Reimu regained consciousness. She opened her eyes, she saw that she was in a dark shed. Light peered through the windows, showing just enough for Reimu to see. She tried to move, but she couldn't. Reimu's body felt cold. She tried moving again, but she noticed that she didn't have arms or legs, but she could still see out.

"What has happened to me?" she thought.

Then all of a sudden, she felt her body begin to warm. She smelt fire, and she was about to scream "Fire!", when the shed doors opened. She now could move by herself. But instead of steps, there was a chuffing noise, like steam entering a piston and escaping out. She heard similar noises coming from beside her.

She then heard a voice, she recognized as Marisa's.

"Reimu?" she asked, surprised, "Why are you a steam engine?"

Reimu looked down at herself, instead of seeing her chest and feet, she had a running board and buffers. She rested on top of metal rails with wooden planks beneath her called 'ties'.

Marisa looked at Reimu, Reimu had six small wheels, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome. Reimu had become an LBSCR E2 tank engine! Reimu looked at Marisa, she had four wheels, a saddle tank covering what had became her boiler with a protruding firebox, which Marisa could see out of. Marisa had become a saddle tank engine made from parts from Avonside and Hunslet.

Reimu looked at the others, she heard a scream. It had belonged to Aya Shameimaru.

"AH! What's happened to me?!" she said.

Reimu looked at Aya, she had become an LNER Gresley A1 Pacific, and had the number 4 written on her tender.

"Oh no, Yukari!" came a voice.

It was Yuyuko Saigyouji, she had become an LMS Stanier Class 5.

"What is it, Yuyuko?" said Yukari, who sounded the most calm.

Yukari herself was a Furness Railway K2 Larger Seagull. Reimu heard more voices and saw they had become engines. Fujiwara no Mokou had become a LY&R Class 28 with a leading pony truck. Keine Kamishirasawa had become a LNER J20 steam tram. Last but not least, was Sanae Kochiya, she had become a GWR 47xx pannier tank engine. The girls marveled and gasped at their new forms. The only one calm was Yukari who said, "At least we're not in one of those dirty doujins."

They heard someone clearing their throat. It wasn't any of them, they all looked right in front of them. It was the stout gentleman.

"What? What did you do you bastard!" said Reimu.

"You shall not call me a 'bastard', you shall call me by my name, Sir Topham Hatt! Fat Controller is fine, that I'll slide."

"Why did you do this to us? You Fat Controller!" said Sanae.

"HiT Entertainment stole the souls of my engines and I needed replacements. I came to Gensokyo and saw who I really needed. So I stole your souls and placed them in my engines. I even repainted them, to suit you." he said.

Sir Topham Hatt pointed at Reimu, Yukari, and Aya. "You three used to be blue with red stripes."

He directed his attention to Sanae, "You used to be Great Western green, now you wear a much muted version of the color."

Sanae's water tanks still read "GWR".

"Keine, you were brown. Yuyuko used to be green, and you Mokou..."

"Yes?" said Mokou.

"Your still red, but with thicker white lining! Sort of like Reimu over there."

"How do you know our names?" asked Reimu.

"That is for me to know and you to find out." said Sir Topham Hatt.

"Here are today's orders. Aya, you are our number 4, your my main express engine, you share the same class as the Flying Scotsman, so you can go pretty fast."

"Yes!" said Aya, now knowing that she could still go fast, something only a tengu would understand.

"Mokou, your my number 5. Your a mixed traffic engine, you'll pull either goods or passengers."

The Fat Controller continued to give orders, Yuyuko was on goods duties and covering the express for Aya. Yukari was to manage her own branchline and be the banking engine for a place known by the Fat Controller to be "Gordon's Hill". As for Reimu, Marisa, and Keine. They were going to be on the Ffarquar branchline. Reimu was told she had two of her very own coaches. Keine had her own coach as well, but Marisa didn't. The girls, or rather, engines, set off to conduct their work. They didn't know what town they were in, until Aya saw the name of the station she'd start her express.

"Tidmouth." she read, "What a strange name. Must be western." she thought.