100 Days of Arrowverse 2017 Volume B: The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow

5 days until Supergirl - 6 days until Flash & Legends - 8 days until Arrow

(Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow, part 12 of 20)

Deciding who would follow the lead to seek out the Neuromotors had come down to the image they wished to project. These aliens had powers enough to know who was coming to meet them, and they couldn't afford to have the presence of aliens or metas with great power of their own be seen as their coming to attack. So they had decided: only non-powered humans… and not a single weapon.

Oliver, Thea, Iris, James, Lena, Ray, and Sara had left together, the two residents of National City among them leading the way. They came to a towering apartment building.

"This is the place?" Lena asked with a short laugh. When Iris asked what there was about it that was funny, Lena shrugged. "Just the sort of feeling that surrounds it. I've passed by here so many times, and every time, I… couldn't wait to move past it."

"Sounds like the right location then," Sara looked up at the building. She could feel it now, and she could see the others were feeling it, too. It made her wish she had something on her, even one knife, but she'd followed the rules. They weren't there to hurt anyone, now they just had to convince the Neuromotors.

"I think they know we're here," Thea said then, and at once the others noticed, just as she had, that they had crossed the street, away from the building, without meaning to.

"Well that wasn't creepy at all," Ray frowned.

"Come on," Oliver turned back and they crossed the street to stand in front of the building again. "Keep focused. If we let our thoughts get distracted…" They were across the street.

"What if half of us stay here, stop the other half from returning?" James suggested. The idea was accepted, and soon he was returning to the building side, followed by Sara, Oliver, and Iris.

On the opposite side, Lena, Thea, and Ray watched them go, inevitably curious to see what would happen once they got there. They just waited for the moment where they would turn around and start back toward them like zombies.

"So what's the tactic here, just shout at them, or go and push them?" Thea asked.

"What if they push back?" Ray asked, looking at Sara and Oliver.

Only this time they didn't cross back. For a while, they didn't move at all, leaving the trio watching them to wonder if they should get out there to check on them. That choice was made for them within seconds, as they watched Sara, Oliver, James, and Iris fall to the ground as one. Lena, Thea, and Ray dashed after them and crouched to see if they were okay.

"Olly!" Thea touched her brother's face, felt for his pulse. Ray was doing the same for Sara, as Lena did for both Iris and James. She pulled one of Iris' eyes open and stopped.

"They're not unconscious," she told Ray and Thea, who did as she'd done. It was there in their eyes, they were awake, they just couldn't move. "We need to get them away from here before…" her voice trailed off.

She couldn't move, and the others were as frozen as she was. There'd been no time to get away, and now here they were, like statues on a sidewalk.

And then they saw them, out of eyes locked in place, two tall figures in hooded robes, a woman and a man, aliens. The description could not do them justice.

They had found the Neuromotors, and they couldn't move.

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