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Summary: Syaoran left everything for this one girl. The clan, his family, his money, and above all he left his pride. But he found out that the girl only wanted his money, and so she dumped him when he was left penniless. Syaoran knew he could never go back to the clan or to his family, so he decided to end it all. He goes to the highest building in Tokyo, ready to end up his misery. But what he finds up there will change him forever.

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                                     Chapter 1: My reasons are as strong as yours.

                                                        *By: NightAngel*

# 1st person P.O.V. #

I walked slowly across the city, my mind was somewhere else, in the place where I grew up, trained to become a good leader and warrior, the place where I was it all, and at the same, I was nothing.

They had moved on after my departure, but it looks like I wont be able to do the same.

Two years ago, I came to Japan, where our business was growing at fast rate. I met this one girl with whom I fell in love with at first sight.  She was all I ever wished in a woman. She was nice, caring, lovely sweet, beautiful, intelligent … to make it short, she was perfect.

Yeah right! That was what I thought until yesterday.

I took her to meet my family, but the clan forbidden our relationship and they made me choose between them and her. … And I chose her.

My mother begged me to stay, she asked me to reconsider countless times, but I never heard a word of what she said.

I came back to Japan, hoping and expecting that she would be more than happy to know that I had chosen her, but that was not how things went.

She freaked out and she finally showed me who she really was. She left and said to me that she was going to find another rich idiot boy, who she could take money from.

You know I was stupid! I know it too, but I was too late to see that. Now I'm as down as one can go, and I know what I have to do.

Live is not worth it anymore. I could survive without her, but not without everything else.

I was so freaking stupid! Leaving my family and all those who trusted me and had hope in me. Yes. I was plain stupid.


I'm walking up the stairs of the biggest building in Tokyo. Yes, the stairs. It will make me live a little longer. Just some extra minutes to think in all the mistakes I did.


When I reach the top of the stars, I see a metallic door and I quickly open it. I felt the strong air blow across my face, and it fells really good, and I imagine how it will fell when I jump, and how it will fell when the wind caress my face for the last time.

I close my eyes and stay motionless for a while, just felling the wind and the sense of peace it brings upon me


I open my eyes once again and look around to see the view one last time, and it is then that I see something … or rather … someone.

Someone is on the edge of the building, and by the looks of it, that someone is ready to jump.

For the first time I have second thoughts about my decision. My heart is skipping very fast, and I just know I have to stop that other person from jumping.

I walk up to where the person is, and I notice that it is a young girl with auburn hair and a wonderful white gown, that flows with the wind. I can hear her sobs and I have the urge to go there and hug her tight.

"It's not worth it." – I say in an attempt to make her look me in the eye, and probably reconsider her actions.


# Normal P.O.V. #

Sakura looks down at the street bellow, and starts having second thoughts about this.

Should she really do this? End up two lifes at once? She knows that suicide is one of the biggest sins in her religion, but she is so despaired that nothing else seems to matter anymore.

If she jumps no one is going to have to worry about her, and she isn't going to be a burden for her family anymore. But …

"It's not worth it." – Sakura hears a deep but soft and caring voice say. She turns around ad meets a boy around her age. Chocolate brown hair and amber eyes, and above all a very serious face that it some way makes her feel allot better, as if nothing else matters besides them both. Syaoran was mesmerized by her beautiful emerald eyes.

"W-who are you?" – Sakura asks reluctantly.

"I'm Li Syaoran." – he says without hesitation.

"What do you want?" – she asks, turning over once again and looking down at her death path.

"I said that it's not worth it, didn't I?" – Sakura hears his footsteps as he comes closer, and she starts to cry again.

"Stay away! You're not going to change my mind. You hear me?" – he stops walking, and she stops crying, thinking that he gave up.

"Why are you doing this? I mean, you must have a very strong reason to just kill yourself like this?" – she pauses for a couple of minutes and than answers his questions.

"I'm already dead, inside. So all that is going to die now is my body." – Sakura wipes away some tears.

"Are you sure you wanna do this? Don't you have a family?" – he asks concerned, but walking once gain, without her even noticing.

"Yes I do. But I'm only a burden for them!"

"Don't they treat you right? Is that you're reason?"

"NO!" – she yells at him, making her point. – "They are the best, the problem is me, not them. They always care. They care too much in fact, and that's why I must do this." – she cries even more.

"You're not making any sense. If they love you and care about you, shouldn't you stay with them and repay them for the love they give you?" – for once, Sakura thinks about his words. He his right in some aspects, but still …

"Three weeks ago, when I was walking home later than usual, some drunken men … at-attacked me." – she pauses and Syaoran knew exactly what she meant. Those men had raped her. – "And yesterday … I found out I'm pregnant." – she turns around quickly and he can see the tears in her eyes. – "Don't you think that is enough of a good reason to end this all! Can you imagine how it felt? Those disgusting men inside of me, ripping my body and my soul all at once, can you?" – she burst into tears and Syaoran runs up to her and hugs her, not knowing what to do or say. So he just says what's in his heart.

"I came here for a reason too you know?" – it seems to him, as though her cries soften, but he just proceeds. – "I also wanted to jump, and up my miserable existence, but when I saw you there, I just realised I was wrong. We can't just give up on everything because something goes wrong. We have to stand up and face our problems. Just like everyone else does. Don't you agree?" – by now, she had stopped crying and was looking deep into his eyes, realising for the first time, that he also had pain in them.

"What made you come here?" – she asks shivering with the cold air that now surrounded them. The night was close.

"I fell in love with a girl, and I had to choose between her and my family. I chose her and I was deprived of all the money I once had. And that was when she showed me that all she wanted was my money and status, nothing more. Now I have nothing, no family no friends, no money. I just fell empty and alone." – to his surprise, Sakura smiled.

"You know … you're one of a kind. Not many men would leave everything to be with the woman they love. It's a pity you found some bitch in the way. I'm really sorry for you." – she hugged him close and sighed, relieved. Syaoran couldn't help but smile too.

"So? Did I change your mind?" – he asks happily.

"Totally!" – she let go of him and smiled one of her irresistible smiles. – "I have the felling we are going to be great friends."

"Me too! By the way, what's your name?" – she laughs a little.

"Kinomoto Sakura, nice to meet you!" – they shake hands and laugh a little, forgetting all about what they intended to do just a while ago. – "I think I'll be going home now! I hope we see each other again someday." – he nods and she walks off the roof. He just stays there, looking at the sky. – "Forgot something!" – Syaoran looks behind again and sees Sakura running his way. She hugs him again and gives him a kiss on the cheek. – "Thanks for everything Syaoran!" – and she runs off again. He just smiles.

He starts walking, but on the opposite direction she's going. He's heading to the building's edge.

Sakura was already reaching for the door, when she looks behind and sees Syaoran on the edge, where she had once been. – "Syaoran? SYAORAN NO!" – she runs up to where he is and stops a few steps behind him. – "What are you doing Syaoran? Come down here now!" – she commands him, tears running down her cheeks.

"Unlike you, Sakura, I don't have anywhere to go. No one to support me and hug me when I'm felling sad. Please just go, and forget all about me!"

"No! I'm not leaving you Li Syaoran! Are you hearing, I won't leave!" – she wipes away a few tears. – "Please come down! You'll get a solution for that. You already have a friend remember? You have me Syaoran."

"It's not the same Sakura. I'm jumping and that's final!" – he says with his eyes closed.

"And I'll jump with you!" – Syaoran eyes snap open. – "Is that what you want Syaoran? Because that's exactly what's going t happen if you don't come down here right now!" – Syaoran turns around but doesn't say a word. – "What about all the crap you just told me? Were they all lies, just to change my mind?"

"No, everything I said was true Sakura, believe me! I just don't have anywhere to go, please understand. I don't have a life anymore." – for the first time since he could remember, Li Syaoran cried. Sakura looked at him, and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"If it's a home that you need, it' a home you shall get. Come to my place. Dad is very wealthy, and I'm sure that if I tell him the situation, he won't refuse to let you in."

"But Sakura, I'll only be a burden!"

"You can work on weekends, if that's you're problem. Please Syaoran, stay with me!" – Syaoran smiled and climbed down to where she was. She hugged him close, and the two just stayed there until the sunset and then … headed back home.

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