The Flash!