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_oOo_ Lion-O's Surprise _oOo_

It's Lion-O's birthday and Snarf has planned something special for him. His charge, Lion-O! Snarf loved him.

He had been planning for it since long. As the unofficially official cook for ThunderCats, he prepared Lion-O's favorite Zucchini with Tarter Sauce.

Lion-O woke up. "Happy birthday Lion-O! Snarf, snarf!" Snarf had just entered the room with the meal when Lion-O woke up.

"Oh Snarf! Thank you." Lion-O said looking with love.

"I made this for you." Snarf forwarded the food tray.

"Zucchini!" Lion-O jumped out of bed. "Oh Snarf!" He ruffled Snarf. "Thank you."

Snarf reached Lion-O's cheek and touched it gently. "Welcome Lion-O. Snarf!"