First Andi Mack fanfic on my profile can I get a what, what? (what, what) XD Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Andi's POV:

It's been two weeks since Amber and Jonah broke up and nothing has changed between the two of us. I feel like I should say something, but I don't know how I can form my words so that he would understand.

I like him. But was the reason he broke up with Amber was that he liked me too? Or he just is no longer interested in her? I had so many questions and the worst part was, I couldn't even ask him what the answers were. Every day I would go to school and would simply guess.

Guessing isn't good enough. I was talking to Cyrus for two hours straight at The Spoon Diner trying to "guess" Jonah's feelings for me. I hope you guys can relate in some aspect. It's funny because I can always tell when another guy liked a different girl (Like how I know for sure Marty likes Buffy) but I can never tell if a guy likes me. Why is that?

I sighed. "I don't know, Cyrus. Maybe the world destined us to just be friends."

"Oh, come on, Andi! He likes you. I-I'm sure of it," Cyrus tried assuring me. He didn't seem too resounding.

My phone started buzzing. "It's probably Buffy. She was supposed to meet us here fifteen minutes ago," Cyrus guessed.

I looked at my phone and I had received a text message. Not from Buffy… but from Jonah Beck!

I let out a squeal which made Cyrus jump in his chair with freight. "Is it Buffy?" He asked.

"No!" I showed him my phone. "It's from Jonah!"

Cyrus started grinning widely. "See? See I told you he likes you."

"Slow your roll. I haven't even read it yet," I told him. I was trying my best not to get my hopes up.

"Well what are you waiting for?"

I unlocked my phone and opened the message:

Jonah: Hey! Long time no talk. Speaking of, can you meet me by my locker tomorrow at the end of school? I need to tell you something important. (: (: (:

I read Jonah's text out loud to Cyrus. "This is so exciting! Maybe he's finally going to ask you out."

I sighed. "I sure do hope so. Or if not that, maybe just tell me he likes me. I mean, that would be good enough for me."

Cyrus' phone buzzed and he turned it on. "It's from Buffy."

"What'd she say?"

He unlocked his phone and read it silently to himself. Then he turned to me and replied, "Apparently, the reason that she couldn't meet up with us is because she got detention for tripping a guy as he was running."

"Ask her who the guy was," I inquired.

Jonah typed and a few seconds later was laughing at his screen.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"I'll give you a hint: His name rhymes with Arty."

I started laughing too. Marty! Of course, the two of them have a playful/competitive budding romance going. Sometimes, since they're both competitive, things can get out of hand. For example, Marty went to the principal's office last week for gluing Buffy's shoes to the floor and her tripping. It was hilarious but seriously, sometimes they can take it too far.

"I guess we better get going. Besides, I want to get ready for tomorrow," I said. I couldn't help but grin. Just thinking about tomorrow gave me butterflies.

"Make sure you pick out a suitable outfit for this "grand occasion"," Cyrus advised. I totally had one in mind. But I had to tell Bex about this.

We payed for our food and left. I raced home and almost banged down the door. Bex was in the kitchen. "Bex, Bex, Bex!" I yelled as I ran in.

"Now you're calling me Bex? Yesterday you called me mom all day," She joked.

"Sorry, sometimes I switch."

"What's up, kid?" She asked.

"Uh… first off…" I whispered, "Is CeCe and Pops home?"

"Nope. They went grocery shopping."

"Okay good!" I said as I sat down and sighed.

Bex leaned forward on the counter and asked in a whisper, "So what's the secret?"

"Okay, so you know how Jonah Beck broke up with Amber a few weeks ago, and I've kinda been waiting for him to talk to me about where we are… you know, in our relationship?"

Bex recalled and slowly nodded. "Wait! Did he—!?"

"He wants to talk to me tomorrow!" I replied with a shriek.

"Honey that is amazing! I'm sure he's gonna confess how he's completely and totally in love with you."

I giggled. "I hope so. I'm so excited. I gotta wear something super cute."

"Oh, yeah totally. Dude! You know what?"


"We should go shopping like right now! I mean mom and dad probably aren't gonna be back until later and if mom's driving that means we'll totally be home before them!" Bex suggested.

"Sounds groovy! Thanks mom," I said with a smile.

"That's better," She laughed.

-Time skip-

I waited all day. It was finally time to meet up with Jonah. I went into the bathroom once more to make sure my hair was still neat and my outfit was still as polished and awesome as this morning.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Jonah by his locker. I smiled as I saw him fixing his hair in his locker mirror. Was he fixing his hair for me!? Butterflies. Butterflies were fluttering all inside of me.

I slowly and nonchalantly approached him. "Hey Jonah," I said giving him a soft smile.

"Hey Andi!" He exclaimed. He then embraced me. Oh, my gosh, guys. Let me repeat. Jonah Beck embraced me! I hugged him back.

"So, there was something you wanted to talk to me about?" I inquired as we let go. I was still so anxious.

"Uh yeah. Okay this may make things awkward but I was really hoping we could work together to make it… not awkward," He explained as he held the back of his head with his hand.

I liked where the conversation was heading! "Of course, whatever it is, we can do it together," I calmly assured him. This was it.

"Okay… Um… I like…"



My heart dropped and that soft smile disappeared.

I literally formed all of this in my head last night. I was watching an Andi Mack episode and about thirty minutes after watching it and as I was laying in my bed, I came up with this sick fanfic. It's evil, completely cliff hangered, and I love itttttt. I hope you guys will like it too.

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