Slowly, very slowly, down came his trousers. Hermione kissing Harry on the neck she took hiss trousers off and throws them on the floor. The she took off his top and started to lick his chest. She took his boxers off, then put her soft, warm lips over Harry's cock and began to suck very slowly. Harry, never had this done to him before found it the nicest thing that had ever happened to him, began to make some noise. Hermione stopped, and then put a condom on his dick before she crawled up his leg and put the 6-inch dick into her fanny. Moving up and down slowly they began to have sex. After the first minute she began to throw her head side to side as they both got faster and faster. Now screams echoing through the room, Harry cumed with the biggest thrill of his life. For 3 minutes the stayed hugging each other with legs rapped around, before falling asleep.