Hi. Well this is my new story. It is quite different. My new idea. I just have a very many ideas.

Of course, I will continue story with Bianca and Jake. It is possible to go on children Rango and Beans. The wedding Jake and Bianca. But I wrote so much. But it will be later.

Now I want to show you a new , a completely different story. "Linked in love" . This story is about Rango and Beans.

Yes , I know , it is possible here more in love with Jake. But stories about Rango and Beans very little... and besides, they're my favorite characters.

Maybe Jake will appear in this story and many new other characters. I plan to make a trilogy. So I'll write faster.

I REPEAT : this is a completely different story. New idea. New adventures.

Maybe for some it will be too romantic , but I haven't decided yet. Maybe romantic but in small quantities (most likely).

And also, along the way I will begin to write a story about a bad bill.

It was hot. Not that it was the hottest day of the Mojave desert , but for Rango, it was unbearable. As always it came back after such a long work , back to the town called Dirt. It's been a tough week. It's been about three months , when Rango returned the water to the city . After all, when returned to the water , it required not only the residents of the city Dirt , but also to other inhabitants. From other cities. And over time, Bad Bill began to become impudent , and more will attack the city and the trains that transported the water . With this connection the work of Rango , as Sheriff , became heavier. But he coped.

And here's, moving on Roadrunner Rango appeared a slight smile. Finally he reached familiar terrain.

"Soon we'll be home in Excelsior. " - said Rango.

The bird gave him a light jolt as the answer.

After some time, began to be seen the city. Rango gave a loud yawn and stretched. But the bird suddenly stopped. Rango was surprised.

"What is a friend? Is something wrong?"

The bird began to twitch, to escape. Rango tried to hold her. But at one point the bird ran sharply to the right. Rango tried to stop her , but it was useless. In the end, Rango has given vent to the bird.

He didn't know where it leads him. But Rango was ready for any surprises. Soon Excelsior ran up to the old corpse , or rather the remains , when the cows lived. Bird stop near the skull and started scratching it. Rango quickly tears.

"Something like that?" - he said aloud.

He approached the skull.

"There's something there?" - he asked quickly.

Suddenly there was a cough. Rango quickly looked into the eyes of skull . And found that underneath was a hole.

"Hey? Is anyone here?" - shouted Rango.

There was a terrible cough.

"Yes... please get us out. My brother is in a coma. Need help!" shouted a male voice.

Rango abruptly pulled away and went to Excelsior. She took the rope and hook.

"I'll get you out. Hold on! "he called Rango.

He quickly hooked a rope to the horn of the skull. It was , the design of the old well. Hook helped Rango not to drop strangers. How he knows what kind of animal. But he knew exactly what he needed help. When he's good he fastened it, he threw the end of the rope into the pit. The other end of the stick to keep.

"I hope you can to gain a foothold with the rope? I will try to pull you out." said Rango.

He heard a cough. But this time more worse.

"That's it. Please... it's hard to breathe. "said a hoarse voice.

Rango immediately started to pull. But it was useless. Rango was not strong enough to pull from the two strangers. Rango vigorously began to think. He examined every detail for support. And here his eyes fell on the Excelsior.


Importantly, to fix the rope to the bird. And with it Rango began to pull. With grief in half , but still Rango managed to get strangers. The stranger grappled the skull.

"Take my brother...*cough* ... I'm afraid I can't hold it!" - said the stranger.

Rango quickly left the rope and pulled the first stranger. The animal was growing as Rango , maybe less . He took him up and laid him on the ground. After, quickly began to help the second stranger.

In the end, Rango, and the strangers were on the surface. Gasping , the stranger returned to normal breathing. Rango , also , received a dose of shortness of breath.

Strangers - it was brother ferrets. They were without weapons. Were severely beaten.

Has not passed also minutes as the stranger grabbed Rango's shoulder. The stranger was staggering. Rango tried to keep it.

"Please... I won't hold for long..."

Rango noticed as the man began to lose consciousness. He clung to him.

"Hey... take it easy..." said Rango.

The stranger grabbed his shirt.

"Please... find us a doctor. Especially...brother. He's injured...I..."

The stranger lost consciousness. Rango held him back.

"Oh, shit! "- swore Rango.

He quickly put the first man on earth. Rango grabbed a bird and went to the brother of the stranger , that he was wounded. Rango grabbed him and barely , but still put a body on Excelsior.

"Well , you can take another rider?" asked Rango.

The bird gave a sign with his foot.

"Okay. I hope it was a sign of consent." - quickly said Rango.

And immediately grabbed the second man and also threw it at the bird. Excelsior shake it up a little , but kept them.

Instantly , Rango went into the city. Thinking that the worst is over.

In the city life went on its course. It was quiet and all enjoyed this moment.

"No! Put those stones away from the edge! "cried Elgin.

After the recent storm town clock was pretty battered. In this regard, they needed repair. It took several workers. Elgin held the position of commander. Rather he thought so.

The work was about three days and the clock was about to be ready. But Elgin was considered that the work is still in bulk.

He angrily put his hands on the sides and bottom look at work. Soon , was approached Ambrose.

"Well, how goes the work?" - he asked softly.

Elgin spat.

"Mediocre. It's not the employees and rather mediocrity. Where is the Sheriff? It`s been a week no!" -grumbled Elgin.

"Well, I think he'll be here soon." replied Ambrose . He turned towards the edge of the city and noticed a familiar figure. "Oh... here he`s ."

Elgin turned in one direction to the Ambrose . Ambrose squinted.

"Oh ,it seems he's not alone..."

Rango panting he was tired but he never gave up . It took about 10 minutes and not one of the strangers did not move. Rango was visited by evil thoughts. But he did not respond to them. After a few minutes he reached the city. In the city he was immediately met Elgin and Ambrose. They ran up to Rango.

"What happened, Sheriff?!" said Ambrose.

Rango panting dropped the reins and fell to her knees. Because of the hot weather Rango too exhausted. But he did not forget about the main thing. Elgin tried to raise Rango. But Rango to resist.

"No! Don't worry about me. Take these strangers to the doctor. Now!" said Rango loud.

Elgin and Ambrose did not say anything and did as he said Rango. Rango slowly got up and still went to the doctor's office. Soon came Elgin and Ambrose. Rango talking to them. And already came the news that they will survive. Rango stood outside and didn't want to disturb Doc.

"Nothing...you did, Rango..." - he said.

A few minutes later he stood near the office , but then went to his office. All welcomed him. But ... Still, Rango was concerned with the question of how strangers , fell in a pit ? . But now he wanted to sleep.

"Hmm... well what a day out. You will need to ask questions of strangers. " -again he said and to publish a yawn.

He come to the door of his office. He stopped to get the keys. Suddenly heard steps. Rango did not seem to notice and that something began to mumble. There was a cough. Rango turned.

"Hello Rango." said Beans.

Rango got a little bit of embarrassment. But even before it he could not conceal his fatigue.

"Hello Beans." - Rango again issued a yawn. "Sorry... how are you? "

"What's wrong with you? "- she asked a bit quieter.

Rango grinned.

"I'm just tired. A day that is necessary. "- replied Rango and opened the door to the office.

Rango went into the inside. While the Beans remained at the threshold.

"What happened? "- she asked curiously.

Rango hung his hat and sat on the chair.

"Well, the first thing that I would like to say that I still managed to banish bill from city of Rufer. And also , I now had to save two strangers lives." started Rango.

Beans are carefully listened to him. And honestly she was proud of the actions of Rango . Of course she was confused , act "to help strangers," but she did not interrupt him. Rango wearily rubbed eyes and continued.

"Now these guys are at the office Doc. They are in bad condition , but said Doc that they will live. "- Rango finished and looked at the Beans.

Beans slowly entered the room and sat down in front of Rango.

"You're done , that has helped them. But still ,lesson for the future , not every stranger in our land , is a friend. "said Beans.

Rango nodded several times.

"Yes you are right , but the feeling told me what they are not enemies..."

"And what is this feeling?" asked Beans with surprised.

Rango chuckled.


Beans got a light chuckle.

"Oh, Rango..."

"What? "- with a smile he asked.

"You surprise me every time." she replied gently.

Rango received redness of the cheeks.

"Well , I try... "he replied cheerfully .

Both slightly laugh . When they finally calmed down Beans quietly stood up , Rango decided to get up and walk her to her door. Beans stopped at the entrance and looked at Rango.

"In any case , I'm glad you're back. "she said with a smile.

Rango smiled at her in response. Beans stepped over the threshold, and Rango for her. The sun seemed already began to set.

"Just get some rest now. I'll see you tomorrow." - continued Beans.

Rango sighed.

"Yes...But you know what I remember about tomorrow..." - he replied softly.

Beans gave an uncomprehending look.

"Tomorrow you birthday. "replied Rango.

Beans smiled.

"I'm glad you remember. But better do not bother."

Plucking up a little courage Rango ventured to kiss her cheek.

"But that's my decision," he said softly.

After , they said goodbye to each other. Lightweight Rango went to the office.

"Still, this day promising."

Well here is my first Chapter. I hope it turned out well. I'm trying to write less romance ... But it's still only the beginning of the story. Let's see what will happen next. I think about this.