Reimu took her morning train as usual. She made sure not to be late, as Awdry would board Aya's express, and to ensure everything goes to plan. She has to distract Sir Topham Hatt. She left Annie and Clarabel at a station and went to a mine for some trucks. Long ago, miners digging for lead, had made tunnels under the ground. Though strong enough to hold up trucks, their roofs could not bear the weight of engines. Reimu was going to use this to her advantage, "Just the right place." she said, only to herself.

She laughed as she puffed along. She considered Yukari's plan carefully. Reimu had to push some empty trucks into one siding, and pull out full ones from another. Her driver stopped her, and the fireman went out to turn the points.

"Come on." waved the fireman, and they started.

The driver leaned out to see where they were going.

"Now!" said Reimu to herself, and bumping the the trucks fiercely, she jerked her driver off (No! NO! STOP IT! NO! Bad reader, bad!) the footplate.

"Hurrah!" laughed Reimu and she followed the trucks into the siding.

"Stupid fatty!" said Reimu as she passed the 'Danger!' board.

Her driver, unhurt, jumped up. "Look out!" he shouted.

The fireman tried to jump aboard and apply the brakes, but it was no good as she continued onward.

"Come back!" yelled the driver.

But before Reimu's crew could do anything, there was a rumbling and the rails quivered. The ballast slipped away and the rails sagged and broke.

"Danmaku and spell cards!" said Reimu, "I'm sunk!" - and she was!

Reimu could just see out of the hole, but she couldn't move.

"Oh dear!" she said sarcastically, "I am a silly miko!"

"And a very naughty one too." said a voice behind her, "I saw you."

Reimu tried stalling the Fat Controller as many stupid questions as she could think of, most of them originated from Cirno. But to her surprise! Sir Topham Hatt countered each idiotic question with a well thought out answer. He tried to divert attention back to Reimu and said "We can't lift you out with a crane, the ground's not firm enough."

"Like Yuugi's butt?"

"Yes like Yuugi's butt-" the Fat Controller stopped talking, he realized that he was had!

Reimu was laughing, "Hah! Hah! Very funny, Reimu! Your going to make me late for my important meeting with Mr. Awdry." said Sir Topham Hatt.

Reimu continued replying Sir Topham Hatt's words with wry raillery of the other Touhou girls. She was getting increasingly ribald and started to make rude jokes about Komachi's breast size.

"That's enough!" said Sir Topham Hatt sternly, "If you don't stop! I will leave you in that hole for always and always and-"

Sir Topham Hatt was disrupted by a message that was sent to him.

"Just get her out of the damn hole." he said, "I've a got an issue at the Ballahoo tunnels."

And with that, Sir Topham Hatt Left.

There was a poem, a poem that inspired Yuyuko's actions. It went something like "There once was an engine attached to a train, was afraid of a few drops of rain. It went into a tunnel and squeaked through its funnel and wouldn't come out again."

That engine's name was Henry, and it was raining then. But this time, it was Yuyuko and the sun was shining. She stopped inside a tunnel and her crew were arguing with her and they were getting nowhere. The passengers all got out and Sir Topham Hatt arrived.

"What's your excuse." she grumbled.

"The...uh...sun! Yes! The sun! The sun will ruin my lovely pale blue and black stripes!"

"Bullshit." said Sir Topham Hatt, he was cross.

"We will pull you out!" he said.

The passengers all grabbed a rope that was tied to Yuyuko's front and they all pulled. They pulled and pulled and pulled, yet Yuyuko stayed in the tunnel. Sir Topham Hatt wanted to get his rage out in a tactful manner and volunteered to pull, despite his 'warnings from the doctor'. They pulled again, this time with the Fat Controller's help. They pulled so hard that the rope snapped and everybody fell right on their bottoms.

Sir Topham Hatt rubbed his sore ass, and suggested that they push Yuyuko instead. The shimmied down the tunnel to the other end and they all press their hands on the rear coach and on each other (In the intimate kind your thinking of, you dirty reader!). They pushed and pushed and pushed, Sir Topham Hatt's weight and anger pushed hard against Yuyuko. So much in fact, that she had to apply her brakes to keep from moving. So yes, she stayed in the tunnel.

The Fat Controller had one more trick up his sleeve, he stepped right in front of Yuyuko and pulled out a comic from his coat pocket.

"What are you going to do this time?" asked Yuyuko.

"I'm going to read you one of those dirty comics you starred in." said Sir Topham Hatt darkly.

"I don't know what your talking about!" said Yuyuko, she was beginning to blush.

"Does 'Hakuginmokusei' sound familiar?"

Yuyuko stopped being indignant was now trying to stop Sir Topham Hatt from reading the dirty doujin.

"This one is titled: 'Onegai Yuyuko-sama'." and Sir Topham Hatt began to read the dirty english translated doujin.

The passengers rushed back into the coaches upon Sir Topham Hatt showing the first few pictures to Yuyuko, he read on and on despite her protests.

"No! No! No! Stop it!" she said, "That's lewd of you to say that in front of me!"

"I will stop, when you start."

Yuyuko became nauseated and just as Sir Topham Hatt showed a picture with her 'dirty' hair and her using a hairbrush. Yuyuko gagged and threw up boiler sludge all over Sir Topham Hatt.

"Tisk! Tisk! What a naughty engine." said Sir Topham Hatt, coldly.

Yuyuko was now crying, tears streaked down her cheek. "Fine! I'll tell you why I stopped!" she sobbed.

"Is it because of your paint in the sun?" said Sir Topham Hatt, intrigued.

Yuyuko was talking and crying at the same time, the only words The Fat Controller could hear was "You", "us", "freedom", "Gensokyo", and "Awdry".

Sir Topham Hatt stopped to think and interpret what Yuyuko is trying to say, that's when he remembered something.

"Oh thanks for reminding me! I have to meet Mr. Awdry!" Sir Topham Hatt rushed out to his car, that's when one of his guards stopped him.

"Sir. Word just got out that Awdry's train just left."

"Damn it!" said Sir Topham Hatt loudly.

Yukari's plan had worked!