Hi volunteers! I've had this story in my head for 5 years and I finally am taking the time to type it out! This first chapter may seem a little confusing since its basically one long flashback that catches you up to where the actual story will take place. The Great Unknown is also "revealed" as part of this. It's basically telling the story of the characters from start to finish (mainly focusing on Olaf and Kit's childhood and eventually shows them growing up.) Btw all of the OCs in this are somehow related to Canon characters

How did we end up here?

The question flowed through 26 year old Violet Baudelaire's mind as she sat on the oddly long couch, sandwiched uncomfortably between two people. Her 14 year old sister, Sunny, sat to her right and didn't stop shoving Cheetos in her mouth as she stared up in awe at the odd sight before them. She frowned at her, even though she knew Sunny wouldn't see it. Violet felt somewhat responsible for the emotional roller-coaster that had been the past couple of months. She knew ever since she was young, Sunny didn't like to show her feelings. Sunny had been eight the last time Violet remembered seeing her cry. It felt like so long ago.

Violet turned her head slightly to peak at the person sitting to her left. She kept her head straight in hopes that they didn't see her looking, but her face mentally sunk as she saw a twisted smirk curl onto the lips of the long, raven haired girl. Flashes of the chaotic past eight months replayed in Violet's head. Most memorably, the moment where she had first laid eyes on the devious noirette. She figured she remembered it so clearly because it had been the moment where the dull and lifeless lives of the matured Baudelaires finally began to have a spark of excitement again.

After an entire year of fighting off Olaf's evil schemes to acquire their fortune, another year of living isolated on an island, and eventually surviving a dangerous storm that had separated them from the infant that they had sworn to care for...the Baudelaires were confused, but also somewhat expectant, to find out on Violet's 18th birthday...that their fortune was gone.

Every last penny.

The money had disappeared. When they asked the bank what had happened, the eyebrow raising response was that it had been gone for a while. The 10 million dollars had been deducted, not on Violet's 18th birthday...but on the very day that their parents had died. Despite all the questions the children had, the bank explained that nothing could be done. They had no choice but continue out their lives at mediocre citizens. Well...as mediocre as one can get when having to use fake names and run from VFD agents. The first thing the Baudelaires had done after returning to the city was visit the old library. It had been their second home before their first one had been lit in flames.

"You're sitting next to the arsonist now," a little voice in the back of Violet's head reminded her.

She shook the thought away and continued to relay her past. She remembers pushing open the large glass doors to the library and having her eyes immediately drawn to the large cardboard advertisement in the left corner.


Her siblings had all shared a look and quickly headed over to one of the desktops in the back section. It only took about five minutes of research to find out that their mother's ex lover, Lemony Snicket, had been following them around on their encounters with Olaf and secretly documenting everything that happened to them, turning their misfortunes into a best selling children's series.

The children didn't know what to feel about it at the time, but one thing that was silently understood between the three was that they'd have to spend a good portion of their lives pretending to be other people. They were forced to use pseudonyms to finish the rest of their schooling and would avoid eye contact with any one that they suspected was studying them. It wasn't until a few months ago, when they were finally acquainted with the mystery man, that they learned Lemony was in far more danger than they ever were.

He had gone from being the quiet and cowardly Snicket boy, who was an easy target for the fire starting side... to the man who single handedly exposed the secret organization, in all its likeness, to the public.

Violet's thoughts were interrupted by a sickly chuckle.

Violet finally turned her head to face the shiny, piercing green eyes of the girl sitting to her left.

"There is literally a giant mass of electricity right in front of us that has basically turned my sitting room into an at-home theater, and you still manage to find other things to think about," the girl said, still flashing her ever present smirk.

Violet scoffed and rolled her eyes, but refused to say anything.

Despite the fake names and occasional VFD agent spottings, the lives of the Baudelaire orphans had been pretty uneventful. The only out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened was finding Bea again. They had managed to reunite with a now 11 year old, rebellious Beatrice Snicket a year before. Incorporating her back into the family had been harder than Violet expected. Bea had grown up in an orphanage and had basically raised herself. While Violet admired her sense of independence, it made the idea of Violet enforcing rules on her that much harder. Plus she had taken a liking to, what Violet described as, Olaf-esque behaviors. There was a period where Violet was getting calls every day from her school saying that Beatrice had set a trash can on fire or locked some kid in the janitors closet or hid the teachers purse. Beatrice's independence, mixed with Sunny's ambition for a life outside of Violet's control was what led to that fateful day that quickly turned the Baudelaire's lives around for the second time in their lives. Violet clearly remembered the situation.

Beatrice had gotten in trouble in school again. It wasn't anything as serious as it had been in the past, but it managed to morph into a heated argument between the two about Beatrice's dislike of being parented by Violet. They four of them walked through the park that Violet had been taking them to for years. She remembers Beatrice angrily firing back with the classic response of...

"You're not my mother! You can't tell me what to do!"

"I know that Bea! But fine! If you want to go live with the rest of your non existent family, then so be it! May God send them down now and swoop you up on their magic carpet and take you to paradise!" Violet had yelled back, finally losing her cool.

She had only meant it as an angry sort of joke. She didn't intend anything by it.

As soon as she had parted her lips to apologize to Bea for the comment on her lack of living blood relatives...a gust of wind caused her to shriek as an object fell from the large tree, barely missing Violet's head, that had been behind them.

Violet blinked a couple of times and wiped the sand from her eyes as she turned to face not an object, but a person.

Violet looked up to see the woman dressed in all black with long dark hair that reached her waist, sunglasses and smirk plastered on her face.

That was the first time that Violet had laid eyes on the infamous Tera Inamorata Snicket-Johnson

The woman who set her house ablaze 11 years earlier. Of course she didn't know this when she first met her. Violet gave Klaus, who was standing beside her also looking quite terrified, an uneasy look. A sinister smile curled onto Tera's face.

"Look what we have here," Tera slurred, "the infamous trio, live and in person."

Violet had been too stunned to reply, and it didn't help that the tree above them had begun to shake again. Before Violet could regain her composure, another figure jumped from the tree.

A girl with long blonde hair pulled into two ponytails and faded colorful streaks dusted herself off and gazed into Violets eyes.

"My how you've grown," the girl said adopting a smirk of her own, "I haven't seen you since I slipped that cockroach into your oatmeal when you were five."

Violet was still too stunned to reply so she just scowled, which only made the girl's smirk bigger. Before Violet knew it, the tree had rustled and four more figures had emerged. Violet peered over at Sunny and Beatrice who were standing a little off to the side and smiling as they watched the scene unfold. Violet would have been more unnerved if she and Klaus hadn't recognize one of the people standing before them.

"R-Rebecca," Klaus stuttered nervously.

"Hey guys," Rebecca replied cheerfully, even though part of her looked just as sinister as the others did. She ran her fingers through her ginger hair and diverted her eyes over to Violet.

"I see you finally get to meet the fam," Rebecca said. Rebecca had a slight smile on her face, but Violet could tell that she was trying her hardest to hide her own smirk.

Violet and Klaus had known Rebecca since before their parents died. She was the same age as Klaus and had officially met them in 3rd grade. She and Klaus could not be more different, but for some reason they worked as friends. Violet even suspected that Klaus might have had a crush on her. The three friends had lost touch after their parents had died. Rebecca came to visit them while they were living with Olaf once. They warned her about his horrible personality and tried to convince her to leave as soon as possible. She seemed oddly calm about it and stuck around as the Baudelaires cleaned. Sure enough, Olaf walked through the door his piercing eyes immediately landed on Rebecca. He raised his eyebrow at her and gave her a small smile before wordless making his way past the four children. Violet and Klaus were stunned as to why Olaf hadn't done anything at the time.

I know why now...

One thing that Violet remembered clearly was that she and Klaus had never been to Rebecca's house. They played at their house or at school...but never at Rebecca's. This was probably the reason that Violet hadn't recognized the other sinister looking individuals as Rebecca's siblings.

Rebecca raised her eyebrows at her sister's and brothers, finally allowing her smirk to crawl its way onto her face.

"This is Tera and Morgan" Rebecca said pointing to the dark haired girl and then the blonde.

She turned to point at the only two boys in the circle.

"That's Bryson," Rebecca said pointing to a boy who dressed similar to John Travolta in Grease. She nodded her head to the other male. He was dressed int a plaid sweater with a bow tie. "and that's Carl."

Violet nor Klaus had the courage to speak yet. They simultaneously looked over at the last girl who had yet to be introduced. She was dressed as your typical movie nerd.

"Hey Jeanette," Sunny and Beatrice spoke to the nerdy girl.

She smiled at them shyly and then turned to Violet and frowned.

"Do they speak?" Tera asked tauntingly, looking at Violet who still had yet to say a word.

This was the first insult from Tera that would soon be followed by many more as the months continued. At first, the children had continued going to the park where they had been going for year, only to find Tera and her sibling waiting for them with giant evil smiles on their faces. Sunny and Beatrice seemed intrigued and fell in love with their bad nature, which only made it harder for Violet to keep them in line. Tera also seemed to gain some sort of sadistic pleasure in watching bad or embarrassing things happen to Violet. She had been tripped, had drinks spilled on her, and many more unfortunate incidents all at the hands of Tera. Violet would cower in embarrassment as Tera and her siblings rolled around, laughing at the scene. Violet could see Beatrice and Sunny giggling to themselves too and even Klaus managed a few snickers. To top that, Tera's lack of a filter also got under Violet's skin. Not a day went by where there wasn't some inappropriate innuendo about Violet's dead parents or fear a fire. After a while, Violet got tired of responding to them and eventually just sighed every time a comment was made.

After an entire month of being followed and annoyed by them, Violet finally asked them why they were so keen on making her life a living hell.

"Didn't your parents raise you better than that!" she had yelled. She knew it made her sound kind of uptight but she hadn't cared at that moment.

Tera didn't reply and simply removed her sunglasses from her face. The entire time Violet had know her, she never once removed her sunglasses. Violet had brought it up many times during their picky fights. She accused Tera of being a coward for not looking at her eye to eye when they argued. All Tera ever replied with was a smirk.

The first time Violet had looked into Tera's shiny, shiny green eyes. The stared down at her in sick amusement. Violet froze in fear as she looked into eyes identical to Count Olaf's.

Violet didn't have the courage to say anything, she quickly grabbed the arms of Klaus and Sunny and pulled them into the nearby school building.

"W-w-what ... h-how.." Violet stuttered not able to form a sentence.

"Olaf," Klaus mumbled quietly

Sunny rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Sunny...did you know?" Violet asked her sister in disbelief.

"Violet just listen before you say anything okay," Sunny began, "Tera and Rebecca and all the rest of them...are Olaf's children, with Kit Snicket. That's why they showed up when you mentioned Bea's family. Morgan told me that he and Kit were together for...longer than we assumed...like way longer...longer as in they were married...and they were stilled married when they died on the island with us. The whole reason that they're here is because that makes Beatrice their last living sister..."

"Wait so, Beatrice is Olaf's daughter?" Klaus asked sounding alarmed.

Sunny paused and her eyes went wide. She slung her arm around and scratched the back of her head.

"Um...no," she said cringing.

Violet and Klaus raised an eyebrow at the same time.

"Look its a long story with that," Sunny said quickly, "but Tera is the most amazing and cool person I've ever met okay! She likes the sister I never had!"

Violet rolled her eyes at that statement.

"Look Vi, just don't treat them differently now that you know okay?" Sunny pleaded

"ME! Treat them different?! They've been the ones messing with me!," Violet argued.

"Yes, because it pisses you off beyond belief, and we find that extremely funny," Bryson said standing in the doorway.

Violet turned to glare at him in the doorway.

His eyes were beaming at her with amusement. The way he looked at her made her her stomach turn flips.

"No hard feelins though Vi," Morgan said appearing next to him, "Tera doesn't actually hate you, she just...takes after dad."

"Yeah I figured," Violet mumbled.

Surprisingly nothing changed much after this. Tera and Bryson made it their personal missions to try and scare Violet as much of possible now that she knew the identity of their father. The most terrifying were the times they would sneak close to her ear and mock their father's voice when she wasn't expecting it. Violet eventually grew used to the endless taunting and even developed a odd liking for Tera.

They started getting along more and more. By getting along she meant, Tera still taunted her but did it in a more playful way. Violet eventually started laughing along and even started joking back.

"By the way," Tera had said one day, "we were the ones who burnt your house down."

Violet didn't say anything. She wasn't even truly upset, she had sort of suspected it somehow. After a moment of silence, she turned to look at her.

"You're like a mini-Hitler, you know that?" Violet said with a faint chuckle.

Tera threw her head back in a laugh that seemed to come straight from the gut.

"I'm half Jewish," Tera said smiling and rolling her eyes.

Excitement had finally been put back into the Baudelaire's lives. Violet actually felt like she was living a little more than she had when she was with her parents. Even though she hadn't tried anything herself she had taken notice to Morgan's excessive drinking, Tera and Carl calmy passing a joint back an forth, and Bryson's habit for chain-smoking. Even though she didn't want to admit it. She felt like the awkward new girl who had managed to make friends with the popular crowd in high school.

I'm living in Mean Girls, she thought to herself.

Violet had finished getting dessert from a near by food truck when she saw Tera leaning against a near by tree.

"Apple pie," Tera said raising an eyebrow at her choice of dessert. She leaned down to sniff the pie, "hmmm it smells like cinnamon and...murder maybe?"

Violet sighed as a smirk returned to Tera's face. She knew Tera was referencing the apple that could have saved Kit's life on the island.

"Tera, your mom said she didn't want to eat an apple because she was afraid it would hurt Beatrice," Violet replied as she fought off a smile.

Tera gasped dramatically as she faked a shocked expression.

"Are you actually justifying that? You killed my parents! You should be ashamed."

Tera wiped away fake tears as Violet's eyes widened.

"You killed my parents!" Violet said smiling in disbelief.

"No I didn't" Tera said


"What?" Violet asked confused, "yes you did! You literally admitted to it!"

"No I didn't," Tera repeated, "I said I burnt your house down...I didn't say I killed your parents."

Violet raised her eyebrows in confusion. She saw Tera's face sink a little.

"Its just as a surprise to me too kid," Tera said, sounding almost angry.

"W-what?" Violet asked again, still not understanding.

Tera chuckled.

"Your parents are over there," she said biting her lip.

Sure enough, Violet turned to look in the direction of the slide and looked into the eyes of Beatrice Baudelaire.

"Oh my god.." Violet whispered.

Her mother had seen her at the same time and embraced her as soon as she ran over.

They were alive.

But it wasn't just her parents. It was...everyone. Esme, Fernald, the Quagmires, Olivia, Fiona, etc. They were all there. Including...Olaf.

He had made eye contact with the Baudelaires as soon as they all walked over. They assumed that the reason he didn't say something snarky was because he had his arm around a smiling, pregnant Kit Snicket.

This was how they ended up here. Sitting in Kit's mansion staring up at the Great Unknown. After a severe storm that night, Kit had explained that flooding was more of a danger to them than they realized. The flood caused the waters by the beaches to flow into the city. After a confused Sunny had asked why it was so bad, a very tired and annoyed Olaf explained that it meant the Great Unknown had a chance to make it on land. Sure enough, at midnight, the door to the mansion had busted in and the monster itself had appeared. The kids had all huddled together, screaming and holding onto each other for comfort. Violet had expected a large and dramatic confrontation, but was surprised when a tired looking Olaf calmly walked down the stairs with axe and chopped its head off.

Everyone sat in silence before they all bursted out laughing.

"They told us stories of how mysterious and horrid this beast was...and that's it?" Esme said chuckling in disbelief.

Spoke to soon. The lights in the house began to flicker. The head of the Beast showed a bright blinding light and...

That was about 5 minutes ago. Now they were on the couches in the sitting room staring up at the "Beast". It had basically turned itself into a screen and just looked like one big iMax theater viewing.

"Sunny," Bea called from her seat next to Jeanette, "pass the popcorn!"

Nobody knew what they were being shown until the picture appeared on the screen along with the words...

La Forza Del Destino

So I know the ending was pretty confusing there. Basically the Great Unknown is replaying their lives back to them in the style of a movie. The rest of the story will mostly just be the "movie" itself but there will be points where it breaks back into real time. I thought it would be cool for the Baudelaires to actually watch what happened in the past rather than have someone try and explain it. The next chapter is the day Kit and Olaf first met!