Reimu Hakurei woke up in her futon, inside her shrine. She was gasping hard and rapid. She felt herself all over and she laughed in relief.

"I'm not an engine anymore! I'm not an engine anymore! I'm not...I'll have to break this habit of repeating myself." she said gleefully.

She walked out of the shrine building and saw that the shrine was in disarray. Leaves and dirt was all over the pathway, water had collected in the donation box. Reimu was scarred to look inside, "Are the pounds, still there?"

She opened the box and saw the 10 notes of British currency still in there. "It wasn't a dream." said Reimu, her voice as flat as a loli's chest.

She picked up the bills and they disintegrated into gold colored dust and the wind blew it away. Reimu stood there for what felt like ages and soon set to cleaning up her shrine. It had been a half hour of sweeping until Marisa arrived. She was unnaturally quiet and only watched Reimu sweep. The sound of the brushing broom was the only sound that was heard, Marisa plucked up courage and said "It wasn't a dream? Wasn't it?"

Reimu stopped and starred out into the valley, "I wish it was just that, a dream."

"I hope the hakutaku eats the history of what had happened." said Marisa.

"Marisa." said Reimu.

"Reimu?" replied Marisa.

"I don't want to ever go through that experience ever again, I'd rather be in a dirty doujin. The kind were I got defeated by some hoodlums and they...they...did things, they even drugged me Marisa."

"I know, I read it."

Reimu was reeling from her experience as an LBSCR E2. Marisa was trying to console her friend. But they heard the sound of footsteps approach the shrine. The footsteps grew louder and louder until they saw who was walking towards them.

One was an old man with white hair and a bushy handlebar mustache, he was dressed as if he was a noble, medals adorn his chest. Behind him were two other men, though much younger, they still appeared quite mature.

"What are you doing here you old man?"

The old man appeared offended, "Impudent scallywag! Calling me that would never suit his grace!" he continued, "Back in my day! People were-

"Seen and not heard grandpuff, we know." said the two other men.

"Who are you?" asked Reimu.

"I'm Duke. I'm sure Yukari told you about me, I was the one to tell her how to escape Sodor." he said.

"And who are your friends." asked Marisa.

"I'm Peter Sam." said the man in green.

"I'm Sir Handel." said the man in blue.

"For you services in helping us escape our prison. I'm giving a grand donation to your shrine." said Duke.

"If your giving me Pounds Stirling, then your out of your mind!" cried Reimu.

"No. I'm giving the gifts of my homeland's empire."

Peter Sam and Sir Handel snickered.

"What's so funny?" asked Duke.

"Britian doesn't have an empire anymore!" they both said.

Duke turned back to Reimu, "Anyway, I'm leaving you materials from our former empire."

Duke snapped his fingers and the two other men went down and brought up gifts for Reimu. These included: Silk from Hong Kong, cotton and opium from India, gems from South Africa, gold from Sudan, oil from Palestine, alcohol from Ireland, slate from Wales, more alcohol from Scotland, spices from the West Indies, jewelry from Egypt, and tea, lots of tea.

"This is so kind of you, Duke." said Reimu, in total disbelief of what had just happened.

"Now, something from me." said Duke, "Since her majesty isn't here, I'll have to do it."

Duke told Reimu to kneel down, despite Marisa's protests. Duke pulled out a saber from his side holster and held the flat side down. He placed the saber on Reimu's shoulders, first on the left, then on the right. Duke said "I knight thee Lady Reimu Hakurei, house-"

"Shrine, grandpuff." corrected Peter Sam.

"-Shrine of Hakurei."

"How Reimu?" said Marisa, "How did you got a knighthood? Here? In of all places, Gensokyo?"

"I don't know Marisa." said Reimu.

Suddenly! Reimu remembered something,"Hold on! I have to see if Sakuya's alright!"

Reimu set off at once to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Reimu arrived at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She wandered the halls, calling Sakuya's name.

"Sakuya!" she yelled, "Sakuya!"

Reimu got increasingly worried and sad, minutes passed and she still called out for Sakuya. She soon stopped, and dropped down to the floor.

"No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no...Sakuya's dead!"

Remilia saw Reimu and approached her. "What do you want?" said Remilia.

"Is Sakuya here?"

Remilia paused dramatically, she sat down on the floor with Reimu and told her as plain as beige and Cheerios, "Sakuya is dead. I didn't find her in her quarters, the thing I have found is her watch and her knives."

Reimu and Remilia grieved together, until Hong Meiling walked in, "Remilia, this woman is here to see you."

Then walked in a young girl, she had black hair, a t-shirt that read "F.Q.R." and a skirt that had the design of a black and yellow warning panel.

"Who are you?" asked Remilia.

"I'm Mavis." said the girl, "Sorry about your head maid."

"Its alright. Why are you here?"

"I came to get a job. I heard that you were missing a head maid, and so, here I am."

"Have any experiences? Any references?"

"I used to work in a quarry. No references I'm afraid, they all disappeared with the rest of Sodor."

"You start today." said Remilia, "Say? Did you have a last name?"

"I don't remember mine."

Remilia stopped to think, "How about I give you the namesake of Izayoi."

"That sounds like a great last name!"

"Mavis Izayoi?" said Reimu, confused, "That seems to me like an odd name."

"It doesn't matter Reimu! I have a new head maid now. Mavis, get me a glass of Type B."

"Right, mistress." said Mavis and she walked away.

"I hope she learns how to be Sakuya. Time manipulation and everything."

"I don't think we can replace Sakuya." said Reimu.

"I think we should have services, in her memory."

"That's sounds like a great idea, Remilia."


For the first time ever, Reimu was no longer suspect of Remilia. They for once had agreed to be friends and to help out with each other. Even with the issue of the new people that Gensokyo suddenly has.