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It only takes about a week for Haru's leg to fully heal. It has actually been enjoyable taking care of him and spending so much time in his presence. I haven't left my lover's side in a while. I still can't get enough, though.

"Haru, let's go out to eat tomorrow!" I cry the instant I step onto Haru's roof. Today is an off day for cheerleading, so the two of us practice on our own.

He has no reaction, he doesn't even flinch. "Don't we always go after practice?"

"I mean alone, silly," I pat his back playfully. His face flushes slightly.

"Oh. Where do you want to go?"

"There's this café not far from here I want to check out. It'll be my treat," I grin, now stretching alongside the brunette.

"Cool, it's a date, then!" He's acting uncharacteristically calm for the situation.

Maybe he's finally getting used to this atmosphere. Plans made, we rehears our stunts, but have a hard time focusing.

Practice the next day is the same. The whole time, we exchange tiny glances and other understated gestures. I have to assume that everyone else perceives these affectionate exchanges – they always do, and I can't say we're being inconspicuous about it – though nobody makes a remark.

Once finally finished, we excuse ourselves from the typical after-practice café visit, and that's when we're hounded.

"Where are you guys going?" Ton inquires amiably.

"Just the two of you?" Takeru sneers, leaning close to our faces, hands on hips in a motherly fashion.

"Of course! Didn't you see them all afternoon?" Gen elbows him and coos, his sly grin exceptionally evident.

"They were totally eyein' each other all practice!" Ichiro hoots.

"You would, too, if you were so deeply in love," states Mizoguchi, pushing his glasses up in an overdramatic manner. All of the comments make me uncomfortable. Sure, they're our friends, but it's difficult to talk about such a relationship. It has to be uncomfortable for them as well; two guys on their team are suddenly gay for each other, not to mention that said guys essentially run the team. It's also unpleasant due to the fact that Haru and I never explicitly told them we started dating, they just found out on their own. That is a responsibility we don't have to deal with now, but I feel like it's brought up a feeling of uneasiness in everyone, like we don't trust them.

"Have fun, you guys," Sho's lips curl upwards sincerely as he ushers the boys away. Instantly, my anxieties are relinquished. Seeing such a genuine and caring look gives me hope that they're all just fooling around.

Why am I being so silly? They don't care. If they have an issue, they'll say something. A puff of air escapes my lips in content as I grab my boyfriend's hand, escorting him to our destination.

I release Haru's hand as I push the antique wooden door of the café open. It's actually less of a place to eat and more of a coffee shop, but that doesn't matter. I'm on a date with Haru, that's all I care about. Quite frankly, the only thing going through my mind is "don't mess up," repeated on loop like a broken record player.

"This place is cozy," My lover grins at me. We seat ourselves at a table by the window. The entire facility is covered in assorted plants; some on window sills, in the center of all the tables, on shelves hanging from the ceiling, and even vines wrapping around the doorway. The only lighting is from candles and string lights that are hanging from various tall furniture pieces and draping across the whole room.

We read the menus that are neatly placed on the table and choose our drinks, which I order at the counter. As I wait, I look at Haru and see he's looking at me. He turns his head abruptly and rests it on his palm, bringing his other hand up and covering the side of his face.

The brunette loosens as I set our leaf-print coffee mugs on the table and settle down across from him. The two of us sip our drinks leisurely, though I can't help but break the tranquility to let something off my chest.

"I have a question," I say. Haru cocks his head. "Does it make you… uncomfortable, I guess, when the others talk about us being… together?" Haru sits up straighter.

"Maybe a little, but what do you expect from them? They were bound to tease from the beginning," He has a point.

"I was just making sure. I know that you get embarrassed sometimes, I just wanted to make sure all of this was okay," It feels good to let out my worries, but I'm still afraid. I just want Haru to be happy.

"All of what?"

"You know, us holding hands, hugging, kissing… I don't want you to feel obligated to do those things just because we're dating," I stuff my hands under my legs and sway in my chair a little.

"Kazu," I still my movements when his hand touches my shoulder. His eyes lock onto mine. The light-hearted atmosphere turns grave, like the temperature dropping before a storm. He takes in a gasping breath. "I love you," I swear my heart stops in that moment, and maybe his does, too. It seems like he's not breathing anymore, waiting for a reply. It's just like when he first confessed his feelings after the championship.

Why does he always seem to beat me to it? I thought I was a step ahead, but… My lover's hand grazes up my neck to rest on my cheek. Haru's actions are penetrating in that moment. Every move is ardent yet sincere. My lips form into an uncontrollable grin. I remove his hand from my cheek to kiss it tenderly. "I love you, too"

It's dark by the time we leave. The streets are crowded, but I seize Haru's hand anyways. We get weird looks and scoffs, but I'm not bothered, and I can tell my boyfriend is alright as well. Once there aren't as many people, I stop and turn to Haru.

"I've wanted to kiss you for like forty-five minutes now," I disclose. I peck his lips lightly and begin moving away, but am pulled back. Haru pushes his mouth onto mine, combing my hair with his fingers. I deepen the kiss, nudging my tongue inside and take his face in my hands. We suck in a gulp of air as I pull away. I stay close and press my lips to the corner of his mouth, then cheek, then jaw, and down to his neck.

"Kazu, we're outside…" Haru protests, though he doesn't seem upset. I give one last quick mouth kiss. "Now I have a question," he begins. "When did you start liking me romantically?" I ponder for a moment.

"Probably around when we were fifteen," The brunette's eyes widen.

"That long ago?"

"Well, yeah… Why do you think I did everything you did? Heck, you even said that when I quit Judo with you was when you started liking me, so you noticed at some point,"

"I guess I was just really dense when we were young," He sighs. "I'm sorry,"

"Why? You did nothing wrong,"

"For not noticing sooner. You waited almost four years,"

"I was with you for that time, though. It's not like I was unhappy,"

"True, but still. I'm sure there were times when you really wanted to say something. And you also had to deal with me liking girls, or just the fact that I liked someone other than you," I say nothing. He's spot-on; I have gotten aggravated with it in the past, and even last year, I had to watch Haru getting all flustered over that cheerleader girl – who is luckily Ton's girlfriend, but I didn't know that at the time. I sigh and pull him close.

"None of that matters, though. I have you now," I murmur into his hair.

Haru squeezes me back. "I'll be yours from now until the day I die,"

"Me, too. I love you, Haruki,"

"I love you, too, Kazuma,"

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