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The championship has ended and everyone is giddy and energetic. We all congratulate each other for the magnificent show, effort, trust, and teamwork each member put in. Coach is excited, too, high-fiving us all and giving tremendous praise. I'm still coming down from the high of performing and skip over to Haru.

"Great work, Haru!" I exclaim, slinging my arm around the brunette's shoulder. His face lights up upon seeing me. His smile is brighter than I've seen in a while.

"You too!" he cheers. I feel a different sort of elation stir inside me, one that has been evident for quite some time. It mixes with the euphoria from the show and makes me practically explode with glee. The mood tugs at my heart until it nearly feels as if it will rip.

"You know, Haru," Sighing, I let my arm fall to my side as I stare into Haru's brown orbs. "I'm so glad we did this together," My friend's mouth hangs open marginally for a moment, but he nods and grins.

"I am, too," Haru cheerily responds. The pleasure shown in his features slowly contort to display a faint melancholy. His lips part multiple times before speaking, eyes darting back and forth. "Honestly, if it weren't for us starting cheerleading, or you yourself, Kazu, I don't think I'd be here right now," he admits. I can do nothing but stare at the person in front of me who I have admired for so long. My heartbeat becomes a tad more rapid. All of me aches to embrace him, but he makes the first move. "Kazu, I really like you," His cheeks are highlighted with a pink that spreads to the tips of his ears, which are poking out of his brown mop of fluffed hair.

My mind goes blank. The words I constantly dream of have finally met my ears. There's a pounding in my chest, but I can't seem to put the feeling into action.

"Haru, I…" The boy makes no movements, he doesn't even blink; his trembling eyes are fixated on me. A weight is lifted as I lean close and whisper, "I like you, too, Haruki, more that you can imagine," His breath hitches at his full name. I haven't called him that since we first met, and it brings a strange sensation, like it's incorrect, or even improper for me to use it. Despite this, I feel slender arms weakly wrapping around my torso.

"I'm so happy," Haru breathes, melting into my arms. For years I have felt a pang whenever I saw him with another, or when he smiled at me, or touched me at all.

"Exactly how long have you felt this way?" I murmur, disregarding the stares we're getting from familiar and unfamiliar eyes.

"Ever since you quit Judo with me, I knew that you'd always be here," His chest was now firmly pressed to mine. It's the closest we've ever been, so close that our heartbeats slam against each other. "I'm surprised that you like me this way, too," I smile, but differently than usual. Gently pushing the boy away, I stare into his bittersweet expression. Haru's lips are tightly pressed together and his eyes squinting and still quivering.

"I should be saying that to you. For the longest time, anything having to do with you has made me feel weird. No matter how trivial, everything about you makes me anxious. I hid my feelings out of fear of your reaction, out of fear of losing you. You're the most important person to me, Haru; you're all I have left. The last thing I want to do is upset you or make you uncomfortable. But every touch was fire, every word was a bomb, and the thought of someone else taking you hurt almost as much as losing you altogether. What I'm trying to say is that I'm just so unbelievably grateful that you like me, too," I suck air through my dry mouth, a droplet of sweat creeping down my forehead. Haru only gawks at me, his eyes growing visibly watery. I can't tell what he's thinking.

"K-kazu!" he whimpers, leaping into my arms once more and nestling his head into my shoulder. Our bodies fit together easily as if they were always meant to be in contact. I drag my hand up his back to his head and let my slender fingers play with the strands of tousled hair. "I'll stay with you forever, I promise, Kazuma," Haru hums, a smile evident in his voice. Being on the receiving end of being called my full name by him is peculiar as well. It doesn't feel right, but at the same time, it's the only thing that's right. It makes my stomach flip, a sensation I'm not quite sure if I enjoy or not.

"Me, too," I manage to utter. Everything is just too surreal. It's almost as if I'm dreaming. I am certain I'm not, though, for the muttering around us is growing, recognizable voices questioning the antics of their teammates.

"Oi, you two, what's goin' on?" Takeru shouts, disturbing our little moment.

"Shut up, don't bother them," hisses Gen in a more hushed tone. Haru shakes in my grasp and I look down. He's stifling his laughter, but not leaving my hold. I giggle as well, drawing more attention to us.

"You guys are so ridiculous," Haru shouts, turning towards the other fourteen members of the team.

"Well, I think we'd all prefer it if you saved the lovey-dovey stuff for your personal time," replies Sho playfully. I show my characteristic beam and everyone returns it, seemingly fully accepting of the new relationship between their friends.

"I am really glad we started this team" I state, "truly,"

A month has passed since the championship. We've already begun trying to get new members. It's a bit sad, seeing some of our fellow Breakers go, but it's also hopeful; new faces grant new adventures. Everyone is as energetic as always, which has a sort of comforting feel. We have all progressed as a team, and it is truly wonderful.

On the other hand, Haru and I's relationship hasn't really progressed in the past four weeks. Though we've been going out, nothing resembling a milestone of any kind has occurred. We do touch quite often, holding hands or giving little hugs whenever possible. But it feels like nothing else has really changed from before, it's almost as if we're still just friends. I can't say I'm particularly upset by this, though. It's nice that we're not taking it too fast, it feels natural. But I just wish something would happen.

I can't really count on Haru to make the first move, I think, falling to my bed with a sharp exhale. But maybe he isn't comfortable with anything else yet… The last thing I want to do is make him feel rushed. My main priority is Haru and his well-being, he is my number one.

The most obvious solution to the issue is to take initiative and do what I've been longing to do since he confessed; kiss. But if it's strained or unnatural, it won't be pleasant. I don't want to make any rash decisions. Speaking about it to my lover is probably out of the question as well. He'll end up getting flustered and embarrassed and run away, most likely. Though, he was able to confess first without coaxing.

I shouldn't rush it, I mentally scold myself, just let it happen naturally.

Bored out of my mind, I do what I always do and head to Haru's house. He's not inside, so I hop to the roof. I'm met with my boyfriend sitting on the cool concrete mindlessly stretching his legs. The evening sun illuminates the visible side of his face with a warm glow. He seems so peaceful and content, so I dare not disturb the boy in his obvious train of thought.

I wonder what's on his mind…

As if on cue, he sighs, "Kazu…" My face heats up and I struggle to hold my shaking breath in. Haru clenches his eyes shut as he leans forward, nearly touching his head to the ground between his spread legs. He mutters another brief phrase, but I can't perceive it this time.

Taking a moment to recover, I finally step out of the doorway and Haru's head instantly whips around. There's a faint tint of pink on his cheeks, his eyes wide and almost fearful.

"Hey, Kazu…" he speaks through a blatantly artificial grin. I wave almost as half-heartedly as his greeting and plop myself down next to my childhood friend. Haru stares into the blazing sunset, the radiance catching his eyes, making it seem as if they're shimmering. With parted lips and lingering rosy cheeks, eyes absorbing every drop of light, I can't resist gazing into his features. In this light, his hair is almost gold as it frames his delicate pale skin. I see him regarding me with an expression of innocent curiosity, but don't fully process that he caught me gawking. My whole mind and body are filled with Haru. Without another thought, there's no space between us anymore. Maybe it's me who makes the move, or it's a joint effort. Either way, it's electrifying. Our lips meld together like puzzle pieces creating one vast picture. His feel supple, silky, and almost too tender. It fills my stomach with a balminess that drive my hands to the figure I'm connected to. Our fingers meet halfway and clasp together, locking just as our lips have.

The sensual moment is fleeting and we gradually separate. Our eyes stay on each other as if the other will disappear if we look away. The corners of Haru's lips are pulling upwards. I lean forward and press my forehead to his.

"This is actually kind of funny" he murmurs, still watching me, "that this happened right now," a giggle escapes his grinning lips and I pull away, raising my brow. "I was just thinking, 'why won't Kazu kiss me already?' You know I'm not good at things like this, so it's only normal for you to take the initiative and make the first move…" There's a pounding in my chest that's so strong my ribs may crack. My lover's eyes look everywhere but at me, now, in stark contrast to before. "But maybe that's not really fair," he chuckles once more and falls into me, resting his head on my shoulder as he had a month ago.

"I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable," My boyfriend glances up.

"I'm not a little girl, Kazu, I can handle a kiss," As if to prove himself, he yanks me into him and our lips crash together. The brunette's hands slip down my sides and rest on my waist, sending a shock around my body.

"Pretty bold move there, mister," I snicker against him and run my tongue along his bottom lip, granting a slight shudder and a tightening grip on my t-shirt. He refuses to open his mouth, so I give up on French kissing for now. Even though he wants to kiss, you still have to take it slow.

Notwithstanding my charging into this experience, Haru beams in my direction. I'm still only focused on his velvety cherry lips as they part. "You're good at kissing, Kazu" he mumbles, blush still evident and now spreading.

How have I spent nearly my whole life with this boy and not noticed how adorable he is?

"Let me spend the night, Haru," I croon as we shuffle to the door. Maybe it isn't the greatest idea considering we have just had our first kiss – or should I say kisses – not ten minutes ago, but I don't want to leave my lover yet.

"Why?" Haru stammers, whirling around with a look of sheepish anxiety.

"We did it all the time when we were kids. C'mon, it'll be fun!" I attempt to relinquish his uncomfortable aura with a zealous smile.

"That was when we were friends," he averts his gaze. "We're lovers now," Haru's trembling voice is barely audible. He's usually so confident, but when it comes to romance, the boy is a bit lacking. When we were younger, even the simple mention of a female would make him flush. It's kind of funny how it's so different from before. Who knew we'd get together? Who knew I would make Haru feel that twinge in his stomach? In all honesty, it's oddly satisfying.

An idea pops into my head to tease him a bit, to see just how flustered I can make him. I lean in by his ear, so close I can feel the heat radiating from his cheek. "Well, that'll just make it all the more fun, right?" I purr, giving a sly wink as I move away a few centimeters. The blush on my lover's cheeks spread to basically his entire body.

Haru grits his teeth and barks, "Sh-shut up, Kazu! Why do you have to say stuff like that?" I disregard his indignant demeanor.

"So can I?" I hum, adding in a little head tilt.

"Yes, but no strange moves,"

I sigh. Maybe I went too far. Wrapping my arms around my fuming boyfriend, I soothe him. "I was only joking. Relax, Haru," He dissolves into my embrace and squeezes me back.

"Right," There's a vague hint of remorse in his tone that makes me suppress a chuckle.

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