When Jesse arrived for dinner, a bulk of the usual crowd was already gone. There were a few people straggling behind just as he was. Taking a tray of whatever he could find, he moved to sit down, only to pause. A few tables away, Angela was sitting. He'd thought for sure that she would be gone by the time he arrived since she was always such an early bird. She didn't look quite herself though. Her face was dropped into the palm of her hand, the other was lazily pushing around food on her almost full plate. As he stared at her, the fight from the locker room buzzed through his head. Whatever had her down, it had to be something about what Commander Morrison was so pissed off about.

Taking his tray, the gunman walked over and slid in across from. Her. She glanced up, offering the hint of a smile before looking right back down. That certainly wasn't the chipper doctor that he was used to. What in the world could Reyes have done to her that was so damn terrible? It had looked to him like the man adored her and vice verse. Could a spat over research rights be that important that it caused them to really fight? He didn't want to think so but that seemed to be the case.

"Hey Sunshine, what's got the clouds overhead?" He asked, taking a small butter packet to spread over his dinner roll.

"I didn't sleep well." Angela replied, her words low and distant. "Maybe I'm getting sick."

Though he wasn't sure, Jesse was moderately confident that she was lying right to his face. it wasn't like she had to tell him what was really bothering her but he wished that she would.

"Well sittin' here playing with your food ain't gonna make it any better. You should eat, build up some strength to fight them germs." He told her, laughing a little.

Angela didn't react beyond the smallest smile. She really was down.

"Hey..." He said, reaching across to touch her hand.

Before his fingers could even reach her, she jerked herself away. Those perfect blue flashed with fear for only the briefest of seconds before dulling once again. He stared at her, not sure what to say. Without giving him a chance to correct that, the woman stood up. She gathered together her things and gave him a rushed goodbye. Then she was dumping her food and on her way out the door. The male sat there alone, staring at the doorway that she'd vanished out of it. He wasn't stuck because he was in shock at her reaction, he was stuck because he'd seen it before.

Back home, there had been a girl who got jumped by some little budding gang. She was gone for a week before anyone found her. When they brought her back to town, she looked like she'd walked right through hell. Though Angela was not that bad, he could still see the haunted look in her eyes. She didn't want to be touched and as far as he saw, the girl had never let another man touch her ever again. But there was no way Reyes would do something like that, was there? Every part of him screamed no except for the memory of his face in that locker room. There was a darkness there that could have brought on such an act.

His fingers tightened around the utensil in his hand until the plastic snapped. There was no way, just no way that could be true. Yet even so, anger was overwhelming him. Jesse dropped the broke pieces and moved to stand up. Before he could even step from his seat, a hand came down on his shoulder with enough force to stop him. Snapping his head to the side, he was surprised to see a face that he did not recognize. The man now holding him in place was tall and lean, dark hair slicked back and shadowed eyes watching the doorway that Angela had previously gone out of.

"Have a seat before you do something stupid." The man said, his French accent, thick.

Jesse was about to argue but the man's eyes shifted to him and he felt the words die in his throat. Slowly, he lowered back down and the man moved to take the seat the blonde once held across from. Him.

"Mr. McCree, my name is Gerard Lacroix." He stated, extending his hand out across the table.

Slowly, Jesse shook with him.

"Jesse McCree but clearly you know that. I'm guessin' you stopped me for a reason?" He asked, eyes narrowed.

"I saw that look in your eyes and I know exactly what you planned to go do. Believe me, you're not the only one that wants to step in on this situation. But you can't be so careless, my new friend. You see, thinks aren't so simple." He said.

The guy made Jesse think of a comic book wizard or something. He was surrounded in a weird sort of mystery but not so much that it made him seem the evil type. No, it was more like he was one of those guides that gradually, though never directly, got the hero to where he needed to be. The younger man leaned back some, taking him in. After a moment, he sighed and gave in to the riddles he knew were coming.

"What exactly ain't simple about going out there and knocking Reyes on his ass?" He asked in a low voice, since there were still a few people in the mess hall.

"First, we both know how that fight would end. You're good but you're not there yet. Second, Reyes is on a path that might well take himself down. However, I need him just how he is for now. I was hoping, since you seem to be fond of Angela and want to keep her safe, you'd be willing to give me a hand."

There it was, the deal. There was always a deal with people like this. Yet, he still was getting that good guy vibe from this man. Whatever he was up to, could it really be bad? Clearly he wasn't happy with what the Blackwatch leader was up to and if there was something he needed, Jesse felt like he should be willing to help out. Was he? Sure, why not? There was that part of him that was hurt by this whole mess. Reyes brought him in, was teaching him how to go about being a real agent in this organization. Could one bad deed really separate them like that? As he thought about Angela's fearful eyes, he knew the answer without any further hesitation.

"Alright Mr. Lacroix, let's hear this little scheme of yours."