A few days later, Mokou had to wait at Wellsworth till Yukari and her train came in. This made her cross, "Late again." she shouted.

Yukari only laughed nervously, and Mokou fumed away.

"Yukari is impossible!" grumbled Mokou to the others, "She clanks about like a lot of old iron and she so tired and slow she makes us wait."

Reimu and Marisa were indignant.

"Old iron?" they snorted, "SLOW! Why, Yukari could beat you in a race any day!"

"Really?!" said Mokou huffily, "I should like to see her do it."

The following morning, Mokou's driver did not feel well when he came to work.

"I'll manage." he said, but when they reached the top of Gordon's Hill, he could hardly stand.

The fireman drove the train to the next station. He spoke to the signalman, put the trucks into a siding, and uncoupled Mokou, ready for shunting. The fireman also helped the driver over to the station so he could be taken care of.

"Alright, now to find a relief man." thought the fireman.

Suddenly, the signalman shouted and the fireman turned around and saw Fujiwara no Mokou puffing away. He ran hard, but couldn't catch up. The fireman gave up and walked to the signalbox. The signalman was busy, "All traffic halted!" he announced at last.

"Up and down mainlines are clear for thirty miles and the inspector's coming."

The fireman wiped his face, "What happened?"

"Two Sodor Island Fansite members tried to steal No. 5, said something about 'Death to Touhou' or something. They were on the footplate, I distracted them by saying 'Look! There's Tornado!' and they tumbled off when No. 5 started and I shouted at them and they scattered."

"That ought to teach them not to mess with Pergold (TheThinMiko if your SiF) and his fanfic." said the fireman, breaking the fourth wall.

Both men jumped when the telephone rang; "Yes. He's here...Right, I'll tell him."

The signalman turned his attention to Mokou's fireman, "The inspector is coming at once on Yukari. He wants a shunter's pole and a coil of wire rope."

The fireman knew that this wasn't the first time such a thing had happened and just simply nodded and agreed to the plan.

The fireman was ready and waiting when Yukari arrived. The inspector saw the pole and rope, "Good man! Jump in, we'll get him yet."

"No. 5 is a girl sir."

The fireman jumped into Yukari's cab, the inspector was stilled puzzled.

"Last time I checked, No. 5 is male and was called 'James'."

"No, No. 5 got a repaint and now its a female named, 'Mokou'."

"There's no time to argue!" said the driver, "We have an engine to catch."

"We'll catch her! We'll catch her!" puffed Yukari, crossing to the up line in hot pursuit.

Mokou laughed, "What a joke! What a joke!" she chuckled to herself.

Presently, she missed her driver's hand o the controls...Then she realized that no one was there.

"What shall I do?" he thought, she knew how to control herself, but she wanted to see a line, she decided not to yelp for help and to enjoy her newfound freedom.

"We're coming! We're coming."

Yukari was panting up behind with every once of steam she had. With a great effort, she caught up, and crept alongside. Slowly gaining until her smokebox were level with Mokou's buffer-beam.

"Don't stop me Yukari!" said Mokou.

"You have to!" replied Yukari.

"What for?"

"The mainline is only clear for so long!"

"I don't care if I crash. My bondage in this metal body, its no life for an immortal like me!" protested Mokou.

"Then you'll die!"

"From what I understand, dear Yukari. We can only be killed, if we were to be scrapped."

"We'll find a way to get out of this!" said Yukari.

The inspector crept alongside Yukari's boiler and was soon standing on Yukari's front, holding a noose of a rope in the crook of the shunter's pole.

"Steady, Yukari." he said.

He was trying to slip it over Mokou's buffer. The engines swayed and lurched. He tried again and again; more than once he nearly fell, but just saved himself.

At last - "Got her!" he shouted. He pulled the noose tight and came back to the cab safely.

Gently braking so as not to snap the rope. Yukari's driver checked the engine's speed, and Mokou's fireman scrambled across and took control. The engines puffed back side by side.

"So the 'old iron' caught you after all!" chuckled Yukari.

"Fuck you, Yukari. You old hag!" whispered Mokou, just loduly enough for Yukari to hear.

"Fuck you too, Mokou." replied Yukari, playfully.

The two stopped at the next station, where Sir Topham Hatt was waiting. He thanked the men warmly.

"A fine piece of work." he said.

"Mokou, you can have a rest, and then take your train. Yukari, you can go to Crovan's Gate to replace some of your worn parts."

"Thank you sir." said Yukari, she set off to Crovan's Gate at once.