Reimu was coupled to her coaches. She was surprised to hear voices!

"Oh! Its Thomas! He's back from being gone for so long!" said one voice.

"I can see him! But why is he red, like James?" said the other voice.

"Who are you?!" shouted Reimu.

"Eek! Its another engine!" said the first voice.

"You want our names?" said the second, "I'm Annie and the coach behind me is Clarabel."

"Annie and Clarabel?" said Reimu, "Those are western names."

The two coaches were offended, "We're not American! We're British!"

"Sorry." said Reimu, quickly apologizing.

"So who are you then?" asked Annie.

"I'm Reimu."

"Reimu?" both coaches said, "What a strange name."

"Its not strange from where I come from." protested Reimu.

Reimu set off to the first station of what Sir Topham Hatt told her was her branchline. She waited at the first station and she asked Annie and Clarabel what this station was called.

"Its called Elsbridge!" they said, "Here is when we get a guaranteed connection with Henry."

"Who's Henry?" asked Reimu.

"Henry is the North Western Railway's number 4!" said Clarabel.

"Not anymore. Look!" said Reimu.

Puffing down the other line was Yuyuko with a line of coaches. She was out of breath and wanted to rest.

"Being a locomotive is so hard." she panted.

"You too fat, you need exorcise!" teased Reimu.

Annie and Clarabel looked at the LMS Class 5. The engine in question no longer had green paint with red stripes, but pale blue with black stripes.

"Your not Henry!" said Clarabel, indignantly.

Yuyuko was too out of breath to care. She heard the guard's whistle blow, and she started moving again.

"Who blew that whistle?" asked Reimu.

"That's the guard. He tells us when our passengers have boarded and that we're ready to go." said Annie.

"You have a lot to learn little Reimu." said Clarabel.

In all honesty, Reimu had indeed a lot to learn.

Aya enjoyed rushing by the countryside, despite being turned into an engine. Aya was discovering what she had under her control. She could pump her pistons, toot her whistle (which made a "Poop! Poop!" noise that she liked), and even apply the brakes. She had passed a place called Wellsworth and her crew (she finds odd, since they ride inside of her, [not in the dirty way, they literally rode in a place meant for them called a "cab"]) told her that they were approaching a hill, this made Aya want to go even faster.

"Steady! We have speed limits to keep too!" warned her driver.

"Humph!" said Aya, "I'll go as fast as I want!"

Aya went up the hill, she could fell gradient in her frames but she continued to dart uphill. But she came over the summit too fast and now she's going even faster down the hill! Aya felt herself sway, so she applied the brakes to reduce her speed.

"That was close." she said, Aya nearly derailed. She approached Maron station and stopped for passengers to get on and off. Aya's driver uncoupled her from the train, so she could take on a drink of water.

"How much more do we have to go?" asked Aya.

"We'll probably have Cronk, Kildane, Crovan's Gate, Vicarstown, and then finally Barrow-In-Furness." her fireman replied.

Aya realized that there was such thing as going too fast. When she was done having her tender being refilled with water, she was recoupled to her train and she set off once more.

Sanae didn't like being an engine at first, but when he noticed that she had a branchline that went by a beach. She began to reconsider her position. The sea breeze swirled her exhaust up into the air.

"We have had coasts like this in Gensokyo." she said.

"Never had a coast?" replied her driver.

"Yes, Gensokyo was very much inland, all we had was a lake and a river."

"How's the lake?"

"The lake's okay, but Remilia's mansion is there and Flandre may be out."

Sanae's driver didn't know who's she's talking about, but continued to talk himself, "Then how's the river?"

"The Sanzu is where dead bodies cross to get judged." said Sanae.

"This loco's loco." whispered the fireman.

"Hush! We can't hurt her feelings." replied the driver.

When Sanae reached Arlesburgh, she recognized a GWR 14xx tank engine.

"Kanako!" exclaimed Sanae.

"Its your fault we went to that party." said Kanako, darkly.

"But it wasn't my fault!" protested Sanae.

Kanako only growled at her, "Look at what they have done to Suwako!"

Sanae went down the line and at the end of Kanako's goods train was a GWR goods brake van, Suwako had become the brake van.

"Kanako, I don't like this." she said.

"See, Sanae! When we get back to our shrine, IF WE DO, I'm going to punish you hard!"

Sanae thought about her position, "Hmmm..." she mumbled, "What if we tried getting out?"

"What do you mean, Sanae?"

"I mean, The Fat Controller wants something out of us, so we should give it to him! Then just maybe, he'll turn us back into people again."

"Sanae." said Kanako, "Your a baka if this doesn't work."

"Right, Kanako!"

Suddenly, they heard something bash. Sanae looked out and saw that two Caledonian Class 812 were shunting trucks in the yard.

"Stop bumping us! Stop bumping us!" said the trucks.

"There's more coming! Should you misbehave!" that voice was unmistakably Yuugi's.

"I don't think the fat ass in the hat would like this." that voice belonged to Suika.

"Can you just call him by his preferred names? He might be watching us!" said Yuugi.

"Sorry, Suika."

Sanae went over a few lines to get closer to Yuugi and Suika.

"He got you too?" said Sanae.

"Yes. When we got beaten over, they had to drag me down and hold me so they could put me, in THIS!" said Yuugi.

"At least these wagon things behave. When I'm around." replied Suika.

Suika didn't know that the soul that used to reside in the engine's in now, once broke a rather spiteful brake van.

"We're called trucks!" said the troublesome trucks.

"I'll call you whatever I'd like to call you!" and with that Suika bumped the line of trucks hard.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" said the trucks.

Kanako blew her whistle, "I've got to go."

"See you later Kanako!" shouted Sanae.

Kanako didn't reply, she was too angry at Sanae to say "Bye." back to her. The trucks clanked and Suwako following by.

Yukari was never one to complain about things going wrong. In fact, she liked it, she considered it great fun. Yukari truddled down her own branchline which went from Wellsworth down to Brendam. She came down to the harbor at Brendam and saw a pillar of thick smoke. She rushed to see what the matter was. It was however, Hong Meiling, she had become a BR Class 17 diesel engine, a class prone to mechanical problems. This time, she overheated.

"Blast it!" she said, "My first day, and I've overheated again."

"Meiling?" asked Yukari, "Where did you come from?"

"The China Clay pits." said Meiling.

"I wonder if there's a connection?" alluded Yukari.

Meiling just rolled her eyes.

"Where's Remilia?" asked Yukari.

"The China Clay pits." said Meiling, "Can you take my next train back there?"

"Sure." said Yukari.

Yukari shunted Meiling to a siding and took the empty trucks to the China Clay pits. It didn't take long for Yukari to find Remilia and Flandre. They had both became Bagnall 0-4-0 Saddle Tank engines. The two were busy arguing.

"Those trucks are mine!" said Flandre.

"No sister! These are mine!" argued Remilia.

The two argued until they both charged to the same line of trucks, both sisters went over a set of points and the two derailed.

"I told you that these trucks are mine!" yelled Remilia.

"Those trucks were mine! Your the one who locked me in that basement for all those years!" shouted Flandre.

"I didn't!" lied Remilia.

"You did!" argued Flandre.

"I didn't!"

"You did!"

"I didn't!"


"That's enough you two." said Yukari.

"But these trucks are-"

"Stuff it Remilia, those trucks are nobody's. Until you are brought back on those metal bars."

"Rails, Yukari." said Flandre, "They're called 'rails'."

"Well I'm going to rail you and your sister if you don't stop arguing!" said Yukari.

The argument ended and the two sisters brought back onto the rails. Yukari kept them in order, until later that day when Meiling came back. Yukari left to tend to his branchline.

Flandre looked sad, "What's the matter?" asked Remilia.

"When's Sakuya coming back?" said Flandre.

Sakuya however, was almost across the island in a place known as "Anopha Quarry", it was on Reimu's branchline. She worked with Keine, as both had sideplates and cowcatchers. While Keine was a J20, Sakuya was a BR Class 04. Sakuya was young and was now fill of her own ideas. She put Keines trucks in different places as an experiment.

"I want to play 'hunt the trucks' with you!" said Keine, fed up.

"I'm busy exploring my freedom, thank you very much!" replied Sakuya.

Sakuya was only half-right. She was free from being a servant to the Scarlet sisters, but now she is a servant to the Ffarquar Quarry Company. She was only allowed to go as far as her manager allowed. She beginning to get fed up with Keine.

"Keine's just a baka! She doesn't know what I'm going through!" complained Sakuya.

Her driver didn't care all that much, and the trucks played tricks on her. Bumping her forwards or holding her back by manipulating their brakes. There was an open road that the line between the quarry and the rest of the branchline crossed. Keine's driver would stop her at the top and halt the traffic at the road. Keine was then let to go down the line, using the trucks and the gradient to push her down and up. However Keine was busy later that day, so Sakuya had to take them. But she didn't know, or rather, her driver didn't know the method that Keine and her crew use. So they came down the line and stopped at the road. But when it was time for Sakuya to move again, she was stuck. The trucks were holding her back and her wheels slipped on the muddy track.

"Grrrrrr..." she growled.

Sand was applied and it still wasn't good. Keine had been called to tow her out.

"Serves you right for putting my trucks in places I don't want them to be." said Keine.

All what Sakuya did was sulk. She wanted to get back at Keine, so she made a plan.