100 Days of Arrowverse 2017 Volume A: Supergirl & Arrow

4 days until Supergirl - 5 days until Flash & Legends - 7 days until Arrow

(Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow, part 13 of 20)

They had walked into the building, all seven of them, though not one of them had done so of their own volition. They were wide awake but without control of their own bodies. And once inside, they came to a stop, lined up side by side as the two aliens walked around them, looking at them as though they could read every part of them. They might not have known they could still speak if not for Thea. She only had to look at the man; she knew.

"You…" she spoke shakily. "You were in my head." He looked at her. "You were the one, weren't you?" The aliens looked to one another.

"He meant you no harm," the woman spoke. "You weren't meant to be aware of the incursion. You were isolated from others we sensed with knowledge of the Kryptonian, we chose you for it."

"Where's the Martian?" Sara spoke. The woman's gaze fell on her now, the purpose of their presence now making her look at them in a different light. She came to stand in front of Sara, who tried so very hard to move, with no result.

"We could have killed you, hurt you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine, to get your ship, only we left you unharmed. This is how you repay us?" She gave good talk, but Sara knew, looking at her.

"You won't hurt us. You value life too much, don't you? How old are you?" The woman raised her head.

"I have lived eleven years," she declared. All they knew of her people, she was very old; her chances of ever seeing her people's world were diminishing by the day… as was her chance to see the revenge she sought.

"You had a time machine," Thea spoke up, her voice not so much angry as compassionate. "You could have gone back, found your ancestor, save your way home. Instead you chose to go after J'onn, and for what? It was so far before your time, you weren't there. That story, you passed it down through generations, you let it become this larger than life story, when for all you know, it could have been an accident." The woman said nothing. Lena followed Thea's trail.

"Kara told me about him, when we were on the run. She spoke about him like a mentor, like a father."

"A lot of good was undone when you took him, can't you see it?" Iris asked, before James spoke.

"Aliens like you now have people like Hank Henshaw and Lillian Luthor to deal with. Everything I know about J'onn, everything I've been told, he's the last person you should be after."

"Enough,' the woman spoke, and silence fell. "The Martian's actions are known. He has admitted his guilt, this preaching is pointless. Our quarrel is not with you, humans. You will be released. This time, don't try to come for us again," she warned.

"Wait!" Thea insisted, and her legs carried her forward, not by her control, to stand in front of the woman, who pulled back her hood, fixing her with a glare.

"The Martian may have robbed me of my birthright, but I have power despite him. Allow me to show you."

"Hey!" Oliver shouted. "You're going to play at anyone's brain, you pick mine and leave her alone."

"Oliver, stay out of this," Thea called to her brother, keeping the woman's gaze. "I know your people are powerful, I felt it. Well we have power, too, different power. Let us show you. We can help you. We can send you home."

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