A large amount of people came to the party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The fairy maids were distributing all sorts of appetizers to the guests, all of them directed by Sakuya Izayoi of course.

Reimu and Marisa came together, in case something should occur. Even the Yakumo's were there. Upon seeing Yukari, Reimu became sure that something is about to go down.

Remilia was entertaining some guests, when Reimu pulled her aside.

"What are you up to this time?" confronted Reimu.

"Nothing. I just wanted a party with those I know." said Remilia, calmly.

"Nothing! Your always up to something? What are you doing this time? Turning the leaves red!" accused Reimu.

"Don't be ridiculous, Reimu. I'm only holding a party, just a party." said Remilia.

"I remember that bikini party and we had a butt contest! That didn't go well!"

"Relax, Reimu, that was only a doujin! Those are non-canon anyway."

"It didn't feel 'non-canon' to me!"

Suddenly, Reimu saw someone at the corner of her eye. Someone familiar, she let go of Remilia and followed the figure. She walked over and saw it was the stout gentleman from earlier. He was wandering down the halls of the mansion. She followed him, she saw the man turn a corner. Then she walked to him and saw two men in blue hats and uniform.

"There's one of them!" said one.

"Let's get her!" shouted the other.

Reimu ran away, the two blue uniformed men chased after her. Reimu jumped into the air and flew to the top of the ceiling and turned around the corners of the many halls. It didn't take long before Reimu lost them.

"I must warn the others!" thought Reimu.

She returned to the main area where the guests were. She shouted as loud as she could, "There's men in blue clothes! We're in another dirty doujin!"

The guests panicked! Remilia was intrigued, but Sakuya how every was wary. The guest ran around aimlessly, some tried to leave out the main door, but that was mysteriously locked shut!

Soon, men in blue uniforms blocked every exit and closed in on the guests, herding them to the center of the room.

"Are you going to screw us?" asked Chen, who was scared.

"Your not going to touch any one of us! I won't let you do such dirty things to us!"

"You are so close, yet so wrong!" came a voice.

There, walking towards the center of the room, was the stout gentleman.

"I will never do such things to you. I have a wife you know!" he said.

"Then w-what are you going to do to us?!" said Reimu.

"You will soon find out."

Reimu walked backwards, until she bumped into somebody, before she could turn back and looked at who she bumped into. Something hit her on top of her head, she blacked out instantly. As she blacked out, she heard the slams of clubs and many, many screams.