Yukari was waiting for Aya to stop by and request a banker. Yukari was standing by patiently when she say two diesel stop by. One was a BR Class 28 Co-Bo and the other was a BR Class 35 'Hymek'.

"I'm tired, Ran-shama." said the Hymek.

"Me too." said the Co-Bo.

Yukari immediately perked up, "Ran! Chen! Your here!"

"Yukari-sama!" said Ran, "Why are you so old looking?"

"The Fat in the Hatt made me like this."

The three engines talked about their time or rather, time left, of being on the railway. They conversed and talked about the things they have done.

Then Aya stopped, "Yukari! I need a banker." she said, winking.

"Yes. I will help." Yukari promised her crew a bribe if they uncoupled Awdry's coach, which happened to be the last one.

Yukari pushed the loose coach and Aya uphill. It was easy for Aya, and she was soon zooming down the other side. As the plan dictates, the uncoupled coach rolled down the hill, not too far behind. The signalman switched the runaway coach to a siding, just as Yukari had planned. Yukari waited at the top of the hill, when she heard Mokou's whistle. She then heard the screeching of bare metal rubbing against one another. She had told Mokou to not get a brake van. The axle boxes were already smoldering and the coupling connecting the train to the engine was old and rusty.

Mokou trundled up the hill, "Yukari! I'm ready!"

"Great, stop at the summit, I want you to jerk the coupling as hard as you can." said Yukari.

Mokou did so and the coupling snapped. The tar wagons went down the hill, much too fast for the signalman at the bottom to act. The axle boxes were now on fire and were burning off any remaining grease.

Wilbert Awdry felt a bump and he put down his newspaper.

"What is going on this railway of mine?" he wondered.

He looked out the window and saw that his train had stopped on a siding.

"I was told this was the express! Guard! Why did we stop!" he got out of his seat and walked down to the guard's compartment, and saw that no one was there.

That's when he smelt the fire, he ran to the doors, but every one was locked. He banged the window in frustration.

"Blast! Its those new soul Stephen found for my engines! Well if writing got me into this mess, I shall write my way out!"

"Why haven't the train exploded yet?" asked Yukari.

Ran and Chen were right behind her on top of the hill. "I don't know Yukari-sama?"

That when it hit her, "Ran! Awdry's trying to write himself free!"

They couldn't do anything at this point. But then she heard the sounds of Sakuya and Reimu arguing.

"I'm going to do it! I'm going to do it! I'm going to do it!" said Sakuya.

"You will not, you'll die! You will not, you'll die! You will not, you'll die!" puffed Reimu.

Sakuya stopped at the top of the hill and gulpped.

"Yukari, Reimu. If I don't come back, tell my mistress, it was a pleasure to work with her and to be her head maid."

"No, don't!" protested Reimu.

But it was too late, the troublesome trucks bumped Sakuya down the hill. They pushed her down and Sakuya went faster and faster. She closed her eyes and saw her life flash before her eyes. Everything from her childhood, to the events of Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, to that fateful party. She opened her eyes as she got close, she screamed and blasted her horn as loudly as she could.

Wilbert had just rewritten the plot so the doors could be unlocked and he jumped out. He heard the ever deafening horns and he turned towards its direction. He was about to write "Luckily, no one was hurt." when suddenly, everybody was hurt. Wilbert's human self may have died long ago, but his youkai self. The self that powered Sodor's existance. Had now suddenly died, so did Sakuya and her driver. Sir Topham Hatt ran out to the explosion screaming "NOOOO!", but he was bludgeoned by one of Sakuya's sideplates and died upon impact.

Yukari and Reimu watched the conflagration from the top of the hill.

"Nooooo...Sakuya, no!" sobbed Reimu.

"She was a good maid." said Yukari.

Ran and Chen cheered as he four engines watched. But they all soon felt weird. The scenery changed, first from simple black and white lines to a simplistic artstyle. The scenery began rapidly changing from one illustration to the next, time getting more and more consistent and detailed. The land soon looked a model and the girls were model trains themselves. Then it all became simple drawing again. The world spun around them, faster and faster. Sodor had begun to disintegrate. A voice boomed from the heavens, "You have messed with the natural order!"

The world spun and spun, and was slowly but surely, fading to white. Suddenly, everything stopped, and Reimu whited out.