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Chapter 1: A mysterious Visitor

As far as Harry was concerned, the summer was going fairly well. He had had minimal dreams about the Third Task, the Dursleys were pretty much ignoring him and though Dudley was still on his diet, Uncle Vernon finally decided that the rest of the family didn't have to eat the 'infernal rabbit food', which meant even Harry had received normal portions this summer.

Harry spent the most time in his room, studying. Though he didn't want to be considered a 'Hermione', there wasn't much else to do. He still had his normal chores, but after he finished them, he had time by himself to read, study or do whatnot. But the interesting event that summer happened as Harry was dusting a vase in the living room.

Harry *did* have to do chores, and therefore found himself on the weekend before his fifteenth birthday dusting. Dusting was a chore he didn't mid so much. Of course it was annoying, but it let him have time alone to think. And Dudley wasn't allowed near Harry, for Dudley had a dust-allergy. Or that's at least what Aunt Petunia said to get Dudley out of having to do any work at camp, school or at a friend's.

But let me return to the story. Harry had just finished dusting a valuable vase that supposedly came from Egypt, though the £ 2,90 price tag from the junk market on the corner dictated otherwise. It was around two in the afternoon and Aunt Petunia was in the kitchen making tea, which Harry certainly wouldn't receive.

It was a perfect normal afternoon, when the doorbell rang. Now, it was two in the afternoon, which meant that most respectable people were at work, or at home. People just didn't go calling on their neighbours at two in the afternoon. It was considered rude, especially if there was a child in the house, like Dudley, who needed his afternoon nap.

"Get the door boy!" Petunia finally called through the kitchen as the person rang the doorbell about three times loud in concession. "And tell them we're not interested." Harry nodded, setting the duster down. He had to admit he was a bit curious at who would be calling on the Dursleys at this hour. The few friends they had knew better, solicitors came usually around four for tea and Harry doubted that anyone else would call on the Dursleys without a very good reason. The sign that read 'No Trespassing' in bright red paint, the fence, albeit small, surrounding the property and other hints were a bit too obvious.

So, it is to say that when Harry opened the door, he was a bit perplexed at who it could be. And he had a reason to be. Perplexed, that is. A woman, probably the same age of his aunt, but who looked infinitely younger was at the door. She had long golden hair, a heart shaped face and bright blue eyes. She was tall and thin, dressed muggley, though it seemed as the clothes didn't quite fit her. And she radiated something.

Harry stared at her, before he remembered where he was. "Er, excuse me, is there something you wanted?"

The woman almost jumped, her eyes widening as she saw him. "Oh, yes. Is there a Mrs Petunia Dursley at this residence?" She scanned the house. "I haven't been here in a while and am afraid I have the wrong house. And who might you be?" Her gaze focused on Harry, her blue eyes surprised. "Because I could swear-"

"My name is Harry Potter and Mrs Dursley is my Aunt. If you are selling something by the way, I am to tell you we're not interested." Her eyed the woman suspiciously. She wasn't dressed like someone selling something, more like a middle-class woman who just happened to stop by.

"Harry? Your mother wouldn't be named Lily, would she?" The woman's eyes opened wide. "Why I must-" She stepped around Harry into the house. "Petunia, Princess, I need to speak to you!"

Harry stared at her. She seemed so surprised. And calling Aunt Petunia a princess was ludicrous. Harry followed her to the kitchen where Aunt Petunia stood frozen with a bowl of dough in her hands. Apparently Aunt Petunia believed the same, for she was staring at the woman as if she were a ghost.

Meanwhile the woman kept on talking. "I've been looking all over for you, Highness. The Queen sent me to fetch your Highness and her Highness, but I can't find her Highness and I was getting so worried. I was afraid the King would behead me or something. After all, I would have failed on my mission as a Guardian. So-"

"Aunt Petunia? Do you know her?" Harry asked, forgetting the rule about no questions. Aunt Petunia shot him a look that would have made water turn to ice.

"No. Miss get out of my house. You are certainly not welcomed here." She started towards the door. "I'll even let you out the back, if you leave my house at once."

The woman stared at Aunt Petunia. "Come, Highness, it is I, Marigold, born of the Four Royal Guardian Families. I can't leave you. Her Majesty has called for your presence and no matter how much you wish to keep out of such affairs, I must bring you with me." She raised her arms. "It'll take no time at all, I'm sure you remember the Winds."

Harry looked at her. "Miss Marigold, what are you talking about? What do you mean, Winds? And 'Highness'." But he asked his question too late as his Aunt and he were swept away, seemingly by wind.


When the whirlwind stopped, Harry froze. They were standing in a Courtyard of a magnificent Castle. Flowers were everywhere and benches were scattered around, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery. There were small ponds and scattered walkways, like the one they were standing on. All in all, it was a beautiful place, like out of a fairy tale.

Marigold, whose arms were still spread, lowered them. She looked around, noting the lack of people. "It must be tea time." And with a flick of her wrist, she was clothed in leggings, a white blouse and a long tunic that resembled almost a skirt to her knees. She shook her head and Harry almost fainted as her ears pointed them selves. She sighed in contentment. "I must admit I feel better. The Human World is so large. And confusing and strange too."

Harry noticed Aunt Petunia was glaring at Marigold. But this time there was a glimmer of recognition in her eyes. "I swear, Marigold, I ordered you not to take us here." She looked out of place in this fairy-tale land with her drab grey skirt and white blouse. "Especially the boy. He doesn't need this."

Marigold shrugged. "Your Highness. There's nothing I can do. He is entitled and encouraged to visit us. And Her Majesty gave me a direct order." She eyed Harry and Aunt Petunia's dress. "That simply won't do." She instantly changed it.

Before Aunt Petunia could do anything, a golden mist surrounded her and Harry, as Harry felt something happening. When the mist disappeared, Harry was left in a white silk shirt, white silk hose, brown leather boots and an emerald green tunic embroidered with gold on the seams and golden buttons at the neck.

The clothes were probably the nicest clothes he had ever worn, he figured. They definitely beat Dudley's hand-me-downs and though they were a bit old fashioned, Harry was willing to wear them. He wondered if Petunia was wearing the same thing, seeing as he was dressed similarly to Marigold. But instead she was wearing her normal clothes, a scowl on her face.

"I told you to leave me alone, Marigold." She crossed her arms. "And I'm leaving. Tell Mother that I don't care a thing about what's going on and her problems." She turned around and marched the other direction.

Harry realised that Marigold was standing there looking defeated, but still with a bit of anger in her eyes. "Miss? Marigold? What's exactly going on?"

She turned towards him. "My young Harry. Your Aunt is being as trying as she ever was." She sighed and took an amulet out from under her shirt. "Princess Petunia, I call on the Guardian Spirits to bind you to my Will. From the power given to me, I call you back in her Majesty Rose and his Majesty Dorian's name." Harry watched as the amulet glowed and Aunt Petunia seemed to walk backwards, thrashing every which way.

"Marigold let me go! I swear, as soon as I get free... Drat! I don't want to come!" Aunt Petunia stopped as she stood in front of Marigold and Harry. She glared at them both. "It's all your fault," she said, addressing Harry, "and I hate you." She said, addressing Marigold. "What about my Dudleykins?"

Marigold sighed. "Princess, come. The faster you see their Majesties, the faster you are allowed to go. And who is Dudleykins?" She made a face at the name. "It's such an awful name."

"Dudley is my son." Aunt Petunia said shortly. "And let's go. I'm not saying any longer than I must." And she turned, marching towards the wooden doors of the castle. Marigold stared after her, threw up her arms in defeat and followed. Harry watched them and hurried to catch up.


Though Harry was very confused, he was content to follow Marigold and his aunt. At the moment, that is. The castle was very elegant, with landscapes, portraits and vases filled with flowers all around. There were people standing by each and every door in the Hall, and Harry decided that they must be guards. They all resembled Marigold with the slight pointed ears and complexion. They were even dressed similarly. They all had sheaths that their waists holding, what Harry assumed to be, knifes, daggers and swords.

Harry still wondered where they even were. Calling Aunt Petunia 'Princess', Aunt Petunia's dismay and disdain at the situation and Marigold's use of magic were all fresh in his head. He couldn't wait to ask Marigold what was exactly happening, but he realised he had to wait as they stopped at a set of doors.

The doors were a dark wood, but engraved with vines running over them, blooming. A flowery script in gold read Throne Room. Two Guards, one female, one male, both dressed as Marigold, bowed low as the doors opened. Aunt Petunia shot a smug look at them, Marigold sighed in apology and Harry didn't do anything but try to see where he was.

The Throne Room was beautiful. The ceiling was enchanted like Hogwarts, or at least that's what Harry suspected. In any case the flawless blue sky was overhead, trellises with vines marked the pathway. To the side were ponds, little streams and flowerbeds. The floor they were walking on was a path made of stones, leading to a raised dais, where an arbour of roses stood above two elegantly carved golden thrones.

"Marigold. You have returned. What do you bring?" A powerful male voice spoke out, breaking the quiet.


Harry was shocked as he saw a man, sitting on the throne rise. He was dressed as Harry, with even the same colours. But upon his blond neatly cut hair sat a crown. Harry watched him in amazement. Was this really a King? But before he could voice any of his thoughts, he was pulled down to the ground by his Aunt.

"What do you think you're doing?" She hissed at him. "That's the King. And at the moment your future rests in his hands. None of that funny stuff you pull with Vernon and I." She curtsied on the ground, staring at the stones. Harry had never seen his aunt so submissive.

"I-" But before Harry could finish his sentence, Marigold stood up from her position on the floor, switching to kneel.

"Your Majesty, I, Marigold, daughter of Stellas, son of Meir, son of Aran, do pledge her allegiance to Your Majesty and your Heirs. Therefore in Your Names I have journeyed to the Human World to fetch the Princess Petunia and the Crown Princess and Heiress to the Throne, Princess Lily. Unfortunately, my search for the Crown Princess was futile, but I did find Princess Petunia."

Harry bit his lip to keep his mouth from falling open. He wasn't exactly sure what exactly was going on, but the first chance he got, he was going to ask. It was enough to be transported to an unknown Kingdom, but to meet the King and Queen there, and have your Aunt introduced as a Princess was another matter entirely.

"Rise, Princess." The King commanded and Petunia rose, her hands clasped tightly in front of her. Harry watched as Petunia curtsied slightly and then, before anyone could blink, the Queen rushed down the dais, embracing Petunia in a hug.

"Oh, Petunia, darling, it's been so long. You never should have stayed away this long from home. I've missed you and though I realise it was your decision to leave, you could have at least come back for a visit." The Queen released Petunia. "But you do have some explaining to do, young lady. Why in Sarran's name have you not written or come to tell me of this awful business in the Magical Human World?"

Harry studied the Queen from his place on the floor, frowning. She had dark, dark red hair, bright blue eyes, nothing like Petunia's blue-grey. Her skin was pale, but not really pale, more a peaches-and-cream. She was slender, petite and there wasn't much resemblance between her and Petunia. Her dress was a floor length gown, pale blue, off the shoulders with no sleeves. A cape fastened at her neck with a golden chain. A golden crown sat upon her head, the sunlight in the room causing the diamonds encased in the crown to glint. She was pretty, there was no question about that, and she looked to be younger than Petunia, though Harry could sense an odd magic around her.

Petunia glared at the Queen. "What was I supposed to do? You know how I feel about such things, Mother. And the fact that she's dead means nothing to me."

Gasps were heard all around as Harry finally decided to sit up. The King had left the dais, coming to stand next to his Queen. "What ever do you mean, Petunia? The Crown Princess is dead? How-why- The Wizard said nothing of this!" The King's voice was angry and increased in volume. "I knew we should have forbidden her to marry that Prince, but she just had to. And look where she's gotten herself. Dead. What happened, Petunia? Why were we not informed? When's the funeral?" His voice lowered in tone as his eyes closed.

Harry watched his Aunt shift uncomfortably. Apparently the news of the Princess's death had been met harder than she had thought. Though Harry still wasn't sure who the Princess even was. "She's been dead for close to fourteen years. I'm not really sure exactly what happened…but I do know that that husband of hers had nothing to do with her death. Unfortunately. He died as well. And the reason I never told you about it was because I thought you already knew. And I have no idea what else you're talking about, about this business with the Magical Human World."

The Queen sighed. "Dorian, I suppose we will have to alert the King Alaric and Queen Moria. They deserve to know that the Crown Prince of the Realm is dead, as is our daughter." She sighed. "I-I suppose we'll need to contact the Wizard about this matter. I'm surprised he did not tell us. He's always been truthful before."

And before Harry could stop himself, he opened his mouth. He had no idea who this particular Wizard was, but he figured he knew why he hadn't told the Queen and King. "He probably didn't tell you because he thought you already knew. And he probably thought that brining up the subject would make you hurt even more. I have no idea what exactly is going on now, nor where I am, but I can guess that the Princess meant a lot to you, and I'm sorry she died. I lost my own parents at the age of one, and though I never really knew them, I still miss them. It must be awful to lose a daughter."

When Harry stopped, he was quite surprised that everyone was staring at him, including Marigold, who had been silent for the last few minutes. He slowly stood up, blushing. "Er…sorry if I interrupted…" He trailed off, seeing the look the Queen and King were giving him, a look of surprise, but also of recognition and astonishment.

The Queen broke out of it first. "I thank you, my boy. But if I could have your Name?"

"Harry Potter." And Harry froze as the Queen and King gasped. "Your Majesties, is there something wrong? And why are you looking at me like that?"

The King answered this time. "My boy, my name is King Dorian, and my wife is Queen Rose. We had two daughters, Petunia Janera and Lily Marie…Lily Marie was the Crown Princess and Heiress to the Throne." Harry got a very bad feeling about what the King was saying. "She married a man, who, though we would have not chosen him for her, he loved her and we agreed to the marriage. She went to live in the Human World, and has not been seen since."

Harry was starting to grasp what they were saying, but he couldn't believe it. It was too odd. The Queen took over. "Her husband's shortened First Name was James, and his last name was Potter."

Harry hit the floor in a dead faint.


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