With entrance exams to the elementary school awaiting, I realized that I had been reborn in the world of the shoujo manga 'Kimi ha Boku no Dolce' as one of its characters. The role I was given was a typical evil ojou-sama, Kisshouin Reika, who mercilessly bullied the commoner protagonist and tried to pry her apart the heir to a distinguished family, known as the Emperor.

At the end of the story, Reika and her family were cast down as revenge by the Emperor. With evil defeated, the protagonists overcome hardships to become joined, and they live happily ever after.

Wait! NO! The manga ends there, but I have a life after the Downfall!

The protagonists can have love and romance as they please. I'll keep a low profile so as not to incur the wrath of the Emperor. Huh? Without a bad guy, the story isn't progressing well? But I'm busy saving money and studying to prepare for the Downfall. I don't want to become involved with the Emperor. If they're the destined couple, they can be merry on their own without an obstacle.

In my previous life, a commoner. In my present life, an evil ojou-sama from a rich family. I couldn't forget the taste of junk food, so I'll sneak out of my house to go buy potato chips.


I have memories of a past life…

…No, I'm not receiving signals. I'm too embarrassed to admit it to anyone, but it's true.

I realized it around entrance exams to elementary school. I'd always felt that I knew of my name, 'Kisshouin Reika' from somewhere. One day, my mother led me to buildings surrounded by brick walls and said, "Reika-chan is going to this school next year." Next to the huge gate, it was printed 'Zuiran Institute Elementary School', and my mind burst open.

'Zuiran Institute' and 'Kisshouin Reika'. Those are the names of the school and character from 'Kimi wa Boku no dolce' (You are my sweet)! That uneasiness I felt all these years (though I've only been around a few) was replaced by such pleasure!

Oh, so KimiDol. I'm so relieved. I see. I was only happy for an instant, since I turned blue when I realized the predicament I was in.

'Kimi wa Boku no dolce'.

This was a really popular shoujo manga in my past life. When it finished, it even became a TV show using popular idols. The story begins when a scholarship student from an ordinary family attends Zuiran Private Institute High School Division, normally for children from well-to-do families. The ordinary protagonist can't fit in with the extraordinarily rich students. Even so, she becomes friends with the few other ordinary kids, and works hard every day with snack making as a hobby.

One day, she meets the one called the Emperor, and falls in love. But the followers don't allow the ordinary protagonist to approach the Emperor, and relentlessly harass her.

The chief instigator of that harassment was Kisshouin Reika, or me.

In the end, overcoming many difficulties, the two are joined, and live happily ever after…But Kisshouin Reika who obstructed them to the bitter end, causing the protagonist much anguish used her parents' power to be engaged to the Emperor, but at the engagement part she was struck down completely.

In front of all of the invited guest, the Emperor announced his engagement to the protagonist, utterly embarrassing Reika. Furthermore, to prevent her from getting in the way further, the Kisshouin family's stocks were bought out, Reika's father's fraud uncovered, and the family is brought down.

Reika, the proud elitist who looked down upon the common masses, was kicked out of the upper class to fall into the ordinary. Dishevelling her proud curls, screaming madly, the readers were relieved looking back at her of her atrocious behavior. In my past life, I screamed, "All right! Serves her right!"

But I can't end like that in this life. No way. I can't have that. Why did I have to end up as the clichéd villain, Kisshouin Reika!? Please, if this is a dream, wake up.

Unfortunately, I didn't awake. This was too much of a shock to my 5 year old body, and I collapsed with a light fever. I cried throughout my illness at my promised downfall.

I was an ordinary person in my past life. I attended public school from grade school through high school, and I held a part-time job to pay for my cell phone bill in high school. Born into a normal salary man's family, I was of ordinary looks, ordinary build, just an ordinary girl.

I only remember until I graduated from junior college. I can't remember anything further. I don't remember getting married or growing old, at all. Did I die just past 20? Probably, since I don't remember anything else. Or I'm a vegetable from some accident, and dreaming about a manga I loved. This theory might be more realistic than being reborn inside a manga.

But it's distressing to have a fever, it hurts when I trip, and food is delicious. The sensations are too real. When everything feels so real, I can't just say, 'this is just a dream, so whatever.' I don't care if it's a dream or if I reincarnated, but I truly wish that I ended up in anybody but Reika.

After recovering from my fever, I thought about failing the entrance exam to avoid entering Zuiran. Zuiran Institute is the ultimate rich kid's school. It's a status symbol. The Kisshouin family is descended from nobility, and the family heads a large conglomerate. My parents are the soul of elitism, who are convinced of like parent, like child. Therefore, I attended classes for infants before my first birthday to prepare for entrance exams to Zuiran Institute. The pre-school I attended was also an elite kindergarten with a high success rate of getting into Zuiran. With this bloodline, family status, and financial fortune, I will proabably get into Zuiran. But disaster awaits if I go there.

If I avoid the protagonist and live a different life, I might avoid the Downfall. Zuiran isn't the only rich kid's school. There are plenty of other schools for ojou-sama. I'll do that!

My determination ended the moment I saw my parents' faces. I was afraid that these elitists would abandon me as a dunce should their daughter 'fail to enter Zuiran.' Although I had my memories of an adult from my past life (?), seeing cold looks from my parents would be too difficult to handle. And even if I failed to enter at elementary school, I could still take the junior high entrance exam. Well, considering the Institute has 'that', the point of entering Zuiran is to get in from the elementary school, so my parents won't be satisfied by getting in later.

Mother was already convinced that I would get in (She said 'this is the school Reika-chan will attend' in front of the elementary school), and almost all relatives attend or were graduates of Zuiran. I don't have the courage to fail with the timid commoner's memories that surfaced within me.

I guess that I have to go to Zuiran.

But I'll avoid turning into the antagonist like the manga. I don't want to be hated. And even if I can't avoid the Downfall, I'll prepare be able to live on my own, so I'll take steps to ensure that.

1. Value harmony and don't make enemies without necessity.

2. Don't waste money. Save your allowance for schooling after the Downfall.

3. Don't involve yourself with the Emperor. Or the protagonist who will enter in high school.

4. Show that you're not interested in their love, or that you watch over them pleasantly. Tread lightly. Lightly is key. You can't have a presence.

5. Even if the Downfall occurs, get a job that you can support yourself in for the rest of your life. A public servant is the goal.

Okay, that's good for now.

Against my wishes, the antagonist, Kisshouin Reika, will work hard to live a peaceful life!