SaGa Frontier- Naomi's Quest: I.R.P.O. Ending

Naomi ran past the cherubs that flew through her path and ignored the Dragon Lord. She didn't care about the gifts and treasures that Hell's disguise had to offer, all that she wanted was to find Hell's Lord.

"It's odd," thought Naomi, "Even if I wanted to fight them, the demons seem to avoid me. The Jigoku no Kimi must be waiting for me." Naomi swerved through the painted tapestries and the sugar-filled walkways, desperation causing her to lose her footing now and then. But all in all, she was unafraid.

That is, until she saw Jehovah's Egg. The dark surface bubbled over multiple times, and only a harsh slap caused Naomi to realize what she was staring at. Placing a hand on her burning cheek, Naomi whirled around to see who had attacked her. Belial stood there, the bright sun reflecting off of her golden hair and illustrious wings.

"Who are you to stand there and gawk at him like that?" hissed Belial, venom seeping in her voice like a leachate.

"I am the one who unsealed Hell!" cried out Naomi, "Stand aside, I don't have time for you."

"Oh don't you?" sniggered Belial, "How arrogant. Don't think that I do not remember who you are, concubine." Naomi winced at the word 'concubine.'

"Belial, you know I am the one to test her worthiness," spoke Mammon, his voice calm. Belial whirled around to glare at the demon, but his cold eyes made her hold her tongue.

"Test?" asked Naomi as she drew her Shadow Dagger.

"To see if you are worthy to enter Hell," Mammon's eyes softened, and (for a demon) they held a spark of kindness, "Don't worry, I'll go easy on you. Double Slash!" Naomi tensed as the Buckler in her hand flew towards the opposing Kuriki Blade.

"A Buckler? My, that puts me at a disadvantage!" Mammon slinked back away, waiting for Naomi to attack.

"Shadow Hol. what the?!" Naomi's dagger clattered to the surface in surprise, as she saw a bullet bounce off of the wall and hit Mammon in the chest. Naomi looked over her shoulder, and smiled at Fuse.

"Only you could have such a flashy entrance!" she laughed.

"We're patrolmen," smirked Fuse, "We gotta have some kind of fun!"

"We.?" Naomi's eyes widened when she heard a loud "Kyuuu!" Not only Cotton was standing behind Fuse: Doll, Silence, and a man that Naomi had never seen before were there.

"Doll, Silence, and Ren are here for duty, Fuse," said the young man as he let his cigarette fall do the cloud-like ground.

"Ren, I hope that your days as 'Joker' got some good fighting tactics in," Fuse's smile widened as he drew his Behemoth Rifle.

"Why did you bring your friends, Naomi?" asked Mammon, "This party is for the Jigoku no Kimi's servants only."

"I never was much of a party-girl," said Doll.

"And whenever I went to one, I was usually crashing it," replied Fuse.

"." said Silence, with a gentle smile.

"You know Babel Crumble, right?" asked Fuse. Naomi nodded and Fuse's grin widened even more- like the Kunei-sake Onna's.

"Alright then! Time for the Dangerous Suplex Combo!" laughed Ren as the party started to glow with a fiery passion. The attack hit Mammon, and he didn't even attempt to block it. He smiled for a brief second before his body turned to ashes, and the wind blew them away.

"Ready to fight against Hell's Lord?" asked Doll, her hands glowing with purple Mystic magic.

"I don't really have a point to, anymore," explained Naomi, "Fighting against Mammon has proved how selfish I really was. When Magic Kingdom was recovering, I sought Hell. When I saw a girl weeping in Virgil's castle, I left. When three women came to me to protect their kingdom, I took advantage of them. Everything before has been me, me, me, me!" Naomi picked up her dagger and looked at it.

"Hell can never be destroyed," murmured Naomi, "So the least I can do is never give Hell's Lord another chance. Let's go." Naomi turned and walked away from the egg, not looking back as Fuse and the others silently followed.


"Visit me in my clinic whenever you need help, Naomi," said Nusakan.

"Yeah, and be sure to come around Magic Kingdom sometime," grinned Rouge, "Magic Kingdom still has to be rebuilt. Best of luck with the I.R.P.O., Naomi." Naomi nodded before she waved to both of them and walked onto the ship.

"What took you so long?" Naomi rolled her eyes at Fuse as she sat down beside Cotton, who purred softly. After a few minutes, Naomi broke the silence that had entered.

"Fuse, are you really all right with Doll?" she asked as she pat Cotton on the head.

"I already told you before, I'm fine, and she couldn't be any happier," Fuse lit a cigarette before he continued, "Why?"

"That's going to kill you someday," said Naomi.

"Don't beat around the bush," replied Fuse, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Remember when I said that I'd find a woman to break your bad habits?" said Naomi, "Well, I think I might've found one."

"Say the CTC receptionist and I might have to Suplex you," said Fuse with a knowing chuckle, "But you might want to talk to someone before you get in over your head." Naomi fought down the urge to hit him with a Sharp Shot before she exclaimed, "Don't think I don't know you! I've heard stories from the're out of your mind! You smacked a spiky-haired boy around for speaking, you tried to accuse Ren's wife of murder without any evidence, you fought against Suzaku for a daisy, and you followed a weird blue-haired girl around for no apparent reason! Even after I know all of this, though, I can't help. I can't help but care about you. Ever since you caught me in your arms at the Magic Kingdom when we first met, I cared about you! When you were honestly worried about me, I cared about you! When you told me to get you a pack of cigarettes," Naomi paused to pull out a box of Green Lummox Brand Cigarettes, "I cared about you! Crazy Fuse I." Fuse quickly held a finger to her lips and smirked.

"You talk too much," he whispered. Naomi's face was flustered when she tried to reply, but Fuse quickly bent over and kissed her deeply. It wasn't a picture-perfect kiss: inside a rusty ship, a few people minding their own business in their seats, Cotton purring loudly, Naomi's face red from agitation, and Fuse's breath thick with the flavor of tobacco. Naomi didn't care though, and she returned the kiss, letting her hands rest on his shoulders.

************************* Soon after that, Naomi joined the I.R.P.O. and became an officer. She grew closer to Doll too, whose heart melted a bit when Silence gave her a diamond engagement ring. A few weeks after Doll's wedding, Ren was ecstatic to announce that his wife was having a baby. Naomi was happy with the I.R.P.O., and Fuse was happy that she joined. The two of them got involved in a romantic relationship, and Fuse worded it like this: "When I kissed that girl, I never wanted to smoke again."

The End