100 Days of Arrowverse 2017 Volume A: Supergirl & Arrow

1 day until Arrow

(Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow, part 19 of 20)

As soon as Gideon had confirmed they were clear to make their crossing, Sara had taken them up and into the breach. It was only them now, the Legends reunited, with one exception. Her father had wanted to come with them as they went. If all went well, he would be deposited on the other side before they could return to where they'd been headed before this all started, and if it didn't… well, Quentin preferred to stay with his daughter if something went wrong.

They were on their way to back on track but they were not there yet. As it was, all of them were tensely riding out this relatively short journey like it took hours instead of seconds. The ship gave a few solid jolts, but nothing compared to what they'd experienced on the way in.

"Do you see Miss Wells out there?" Stein had to ask.

"Yes, Professor," Gideon reported. "Although I'm afraid she's losing force. She will not reach Earth One."

Silence fell across the bridge of the Waverider. Remnant or not, Jesse Wells had sacrificed herself so they might reach home. The gesture would not be forgotten.

The Waverider swept into the sky of Earth One, in Central City. Sara landed her easily now, and with no one to see her face as she sat in her chair, the relief passed over her features. She may not have had control of what happened to them before, when they'd been pulled on to Earth 38, but now they were back, and she had her crew, and her father, and the ship, safely and soundly grounded.

"If no one objects, it's been a long week," Professor Stein stood first. "I'd like to return to my quarters and see about picking up whatever mess was left behind by our first journey." Sara gave him a nod, watched him go, before looking to Jax, who got up to follow him. One by one, the others dispersed, to go out and wait on the other teams' return, or to see to their new stock of alien alcohol.

"You flew a space ship…" Quentin Lance stood from his chair. Sara chuckled, turning to face him. "I mean I don't even know…"

"Every time I sit up here, there's just a moment where I can't believe it either. They call me Captain Lance, and I think of you." The look on his face was just as she'd expected it to be. She saw pride in her father's eyes, pride and grief, too, for the one they'd lost. "I wrote you a letter, before this started, I was going to mail it to you when we got to 1969."

"1969," Quentin shook his head, with new amazement. "Tell you what, you mail me that letter, and I'll wait on it. Getting those letters, I can't tell you what it means to me." He couldn't tell it, but she could guess it. "And if you find a way to let me send replies… I have them all." Now Sara was the one on the verge of tears. She stood to join her father, who held on to her.

"I'll find a way, I promise," she told him as they went from the bridge to rejoin the others outside the cloaked ship. They would wait out the return of the teams left to cross.

Sara had been thinking of a way to get those replied from her father. If they'd learned anything through Jesse's involvement in all this, it was that those small fears at the backs of their minds about what their families would go through if they never returned were all warranted, and enough to make them regret just a bit more their putting them through it all. This time around, thanks to friends' help, and one's sacrifice, they had prevented it all. One day they might not be so lucky. One day it could happen, and there'd be no coming back. And then… and then…

Sara Lance held her father's hand and took a deep breath.

See you tomorrow in Volume B for CONVERGENCE ON EARTH 38, part 20, the conclusion!