RWBY: The New King of Darkness

Salem betrayed the Old King long ago for power. But before he was banished from her side, he swore vengeance that someone will take his place and cast her from the world of the living. But to do so, he would need a successor, someone willing to embrace the Darkness and forever forsake the Light. But who would be so willing to embrace the Darkness and for what reason would he do so?

This is an experiment of something that just popped into my mind after re-watching Hellsing Ultimate and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow I and II. It's not accurate, as I am sure there is or is not a Grimm King, but I am experimenting. For the pairings of this, I am thinking Harem, Arkos obviously, it's my choice of Pairing so back off. And maybe Ruby, Yang, Weiss and Blake. Maybe, we'll see. But if anything, this will be a one-shot that I will store away and forget about, like some of my...other works...

Stares at Last Light of Arc and Wanderer as dust piles on them.

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Chapter I: A New King is Born

A figure draped in a long cloak of black and red, encased in an armour of pure darkness kneeled on the floor as his blood slowly leaked from his form. The man - if he could be considered as such - was a tall man with long dark hair, blood-red eyes with black sclera instead of white. His skin was a deathly pale and his teeth were elongated to resemble that of fangs with slightly elongated ears that seemed almost elf-like in appearance.

Despite these features, many would consider him rather handsome as he appeared to be a man of nearly twenty years of age. But for the moment, he was bloodied and weakened as he breathed in shallow breaths as his blood leaked across the floor.

He looked up as he stared at the woman before him, features like his own, minus the fangs and elongated ear. He chuckled as crimson blood leaked from his wounds with traces of silver.

"So... this is how it is to be? ...I'm to be usurped by a would-be Queen? Such an insult to a being like myself," the man declared, even as he grinned.

"The War is over; the humans have won, your tactics have failed. I thought you were different from your kind, but clearly, I was wrong. The Grimm need a new ruler to guide them, one that will ensure my intentions are met without fail." she lifted his face by his chin and stared into his eyes.

"It's time the Queen takes the board," the man scoffed.

"You know this won't end your matter how hard you try," she glared as she let go.

"The Grimm will no longer serve you, beloved. My Spell has turned your brothers against you. They will follow my will and my will alone. To them, you are nothing more than a lowly worm." She said as the man suddenly grew angry.

"You dare insult me! Me! I am the King of Darkness! The True Ruler of the Grimm! It was I who earned my title as King while you used tricks and lies! To treat me as a lowly worm is an insult! You are a joke! While I am so much more than you could ever hope to be!"

She clicked her fingers as the Grimm pounced and ripped his arm off. But he did not cry out in pain, as he felt no such feeling within him. Dark red shadow spilt from the stump before a whole new arm grew in its place.

However, the wounds at his sides, laced with silver still lingered.

"See...if this were to happen to you, you would be squirming on the floor in agony. Whereas I can never feel pain, I can never die, even these wounds I have now will soon fade away when my power returns..." he chuckled hauntingly.

Salem, however, didn't seem to care as she raised her hand.

"You may not feel pain and you may not be able to die, but the silver eyes have weakened and drained your strength..." a symbol sparked to life as it hovered over her palm.

The Grimm ripped off the chest plate of his armour and exposed his chest. "But I know that above all fear shame," she placed the symbol on his chest as her hand glowed red.

The Symbol glowed bright red as it burned into the man's chest. He grunted and withheld the pain he felt coursing through his body - a new experience that he did not like - as the symbol was burned into his flesh. But he would not grant her the satisfaction of watching him beg.

He fell on all fours as he felt different than before.

"What...what have you done to me?"

"I have merely sealed your powers, locked them deep inside that you can never retrieve them. I have done the one thing that you despise above all else..." she leant forward as she whispered into his ears.

"I have made you human"

"Do not be alarmed, beloved. You're still a being of darkness, I have merely sealed your powers and left you in that broken form. In a sense, you are now just as powerless as the humans you were created to destroy but cursed with never-ending life. Death will never claim you and the Grimm will never obey are damned," she said as the man looked at his hands as red marks glowed on his skin.

His armour breaking and falling away leaving him with only his pants and the long cloaked that spilt all over the floor. He looked down at his hands as the marks finally subsided and he could no longer feel the dark power coursing through him.

He looked at the Grimm as they snarled and growled at him as if he was a stranger. He growled as he looked up at the woman who merely smirked at the man's form.

"This curse will not last forever...I will be free of it and I will have my vengeance upon you, wench. Mark my words," he said as she nodded.

"Of that, I seriously doubt. The curse I have placed upon you is a special one. A curse that binds your powers to your fate. If you relinquish the rest of your powers to me, I will let you live as my servant and retain your form while simply being a mindless beast. But if you give your power to someone else, say a human, for example, then you will perish at a cost."

"But for that to work, you would need to find a human that is so desperate and so willing to embrace the Darkness for a truly selfless reason, that he would forever forsake the light of mankind and become nothing more than a Vampire in nature. A creature of Darkness that must feed on the blood of others to survive..." he merely scoffed.

"Then I shall do just that, give my powers to a human. My life means little to me, so long as you suffer my wrath," he proclaimed as she chuckled.

"But I know you, you would never give your powers to another Mortal, a Human no less. Unless it was for a truly selfless reason. Your pride will never allow it. You will continue walking this earth, looking for a way to unbind the curse, only to fail as you will see no other choice but to give it to me. And then, you will thank me for the kindness that I shall grant you..."

"What is your choice, my beloved? Life of Servitude or Death as a Fool?" the man say's nothing as he then looks up.

"I choose..." he then stands up as he grins.


He runs to the window as he smashes the glass to pieces and plummets to the earth. But the fall does not hurt him as he merely lands on the ground, smashing it to rubble as he looks back up one last time before sprinting off into the sunset.

The Grimm beside Salem growl as they attempt to chase him, but stop as she holds up her hand.

"Leave him, he is no threat. Not in his current state. He will come to his sense eventually, and he will realise that there is no other choice but mine and then come crawling back to me, like an obedient pet," she said as she looks at his retreating form.

"Besides, what human would be so desperate, that they would willingly give up their life for that of Darkness? Who would be that selfless, to give up his place in the Light?"

Thousands of Years Later

Early into the night, a being wrapped in a dark cloak wandered the Emerald Forest as his feet crunched the small twigs and leaves beneath his boots. His hair black as night hung from his head as it swayed and billowed slightly in the wind.

The cloak clung to his chest as continued to wander the forest.

'For years I've wandered this earth, searching for the one that would take my powers,' the being thought as it walked further in the woods. 'I know he is out there, the one who will inherit my power and bring retribution upon the witch who cursed me with this life,' shadows began to move in the forest as red eyes glared at the figure.

'But everyone I've met has never had the will or the instinct to selflessly give up their humanity to embrace the Darkness. Instead, they beg for my power to save their own pathetic makes me sick, to think this was what my father and his brother created together? A selfish, backstabbing and cowardice race...' he thought in disgust as he continued to walk the woods.

"But then again, I should have expected it when I joined forces with her, a fool's choice on my part," a twig snapped as the man turned to the noise as several Beowolves lumbered from the woods.

"Now even my own creatures heed to her will. How far have I, the King of Grimm, fallen to be fighting my own brethren? Where is the honour in that?" they surrounded him as their eyes glowed red and he narrowed his own at them.

"The only thing I can be grateful of, in these past years..." a Beowulf roared as it charged at the man, who merely spun around and backhanded the creature who exploded into black mist.

The rest of the pack then roared as they charged at the man, who ducked and weaved out of the way, as he grabbed one by the throat and slammed it into another. Three more pounced at him from behind, until several shots rang out as arms and legs exploded in a gore of mist and dust. A long black pistol slowly emerging from the cloak as an identical one in silver joined it.

"Was discovering my love of these toys the humans are fond of!"

He grinned as he spun around and fired the large pistols at the pack, reducing them to ash and dust. Several more growls echoed throughout the forest as more packs surrounded him. The man only grinned as he reloaded the pistols and fired again.

When the battle had settled, the former King of Grimm stood amongst the corpses of his fallen brethren as he looked around at the pack.

"This is unlike them, Grimm usually do not travel this close to the Kingdom...something is wrong,"

A loud explosion caught his attention as he sped to the edge of the forest. A tall cliff met him as he easily jumped the distance and made it to the top in a single bound. He looked up as he saw what looked like a castle, burning in the distance.

He recognised it as Beacon Academy, a school built hundreds of years ago to train the future huntsman that would fight his brethren. He ran as he sped towards the tower, edges of the Academy already falling into ruin as he looked around at the Kingdom he swore would fall by his hand one day.

To see it like this, and not by his own will, was confusing.

He sniffed the air as he smelt the stench of ash, blood and death lingering in the air. The City was at War, but how? He noticed the corpse of a human as it was strung against a rock in a painful manner as his blood slowly leaked from his body and pooled beneath him. He walked over as he placed his hand in the blood.

The blood, reacting as if it was alive, was instantly absorbed into the man as breathed in the sensation who his eyes opened wide as images flashed through his mind.

He saw a girl with yellow hair strike down a student, though clearly, he could tell it was not of her own choosing.

He saw a girl with red hair doing the same thing to another, though the other was revealed to be mechanical in nature.

He saw the creatures called Faunus, brandishing the mask of his brethren as they released his Grimm upon the city.

And finally, he saw the last memories of the person he was absorbing as the Grimm overran him and slaughtered him.

"I see, this is no doubt Salem's doing," he surmised as he stood up from the body. "Only she would be so brazen as to attack an entire Kingdom like this," a loud roar echoed as a large Dragon flew around the City.

"And she awakened my doubt through deception and manipulation. While I applaud her ingenuity, I find this whole act appalling. The Grimm are pure in two regards, destruction and chaos. To deceive and manipulate your enemy like this is cowardice, it was not what my father created them for..." he growled as he looked around.

He spotted something as he saw two teens standing at the base of the tallest tower. He instantly recognised the girl with the red hair from the memories he absorbed, as she seemed to be arguing with the boy next to her - before they noticed a figure rushing up to the top of the tower.

The girl turned to the boy and told him to run - and when he refused she kissed him and shoved him into a locker.

He could clearly hear the boy beg and plead for the girl to stop before the locker was launched into the distance as she turned to the tower and marched her way inside. But the Former King took no notice of her as he was focused on the boy that was launched away. Something inside him resonated as he looked at the locker headed to the city.

He grinned as for the first time in nearly a millennia, he felt pure anticipation and excitement.

"Could he be the one?" he spotted the locker land far into the city as he sprinted in the direction it landed. If his suspicions were right, then this could be the one he was waiting for, the one who would full fill his promise and bring bloody wrath upon the witch who betrayed him.

Vale City – Jaune Arc

"Weiss! Please, you have to stop her!" Jaune said into his scroll as his voice was filled with panic and dread. It had only been a few minutes since he emerged from locker as he realised that his partner, the girl who helped get stronger, was about to get herself killed. The worst was finding out she had feelings for him and was going to die before he would ever have a chance to convey them.

"What!? What are you talking about!?"

"Pyrrha! She's going after that woman at the top of the tower! She doesn't stand a chance!" he said as he grasped his head in a vain attempt to calm himself down.

"Jaune, what are you talking about!? Where are you?" Weiss asked as Jaune suddenly grew angry.

"Don't worry about me!" he yells as he leans against a wall and speaks at a normal volume, his voice full of sadness now. "Please, you have to save Pyrrha" he begged as the other end went quiet.

"We will. Are you okay?" she asked but the boy didn't respond as with one last flare of emotion, he screams and threw his Scroll onto the ground, breaking it into tiny pieces. He collapses onto his hands and knees, crying.

"Please..." he begs as the other end seemed to call out to him, but he just ignored it as he curled up into a ball. His mind was racing from the revelation that Pyrrha had feelings for him. How could he be so blind, he asked himself. How could he have not noticed she liked him when they were together this entire time.

" her...please..." he begged and pleased but heard no response.

"She'll be alright..." he tried to reason with himself. "She'll be alright, Weiss and Ruby will save her, they'll save her a-and then everything will be all right," he tried to reason with himself as tears fell down his face.

"They'll save her, they have to..." he closed his eyes and prayed for a miracle.

"...They won't make it in time..."

Jaune's eyes snapped open and he turned to see a man standing in front of him. His cloak billowing slightly in the wind as blood-red eyes stared from within the darkness of the hood.

"Your friends will not make it in time, she's already lost half of her reserves and is fighting on her last legs...there is nothing that can prevent her fate..." he spoke solemnly as Jaune looked confused.

"W-What? Who are you!?" he asked as the figure walked towards him.

"Who I am is of no importance, what I offer does. Your friend's life hangs in the balance, supported by only a thread in the string of fate that will be cut in a moment. Your other friends will not make it in time and the scissors of fate will cut the thread and she will be lost in the void...forever." Jaune only looked at the man before he grew angry.

"Look, I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you don't know my friends! They will make it in time and they'll save Pyrrha!" the hooded man only shook his head.

"No, they won't..." he said as Jaune grew angry.

"Stop it"

"They will not save your friend..."

"Shut up"

"They will fail..." Jaune grew angrier as the man looked at him.

"Shut up!"

"...And she will die"

Jaune roared with fury and charged at the man, his sword fully drawn and stabbed him in the chest. "Shut up! Just shut up! You don't know what you're talking about!" he yelled as he buried his sword into the man's chest.

Only then did he realise what he had done as he stepped back from the man.

"Oh, Gods...I-I didn't mean to-!"

He stopped as the man merely grasped the handle of the blade and slowly pulled it out of him. The sword clattered to the floor as rich crimson blood stained the metal before springing to life and back into the man. The boy looked in shock and horror as he stared at the man.

"W-what are you?" he asked as the man merely looked at the boy as he flexed his fingers.

"I am... something more than a normal human. You could say, I am better than a human. The Ultimate Lifeform made perfect." he walked to the boy, who stumbled back until his back hit the wall.

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I don't even blame you for your outburst. Your emotions are clouding your judgement and it makes you act irrationally. You're only human after all," he said as the boy looked into his red eyes as they glared into his soul.

"But as I said," he stepped back from the boy and walked a few steps before he stood in the direction of the tower. "Your friends will not make it in time, and she will die..." he said as he then turned back to the boy.

"But I can offer you something that can change that," he said as the boy looked confused.

"As you've guessed by now, I am not a normal human, I am in fact something more than human. With my power, I could easily save your friend. But my powers were sealed a long time ago, by a treacherous witch who grew too bold for her own good," he said as he walked around the boy.

"The condition of her 'Curse' was that I must give her all of my power if I ever wanted to stay alive in my current form, which I find to be an insult to such a being like me. Alternatively, I could give my power to a human, at the cost of my own life. Seeing no other choice, I ran and began to search." he looked at the tower as he smiled.

"And so for almost a thousand years, I searched for a human that would take my power. Someone who would be so willing and so desperate that he would willingly embrace the Darkness and become my successor, someone who would become the new 'King of the Darkness' and take back control of the Grimm from her grasp and usher in my wrath against her," he said as Jaune's eyes widened at this.

"W-Wait, King!? Y-you're the King of the Grimm?"

The man removed his hood and revealed his face. Long black hair, blood-red eyes with black sclera as his teeth shone like ivory against his lips.

"I was before the new 'Queen' usurped me, took my brethren from me and placed this curse upon me before banishing me from her side. For the last thousand years, I've been looking for a successor to inherit my power and bring vengeance on her." He gripped his fists as memories passed through his mind.

"But alas, the only humans I've met only want my power to save their own lives. And I refuse to hand my power to a pathetic, cowering individual that would abuse it for his own gain...but you, I can sense something more in you...I sense you only wish to save her, am I right?" he asked as the boy blinked then nodded.

"If you accept my offer, embrace the Darkness, I will give you the power to save your friend - on one condition. You must hunt down my former Queen, all her acolytes and punish them for their transgressions against me," he told the boy as he shrugged.

"Then, you can do what you want with the Grimm. Attack humanity or leave them alone, the choice will be yours." he looked darkly as he pointed to the boy.

"But know this, if you do accept my power, you will give up your humanity and never be allowed to walk in the Light again. You would be similar to that of a creature of Darkness, that must feed on the blood of the living to survive and live for all eternity. Are you willing to accept that?" he asked as Jaune hung his head.

"I would choose quickly if I were you, your friend doesn't have much time left," Jaune looked to the tower just in time to see the Dragon smash the top half to rubble, as his fear for his partner's life grew.

He looked at the man as he weighed his options. Before him claimed to be the King of Grimm, and he was offering him the power to save his friend. But could he trust this man, could he really embrace the darkness? Could he really forsake his humanity? What would that make him...

What would he become?

He looked at the tower as all he could think of was Pyrrha, and how he would do anything right now to save.

He gripped his fists as he turned to the man, his eyes steeled with a powerful resolve as he nodded to the King. "...I accept..." the man grinned as held out his hands.

"Then let us begin,"

He walked over to a shop as he picked up a silver chalice that was engraved with intricate symbols and patterns as it glinted in the moonlight. The man held his palm over the chalice as his fingernails elongated and punctured his palm. Rich crimson blood leaked from his hand and pooled into the chalice as it swirled and swished within the cup.

He held out the chalice as he placed it in Jaune's hand.

"Drink this, and my powers will be yours..." he commanded as Jaune looked at the concoction, the red blood swirling in the chalice as he saw his own reflection in the blood.

"Why are you giving this to me, why choose me? Why couldn't you just give her your powers?" he asked as the man had a distant look in his eyes.

"Because I would rather die than hand over my power to someone who deceives to win...that is not my way, that is not the way of the Grimm..." he smiled as he looked at him.

"But also, I see in you the true aspects of a warrior that many of your kind have forgotten. You know what you must do, to save the ones you love...and that is something I can respect." Jaune looked back to the liquid as he gripped the chalice in his hands.

"...Can I really save her with this?" he asked one last time as the man nodded.


Jaune sighed and brought the chalice to his lips. He threw back his head as he downed the whole chalice - the liquid tasting like vile and disgust in his mouth as he struggled to swallow it whole. But he didn't stop as he continued to swallow every drop of the liquid. And when he had drunk every last drop of the vile substance, he looked down at his hands as he expected something to happen.

And for a time, nothing did, as Jaune grew angry at this.

"What the hell? You said this would work?" he said as he looked at the man, "Why hasn't anything-!"

He stopped as he felt something squirm within him as he dropped The Chalice to the ground and grasped at his throat as he felt it burn from the inside. He fell to his knees as he felt as his entire body was on fire. The man grinned as he felt the seal on his chest begin to waver as small cracks began to form.

"At long last..." a large pulse echoed out from Jaune as he fell to his hands and blood began to tear from his eyes.

"I've found him...I've finally found him..."

Jaune gasped and choked in pain as his back arched horribly and the sounds of bones breaking echoed in the night.

"My successor, my Inheritor, my sword of Vengeance..."

His blond hair slowly began to blacken as his skin become deathly pale - almost a marble white - as he screamed in pain. The King looked up as he laughed with an evil cackle.

"Salem! Enjoy your final days on this earth! For soon my chosen one will reap my vengeance! And take back what you have stolen!"

His hair began to grow long as a blood-red aura surrounded his form.

"All hail! The New King of Darkness!"

Jaune's eyes snapped open as a blood-red glow shined from his eyes and he roared into the night. A pillar of blood-red aura shooting high into the air as the city was bathed in the light and trembled in fright as the world would soon know the power of the King of Darkness.

Moments Earlier – Top of the Tower

Pyrrha was hunched on her knees as she gasped and groaned in pain at the arrow that was pierced in her leg. Her aura was completely gone as she was now defenceless before the woman before her. She was arrogant to think that she could stop the woman that managed to kill Ozpin. But she felt it was her duty to correct her mistake of not taking the Maidens power sooner.

But at the time she was conflicted about the life she had with her friends and the destiny that she believed in. But now, none of it mattered as soon she would die, alone and forgotten amongst the ruins of Beacon.

'At least Jaune is safe...that's all the matters,' she thought to herself before the sounds of heels clicking on the floor echoed at the top of the tower, as Cinder strolled towards her.

"It's unfortunate you were promised a power that was never truly yours," She kneels and lifts Pyrrha's chin, staring into her eyes and smiling. "But take comfort in knowing that I will use it in ways you could never have imagined," she said as Pyrrha jerked her head away, then stares into her eyes as she says her final words.

"Do you believe in Destiny?" silence resonates in the tower as Cinder merely stares before nodding.

"Yes," she says with a final word as a bow and arrow form in her hands and she aims it. Ruby just appearing on the edge as she looks up in horror as Cinder pulls back the arrow, ready to drive it through her chest as she could do nothing but watch...

Until suddenly a loud roar echoes into the night as a pressure of unimaginable power slammed into everyone. Cinder losing control of her bow as the arrow misses and hit the floor beside Pyrrha as the roar continued to resonate in the city. The Dragon roared in fear, as it could feel the familiarity of the presence...

And it was afraid.

"WHAT!?" Cinder screamed as the blood-red aura bathed the sky in a dark and foreboding light.

Everyone had to hold their ears and grasp their throats as the pressure proved to be too much for them. Everyone at the docks could no longer stand as the pressure of evil and malice was so powerful, that even the Grimm could not comprehend it.

"What is this!?" Port yelled as he could barely hear himself over the roar.

"I don't know! But something tells me it's not good!" he says as he and everyone turn to the massive red spire of energy that shot up into the air, from the centre of the city.

While in the city Qrow, Ironwood and Glynda could barely stand as the evil and malice rolled over them in waves as they tried their best to hold out, but struggled in vain.

"What in the blazes is this!?" Ironwood said as he felt all the metal in his body turn cold as ice and the blood in his veins to freeze.

"Don't ask me! I barely know half the stuff that goes on here!" Qrow said as he and the others turned to the swirling vortex. "Do you think it's good!" he asked as Glynda shook her head.

"Somehow I doubt that! But whatever it is! Be ready!" she said as a figure began to form in the energy as blood-red eyes glowed with pure malice and evil intent.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, the foundations of an ancient castle began to shake as those inside it looked around in confusion. "What is this?" Arthur Watts asked as he and the other acolytes of Salem's rule looked around in confusion. "What kind of power is this? Mistress, do you know what-!?"

He stopped as he noticed the absolute look of horror and fear in her eyes as she gripped the armrest of her throne tightly. "No... it's impossible...he couldn't have..." the others looked at her as she continued to ramble in fear and fright.

"M-Mistress?" Tyrian asked as he had never seen this side of his Goddess before, "What is it? Do you know what this presence is?" he asked as Salem could only look up in horror and fright.

"...W-What is can this?" she said as she felt fear for the first time in a long time. "He found him...He found his successor..." her eyes wide with fear as he said to her men.

"What are you talking about, Mistress? Who found a successor?" Hazel asked as she looked at the gathered men before.

"...A New King of Darkness...has been born..."

The others looked at themselves, as they too felt fear. For if something like this could scare Salem of all people, then they were all in serious trouble.

City of Vale – Jaune Arc

The power settled as a new figure stood in the centre of a large crater. His skin was a deathly pale white, as parts of his armour and hoodie were destroyed, ripped open to reveal a well-toned and chiselled chest.

Long black hair swirled and swayed around him as blood-red eyes slowly opened and peered out into the city as he breathed out a cold breath of air. Sounds and light becoming a hundred times louder and brighter to him, as he could hear everything around him.

From the large breaths of the Dragon to the tiniest heartbeat of a cricket.

He looked down as he flexed his fingers as he felt everything within him was flowing with power. He looked over to his sword as the metal glistened in the moonlight. He reached down and held up the sword before shadows swarmed around it and absorbed into his being.

He turned his head as he saw the man from before, who was now ageing at a rapid pace as his own hair had turned white and a massive number of wrinkles had appeared on his face.

"...It is power is now yours..." the man said between shallow breaths as Jaune walked over to the man, who smiled and held up two guns towards the new King.

"...Take them...I've grown rather fond of them, and believe they will serve you far better than they have me..." the boy nodded as he grasped the guns and held them up, feeling how light they were before they too were absorbed into him.

"...But be warned...They will not accept you now...not after what you've become...they will try to kill you..." his body began to break away as he scattered into dust and blew away in the wind.

"...Good luck...Young King..."

Jaune was then left alone as he looked at what had remained of the man. "...Thank you..." was all he said as he turned his attention to the tower as his eyes glowed with a powerful red light.

He crouched down as the muscles in his legs bulged as he was surrounded by a terrifying blood-red aura. And then he dashed, as the area behind him was blown away as he ran at high speeds towards the Academy. His speed like nothing anyone had ever seen, as the shockwave from his passing, broke many glass windows in his wake.

He soon reached the docks, as his eyes glowed and his body broke apart into a million bats. The bats swarmed and flew over the water as they flew straight towards the docks of Beacon Academy.

The people could only react in shock as a large swarm of bats flew towards them before they landed in front of them and formed a human shape.

The shape then became Jaune, as his new long black hair swayed in the wind. He looked up as his red eyes glared out at the many Grimm that had halted in fear, as he glared at the assembled hoard. The beasts roared as they charged at him, only for Jaune to move like the devil himself as he sped throughout the hoard.

A trail of blood-red aura following in his wake, as every Grimm in his path was bisected or destroyed as he moved with an intense focus. The aura forming monstrous knife-like shapes as they carved and cut their way through the Grimm.

The gathered students and teachers could only watch in both shock and awe as the strange being carved his way through the Grimm, like a fucking blender. Cutting and dicing them into pieces. The figure then dashing forward as his gaze was focused on the top of the tower.

He noticed a pack of Grimm that was still surrounding Weiss as he sped towards her and easily killed all the Grimm around her as he stood before her, his back facing her as his hair slightly billowed around him.

He slowly turned his head to Weiss, as she could only look up in shock and awe at the boy before her, as he looked into her frightened blue eyes with his blood red.

She instantly recognised his face as she could not believe what she was seeing.


He merely ignored her and stood at the base of the tower, his long hair flowing in the wind as he glared up and crouched down. The ground beneath his feet cracking as he gathered his strength and then jumped an unbelievable height. The structure of the tower passing by him at an unbelievable speed as he soon reached the top of the tower, only overshooting it by a couple of feet, before he slammed down onto the top of the tower.

The floor cracking and splintering in his wake, as he gripped the floor with his hand and glared at the woman.

His hair now swirling and swaying around him as his aura glowed a powerful blood red. Those gathered at the top of the tower could only stare in muted silence as the boy slowly rose to his full height.

The moon fully behind him as it was bathed in blood and his eyes glowed a terrifying red light.

Cinder recoiled slightly in fear, as the Grimm Dragon snarled and growled at the person. Ruby was too afraid and too scared to move as she stared at the boy before her. While Pyrrha could only stare as she could not believe what she was seeing...who she was seeing before her.

"Jaune..." she said as the boy narrowed his eyes.

"What have you done?"

And scene. Well here is the debut of The New King of Darkness. Tell me what you think and if I should continue this? I was inspired by Hellsing and Castlevania the Lords of Shadow series and somehow this just popped into my head. If I get enough good reviews, I may continue this, it's just something to distract me and help me to write the next chapter of Rider and Knight, which should come out soon.

So, stay tuned and hopefully, I will write Chapter II: The King vs The Fallen