RWBY: The New King of Darkness

Salem betrayed the Old King long ago for power. But before he was banished from her side, he swore vengeance that someone will take his place and cast her from the world of the living. But to do so, he would need a successor, someone willing to embrace the Darkness and forever forsake the Light. But who would be so willing to embrace the Darkness and for what reason would he do so?

Chapter VIII: Dethroned and Discarded

The final rays of sunlight began to fade as shadow and night descended upon the world. In the overgrown Temple of Raging Fire emerged a man from its darkest depths with a dark and foreboding aura forever shrouding his form. His red armour and black clothing fluttered gently in the cool night breeze. Red eyes gazing up gently to the shattered moon as it hung silently overhead and he breathed a cold mist from his lungs.

"Finally, some fresh air…" he spoke as he relished in the cool breeze. His gaze turned to the moon as he was mesmerised by it.

"… It's so beautiful..."

"…Admiring the moon, I see..." A figure manifested from shadows as he grinned. "I wouldn't be surprised. The Night is a time when your powers are at their peak and when the Grimm love to feast. We are creatures of the shadow's after all." Jaune turned to the shadow as he glared.

"Do you have to keep reminding me of what I am? I know I am no longer a human, but can you let me enjoy these moments of peace? I just spent a full week in this place, which by the way smelt like burnt leather and I want to relish in some actual fresh air for once..." He growled as the shade of the former King held up his hands.

"Of course, pardon my interruption. But I should remind you that we need to get moving. We've been here a week now and the Blood Raven's should've reached their destinations, so we can at least know what this Lionheart is up to." Vlad advised as Jaune nodded.

He focused his concentration as he opened his mind's eye. While his right eye flashed and the pupil was replaced with a slit.

Far away, perched on the windowsill of the Headmaster's office, a blood-red raven's eye shone with a small red light as its pupils were replaced with slits and Jaune saw through its eyes. At the desk was a middle-aged man with a mane of tan/grey hair. His hands resting on his forehead as he looked to be deep in thought and radiated with such an aura of doubt and fear it made Jaune almost pity the man.


"He's still at Haven, which means Salem doesn't know were after him…yet," Jaune cut the connection as he rubbed his right eye. "Looks like there's a little strain seeing from long distances."

"You'll improve in time, but for now we should get moving, we have to get to Haven and then the next temple, before she discovers our location. Because there is no telling what she might have planned?" Vlad suggested as Jaune nodded before the former king faded into the shadows.

Jaune turned as he began to walk the long journey it would take to reach Haven Academy. He had thought about using the Raven to check in on his friends…but he lacked the courage to do so. He feared what they must think of him now. What harsh but accurate words they might say about him, or what plans they may have in hunting him down. He dreaded the last thought. The last thing he would ever want was his friends and family hunting him down.

…But, if it came down to it, he would offer no resistance. He would not have the strength to ever harm them intentionally, in self-defense, or otherwise. For he had no intention of fighting the ones he loved. And if they believed striking him down would preserve the memory of what he once was, or 'free him' from his cures…

Then he would gladly hand his blade over and let them end it…

But until that time, he had an enemy he needed to dethrone, a Kingdom he needed to save, and an army he needed to concur. He pulled the hood over his head as he marched through the forest, the shadows bending to his will as he faded from the world and walked amongst the dark like the ruler he had become.

Two Days Later – Anima Forest

Amber eyes weakly blinked open as the young woman looked up to see the shattered moon of remnant above. Her vision was blurred, and a terrible pain ripped through her gut, as she barely had the strength to turn her head. When she did, she saw four figures wearing white masks and robes with the image of red best on their backs. It was that image that brought her memories back…

She was Sienna Khan, High Leader of the White Fang Origination. Now dethroned…betrayed by Adam Taurus.

Inwardly she cursed his name as tried her best to keep her guts in check. Luckily his blade missed her spine and her aura was all that kept her alive. But she was weak, too weak to fight back or do anything then lay on her back and let these traitors take her way to gods knows where?

"Hey how much further do we have to drag her?" she heard one of the traitors say as she carefully turned her gaze to one of the men carrying her on the stretcher. "I mean we're far away from the base, couldn't we just drop her off here?"

"You idiot, if he placed her too close to headquarters it'd raise questions about how a human-managed to get so close to our base. If she's too far, they'll wonder why she was out here by herself. Especially without her High Honour Guard…luckily we took care of them already." The other said as she silently cursed.

She wondered why her guards had turned against her. Now she knew, they had killed her regular guard and replaced them with Adam's. Deceitful bastard!

"Still…do you think anyone's going to buy that a Huntsman team killed her? I mean, I heard she was pretty skilled back in the day before she became High Leader."

"Yeah well…sitting on a throne all day will make anyone's fangs dull. Back in the day, she could've easily dodged Adam's blade. Just goes to show how weak she had become." Inwardly she wanted to spite them, but she also knew the truth in their words.

She had dulled.

The role of the High Leader was an important position in the White Fang. A position she had taken after her friend Ghira Belladonna stepped down and resigned. It made her the voice of the Faunus people; under her reign, the White Fang became more aggressive in their pursuit of equality and justice for their race. Forcing humans to recognize their strength and their desire to be treated as equals. It was brutal, but necessary in her opinion, as humans would only respect them if they showed their strength.

Five years it worked, and the humans slowly gave them more equal rights. Though she understood it was only out of fear they gave it. And she had known that if that fear was pushed too far, the humans would retaliate. She long knew that a full-out war with the Humans, especially after the aggressive acts, would find no allies and wipe them out. So, for a time, she sheathed her claws and started working on maintaining this fragile stalemate. And in doing so, she had become less active in battle.

She had allowed corruption to worm its way inside.

"Hey…do you think this is the right thing to do?" the Adam loyalist asked, "I mean…she was pretty important to the cause, pioneered the rights that we have now. Adam killing her…do you think it's the right call?"

"Sienna had been growing soft, Adam saw that. He did what was necessary for the White Fang. Humans have given us rights, but it's laughable. Our island is too small to sustain our population, if they are going to treat us like this, then we need to be more than equal with them. We need to dominate them like they did our ancestors, our fathers, our mothers, and our children. They must know what it's like to live under the boot of an oppressive reign…and Adam…shall be the one to guide us." The other Loyalist said as Sienna sheeted at the name.

Adam, a person she now cursed and regretted not expelling from the Organization sooner…but honestly, she should've seen this coming.

When he was young, he was idealistic, passionate, and willing to save the lives of his fellow Faunus and fight for them. He inspired others to follow him, lead them through dangerous missions, and rallied more to the cause than anyone else. He was the ideal 'poster boy' for the Faunus People, their protector against humanity's oppression and a symbol for their Faunus pride…

Then began his campaign against the humans.

He waged conflict after bloody conflict, one after the other, striking blows against the SDC and the four Kingdoms. His radical group becoming a symbol of Terrorism across the globe, and the official 'face' of the White Fang. Something she had long since realized was a mistake. She had tolerated his actions because they kept the humans on their toes and reminded them of their power. But after the attack on Beacon, the countless innocent lives that died, the brothers and sisters that needlessly died to strike a blow against humanity she began to realize what a danger he had become. And by the time she decided to do something about it…

Well, the result speaks for themselves.

"We're here." The loyalist spoke as she spotted two more of them, as well as several dead humans and her bodyguards. "Put her there, then place the sword in her gut." They placed the stretcher down. "When the patrol team comes by, we need to make it look like she died 'valiantly' against the humans."

But the moment they placed her down, it jolted and caused her wound to her ache and made her moan in pain. Which caught their attention, nearly scaring them out of their skins.

"Holt shit! She's still alive!?" the youngest said as she growled at them.

"O-Of course I'm alive, you idiots! And you all are going to burn if you don't stop what you're doing!" she threatened as she struggled to move. But her body was too weak to move.

"Damn it! She was supposed to be dead; this is going to complicate things…" the leader sighed as he looked at the woman who was now glaring at them. "We got to take her out." He snapped his fingers. "Hand me that Huntsman's revolver. We'll use it to kill her." He ordered as they handed him the gun.

"W-Why are you doing this? Why are…you…betraying me?" she gasped out as the man looked at her.

"…Because you are weak. There is a War on the horizon, one that will change everything, and we need a strong leader to guide us. One that won't falter and see our rightful place at the top of the food chain." He cocked the gun as Sienna attempted to stand but faltered. "But if it's any consolation, your sacrifice will be remembered for the cause…" He aimed the revolver straight at her head as he peered down the sight. She glared defiantly as he sighed.

"I'm just sorry you won't get to see it…" His finger inched towards the trigger as he slowly squeezed.


They froze as a quiet breath resonated in the forest and their animal instincts flared with danger. They felt something rattle within them, something they had never felt before, as they snapped their weapons towards the darkest section of the forest that was complete and utterly silent. Their fingers twitching, their nerves shaking as all of them felt the presence of something coming towards them, something…


"W-What the hell?" the leader trembled as the entire forest was now still and silent.

Then they heard it. It was soft, almost unnaturally quiet, as footsteps treading the grass drifted slowly from the darkness. The footsteps growing louder and louder with each step yet resonated like it was all around them. Sweat began to build on their foreheads as gripped their weapons tight.

Sienna was barely able to move as she too felt the presence approaching them. Her instincts were screaming at her to run, telling her to run from the thing that now approached them.

Then from the Darkness, emerging as a shadow, was a man shrouded in a black coat and hood with shades of red peeking from the darkness. From the darkest part of the hood flashed a single red eye as Jaune Arc, the New King of Darkness, stood before the assembled mass. The darkness seemed to bend to his command as he narrowed his gaze at the men, then to the bleeding woman on the floor.

"W-Who the hell are you?" the leader asked as the man simply stood still, his eyes focused on the bleeding woman.

Sienna looked back, as she silently pleaded for help but still felt this primal fear within her. Everyone felt it, and it was not something the leader liked as he snarled at the man.

"Hey, I asked you a-!"

"…What are you doing to her?" Jaune's voice cut right through him as his mouth closed shut and the man turned his gaze to the White Fang. "That woman there, what are you doing to her?" he asked as the White Fang found themselves frozen on the spot.

"Well?" he asked once more as the shadows expanded and seemed to encircle them.

The White Fang Leader snarled as he managed to break free of his presence. "It has nothing to do with you human!" he raised the revolver to him. "Now back off, and maybe we'll let you live!" he threatened as the man just stared at them…

And then chuckled.

That unnerved them. It made them feel scared and anxious. The simple act of chuckling nearly sent them on edge made them more afraid than they were before. It was wrong. "W-What's so funny!?" he demanded as Jaune shook his head.

"Sorry, it's just…It's been a while since someone called me human? To be honest, I nearly forgot myself…that's not good," the darkness faded from Jaune's voice, but his presence still caused them to shake.

"I don't care what you think you are, you have ten seconds to walk away before I put a bullet in your head!" The Leader shouted as the man stopped chuckling and narrowed his gaze at him.

"And if I do walk away, what will you do with that woman?" he simply asked as the Leader growled before he grinned.

"On second thought, now that you've seen her, we can't let you walk away. And we could always use another body for the pyre." The others snapped out of their fear and aimed at the man. "You picked a bad day to walk into this forest, human!" Jaune merely stared before he released a tired sigh.

"Trust me…this isn't even on my Top 10."


A bullet ripped right through his face, as one by one the White Fang Loyalist started firing on the man. Bullets ripping and shredding through his body as blood and bone sprayed out of him like a geyser. Limbs exploded and organs ruptured as he was reduced to a bullet-filled carcass, before falling to the ground. Sienna's eyes widened with horror as she watched her only hope to become a bloody eviscerated corpse.

The leader breathed out a sigh of relief as his gun ran empty and they stared at the dead man. "Huh, with the way he talked you'd think he was some kind of badass or something?" he loaded another magazine into the rifle before sighing. "Oh well," he looked over to his men. "Travis, bring the corpse over here. We'll put him together with the rest-!"

A wet slosh and a sickening crack caused him to pause as his men froze in terror. He turned his gaze back before they widened in horror as the corpse of the 'man' they killed unnaturally began to rise. Blood and organs mending back together, as red and black shadows stitched him back together. Their eyes wide with horror as Jaune stood before them, completely unharmed. Even his clothes and armour had been repaired.

Sienna held her breath as she could only stare with a great deal of confusion and terror.

"Well…" Jaune said as black mist seeped out from his hand before Crocea Dark took shape. "Guess that answers my question."

"W-W-What the hell-GAH!" One of the Loyalists yelled, before he suddenly found himself without his head, as the man appeared behind him. His blade drawn and lined with blood. A terrified expression was etched upon the dead man's face, before his head rolled to the floor, followed by his body.

"A-a-a-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the men screamed as they fired on the man, only for him to suddenly disappear into shadows and slink back into the forest.

"Shit! What the fuck is he!?" The Leader screamed as he searched the forest. "Does anybody see him!?"

"Negative! I got no sight of him! I can't hear him either!"

"Hell, I-I can't even smell him!" a large Faunus Canine yelled as he aimed his rifle at the forest.

"Shit-shit-shit! What the fuck is going on-AHHH!" A Lion Faunus screamed before two gunshots fired from the darkness and his chest exploded with red mist. His dying screams echoing out as his companions aimed their guns and fired at the source.

Only they failed to notice the shadow rising behind them all too late as a black blade bisected a bull-horned loyalist at the waist. His Ox companion tried to avenge him, but a quick bullet to the head ended his life. Two of them swung their swords at him, only to have a pair of red-hot clawed gauntlets form on the man's arms and they sprung to life with a deep red flame. He grabbed the blades as the red-hot gauntlet reduced them to metal slag.

Which he then proceeded to blast two large holes through their chests, as the edges burnt and smoked from the intense heat.

The leader of the Loyalist suddenly found himself alone as he stood the man shaking like a life. He had just watched his entire group get wiped out in an instant, as the man, no monster, stood before him with cold red eyes and glowing claws.

He attempted to step back and run before he felt two bullets rip his kneecaps to pieces and he fell into a bleeding mess on the floor. "AH! ARGH!" he managed to croak out as the red-eyed man glared into his soul. He crawled back attempting to get away, but Jaune continued to follow until he hit his back against the tree. He held up his hand in a gesture of surrender.

"W-Wait! P-Please! L-Let me go! I-I promise, I won't hurt her! Please! Please let me go!" he pleaded as the man merely stared into his frightened eyes as for a moment they softened.

Only for the Leader to grab the revolver and fired a round straight into his head and ripping a portion of his skull away, the Leader grinning at the red-eyed man.

However, his satisfying grin soon turned to horror as Jaune slowly turned his head back, revealed his partially reformed skull, and grabbed the man by the face with his gauntlet. The leader tried to break free but found himself unable to escape, while his screaming for help was muffled in Jaune's grasp. His scream for help soon turned into a scream of pain as the gauntlet burst into flames and incinerated his head.

His voice echoing out far and wide before becoming silent.

Jaune stared at the dead man before he dropped him to the floor, as a burnt skull was all that remained of his head as his body tumbled to the floor. He then turned his attention to the woman as she stared with muted horror and attempted to run.

"D-Don't come any closer!" she yelled as she tried to crawl but fell as more blood escaped from her wound. "I-I-I…" was all she managed to say before she collapsed and passed out.

"…Oh dear. Looks as though the poor kitten has passed out?" Vlad manifested as he stood over her body. "I'm surprised she didn't kill over by now, that gut wound doesn't look very good."

Jaune narrowed his gaze as he walked over to her and inspected the wound. "It doesn't, technically she should be dead. Most people can't survive something like this without immediate medical attention."

"Stubborn people have a way of an interesting way of prolonging their life," Vlad said as he stared at the woman. "Question is, why did these guys try to kill her?" he asked as Jaune nodded.

"Let's find out…" he reached out and held his hand over her blood as it seeped into his skin.

Images began to flash before him as the world was broken down and replaced with a large hall room, with red banners, a throne, and a familiar marking that made him growl. The symbol of the White Fang, and on the throne was the woman dying at his feet. But also, another, one that he faintly recalled from Cinder's blood memories…

Adam Taurus

He watched as she condemned him for attacking Beacon. Threatening him with exile for the innocent lives that perished because of him and accusing him of siding with humans. Then the memory showed her men turning against her. Their weapons aimed at her as she prepared to fight them all…

Until a red blade ripped through her gut and the mask of Adam stared back into her eyes. Then he watched her fall as she was thrown, discarded like a piece of trash all while Adam grinned …

The blood memory faded as Jaune pulled his hand back and glared at her. "She's…the leader of the White Fang!"

"Correction, she's the Former Leader. Looks like Adam decided to perform a little coup and take over the little club of theirs. From the looks of it, she didn't agree with his little invasion and wanted to punish him. But instead, she ended up as a Tiger-Kebab and lost that throne of hers…" Vlad stared sympathetically for a moment before he shook his head.

"Oh well, there's nothing we can do. We should probably leave before more of those men come looking for their buddies. Not that you couldn't take them…" He turned to fade away before he noticed that look on Jaune's face. "Oh no, you want to save her, don't you?"

Jaune nodded as the man sighed.

"Okay, why in the Nine Underworlds would you ever want to save her?" he asked as he pointed at her. "Did you forget that she's the Former Leader of a Terrorist Organization? Her decision allowed a once peaceful origination to resort to violence and bloodshed. She is in a sense, responsible for allowing Adam to attack Beacon and harm all your friends. Her fate was decided the moment she drew her claws on your kind, better to just leave her in the dirt…."

Jaune was silent as he stared at the unconscious woman before him.

"…Maybe…but I just can't leave her here to die. Doing so would rob whatever humanity I have left…" Jaune said as he held a hand over her wound as it glowed with her aura. "Besides, didn't you see the memory?" Vlad raised an eyebrow. "There was someone else there, a human. Why would a human be inside the White Fang headquarters, they would never let a human inside, let alone allow to get close enough to the throne room? What was more interesting was that he knew Adam…" Vlad hummed in thought.

"You think he may have had some tie to Cinder?"

"I could feel it in her blood. Her memories are still fragmented, but I feel Cinder knew him…which means that we have another face to search for." Jaune explained as the Former King stared before grinning.

"I see…and you want to use her to find Adam? Because if you find Adam, you find that man. You find that man…you find Salem…Clever." He praised as Jaune shook his head

"Whether or not she knows how to find Adam doesn't matter if she's dead." He said as he placed his hand over her stomach. "I have to save her…"

His hand began to glow as he channeled his Light Semblance into her body. The energy rippling and fusing to her own as it recharged and amplified her aura's healing abilities. In the week he spent in the Temple, he also practiced with his fractured Semblance. The process that had made him the New King had drastically altered his Semblance and split it into two forms. One side had the power to give energy and life. While the other side gave him the power to take and absorb into his own.

'Aura Amplification' and 'Aura Assimilation'.

He was the embodiment of Light and Dark…and his semblance reflected it.

"…You know you could just easily drink her blood and find out yourself, right? There's no need to waste energy giving life to a dead woman." Vlad said as Jaune stared with sad red eyes, that for a moment faded to blue.

"I've already taken enough lives… it's time I started saving some."

Vlad rolled his eyes before fading away.

"Very well…the consequences will be on your head…your Highness." The light slowly died down as the grievous wound was replaced with unbroken skin, and her pain-filled breathing had been reduced to calm breaths. He then picked her up and held her in his arms. His shadows wrapping around them before they disappeared into the darkness.

Meanwhile – In a Village In Anima

Silver-Grey eyes peered around the corner, as another set of headlights passed by. He carefully observed the street as made his way across the street. A bag of supplies tucked under his arm as Mercury Black snuck his way through the settlement and took shelter inside an abandoned apartment. He grunted slightly when he felt his left leg started to spark. He had gone too long without maintenance; he no longer had the supplies or Lien to purchase and replace parts.

He quickly made his way to the apartment as he locked himself inside apartment 2319. Locking the latches and checking for any sign of followers. Luckily there was none. He breathed a sigh of relief as he questioned how it came like this?

And the Answer was Cinder.

After the failed invasion, and Cinder getting her killed, they had to leave in hurry. They were supposed to rendezvous with Cinder after the attack and she would take them to her 'allies', somewhere where the authorities couldn't find them. But then she got her ass eaten by that Arc guy, who he swore was no threat before the invasion, and left them stranded in a crumbling city. With no clue what to do next, and without proper guidance they had to bolt.

Leave the Kingdom, avoid the authorities, the White Fang, and forget everything Cinder had told them. She was dead after all, what use was following her orders anymore? But because they had no time to grab his kit or supplies, they barely got by.

Luckily the 'training' he got from his father, and he loathed to say that word, helped him to avoid the authorities after Beacon. He had been on the run for the past five months since Beacon. Which had not been easy since that Ruby chick reported his status to Ironwood, and now there were posters of him and his team all over Vale.

If Cinder were alive, she would've burnt his ass to a crisp.

But she was dead, gone forever from this word, and now he was back to where he used to be. An angry kid with dad issues and metal legs. If he was by himself, he could've easily gotten far from Vale and hiding for the rest of his life.

But he had one problem dragging behind him…Emerald.

He turned to the corner of the room as Emerald sat on the bed, curled up in baa ll and looking like she was devoid of all life. Her red eyes were dull, her body was thin and her hair was long and an absolute mess…

This was all the remains of Emerald Sustrai. Master thief and Cinder's number one devoted follower…now nothing more than a hollow shell of what she used to be.

He sighed as he placed the food on the table. Grabbing one of the sandwiches he placed it in front of the girl. "Eat, there's not much but it should be enough until we get to the border." He said as he walked over and grabbed his own.

"…There's not enough." She mumbled as he sighed.

"I know, but with the way things are it's enough to get by," he said as sat down and picked up a screwdriver. "Now eat up before we move out. I saw some caravans we can sneak on; we can pose as refugees once we get out of the city, but we got to move carefully-!"

"You forgot to grab Cinder's; she'll be very hungry once she gets back."

He stopped as he looked back at her. A faint ghostly smile on her face as her eyes dulled further. "Once Cinder returns, we can head off to the rendezvous point…she'll be waiting for us there…she'll be waiting for us…" Emerald muttered incoherently, mixing up her words either unknowingly or on purpose.

Mercury gripped his fist as he restrained himself.

He hated that she was like this now. Broken and deluded, unaccepting of the facts that Cinder was dead and gone. He had tried to break her out of it, but every time he tried, she'd start screaming and crying making it harder to avoid the authorities. It was only when he indulged in her fantasy that enabled her to calm down. He would've left her behind, but that would've made him just as bad as his old man and even Cinder.

"…Don't worry…Cinder…went scouting ahead, she will be there. But for now, just eat." He said as he gripped his fist but sighed when he heard her food wrapper rustling and she ate.

He shook his head as he got back to work. They sat in silence as Emerald continued to stare blankly at the linen of the bedsheets while Mercury continued to fix his leg, ear open for any sudden noises that weren't related to either him or Emerald. But what he was more worried about, was running into that thing that killed Cinder.

'Damn it! I should've never gotten involved with that crazy bitch! When she said this would be an easy job, I didn't expect to be on the run from the authorities and some vampire-looking motherfucker! Seriously! This is way above my pay grade!' he mentally cursed as he stripped the screw and was forced to leave it be. 'Now I'm on the run with a busted leg and a delusional fangirl! Sigh…I shouldn't have killed my old man, then he'd have to deal with this bullshit!'

Suddenly he heard something as he snapped his head to the door. Grabbing one of Emerald's weapons and aimed it at the door, as he slowly approached it. His ears trained and his sense heightened as he prepared for the worst-case scenario…

Suddenly the window smashed open and a bull-horned man with a familiar red sword jumped inside. Emerald screamed and Mercury fired as the bullet only deflected off the man's blade and made it glow red.

"You can't hide from me Darling!" the man yelled as he rushed and clashed the blade against Mercury. "Did you honestly think I wouldn't check our old hideouts!?" he then kicked Mercury as he slammed into the wall. "You can't hide from me forever, Blake! I will-! Wait," the man suddenly stopped as he looked at him. "You're not…"

"Cough! Yeah! I'm not your ex-girlfriend or whatever the hell she was with you!" Mercury growled as he got back up.

Mercury looked up as he was face-to-face with Adam Taurus, the leader of the Vale Division of the White Fang. "You…you're one of Cinder's lackeys, correct? What are you doing in one of Blake's old hideouts?" Adam asked as Mercury looked around.

"What this dump? We were just hiding from the authorities until you showed up. We didn't know this was one of your guy's hideouts." Mercury said as he looked over to see if Emerald was okay, sighing when she continued to mutter under her breath about Cinder.

"This was my darlings' old hideout. After Beacon I assumed, she would've held up in one of them, so I had my spies keep an eye on them. When I got word of movement in one of them, I assumed it was her." Adam explained as he sheathed his sword. "I am surprised to see you here, given what happened to your…associate?" he asked as Mercury scoffed.

"Wasn't easy, Atlas troops moved in quick and practically swarmed our original rendezvous point. Cinder was supposed to take us to her allies, but with her…gone…we've been on our own." He said as Adam nodded.

"I see…well it just so happens; I have one of her associates with me" he gestured as a large man entered the room. Mercury was cautious as the large man looked over them.

"This is…unexpected," he said as he looked at the two. "My Mistress will be pleased to hear that you two survived."

"And who the hell are you?" Mer y asked, skeptical of the man who claimed to know Cinder.

"My name is Hazel Rainart, you can say Cinder and I worked together. I was here organizing an alliance with the new…Leader of the White Fang when we got the alert." There was a hint of disdain on his voice, but Mercury ignored it. "I am sorry for her loss, but more importantly," he looked over to Emerald who was still in her trance. "Did her…ability, get transferred to her?" he asked as Mercury shrugged his shoulders.

"No clue, she's been like this ever since. If she has it, she hasn't shown it." He said as Hazel nodded.

"I see, I think it would be best if you accompany me to Mistral. I will have my Mistress of this development, but I believe that your skills would be essential in acquiring the Relic from the Vault."

"No" Mercury suddenly said as Hazel raised a brow.

'Excuse me?"

"I said 'No', I am done with all this weird shit! I did not sign up for any of this! Hell, I thought that this was just going to be a simple job! Cause some chaos, steal something from the school, and then get paid, that's it! Next thing I know there's Grimm listening to humans! Some crazy thing about chicks with magic, and then some crazy Vampire dude that snapped a Wyvern's Neck and sucked my income source dry!" he yelled as Hazel only stared.

"Cinder always said, 'You only know what you need to know', well I don't want to know anything else! Because of her, I'm on the run, I got a busted prosthetic and mentally scarred brat who can't get over the fact that Cinder is Dead!" he yelled, only realizing too late.

Emerald's eyes snapped open wide as painful memories of Cinder's demise rushed through her head. Her body slowly withering away into a dried husky as a dark silhouette stood over her with blood-red eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as she clutched her head. Her scream of terror was so loud it nearly caused Adam to falter as his sensitive hearing felt like it was being attacked by Banshee Grimm. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CINDER! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, bellowed, and sobbed as tears sprung forth from her eyes.

"Shit!" Mercury cursed as he managed to grab a hold of her shoulders. "H-Hey! It's okay! It's okay! Cinder is all right! She's not dead!" he tried to calm her down, but all she did was keep screaming. Her nails clawing into her scalp as if she was trying to dig the memory out of her brain. If it continued any longer, she would end up hurting herself.

"Ah fuck this!" he had no choice as he slammed his fist into her stomach and knocked her out.

He sighed in relief when she passed out and he placed her on the bed. He looked over to Hazel and Adam, as he glared. "See what I have to deal with now because I got involved. If I had known killing my old man would lead to this, I would've given it a second thought. So, I am out."

Hazel sighed as he nodded his head.

"I understand. I will however take the girl with me; she may be of use to my Master and she might be able to heal her fractured mind. This will at least helps us verify if the Maiden's power had been transferred to her." He said as Mercury nodded. At least this way he knew she would be safe and out of his hands.

Hazel walked over as he picked up the unconscious girl and carried her out of the room, but not before stopping at the door.

"I should warn you though, my Mistress doesn't like loose ends and if ordered to…I will not hesitate to kill you. I hope you don't come to regret your choice." He spoke as he and Adam walked out of the room, leaving Mercury alone with his thoughts as he slumped down into the chair. His fist tightened as he slammed it into the table and let a myriad of curses out of his lips as he found himself once again where he was years ago…


Adam, Hazel, and the unconscious Emerald continued to walk away as Adam smirked at how things were going his way. With Sienna out of the way and the humans blamed for her death, the White Fang was now his. With the powerful allies to help, he would reach his goal of wiping out the humans. It was good to be the High Leader.

"High Leader, Sir." He looked over to one of his lieutenants as he walked over and whispered something into his ear.

"What!?" he hissed drawing Hazel's attention.

"Is something wrong?" he asked as Adam shook his head.

"Nothing, just White Fang business. I'll handle it." He assured, as the man nodded and continued to walk away, while Adam turned to his Lieutenant with a glare.

'What do you mean the execution team is dead!?" he hissed as he grabbed the man by the collar.

"We found the team dead, someone attacked them and killed all of them. The Team leader was…was burnt alive." The man said as Adam cursed.

"Damn it! And Sienna's corpse?"

"Wasn't with the dead." He informed as Adam cursed.

"Damn it! Why would they take her corpse! It doesn't make sense! ...unless…" a daunting thought came over him. "Unless she survived." He dreaded as he in his mind saw his dreams begin to crumble. Once the truth of Sienna's 'Death' came to light. He had to contain this.

"Inform our assassin unit, tell them to hunt down and kill Sienna Khan and whoever helped her. If anyone asks, inform them that humans took her corpse and are using a decoy to spread lies about us. They cannot know the truth." He ordered as the man nodded and left to fulfill his orders.

Adam gripped his fist as he snarled. "Sienna Khan…" he growled, "Where are you?"

Abandoned village

Amber eyes opened once again as Sienna starred up at an unfamiliar ceiling. It was not the medical facility at the White Fang Headquarters, that much she could tell. Whatever this place was it was abandoned long ago. She slowly sat up, expecting to feel intense pain in her abdomen. But was shocked to find her wound completely healed and not even a scar present.

'What the hell?' she thought as she fingered the torn cloth and untarnished skin. 'I could've sworn that Adam…' she looked around as she tried to make heads or tails of what was going on. 'Last I remember Adam had betrayed me, he took the White Fang from me, stabbed me in the stomach then ordered his men to drag me into the forest and then…'

Her memories came rushing back of a strange man appearing before them and then absolutely destroying them.

She jumped off the bed as she quickly searched for the thing that had killed her former colleges. "W-What the hell was that thing!?" she asked herself as she looked around. "Did it – did it take me back to its lair or something!?" she looked around for any sign of him. "I need to get out of here, find my way back and take the White Fang from Adam's clutches!" she hissed unaware of a shadow rising behind her.

"Who knows what that thing has planned for me?"

"And what pray tell do I have planned?"

Her eyes widened as she snapped around and attempted to claw at the man's face. Only for him to catch her hand at the last second. "If this is how you treat your rescuers, I'd hate to be your enemy." She struggled to remove her hand as if felt as if it was caught in a vice. "I can understand you're scared, but I can assure I mean you no harm. If I wanted to harm you, I would've simply left you in the forest."

She stopped as his red eyes glared into her. "Besides, you saw what I can do. You know that nothing you do can hurt me. So why don't you sit down, and we can talk." He asked as the woman glared before sighing and nodding.

Jaune let go of her arm as she sat down. "Thank you." He said as he walked over to a small armchair and sat down.

"Who, or, what are you?" she asked as the man looked at himself as he chuckled.

"You know, I'm still trying to figure that out myself." He lifted his hand as it radiated with the powers of Darkness. "Let's just say I made a deal that gave me the power to save the ones I love. But also cost me the chance to have a normal life. But for now, you can just call me, Jaune."

"Jaune? Like the colour yellow…" she said with a raised brow as she looked over his dark black and red. "Your name doesn't seem to match." She said as he chuckled.

"Yeah, but it's the only thing I have of my old life. So, I'll keep it until a time I can no longer remember it." He said with a solemn expression.

"Okay, Jaune, why did you rescue me?"

"Oh that, well for starters I couldn't just let them kill now could I. even if you are the leader of a Terrorist Organization. Sienna Khan." He said as her eyes widened, and she instantly prepared herself to fight but relaxed a little when he held up his hand. "Relax, like I said I'm not going to hurt you. But when I found who you were, I was little…conflicted, about what to do with you." He admitted as he glared into her eyes with his alluring red.

"Your Organization has been attacking humans for five years since you took over, turned it from its peaceful roots to hating anything human. You're no better than the humans you fight against." He accused as she stood up in anger.

"That's not true! I did what was necessary for my people! For years we had been pushed around by you humans, getting little in terms of respect or common decency! For God's sake our 'Gift' for our contributions to the Great War! Was a small desert island with barely enough land to sustain us! Your kind even had the gull to call it Menagerie! We know what that word means, and we couldn't stand by it!" she glared back as he merely stared.

"So, you take control, start radical movements and harm people just to get your point across?" he asked as she glared.

"I don't expect you to understand."

"I understand some of it is justified but others…not so much. Especially with that rabid bull, you had under your control…well, former control anyway." She flinched as she clenched her teeth. "It looks to me like you lost control of him and he used that to take your place. Now, instead of a rational leader at the helm, your organization is run by the psychopath that in all honesty just wants everything to burn…face it, Sienna…you fucked up," he said as she clenched her fist.

"Fortunately for you…I want to help you."

She blinked in confusion as he smirked. "What?" she asked, wondering if her hearing was off.

"You heard me; I want to help you retake your throne. Take back what was stolen from you and make Adam pay." He offered as she glared at him, suspiciously.

"…Why? Why would you want to help me?" she asked as Jaune held up his palm and allowed blood to seep from his skin until It formed the man that she met at her Headquarters.

"In your blood, I saw your memories, I know you encountered this man who was working with Adam. He's a link to someone I need to…find…and the only way I can do that is if I find Adam. Right now Adam is probably planning another attack, so charging the White Fang Headquarters would be a bust and this man he's working with will have retreated to his 'Masters' fortress and out of my reach…But you know Adam, you know where he would go and what he'll do next. I'll help you get back your throne, but in return, I'll need your help." He offered as she scoffed.

"And what? Let the White Fang become some tool for you to use and throw away!?" she stood up in anger. "Do you think me a fool!? I will not allow you or anyone to use the White Fang to further some human agenda! Our kind has been pawns enough! And I will not"


a blast of dark energy shot out and forced her back as Jaune's eyes glowed red. "Do you honestly think I care about your little politics? About this little turf war between Humans and Faunus? You blind fool, there is a greater threat out there and you are already her pawn!" Jaune's voice echoed with the power of Darkness as he towered over her and the room was shrouded in shadows.

"The War I'm a part of is a war that has been waged in the Darkness for centuries! Using others as their chess pieces, while manipulating the lives of others to do their dirty work!" the floor beneath his feet cracked and red eyes quickly surrounded her as fear gripped her heart. "Already she has taken over your order and will use them to do unspeakable evils!"

His form towered over her as his red eyes almost shone in rage.

"If you continue this blind anger of yours, you will end up accomplishing nothing! And you would be no better than a corpse in the dirt!" his anger flooded out as she shook in terror. "What I am offering you is a chance to do the right thing! To put aside petty squabbles and do what everyone on this planet should have done from the start, stand together!" one last blast of darkness radiated out as the walls cracked.

Jaune snarled before he noticed the look of terror in her eyes as he calmed down and pulled back the shadows. Sienna was stunned as the man sighed and looked at her with soft red eyes.

"The person I'm facing…she's powerful, more powerful than I currently I am, and if I don't stop her everyone will die. I need time to gather my strength and disrupt her plans. I have my plan to deal with her, but to do this I'll need your help. If you take control of the White Fang again, help humanity instead of fighting it, and supply me with intel. it'll buy me the time I need to gain strength. If you do, I promise I will make sure your people are treated right."

Sienna swallowed her fear as she folded her arms. "We were promised the same thing long ago…how do I know you'll be any different?" Jaune nodded as he held up his hand and held it out to her.

"Because when I make a promise…I keep it."

Sienna stared at the man as she looked into his red eyes to see if there was even a hint of deception in them. But when she looked into his eyes, all she could see was the truth. There was something about him that just made her want to trust him. Plus, weighing her options she needed an ally to take down Adam. The man before her had managed to kill several of Adam's Elite without so much as a drop of sweat, power like that could be exactly what she needed.

She placed her hand in his, "Deal." They shook hands and nodded. "So, what's your plan?"

"My goal is to reach Haven, there is someone there who had a hand in the Attack on Beacon. He may be able to provide me with the necessary intel I need to hunt down my enemies. But with finding Adam first and taking back the White Fang from his clutches is a priority. I've seen what he is capable of and your memories have shown more of what I did not know…I may be a monster, but he is the definition of it. The longer he's a tool of my enemy, the more damage he'll cause. From your memories I know he plans to attack Haven next, but how is still a mystery. The people he is working with can be unpredictable. Do you know of any safehouses he would use?" Jaune asked as she shook her head.

"Adam was more secretive than I knew. I was aware he had safe houses, everyone in the White Fang did, but he never told us where he was. I assume he did so in case his coup failed, and he needed to hide…"

"What about taking you to allies? People that are still loyal to you, once they find out you're alive."

"Adam by now would've already begun covering his tracks. He may even claim that I am some sort of 'human trick' to cast doubt on his leadership. With his charisma and the right Semblance, it would be hard to convince the rest…" she sighed as she rests her hand on her forehead. "The only possible person I could rely on is Ghira, but we haven't spoken in years since my takeover, and he's all the way on Menagerie…I doubt he would want to help me of all people."

Jaune placed his hand on his chin as he pondered his next course of action. Getting to Haven was important and dealing with Lionheart, but not if Adam was still on the loose and no doubt sending assassins kill Sienna. But those Assassins could provide him with information, willing or otherwise, about Adam's next move. Which would bring him closer to the big man that was with him and help him learn more of Salem's next move?

He could also track down this Ghira person she was talking about, Sienna's memories revealed he was the former leader before her, and…

That he was Blake's Father…

His fist tightened as he remembered the look of horror on her and all his friend's faces. The memory of their fear…It pained him to be seen like that…like he was a monster…then again, isn't that what he was now?

He didn't regret the choice he made, it had to be done. Otherwise, Cinder would've killed Pyrrha and Beacon would have fallen into Salem's hands. This was his path now, and where It led was his choice…

"Well we're not going to find help here; we know he's going after Haven. So, we wait for him there. When he makes his move, we take him down." Jaune said as he moved to the door before grabbing a cloak, he took from one of the Bandits. "Here, put this on." He threw it to her as she caught it.

"We need to keep a low profile, if you're right about Adam, then his assassins will be on the way. I'll protect you as best I can. But only if you listen to me and do exactly as I say, understood?" he asked as Sienna stared at the patchy cloth before sighing.

"Yes," She reluctantly said as she threw the cloak over her shoulder and pulled the hood over her head. Jaune nodded as they both exited the broken home.

Jaune looked around at the destroyed village and the empty streets as it made him think.

How many villages had suffered from a similar fate? Innocent lives unknowingly dragged into death and conflict. This War had dragged a lot of innocent people into dark depths. friends because of the Relics hiding under the schools, his partner by learning of the Maidens. His friends and their families, how many had been dragged into this war? This chaotic struggle between, if Vlad's memories were correct, a marital dispute and the error of the God's choice? How much longer would it go on, how many more lives were going to be destroyed by it?

It was then that he made his decision

'…No one else,' he thought as he and Sienna walked out of the village and his eyes were set. 'This ends with me.'

Meanwhile in a small Village

Emerald green eyes looked upon the many tavern dwellers as she kept her hood and cloak over her head. She and the rest of her team had decided to stop in a small town, just a few miles from Takefu Village. They had been on the move for a week since they were teleported to Anima by Raven. Searching for clues to Jaune's location. They heard rumors two days ago about a group of bandits that tried to ambush a traveler, only to be beaten close to death and their leader 'disarmed' in the process.

The only reason they were still all was their attacker ordered them to spread his message and his mark. Warning anyone that would listen of the man, nay monster, who would hunt down anyone brave enough, or dumb enough, to attack unarmed civilians.

If it wasn't for the fact that the mark matched the one that was carved into the now decimated Branwen Camp and the ravings of the last surviving member, they would've blown it off.

But now bandits were afraid. They feared the man who took down the strongest bandit tribe in Anima. They feared the beast that took on a whole Grimm attack and saved the lives of an entire village.

They feared the Black Death.

Which meant that Pyrrha was on the track. If what she had gathered was correct, then it meant that they were getting closer to Jaune. She knew he was last seen in Takefu Village, and Shion before these rumors began. She managed to estimate the location of the Branwen Tribe, thanks to an informant they stumbled across. Gathering that, and eyewitness accounts from traders that visited the town of Takefu, Pyrrha knew exactly where they had to go next.

She looked up from the table as Ren, Nora and Ruby walked over to her. A plate of food and a drink in their hands as they set it down in front of her.

"Eat up," Ren said as he sat down to his own food. "We're still two days out from Takefu, and you need to eat." She nodded in appreciation. It had been a while since she last ate.

"Thank you, Ren." She said as she picked up her knife and fork. "I'm sorry I haven't been eating lately, I'm just anxious. We're so close to finding Jaune. But the closer we seem to get, the further away he seems to move."

"He seems to be heading somewhere, so it's not just randomly walking…" Ruby said as she pondered, "Maybe he's heading for Haven? I mean that's where Cinder was registered from, maybe there's a clue there?"

"Possible. We don't know what happened when Jaune…killed her…he may have gained some sort of ability to learn from his enemy." Ren guessed as Nora raised a brow.

"What like a Vampire from those old Anime's?" Nora asked

"Wait, are we talking about the OVA or the Original that diverted from the Manga?" Ruby followed up as Nora pondered.

"Focus!" Pyrrha snapped, "Look the point is Jaune is heading East, in the same direction as Mistral, and that is the only logical reason for anyone to go there. Why he's going there is a mystery, but we need to catch up and fast." She said as she returned to her food while going over the maps.

Ren and the others looked at each other as Ruby placed a comforting hand on hers. "Pyrrha," the champion looked up as Ruby smiled. "We're going to find him, don't worry." She said as Ruby nodded with her.

"Yeah, and once we do, we'll drag his butt back and sort out this whole mess," Nora said as Pyrrha smiled and nodded to her friends.

"Thanks…" she said as she returned to her food.

Ren on the other hand, while in support of everyone, looked over the maps as his eyes settled on a certain location in Jaune's predicted path. A location he had not been to in some years and was hesitant to pass through. He looked over to his friends as they chatted amongst themselves and to his orange-haired partner, as memories of a long time ago resurfaced. His fist tightened as he pushed down his fear and hesitation.

'Mother, Father…One day I swear you will be avenged. But first, I must save my brother, before we lose him too…' he silently vowed as he returned to the conversation.

Meanwhile, miles away a man in a dark brown trench coat looked towards the town as a maniacal grin spread across his lips. A flash of steel hidden beneath his sleeves as he stalked his prey, eager to secure eternal gratitude from his one and only Goddess.

"This…hehehehehe…will be fun"

Omake: Bloody Surprise

A short distance from a small town, Jaune and Sienna were camped under the stars as they decided to rest for the night. They did this due to Jaune's concern that Assassins were hiding in the village and his wanted poster. So, he used this to practice his Blood Grimm Ability. So far, he was limited to small creatures, like the Blood Raven's. But he wanted to make something else, something that could sneak past enemy lines.

Sienna looked up from her resting spot as she spotted the man that saved her as he seemed to be concentrating. "What are you doing?" she asked as he turned his head to her.

"Practicing." He merely replied and focused again as his dark aura began to surge.

"…Practicing what?" she asked as he sighed.

"I have this…ability to make these…familiars, one of them is on the lookout up there." He pointed to a blood-red Raven as it sat nestled in the trees. "I made him: using my own blood and I'm trying to create something new by replicating the procedure." He explained as a cut opened on his palm and blood began to pool on the ground, something she winced at.

"Urgh…So, what are you…creating?" she asked as Jaune hummed slightly.

"Something different from the Raven's. Something stealthy, silent, and ready to kill." He said as he focused his thoughts and poured them into the orb of Blood that began to form at his feet, growing larger by the second.

The blood orb suddenly began to squirm and wiggle, as if it was an egg about to hatch. "And we're about to find out what we got." He said hoping for a powerful Blood Grimm to fight by his side….

Only for the Orb to shrink at the last second and popped like a balloon, leaving a small Fox-like creature with Blood Red fur, Black Paws, and two bushy tails swishing back and forth behind it. Jaune looked down at the small creature, as it looked up to him with its black eyes and released the most adorable 'Yip' he had ever heard.

"…Okay…I wasn't expecting that." He turned his words to his mind, as he glared at the astral Former King that appeared before him. 'Vlad! What the hell is this!? I thought you said I could create whatever Grimm I wanted!?'

"Yes, I did. But right now, you don't have the necessary control over what you make. You tried to make something you weren't ready for, and this is what you get. Small things like the Ravens are easy, but big things like a Beowulf are harder. So, instead, you got this…thing…" Vlad looked at the Blood Fox.

"What were you trying to make anyway?"

'I don't know, something stealthy and deadly?' He looked back at the small Fox staring at him. 'But it certainly wasn't this?'

"…Uh…I'll admit, it's ferociously adorable, but what does it do?" she asked as the Fox looked between them.

"I honestly don't have a clue, when I made him, I wanted it to be big and strong." He said as he talked to the Former High Leader, all while the Fox's ears picked up the sound of a small Raccoon as it looked towards the brown creature. "Maybe his abilities got mixed up and became something else?" he suggested, as the Fox silently stalked the Raccoon.

"Well, it doesn't seem that intimidating…" she looked over as the Blood Fox pounced and missed the Raccoon, falling on its small rump. "Are you going to, undo it?" she asked as Jaune looked if she was guessing right, appalled.

"What? I'm not going to undo it; I don't even know if I can? Besides…" he walked over as he picked up the small thing. "It's kind of cute…I'm going to keep it. Maybe it'll show its true powers later." He scratched the Fox's' ears as it relished the scratches. "And how could anyone be mad at this face?"

Sienna looked at the Fox as its black eyes seemed to widen somehow and appeared even cuter than before. It was taking all her endurance to stop her from snatching it from him and keeping it for her own.

"…I…suppose not." She looked away with a faint blush on her cheeks. "Well, I'm going to have to risk it and go into town to grab some supplies," she said as she dressed in her cloak.

"I'll keep close in case there are Assassins," he put down the Fox as it looked up to him. "You stay here and watch the camp, okay?" he ordered as the small Fox nodded at its master who proceeded to shrink into the shadows and slither away into the town.

The small Fox stared at the retreating forms before they were far away.

Its ears suddenly picked up a large Ursa Major that stumbled upon the unfamiliar Blood Grimm. The two creatures stared at each other, as the Ursa couldn't make heads or tails of the creature. It wasn't natural, but it wasn't one of them. So, relying on its instincts, it decided to consume the small creature. It wasn't uncommon for Grimm to eat animals, and this red blood-smelling creature looked delicious.

So, with a big powerful stride in its step, it walked towards the Fox eager to eat it whole…

That was until the fox's jaws opened and black tendrils shot out of its mouth, latching onto the Grimm. The Blood foxes' eyes glowing red as the Ursa roared in fear, a first for its kind, as it struggled in vain to crawl away from the Fox. Until the tendrils pulled it back and devoured the Ursa whole.

The small fox swallowed, returned to its normal shape, and released a small satisfied burp afterward.

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