100 Days of Arrowverse 2017 Volume B: The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow

Arrow premieres tonight!

(Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow, part 20 of 20)

With an hour's rest, both Cisco and Gypsy had been ready to take everyone back to Earth One. They had been seen off by Kara, who thanked them, again, for all they'd done. If ever they needed her again, she would be there. The breach was opened, and they left for Earth One, welcomed there by the Legends and Quentin Lance. They received confirmation here that the remnant of future Jesse had not made it out of the breach, and once more the news had left them all to fall silent for a beat. After that, it wasn't long that they went their separate ways. The Legends took off on their ship, back to the task at hand, just as the other teams did the same; none of them was without troubles to attend to.

But Oliver had escorted his sister, not with the others back to Star City, but back to the small house where she'd been staying when the Neuromotors had come digging in her memories. They stopped there, and Oliver looked to his sister.

"That bag in the trunk, I'm assuming I'm bringing it back with me, or would you like to hold on to it here?" he asked. It was only now, with everything over, that she realized she'd never actually put it on. All she'd done, in her part of the situation, she had done without it, and more importantly she had done it, not feeling a single of her choices to be misguided.

"No, you bring it back. I'll know where to find it if I ever need it again," Thea told him. She hugged her brother before getting out of the car. He'd offered to come along with her, but she'd told him to go back to Star City. Who knew what had been happening while they were all away. She walked up to the house. Last time she'd been here, she'd been terrified, but that was over now, and went in.

The name of the species the DEO had termed Neuromotors was never known to them, nor was the name of their home planet, or of any but Orel among the individuals they'd met. But whatever those names may have been, Thea thought of them that night as she sat in her little house, and though she would never forget the feeling of someone digging through her thoughts, she would also remember the pure joy and curiosity of Orel's granddaughter.

And deep in space, far from the Earth, some time later, the ship containing the so called Neuromotors would land on their world, a world they had only ever heard of in stories. But it was real, and they were greeted by others of their kind who knew what their return meant. The long era without flight was done.

The stories they would bring would not be those of a terrifying green monster, but of heroes of different kinds, some with great power, others great strength, and others great intellect. They would speak of all those, who had worked together to return the Heart of Home to their people.

And on Earth 3, a weak, near death Jesse Wells would be discovered by private investigator Patty Spivot, who would take her to safety, where she might be nursed back to health.

On Earth 38, Kara Danvers would go to sleep that night, still unable to shake the memory of a young girl in captivity, turned into a young woman in captivity. It made her want to fly, all through the night.

And someday, Sara Lance would mail a letter to the future with coded instructions to be taken to Felicity Smoak, the better for Quentin Lance to send letters back to his daughter off on her time ship.

Back in Star City, Oliver Queen would continue to hold his city, as it awaited its next visit by the menace now holding it in its grasp. Whatever came next, he knew he would not be alone.

THE END! See you next summer!