Yukari stopped by the narrow gauge railway called the "Skarloey Railway". She saw the fairies had become the small engines that work it. Cirno was a Class C 0-4-2 Saddle Tank engine. Daiyousei was a Fletcher, Jennings, & Co Class Bb 0-4-2 Well Tank. Lily White and Lily Black had become a Kerr Stuart Tattoo 0-4-2ST and a Falcon Works 0-4-2T. They were busy talking about the previous life they had in Gensokyo.

However, there was an engine. This engine was different, he came out of the shed and yelled at the former fairies.

"Impudent scallywags!" he shouted, "Back in my day! Engines were seen and not heard."

"Shut up you hag!" said Cirno, rudely.

"You behavior! It will never suit his grace!"

Yukari was intrigued, "Hello!" she said to the old engine.

"Edward!" said the engine, "No, wait, your different."

"I know." said Yukari, "What's your name?"

"Duke, my name is Duke. These engines used to be Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, and Sir Handel! But now they have different paint and strange names like 'Cirno' and 'Daiyousei' and 'Sunny Milk'! Back in my day, we had reasonable names! Not this anime chink jap garbage!"

Yukari tried not to look offended, she asked why, of all engines, had Duke remained the way he was.

Duke sighed, "Its a sad story." he began.

"It all started when the creator of this island, passed away. His assets, us, where sold to an evil corporation named HiT Entertainment. They came one day and stole the souls of the other engines. They almost took my soul, but they said I was 'too old, and thus, unmarketable', so they left me here. Then one day, new souls where put into the engines. So now I have to put up with morons like Cirno!"

"Who's the creator?" asked Yukari.

"The creator!" said Duke, "Was Reverend Wilbert Awdry!"

"A reverend?" said Duke.

"It started as a story for his sick son. Then it snowballed. An accident on the Great Western Railway gave him powers, what's the word?"

"Youkai?" said Yukari.

"Youkai, whatever, he created this island, he stole the souls from his parish and put them in his engines. He made stories and money off of our exploits!"

"So how do we get off this island? Do we have to do anything to the Fat Controller?"

"Yes and no. Yes, you can get off this island and be a person again. No, the Fat Controller is nothing more than a puppet for Wilbert."

Then Duke told Yukari what to do.

When Yukari returned to the sheds, she told the others her plan.

"You mean? We have to kill Awdry?!" exclaimed Aya.

"Its not the first time you-"

"Yukari, that was only a doujin." said Aya.

"But how do we kill Awdry? We don't have of our powers, we not youkai anymore, we're just a bunch of steam engines!" said Sanae.

"That were your wrong." said Yukari, "Railways have always had a level of danger to it. Runaways, hot boxes, frozen points. All it takes is the right circumstances."

"Then explain to me this, Yukari. How do we kill Awdry?" asked Reimu.

"Simple." and Yukari explained, "At the bottom of Gordon's Hill, Aya will stop and request a banker, me. Then the coach Awdry's in will be detached, and when Aya goes down the hill, the coach would runaway and will be diverted into a siding. Assuming the coaches are all locked, Awdry's trapped. Mokou will then pull a line of tar tankers and she'll use a loose coupling and the axle boxes will be cleaned of any lubricant. This will cause a hot box and it will catch fire. It will land into the same siding and KABOOM!"

Marisa asked Yukari why should they kill a beloved children's author, loved by many a rail enthusiast.

"We're in a Touhou fanfic Marisa! Having somebody beloved killed is at least a given at this point. Look! Even the readers are taking picks on which one of us is going to die."

"I pick Sakuya." said Marisa.

Reimu glared at Marisa, and she in turn apologized quietly. Marisa, trying to turn attention away from her asked, "When does Awdry arrive?"

"Next week." said Yukari, "He always comes at that time."

"But what would we to distract the Fat Controller?" asked Yuyuko.

"I'll tell you that now." and Yukari explained even more of her plan.