It had been several days since the girls had become engines. They were getting used to their new bodies and life. Even learning British rail terminology. Like "trucks" or "Goods vans" or "Brake Van" or "Flatbed". Five of them were standing in a row in a shed. Yukari was about to leave for Wellsworth, when she heard Aya boast.

"You watch me this afternoon, little Yukari." said Aya, "As I rush by with the express, I'll be a splendid sight for you."

Aya went over the turntable and left, "Goodbye Yukari, watch me when I pull the express!"

Yukari was astonished, "Me?! Little?! Only a tengu would make a remark to such a powerful youkai as I."

"Yukari." said Reimu, "Your not a youkai anymore, your just a locomotive."

"I know that. Just when we turn back into-"

"I doubt it Yukari." said Reimu.

The only other engines still in the shed, where Marisa and Yuyuko, who could only agree with Reimu, but only sadly.

"I still have hope!" protested Yukari, but deep down, she knew that she may never become a youkai ever again.

Yukari spent the day getting her mind of her predicament by shunting trucks. It was fun to give them a bump and hear them go "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Oh!" as they banged together (they're trucks, not people, so put down that pen and stop drawing the Rule 34). Yukari would often forget about where Ran and Chen were by doing this. She took one truck and pushed it, she stopped and watched the truck bump into some other trucks and they too cried, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

She played with the truck until they were neatly organized into several neat trains. Yukari about to take one, when she heard the "Poop! Poop!" of Aya's whistle.

Instead of pulling nice coaches, she pulling a line of dirty trucks. What made them even dirtier was the fact half of the consist was merchandise goods for a shop known as "Spencer's", and one van in particular was filled with raunchy Touhou manga.

"A goods train! A goods train! A goods train!" grumbled Aya, "The shame of it, the shame of it, the shame of it!"

She went slowly through with the truck clattering and banging (again, stop drawing) behind her (again, stop!). Yukari laughed and continued to work with the trucks until the stationmaster came to get her.

"Aya can't get up the hill. Yukari? Will you please push her please?" he said.

Yukari agreed and went to Gordon's Hill, which was up the mainline (literally and figuratively). They soon found Aya halfway up the hill and her driver and fireman were talking severely to her.

"Your not trying." they told her.

"I can't do it." said Aya, "The noisy trucks hold an engine back so. If they were coaches now – clean sensible things that come quietly – that would be different."

Yukari's driver came up.

"We've come to push." he said.

"No use at all." said Aya.

"You wait and see!"

They brought the train back down to the bottom of the hill. Yukari came up behind (No Rule 34! That's an order!) the brake van, she was ready to push.

"Peep! Peep! I'm ready!" said Yukari.

"Poop! Poop! No good." grumbled Aya.

The guard blew his whistle (Fine, go ahead! See if I care!) and they pulled and pushed as hard as they could.

"I can't do it! I can't do it! I can't do it!" puffed Aya.

"I will do it! I will do it! I will do it!" puffed Yukari

"I can't do it! I will do it! I can't do it! I will do it! I can't do it I will do it!" they puffed together.

Yukari pushed and puffed and puffed and pushed, as hard as she ever could. But before she realized it, Aya found herself at the top of the hill.

"I've done it! I've done it! I've done it!" she said proudly, and forget all about Yukari pushing behind.

Aya didn't say thank you and went downhill so fast, that she didn't for another two stations. Yukari had pushed so hard, that when she got to the top of the hill, she was out of breath. Aya run on so fast that Yukari was left behind. The guard waved and waved, but Yukari couldn't catch up. Yukari stopped at the next station and had a long drink.

"Ungrateful tengu." she said.

Yukari was beginning to feel the limit of what her new body could do. Before, she was one of the strongest youkai around. Now, she seemed less powerful and more tired.

"Why do I feel so weak. I never had this feeling before." she said.

"Your an old design." the driver said, "Your kind were built at the turn of the century."

Yukari felt tired and breathless, "Is this what old age feels." she thought.

She promised herself that she would no longer take her previous self for granted and that she should be lucky for being such a powerful youkai. But for now she is a powerless steam locomotive, an antiquated 4-4-0. In the time she rested, she wondered where Ran and Chen were. If they were here at all.