Reimu woke up, she had regained her human body and was able to walk and grab things again. She was most excited to not be an engine anymore. Reimu walked around, it was dark, the sky was a jet black. The only thing that was in this void was a track and trackbed. Rails and ties went on for oblivion.

Reimu walked, faster and faster, then she was jogging. She then found herself running. She broke out into a fast flight and was zooming above the track. Reimu then slammed right into a big building. She landed with a thud and looked up at the building's signage, it read "National Railway Museum".

She walked inside and saw a grand room, filled with steam locomotives. They were red and green and brown and blue, all seemed to be a useful crew.

The engines had faces and they looked to be sleeping. Then, one by one, the engines dissolved and in their place were human bodies. They woke up, one was a young man, dressed in blue.

"You did it!" he yelled.

"Thomas? What are you talking about-" the old man stopped talking.

"Edward! This girl! She saved us!"

"She did what?" said a thin man in green.

"She saved us!"

The men, all dressed in the livery of their railway counterparts all stood up and asked who saved them.

"But I didn't save you!" said Reimu, "Yukari did!"

"I don't care who saved us!" said a man in brown.

"Don't worreh lil' lassie." said a Scottish man.

"We are all so grateful." said a large haughty man.

"You broke the curse!" said Thomas.

Suddenly, a gap opened, Yukari came and told everybody to get inside. The National Railway Museum began to collapse and everybody got inside Yukari's gap (Fine, whatever). Reimu was the last to enter and a steel beam nearly missed her.

Everybody, walked through Yukari Yakumo's gap space, as the eyes in its purple sky watch down from above.

"Thomas, I don't like this place."

"Percy, it'd be alright."

Soon, Yukari told everybody to enter another gap. Just as Reimu entered with everybody else, she blacked out.