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Seeing no other protest from Artemis, Andy reached Perseus and raised her sword. She took a deep breath. I am finally going to achieve my goal.

She brought down the sword.


Her sword was met with a spear end.

"Stop Andy."

"What are you doing, Lady Thalia? Why are you stopping me?" Perseus was still writhing on the ground, curled up. Pathetic.

"You do not want to have to regret this moment, as I have when I accused him of treason against Olympus, against family."

"Why would I regret killing the bastard who killed my mother, my only family? I hate being lusted after by that bastard. He maybe loyal to his family, but he never was to others."

"Still, you cannot kill your family simply because you hate him. If that was the case, our entire family would be killing each other. He was the one who finally stopped our hate for each other. He is the reason our family was living as it is."

"Yes he did that. But does that exempt him from the crimes he did? The killing of my mother? The massacre of New Athens? The killing of the children in New Athens for the crime their parents did? Babes were killed by him only. We were the only ones who saw his brutality. We were forced to watch helpless as we watched their corpses burn, captured by his bloody army."

"Were we harmed in any way, Andy? Even when we fought with New Athenians, we were just captured and then released, without any harm. Yes, he has done cruel things, but he is loyal to family and that includes you too. There is no way in Tartarus he would destroy a family, let alone his sister's."

"You are protecting a madman, Lady Thalia. Just because of your guilt. I am not his sister, despite what others say. My father disowned him the day he raped Lady Annabeth. Are you going to let go the person who raped your little sister?"

"He didn't rape Annabeth."

"Then she lied to us, in front of the God of Truth? What was her aim? To get godhood? She was already offered it in silver platter, years ago and had the choice to become a god any day she wished."

"She didn't lie also."

"Then, what in the bloody hell happened? HE DIDN'T RAPE HER BUT SHE WAS 'DIVINALLY' RAPED? And we are among Gods!" By now, Andy was yelling, her anger knowing no limits. Everything she believed were being questioned. And Lady Thalia, who first told her the story was saying this. Now, of all times.

"We were misguided, Andy. Percy told me this."

"And, you believed HIM? Why would he tell any truth? He,of course, want to play the victim. COWARD."


"Then what the bloody hell happened? What are you saying then? DID WE made him the monster he is now?"

Thalia's voice dropped. "It seems so."

"Well, I don't believe it. I won't fall for his lies, like you did. You're misguided by your guilt, Milady. I, for one, know my facts. I acquired it from a reliable source. I made him swear on the River Styx."

"Who told you this untruth?"

"Tidal Lord did, the one who taught me swordsmanship in my dreams. Well, Perseus himself revealed to me as Tidal Lord. Or do you not believe that too?"

"Sarah, your mother was his family, Andy. I don't know how, but she was. He was crying in the cabin for killing her."

"Him, cry? Bah! But he himself told you that he killed my mother. What other proof do you need to leave him to me."


"But, But.. his flaw is personal loyalty. He would have never been able to kill his family. Just like I can't." Andy stammered, lowering her sword.

"Yes, now you're getting it. He believes that he killed his family, including your mother, some woman named Aurelia and countless more. He sees himself as a monster. He has always believed that monsters needed to be put down. That's why he trained you, Andy. To kill him. I'm not saying he is innocent, he's not. But since it's proved that his apparent treason was fake, we must not make another haste decision. One haste decision already turned him against us and filled who punished him with guilt. We...I do not want you to feel guilt, Andy. It's a terrible feeling-we would want to cut our heart out but can't. We wish we never made that mistake, to lose family by our decision." Thalia was in tears by now.

"What do you suggest, Milady?"

"I don't know. He won't tell the truth however we force him to. He hasn't in all these years. He just uses it to distance himself, for whatever reason."

They were at a standstill now, with no idea how to solve the problem.

"Well, I could help." Artemis offered.

"How, My Lady?" Andy asked.

"We could use the Lasso of Hestia on him."

"But they're with the Amazons and Amazons had, since New Athens, withdrawn from the mortal world on Athena's command. Themyscria is impenetrable to all magical forms of transportation except from their patrons. Also, they won't give up the Lasso for anything. They are entrusted with it's safe keeping." Thalia interjected.

"Well, sister, you forget that I'm one of their patron. I can get it from them."

"Then, please, My Lady. Do it. Help me prove if Lady Thalia is right in her assumptions."

"Very well."

Artemis teleported out.


Artemis teleported to the Island Kingdom of Amazons, Themyscira. More precisely, to the the throne room. The teleportation triggered the defense systems in the island. Guards immediately rushed to the throne room, intent on finding the intruder and putting him/ her down. They were surprised to see someone impersonated as their patron, Lady Artemis.

"Who are you?" One of the guards asked, seemingly the Captain of the Queen's Guard.

"I am Lady Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness, Archery, Moon and Maidens."

"No, you're not. Our sources tell us that Lady Artemis is on the other side of the world."

"Do you question me, mortal?"

"Yes, I do. My duty is to protect the Queen and the Kingdom. I will attack anyone who comes in my way of duty and you're doing just that. Come to your true form, sorceress."

"You dare question me? There is punishment for that." Artemis threatened.

"I do not fear your punishment, sorceress. Come back to your true form and you may live."

"So be it, mortal."

Artemis quickly made her bow appear. Seemingly out of nowhere, arrows came to her hands as she started firing them precisely, not one shot missing. Soon, all the guards except the Captain were down on their knees, having received three arrows to the both the thighs, groaning in pain.

The Captain growled and pulled out her battle axe. Artemis quickly fired another arrow, but the captain deflected it with her battle axe. She quickly reached Artemis and raised her battle axe to crack open her opponent's skull but was hampered by a kick to the gut that send her flying through the air and crashing into a wall, then sliding down. Blood started trickling down her uniform from her nose and mouth.

She growled and quickly got up, cleaning the blood from her nose. Artemis quickly loaded another arrow and was about to fire ,while the Captain was moving towards Artemis, when she was distracted by a voice calling out her name.

"Artemis! Stand down."

"You dare command a goddess, Queen Hylla?" Artemis roared and moved the arrow towards the Queen who had dared to command her.

Seeing her Queen being threatened, the Captain quickly stood in front of the Queen, ready to take the arrow meant for her Queen.

"My lady, Artemis! Please put down your arrow. The Queen hasn't ordered you, my lady." A young woman spoke out, standing beside the Queen.

"What do you mean, Princess Diana? Do you also side with the Queen and want to face my wrath?"

"Don't threaten the Princess or the Queen, sorceress. Face me." The captain roared, while clapping her bracelets against each other, her battle axe long forgotten.

"The punishment for your outrage is death." Artemis let loose the arrow but was blocked by the bracelets, made of celestial bronze.

Raged by the arrogance of the mortal, Artemis started firing arrow after another all the while the Captain blocked it. Princess Diana, a girl really, moved between the duo.

"Move back, princess. I shall teach this mortal a lesson for trying to capture a goddess. After that, I'm killing the Queen for her thought of even commanding me."

At the same time, the Captain roared, "Move back, Princess."

Princess Diana put her hands in air towards them both and yelled, "WOULD BOTH OF YOU JUST LISTEN FOR A SECOND?"

"You dare? Dare command me?" Artemis loaded an arrow, this time facing the Princess.

"I do not command you, My Lady. How could I? I pray to you everyday. I would never even think of commanding you. But I want to stop you from making a mistake."

"And, Pray what mistake would that be? Killing this mortal for defying me? Kill Queen Hylla for commanding me?"

"Both, My Lady." When Artemis tried to argue, the Princess turned to the Captain, showing her back to the goddess. It was incredibly rude for a mortal to show their backs to gods. And the only mortal to have done this and survived was the General of Arcadia. Well, his very existence is a challenge to the Gods.

"Artemis!" Things started to fall into place in Artemis' mind while the Captain stood at attention, for her name was called by the Princess, a royalty. "This is Lady Artemis, our patron. Information just came that Lady Artemis had just teleported to Themyscira."

Hearing this information, the Captain now know to be Artemis' namesake paled. But she resolved herself and stood in attention, then gave a deep bow to the goddess.

"I'm ready to take my punishment, Lady Artemis."

Artemis sighed. "There is no need for that."

"But I took arms against you." Sometimes, humans and their devotions surprised Artemis. This was one of those times. My prejudice get the best of me most of the time, even after all this millennia.

"For protecting your kingdom, against intruders. You have done your job very well, Artemis. Go tend to the other guards. I want a personal audience with the Queen."

"As you wish, My Lady."

As Artemis moved about to tend to the guards, Queen Hylla asked the goddess, "May Diana also be be present during our audience, My lady?"

"I do not see why not. Let's go to your chambers, Queen Hylla."

"What do owe the visit of the great Lady Artemis?" Queen Hylla asked, sitting on her royal lounge.

"My Queen, don't respect My Lady." Princess Diana interjected, afraid of the goddess' wrath.

"It's alright, Diana. Though I would like very much to know the reason for your displeasure towards me."

"You really don't know? Or are you just acting?"

"My Queen, please do not provoke Lady Artemis. She didn't do anything wrong. I can't lose you too, not after my mother's death."

"No I really don't know, Queen Hylla. I would like to know and if possible, rectify my wrong against you."

"There's nothing you can do to rectify your 'wrong' as you call it. I would say, your partiality towards that madman."

"Which madman, My Queen? Lady Artemis is impartial. And most certainly not partial towards any man." Diana asked.

"You have not seen him yet, Diana. He is 'Lord' Perseus, General of Arcadia. As if that devil's bastard can be called anything but 'Lord'."

"You're referring to New Athens." Artemis quickly figured out. The Queen's sister, Queen Reyna had been the last and the most beloved Queen of New Athens, before it was burned to the ground by the Arcadians and their then King and General, Perseus. Reyna had been killed by Perseus defending the children of the city. Or so they were told.

"Of course. See the goddess has figured it out." Hylla said sarcastically.

"Mind your tongue, Hylla. I would let this insult slide for you're like a mother to my most favored worshiper, Diana. How exactly did I wrong you? How did I favor Perseus?"

"I don't care that you're a goddess or you can kill me with just a thought. How dare you come here after what you did in New Athens and expect patronage from me? I did not say anything at the throne room because most of the Amazons still pray to you. I did not want to insult their patron in front of them."

"And now, you can in front of me?"

"I did this for you, Diana. I want you to know that the Gods can be prayed upon, but never be relied upon as allies. They have all that power but they're unable to use it unless it's of their size. They cannot interfere in mortal world. But they want us mortals to fight their battles for them while they will not do so, saying that it is beneath them. You should never trust a God or anyone for that matter, except your sisters."

"But shouldn't you be angry at Lord Perseus? Why angry at Lady Artemis? What did she do wrong?"

"Why are you calling that bastard Lord?"

"For he has stopped all the immortal wars. For he has prevented the unnecessary shedding of my sisters' blood. He deserve the title despite his many mistakes."

Artemis now wanting to know her crime, asked Hylla, "What did I do? You know that I cannot interfere in mortal wars or use my powers except as a fighter. But still I led my Hunt towards a battle they were bound to lose, for I too wanted the city to survive."

"And what did your Hunt do? Get captured and watched as my sister was burned alive along with the children? Huh? You're the greatest archer the world has ever seen. At the very least, you could have killed the bastard that burned my sister?"

"You know the facts only partially, Hylla. Queen Reyna was burned by Perseus, yes. But they were not for protecting the children, but for insulting his country and his people. She was burned even before we got there to protect the City."

"And what about you killing that bastard, huh? You weren't captured."

"I wasn't captured but I was threatened that the Hunt would be raped if I raised a single arrow on them. They knew how to subdue me."

"You're just making up the stories to protect your lover."


"Oh, please. Don't act so indignant. I know that you love him and he loves you. It is easy to see in broad daylight, even before he turned rogue."

"Queen Hylla, I do not love him." I did. But he loved me?

"Whatever. Know this-I would be the one to end your lover's life. But I'm afraid there's a large queue for his death."

"Like I care."

"Now, why are you here? The sooner you get out of my sight, the better."

"I want the Lasso of Hestia to know the truth about something." Better not to say on who.

"Oh, Artemis. You still love him. You're too prideful to see past his mistakes and see the goodness still in him, see that he is just misunderstood." Diana jeered.

"I do not see why not, but bring it back here after it's use. Just on curiosity, who is the unhappy one to have lied to the Lady of Hunt?"

What should I do? Tell her the truth? Then again, why should I care what will happen to him? I do not love him and that's the truth. He has killed children and innocents. There's no forgiveness for that. I should at least tell the truth to her, if not for protecting her sister, for becoming allies.

"I need to derive the truth from Perseus."

"HE HAS BEEN CAPTURED? But that is almost impossible. Even the Gods themselves couldn't do it." Hylla said in surprise.

"Not captured, but temporarily paralyzed in a Duel."

"He is paralyzed? That is good. Beaten in his own damn game. But who did it? You would not do it, even if you're capable of it. Only one capable of doing it, that comes to my mind, is Lord Poseidon's daughter. After me, she has the greatest reason to kill that bastard. Alas! I cannot do see him being murdered. I cannot leave Themyscira."

Hylla turned to Diana, "Diana, go bring the Lasso of Hestia."


Artemis teleported in with the Lasso of Hestia. She gave it to Andy.

"Beware, Andy. You can ring out of the truth from him, but killing him while he is bound by the Lasso is forbidden. Aunt Hestia herself will take weapon to prevent the abuse of her Lasso. If you want to kill him, release him and then kill him."

What happened to My Lady that she is willing to see him being killed?

Andy took the Lasso and bound it to his still writhing hands, loosely. He is not going anywhere for more than 10 minutes.

"Tell me the truth, Perseus. Who killed my mother, Sarah?"

"I...I did."

Andy's rage knew no distinction. She turned to Thalia. "See, he killed her. That is the truth."

"Wait, Andy. The Lasso forces the captive to say what he believes to have done. Let me demonstrate."

She turned to Perseus. "Who killed your family?"

"I...I killed them."

"See, what I said is also Truth."

"How do we know which is the truth that matters?"

"Let me ask." Artemis came forward. This is the minute of truth. This will decide what I will do next. Kill him or love him. No more lies. No more covers.

"Why did you kill Andy's mother?"

"Because... Be... Because she asked me to." Perseus gasped out, the Lasso burning him and forcing to say the truth.

Everyone who heard it gasped.

"No, No, No, you're lying." Andy cried. For the first time, after being awoken today, she felt fear. True Fear. Did I try to kill my only living brother? No, that can't be true. He is supposed to be evil. Not good. I will ask my mother myself.

"I have heard that you have my Uncle's permission to talk to the Dead. Bring me my mother's spirit."

"It...It is forbidden by the...the Morai. I have... have tried to talk to my family, but it will awaken the Huntress of Fate. I have defied Fate too many times. Next time, I will die and there will be not anyone to protect you from Him."

"I DON'T CARE! I command you to summon my mother's spirit."


Perseus raised his writhing hand and began to chant in Speaker's Language. Only Artemis understood this because she was the Goddess of Hunt and Wilderness.

"I, Perseus Theseus Jackson, husband of Aurelia by the most ancient of wedding, God of Magic, Endurance and Tides, Tidal Lord, hereby summon you Sarah Jackson, born on 17th August, 1995 and died on 17th August, 2035 from the realm of death to the mortal realm of Ephinur."

Then, Perseus' hand again dropped to the ground writhing.

A mist screen started to appear, facing Andy. It was a translucent screen, not an opaque one. The screen soon gave the water the form of a face. The mist screen soon gave rise to the form of a woman's face that Thalia had known in her youth and one Andy has no memory of seeing. Her brown eyes were sparkling, showing motherly concern. She was middle-aged. Her dark hair was thrown on her shoulders.

Thalia hesitantly asked, "Sally?"

The woman laughed. "No, my dear. I am Sarah. It is interesting to know that I resemble so much of her. She was my aunt. My mother's twin sister. Now, who summoned me?" The woman seemed to look around but finally landed on Andy.

"Andy, my dear daughter. How are you? My, my you have grown much, my dear. Come on, dear, don't be angry at me."

Andy was very much surprised to hear her mother's voice. She had thought that she would not hear her again.

"I am not angry at you, mom. But why did you ask your murderer to protect me?"

"Who? Why would I ask that beast to protect you?"

"Perseus, mom."

"Perseus killed me? Ha! As if that man can kill anyone unless it's necessary. Where is he, Andy? I hope he is still alive."

"But, mom, he himself said that he killed you. "

"It was Lycaon, my dear. The Werewolf king in the North. He gained my trust and found a way around the barrier's Percy had put up to protect you and me. He bit me and Percy. But eventually, Percy managed to make him flee. I was turning into a werewolf. I asked him to kill me so that my daughter wouldn't have a werewolf as her mother. I was positive that Percy could reach an antidote before he is turned."

"But, but...He raped Lady Annabeth. He is supposed to be evil, not good."

"My dear, he didn't rape Annabeth. He didn't commit treason against Olympus. He was tired of all the fighting he had to do because of the petty disputes of the Immortals. He has started on trying to Duel each Immortal he could find, to force them to solve their problems within themselves and not try to begin war which would cause death of children of both sides. God only know how many times I have to patch him up after each battle. He was a gruesome mess. Each time."

What was I about to do?

"But did Lady Annabeth lie, then? I will kill her if she lied. She made me hate my loving brother."

"She didn't lie also, Andy. Both of them weren't at fault. The Gods and the demigods were duped by Hecate's magic."

"Lady Hecate? Why would she do that? How many of her sons and daughters had he protected during the Olympic Wars?"

"She was cheated by someone she held very close to her heart,my child. It made her very angry after it was revealed by Percy that she was cheated. But I had already told you too much. It's Percy's tale to tell."

"My time to go is here, my child. Trust only Perseus. I see that he has arranged you to be accepted into the Hunt. Trust your brother and sisters, only. They are the only ones who will have your back in any situations. God knows what future would he had if he was supported by at least one of his friends. After all, blood is thicker than water."

"Good bye, Andy."

The mist screen disappeared and left Andy with more questions that before. But one thing was clear to her. Someone wanted Perseus, her brother, to be isolated. Perseus wasn't the enemy. Whoever forced her to hate her brother, his/her head will roll when she know who it is. She will make sure of it.


Time to know whose head will roll.

"Perseus, who duped all into isolating you?"

"A...Amon. Lord of the Dark realm. Aurelia's father. That's the only reason I didn't kill that bastard."

Artemis who was hearing all this, feared the answer of the next question.

"Who is Aurelia? Your lover?"

"She was my wife, before my Wolf side killed her. I honor the promise I gave her to this day."

Artemis was surprised. And at the same time, disgustingly to herself, happy at her death.

Artemis asked, "What promise?"

"That I will soon join her in Void. I court battles every day. I do not wear armour in hope that some stray arrow will kill me. But it is impossible with Lucifer's curse."

"What about me? I'm your only family. Yes, I have tried to kill you, but you knew it was a misunderstanding."

"You don't need were already capable of surviving on your own. I had already shown you a way and a home, with Lady Artemis and I trust her. He is imprisoned. My job to protect you was over."


"But I need to get to know my brother now that I know the truth." Unknowingly, Andy loosened the Lasso.


"Oh, you will get to know me better. When all of your heads rolls." Perseus said, while untying the Lasso from his hands. After untying the Lasso, he stood up. He was a horrific sight. No one would recognize him as the man who had been writhing on the ground, just minutes ago. A mixture of wolf and man. His wounds have healed due to the water in air. His snout was black while his torso was human. His hands had claws while he stood up on his human legs. He let out a howl and looked at the Hunt, each and everyone pointedly, finally his gaze resting on Artemis.

"Damn! His Wolf side has taken over." Andy said, taking her sword and shield.

"He recognizes everyone, right?" Thalia asked taking up her spear and shield.

"He only cares about killing everyone in sight. He killed his wife the last time anyone was near him while he transforms. He will spare only one. She is..." She was interrupted as he brought down the battle axe he has summoned, onto the ground, creating shock waves. Everyone was thrown apart from it. Andy and Thalia took the most brutal shock, throwing them into sea. Artemis and the rest were thrown to the ground.

He let out a victorious howl and turned to Artemis.

"At last, Artemis! We're here,.." He was interrupted as Thalia had thrown her spear, fearing for Artemis' life. The voice was eerily similar like Lycaon's. The spear struck true. And the Wolf let out a tremendous roar in pain. It turned to Thalia with narrowed eyes.

"Oh! Oh!" Thalia was thrown up into the sky by the sea. Andy was raised a very few meters but she maintained her control over sea and landed quickly into her element. Andy quickly threw some water spears on him but it had no effect. By now, Artemis and her hunters had also taken up weapons. They started firing arrows but they also were useless against him. He quickly put up a shield with magic that deflected all the arrows and the water spears.

He was thrown onto the ground by a lightning thrown by still airborne Thalia, a lightning capable of making Gods stumble. One of his hand was scorched by the lightning. And in pain, he lost unconsciousness. Still in air, Thalia smirked.

"Kelp Head never could take lightning."

"This isn't over, Lady Thalia." Andy said. Only she knew his strength and what he is capable of.

"What do you mean, Andy? He is still unconscious. How much does this state longs?"

"Only 10 minutes. But you should understand, My Lady. It isn't the time of transition. He is capable of much damage in any form. It's his reasons for fighting. His restraint. From what I know, Wolf doesn't have Perseus' restraint during fighting."

By this time, Perseus have risen.

"Impossible, he should have stayed down for an hour."

"He is the God of Endurance, My lady." Andy noted that he was again looking at Artemis with some indescribable emotion, like his world just became complete.

"Phoebe Artemis, as he had bound to that demon's daughter in the most ancient of weddings, I hereby bound myself to you. I know you will marry me. Say the words, Artemis and we can at last be at peace. No more wars, no more prophecies. No more Annabeth. Say the words."

Artemis was stunned. This was the last thing she expected him to do.

Artemis composed herself and raised her bow. No one have survived after making such a proposal to me. He should die.

"You want to shoot me and declare your love for me? What do they call this in his time? Tough love? Shoot me, Love and let us be married."

Artemis let the arrow and go and saw that it hit his heart. But he was still smiling.

"Now, we are married. Let's go, My Love. I will build a palace for you."

Before Artemis could shoot another arrow, Thalia had already shot a Godly arrow, piercing his left thigh.

Perseus turned toward Thalia and growled, "Pests." He made a motion with his claws and every molecule of water became tiny spears and shot them in Thalia's direction. Thalia could only raise her shield in time but some passed her shield and hit her, critically damaging her. She hasn't seen such mastery of water never in her life.

Andy quickly reached Thalia and looked at her. She was bleeding profusely. She will live, but she need to do something. This is soon to become a battle field of Gods.

"My Lady, you have to transport everyone off this forest to someplace safe."

"We...we can still fight him."

"You haven't seen what I have seen. He has seen Artemis, his whole world. He sees her as his mate. He sees everyone else as a threat to her. He will kill anyone who stands in front of him, be it even me, to protect her, oaths be damned."

Thalia nodded and transported everyone of the Hunt to their camp two kilometers south.

"Now, call every Olympians who can come to battle, My Lady."

"Wh..What? He can't be that powerful."

"My lady, he is a water user as well as the God of magic. He can take down Primordials while angry, especially with his powers and skill with the sword.. And believe me, My Lady, he is very angry in this form."

" do you know water users?"

"That isn't important now. Call others or we have to see Artemis being raped."

"Okay." Thalia mentally called her family.

"My Love, Why do you reject me? I can do anything to prove to you that I love you."

"I don't care, monster."

"Is it the scars? Or the wolf form? I can come on my human form, My Love."

Perseus began changing and quickly transformed to human.

However she tried to stop it, Artemis' breath clutched in her throat, every time she saw him. He looked like the last time she had seen him at the Council, if not a bit more scarred. He was wearing a plain green shirt and black trousers. The sun's rays reflected off his sea-green eyes. But they were no longer the care-free eyes of a laid back boy. No, they were the eyes of a warrior, cold and merciless with no mercy. But they also held weariness, an expression she had seen in people who could not get enough sleep. The eyes that once held much mirth and made her knees buckle has been changed into a poisonous green and a sense of indifference in their depth that made her cry in the inside, for reasons she doesn't know. She remembers now how his eyes changed into these eyes when he was going to battle, like he had become a new person. But that change when he finishes his battles and he was back to his normal self. But now... He only has that cold persona, not the youthful boy she once remembered. She ripped her eyes from his and stared at his face.

He was very much like Poseidon. Shoulder length jet black hair and broad shoulders. Artemis had the feeling that if Poseidon changed into his 28-year form, both of them would have been thought of as twins. But there were differences too. His jet back hair had a silvery-grey streak along the line. A remainder of her greatest shame- lifting the sky off her shoulder so that she could defeat Atlas. His chiseled face and strong jaw was still present. His thick beard was like a black outline on his jaw. Artemis could say that many women including goddesses would have called him beautiful. His throat was dark like the night for some unknown reason.

But the stark difference between the old Percy and the new Perseus was also present in his face. Scars from Gods-know-how many-battles adorned his face. They were numerous and there were no place on his face where there wasn't a scar. A scar running from his eyebrow down to the tip of the side of his left eye, not damaging the eye was the most prominent one among the scars. Besides the trident that had been curved on his fore head, where his eyes meet, of course. That was one mark that she had seen, with her own eyes, been placed on his body. The trident was curved there with a Stygian iron sword, Tartarus' sword.


She was watching the battle of one of the strongest primordial and the strongest demigod Olympus could offer, with fear. The battle was in Tartarus. So, naturally Tartarus had the home advantage and he was making the most of it. Tartarus had set up an Iris-connection so that the Olympians could watch their hero fall. Why the hell had Percy gone alone to Tartarus and challenged the primordial to a duel? She didn't know and she only hoped that she could see him alive to even ask him that. She didn't want him to die. She wanted him to live, even though she would be crying every moment he lived with her. He deserved a normal life; after all he had suffered and sacrificed for their family.

She was cut short out of her concerned thoughts by a scream from the screen showing the battle. Tartarus had just given a bone-crushing kick to his spine and Percy had dropped Riptide. He was on his knees and he was screaming due to the pain. But he was not crying. He just screamed due to the pain but no tears were coming from him. Tartarus was watching his screams with a sadistic smile.

"Well, Perseus. At least show the audience some tears. They would be delighted to see that, don't they?" She wanted to go there and strangle him herself. But even if she could reach him, he was a primordial and she was just a goddess. She didn't have Percy's skills with sword and as she was immortal, she could not stand against him in terms of power. Percy got this challenge only because Tartarus could not use his powers against a mortal. She has never felt more useless. Seeing her friend and in her mind, lover getting killed and she could not do anything about it.

"No? Well, Perseus! That is plain rude. Well, I will not punish you as you would soon find yourself in the underworld and you were a good fight. But how would the judges know that you are a Son of Poseidon? Hm, well how about we mark you as one? Sounds good? With Poseidon's symbols on you, there would be no doubt. It is the least I could do and plus, it is good manners to help someone."

She was horror-struck. She had thought that he will just kill Percy. But, no-he has to send a message of fear across the demigods by scarring their beloved hero. She watched crying, along with other goddesses and Poseidon-other gods were simply starring, too much shocked., as Tartarus picked his sword-Stygian iron and brought the sword on the kneeling demigod's palm and began to curve a trident, deep. Blood poured out, profusely and Percy's scream mixed with Tartarus' maniac laughing. He repeated this on the other palm too.

He then pulled on the screaming demigod's hair and exposed his face to the Olympians. Strangely, he has not shed any tears but his eyes showed that he had reached his breaking point, but still held defiance. Tartarus again raised his sword and curved the trident on Percy's forehead. Poseidon sobbed as his sacred symbol was being inscribed onto his favorite son's forehead. Blood again gushed out in massive proportions. She expected his scream again but didn't receive any. She looked deep into his eyes but they seemed not to be looking at them. She followed his gaze and found Riptide. What is he planning? The sword was not within his reach. It was... But before she could complete her thoughts, Tartarus moved away from him and pushed Percy towards the screen, blood still gushing out of the red trident on his fore-head.

"Behold Olympus, your mightiest hero and your strongest weapon! Watch as he attains his death." Tartarus began to prepare to swing his sword to cleave-off the boy's head. She could see that Percy was reaching for his sword but it was too far away. She also saw that Percy was muttering something and concentrating very much, by the way his blood soaked eyebrows were scrunched up. As she awaited the sword to come down and end his life, suddenly Riptide flew towards Percy's hand and he brought it to block Tartarus' sword. The swords clashed. Tartarus was so surprised, as was she, that he didn't raise his sword to defend against Percy's attacks. Percy used this distraction effectively. He disarmed him and sent a kick to his chest. The sword was at Percy's foot and Tartarus half a meter from him.

This began the events that led to the defeat of Tartarus and the end of War of Monsters. It was also the beginning of the history of the Council of Immortals.

Artemis shook her head and once again focused her gaze upon the man . He was swirling Anaklusmos in his hands.

He whispered, but she heard. "Well, if you don't become mine willingly, I will take what is mine by force."

Perseus, it's your show now.

Of course, Wolf. I live for this.

In the hidden realm of Kandar

Chains began unbuckling. A woman raised to her feet, throwing her shackles to the ground.

"Time to die, Perseus, once I cross to your realm."

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