Everything was fancy.

That was the first thought to enter Jesse's head as he was lead down yet another clean white hallway. Large windows to his right showed the beautiful city outside. There were so many colors and each thing was perfect and symmetrical. Dark blue curtains were tied on each side of every window, with little tables under them. To his right was a wall that was lined with picture after picture of the heroic ventures of the organization. Some were in the field, some of people shaking hands. He had no idea who anyone was aside from the man ahead of him.

Gabriel Reyes was walking a few feet in front of him, his pace so quick that the younger man had to quicken his step just to keep up. They'd arrived just a half hour before and finally, he was being taken to be officially inducted into this whole thing. Part of him thought maybe it was all made up and he'd still be going to prison. But the more he saw, the more it became very real. The ease with which Blackwatch had taken the gang down, he really shouldn't be surprised.

At the end of the hall, two large wooden doors stood. Gabe tapped away a code into a keypad next to them and a hiss released into the air. Jesse stood behind him, staring up as they swung open on their own. A rush of sound suddenly filled the silence that had only been broken by their steps. There were voices, clanking sounds and just...tech. That's the only way he could think to describe it. Leaning around, he tried to get a look but Gabe was already on the move, again. Once more, he jumped to stay on his heel.

"Here he is." He said and stopped so suddenly that Jesse nearly ran into his back.

"Just one?" Came an unknown voice.

Pushing his hat up, the young man stepped to Gabe's side. He was prepared to extend a hand and meet this person but it didn't go quite out he thought. Just as he opened his mouth, the Blackwatch commander was speaking.

"Look, that place was filled with a bunch of degenerate little nothings." He growled. "They were piss poor shots, violent thugs. This one has skill and potential. You said to do what I could for them and I did."

The man he was speaking to was of similar height and build. But he was pretty much the opposite in every other regard. He was blond, blue eyed, and screamed 'the perfect soldier'. He also looked damned furious. So much so, Jesse hesitated before clearing his throat and pushing one gloved hand out between them.

"Sir, I'm Jesse McCree. I'm happy to..."

"Save it kid, he's got a stick up his ass." Gabe cut him off.

The blond guy looked like he was about to blow a vessel out of the side of his head.

"I've had about enough of this, Gabriel. You need to check your attitude." He snapped.

This situation was about to get pretty bad and he wasn't sure what his place was. While he might have been a criminal, Jesse liked to think he'd been taught his manners. A fight between two grown men didn't involve anyone else. But he also didn't want to be the center of any tussle breaking out. So, what was he supposed to do? Step in or wait it out? The internal battle he was having was nothing to the shouting match that was starting in front of him. They were chest to chest when he looked back up. He'd been about to step in when someone else beat him to it.

"No! I will not be having this again!"

A woman rushed in, squeezing herself between the two much larger bodies. She pressed her small hands to each of their chests and shoved until they finally backed up. He was pretty impressed considering she looked like a sweet little housewife more than she did a fighter. Blonde hair was tied up at the back of her head, only a little hanging to the side of her face. And what a face it was. She was gorgeous. Big blue eyes and pouty lips...

"I swear to god, I will have Dr. Janis put both of you in medical if you don't stop acting like moronic teenage boys. You are leaders, act like it!" She snapped, her accent heavy with each word. Damn that accent...

The two grown men were glaring at each other over their head before Gabe backed down. His eyes dropped and they woman met his gaze. They stared at one another for just a moment before he turned away and started off down another hallway. The woman let out a sigh and turned her angry sights to the blond. He grumbled something and also walked away. Suddenly Jesse was alone with her and had no idea what to do.

In a rush, he pulled his hat off and held it to his chest.

"Ma'am..." He said, nodding to her. "Jesse McCree at your service."

When he looked back up, she was smiling at him. It sent his heart into a craze. She stepped forward, offering him her hand. Without thinking, he took her hand and brought it up to kiss it. It was just what they did where he came from. She let out a little amused sound, making him realize what he'd done. Instantly, he let go.

"Uh...heh...sorry about that." He said awkwardly. What the hell was this woman doing to him? He'd just met her and they probably didn't do things like that in the city.

"Oh no no." She said, batting her hand through the air once she'd gotten it back. "It was sweet. You see what kind of men I deal with here. I'm Angela Zeigler. I'm an assistant to the head of Medical for Overwatch."

A pretty nurse to the rescue. The city really did have everything.

"It's a pleasure." He said before setting his hat back atop his head.

"So polite." She said and flashed yet another perfect smile his way. "Come along cowboy, we have to get you checked out.

Jesse took one last look around before he took off to follow behind the doctor. The room he'd been in was some sort of lobby, not like the one he'd seen when first entering the building. This one had large screens up on the wall, displaying all parts of the place. People were moving through, rushing around like they were all in a hurry to be somewhere. Blondie was standing in front of the screens, not bothering to look back. The guy came across as kind of a dick.

At the doctor's side, he stared all around. The hall they now entered seemed to go deeper into the building. There were no windows, just offshoots to other areas. Signs were seen here and there that said things like 'OBSERVATION' or 'MEDICAL WING'. That was the direction they were headed in. Gabe had given him the whole run down before they arrived. He'd have a medical examination first. If cleared, he'd move to a briefing by some guy named Reinhardt and then lead to his quarters. Apparently, most of the new recruits stayed in some kind of separate barracks but Gabe wanted him in the home base... he still didn't know exactly why.

"Are you nervous?"

Jesse looked over to the woman, hoping she hadn't been speaking and he just wasn't paying attention. She still had a pleasant look on her face so probably not.

"Nah, I'm fine. Just a little overwhelmed by all this." He said and waved a hand ahead of them. "Never been to a big city before. Nothin' but little towns and all that."

"Then this certainly is a change for you." She mused and stopped in front of a set of double metal doors. Pressing her palm to a pad, the doors slid open with a hiss. Inside, the lights were much brighter and there was a soapy smell to the air. Medical, of course. "This is where I'll be doing your examination. I'll need you to take off all your clothes and put on one of those gowns." She said, pointing to a little room where there was an exam table and a curtain. There were several like it, all in a row.

He swallowed and nodded. No point in arguing, right?

"I'll give you a moment." She said and walked off.

Taking off his hat, Jesse walked into the smaller room and looked around. There was a counter space with many drawers and a sink. It looked like a much nicer version of the clinic he'd once visited after getting shot in a bad job. This place was way cleaner, that was for sure. He set his hat down and started unbuckling his belt. Holster and weapon were set aside, then his bandana, gloves, and the few pieces of armor he'd had on. Little bit by little bit, he was left in pants and his shirt. A pile of dirty and worn belongings remained on the counter space, a stark contrast to the white and steel of the room. His shirt was peeled off, suddenly making him aware of how grimy it was with dirt and sweat. His pants were no different. Once he was finally able to pull on the paper gown, he felt like a real mess. This woman was going to come in and think he was disgusting, if she didn't already.

"Alright, Mr. McCree..." She said as she peeked in. When she saw he was decent, she walked in with a tray in hand. "You don't mind me taking some blood, do you?" She asked, setting her tray on the counter and turning to pull on some gloves.

"No ma'am, not at all. And call me Jesse." He said and watched everything she did.

Not being very experienced with medical attention, he was more nervous now that he was here.

He watched as she pulled out a sterile wipe and moved closer. Her perfectly white gloved hands took his arm and cleaned a patch. Again, he realized how much of a mess he really was. The wipe she used was nearly black after clearing off a little patch on his skin. She didn't seem at all effected though. Maybe this was common for new recruits. Using a rubber strap of some kind, she tied it around his arm. The gunslinger made a face as he felt his arm tingle. As she prepared the needle, her baby blues moved up to look at him. He nodded and swallowed hard as the needle sank in. He watched as she filled not one but four little vials with his blood. Once she was done, she pressed a cotton ball to his arm and instructed him to keep it there.

"It's just standard to check your blood. It helps us with disease control, identification, and things like that." She explained grabbing tap for the cotton ball he was holding. "How about some questions now?"

Again, he nodded.

"Alright Jesse...how old are you? Confirm it for me." She said as she grabbed a file from under the tray and looked down at it.

"17, ma'am." He said and let a coy smile overtake his face. "You don't look like you could be any older than me, doc. Cheating the system with some mystery drugs?" He asked with a laugh.

"I'm 18." She said casually and moved to her next question. "Do you have or know of any illness that run in your family?"

She was only a year older than him?

"No ma'am."

"Any major injuries that you are currently still recovering from?"

Was she a recruit too?

"No ma'am."

"Do you smoke or drink?"

Maybe she was some kind of genius.

"Yes ma'am."

She narrowed her eyes. "Please stop calling me ma'am. Angela is fine."

"Of course, Angela." He said and let out a little laugh. "Back before Deadlock, momma always told me to address a lady with respect."

Her narrowed gaze became a softer one.

"It's alright, it just seems so formal." She smiled at him, which he was happy to return.

They were quiet for a moment before she cleared her throat and looked back down at her file.

"Right...back to it then!"

A series of questions followed, all routine, she'd said. None of them were too bad. She wanted to know about his history of illness and injury. Asked about how much he smoked, what he drank. And if he was sexually active. He had answered yes but left it at that. A gentleman didn't talk about things like that with a lady present. She was looking for medical information, not details. Once the questions were done, she'd stood up and started checking various things on him. His pulse, lungs, blood pressure. Jesse had sat still the entire time, letting her move his arms or straighten him up when it was needed. She checked his teeth, throat, eyes, ears, the lot of it. The woman was thorough. And all the while, he stared up or away. Sure, he knew how to behave but it didn't mean his mind wasn't going to pick up all those sweet little details about her. Not just her appearance but the way she was so careful and courteous. Always saying please and thank you. When it finally seemed she was done, Angela handed him a dark blue bag with the Overwatch logo on it.

"This is some clean clothes, toiletries, and other things you might need. Go ahead and get dressed. Reinhardt will be waiting down the hall to the right. And Jesse, if you need anything at all, I'm always here." She said, placing her hand on his. They shared a smile before she turned and left him alone once again to get dressed.

Momma would have loved her.