Dry Bowser ended up on the rice covered shore of Kitchen Island, with it being the Rice Beach as he noticed the other areas looming over it. It was a long trip from the small boat he hitched, but had to swim due to a thunderstorm occurring in the middle of the night, with it now being a calm, sunny morning.

"Hmm... so this is what Wario was talking about," Dry Bowser commented while brushing back his red hair, nodding his head. "I sure hope there's plenty of treasures here..."

As the skeletal reptile washed up onto the shoreline, he noticed the various enemies all looking at him with curiosity, deciding to approach him. Dry Bowser waited to see what would happen next as the waves kept splashing on the Rice Beach, with a Pirate Goom deciding to dash towards him and stick his spear into Dry Bowser, only to gawk in disbelief as it effectively did nothing.

"...You guys really haven't met someone like me, have you?" Dry Bowser chuckled as he breathed red fire on the Pirate Goom, obliterating him.

The Wanderin' Gooms all scattered in fright as the various different enemies followed, with Dry Bowser rolling his eyes as he broke the various barrels blocking his path. A Dangerous Duck noticed this from the top of an anchored pirate ship, quacking loudly that there was a new threat on the island. Despite this, Dry Bowser was able to make his way through, collecting a couple of shiny forks that looked more elegantly rare than what normal forks would, prompting him to continue onward.

"I sure hope that this cave will lead me into more goods," Dry Bowser muttered with a confident smirk, noticing a cavern filled with boiling lava as he rolled his eyes, jumping into the molten magma and wadding through it with ease since it did little burning to his bones.