The Betrayed
By Misha

Disclaimer and Notes in Prologue.

Part Twelve- Changes

"Interesting article in the paper." Harry said quietly as he came up behind Ginny, who was in the library looking over some books.

Harry had learnt that Ginny did a lot of research for the Order, a job that had once belonged to Hermione, during her time off from the Prophet.

She turned around in surprise. "Wasn't it?" She asked with a light smile.

"Why didn't you write it?" Harry asked.

"Because I'm too close to the source." Ginny informed him. "I never write articles about the cause, because everyone knows where I stand."

"I've missed a lot." Harry said, though he knew he didn't have to remind her. "Am I to assume the Order isn't bothering to hide the identities of it's members?"

"Only a few." Ginny told him. "Draco, of course, as well as Snape and Theo."

"Theo?" Harry asked.

"Theodore Nott." Ginny answered, her voice soft.

Harry closed his eyes, trying to put the name with a face. He only vaguely remembered the other boy--with the exception of Draco, he'd never paid all that much attention to the Slytherins, having just automatically dismissed them all as being evil. He had been a foolish little prat back then.

"He's a member of the Order?"

"Yes, he turned shortly after Draco did." Ginny told him quietly. "They're good friends."

Harry nodded, filing that away for future reference.

"But other than the double agents, we make no attempt to hide the identify of our members." Ginny told him.

"Isn't that kind of dangerous?" Harry asked. "Like having a bulls-eye painted right on you?"

Ginny shrugged. "Most of us already have that bulls-eye on us anyway, so it doesn't make a difference."

Harry shook his head, the policy made no sense to him, but he had been gone long enough that he didn't really understand the situation, so he didn't try to argue.

"So Theodore Nott is a double agent?" Harry asked Draco later that afternoon.

"Yeah, he crossed sides the same time as I did." Draco answered. "Why?"

"Just curious." Harry replied. "Ginny just mentioned it and I realized that I don't know anything about him. I barely remember him."

"He was in love with Blaise." Draco answered quietly. "They were going to get married, when she was killed--"

"I understand." Harry said quietly. "I've been there after all."

"So you know how devastated he was." Draco told him. "It shattered him, he's only just beginning to recover and mostly due to Weaslette."

"Ginny?" Harry asked in surprise.

"They're a couple." Draco told him.

Harry shook his head. "Didn't see that one coming? What does Ron think?" He couldn't imagine that Ron was thrilled.

"He hates it." Draco answered matter-of-factly.

Harry grinned. "Good."

Harry was okay with anything that upset Ron.

"A little vindictive are we?" Draco asked softly.

Harry just looked at him. "Draco, he was supposed to be my best friend, but he was the first to turn on me. Wouldn't you be vindictive?"

"Yes." Draco admitted readily. "Just don't hold on to the anger, that never does anyone any good."

"It's just so hard..." Harry told him. "I'm just so angry at him, even now."

"That's understandable." Draco told him. "And I'm certainly not telling you to be friends with Weasley, but it might do you good to try and let go. Hating Weasley, as easy as it might be, isn't going to bring Hermione back."

Harry absorbed his words silently. He knew that there was truth to Draco's words, but it was hard. For more reason than one.

"The problem is, eight years have passed, but to me no time has." Harry told him softly. "I've been holding on to all my hate, anger and grief these eight years with no outlet and it's hard coming back and realizing how much time really has gone by."

The world he had come back to wasn't the one he had left and he was having a really hard time dealing with it.

"As for letting go..." Harry began. "That's part of the problem, I never even began to let go these last eight years. In some ways I moved on, I began to date, and accepted that 'Mione was dead, but I never let go of the pain or began to deal with the betrayal of those I trusted."

"So what you're saying is that you still hate Weasley, because in some ways it still feels like only yesterday that it all happened?" Draco asked quietly.

"Yes." Harry admitted. "Realistically, it's been eight years, but in my mind it's been no time at all. So how can I let go when the hate and anger is still so fresh?"

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