Dark Game

By MoonlightDewz

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Oh, and to everyone that is looking for a Yu-Gi-Oh story with the millennium puzzle in it; turn back. This story is about Yami, a vampire.

Yami: WHAT?! I'm not a vampire.

I know that. But I just thought that the idea of you being a vampire would be cool.

Yami: (Groans)

Don't worry about it. And besides, you're going to like this chapter, Yami.

Yami: (getting scared) Why?

Because you get some touch, and a little fluff with Yugi.

Yami: Really?


Yami: ^__________^
A Note: O.k. I would just like to say that this frist paragraph was shown by the third person. Then mostly every chapter after that will be from Yami's point of view. And in chapter 2, Yugi will take over for a while. You'll know who's viewpoint it is because I'll write it before you start reading. O.k. That's it. Enjoy the story.


Chapter 1 ~ The Dark Meeting

*Third Person*

A cold wind blew across a lonely graveyard, at 9:00 pm. The headstones seem to loom out and stare at anyone who would walk pass the gate.

Then, over in the left corner of the graveyard sat a mausoleum. And perched on the tip of the roof was a 17-year-old boy. His blond bangs and the tips of his red and black crown of hair blowing gently in the wind. He was wearing a black pair of pants, black shoes, and a dark blue shirt that was cut so you could see his lean chest. A black cape was placed on his shoulders, but the piece of cloth held completely still, not wanting to give away it's owner's presets. The boy's lavender eyes scanned the darkness for his next victim. Because, you see, this boy wasn't normal. He was a vampire. And his name, is Yami.


*Yami's View*

I shifted from one foot to the other, as my one foot was falling asleep. My eyes darted to something that had moved on the street in front of the graveyard. ~Just a leaf.~ I thought dryly. That reminded me. Winter would come soon, and not many people would be out, which would make it harder to feed.

But suddenly, I hear the sound of someone coming. So I tarred my eyes away from the leaf, and sunk down so it would harder for my prey to see me.

A small boy came down the street, his coat held tightly closed to avoid the cold chill. The boy had his back to me, so I couldn't see his face, but something in me told me that he looked familiar. He stopped for a minute and looked back at something. His eyes were exactly the same color as mine, and he looked just like me. Except that he was a bit shorter than me and his angelic-like features were softer than mine.

"Yugi." I heard myself whisper. How I knew the boy's name, I had no idea. It was kind of funny, didn't the name 'Yugi' mean game.
Just then, my ears caught the sound that danger was coming. Blood was going to be spilled. The danger was so close that I could taste the blood in the air. Yugi, as I guessed, didn't hear it, for my ears were more acute than his.

And then, two big men came out of the nearby woods. The one was really tall and skinny, wearing a black leather jacket, and had the worst hair do I had ever seen. The guy's hair was a bright green and was spiked all over. He looked like a green pincushion. The other guy was big and had black hair that was cut short. That guy was also wearing a leather jacket and jeans. These two guys looked big enough to really hurt someone, and by the way they were looking at Yugi, I guess they meant to hurt him.

The men were about 2 feet away from Yugi when the young one took a step away from them, coming back the way he had come. The men smiled and the big one grabbed at Yugi, catching him around the arm. He then pulled the little one toward him and held a dagger up to Yugi's throat.

"What are you going to do now shrimp?" The guy with the green hair taunted. Yugi started shaking like a leaf and groaned. The dagger was pushed into his neck a little deeper, making a thin stream of blood appear.

Then, something in me snapped. I felt rage surging though me. "Go." My mind basically yelled at me. "GO NOW." I then jumped from my hiding spot and landed right in the middle of their little "get together."

"Where did you come from?" the green haired guy asked, slightly surprised. I glared at the guy, making him take a step back.

"Hey Joe," I heard the big guy say. I looked over at him. "Lets just get rid of this guy and go back to the pipsqueak."

The guy named Joe then came up behind me. He didn't think that I saw him, but I did.

Joe came running toward me with a knife clenched in his hand. I rolled my eyes before turning around and kicking the guy in the stomach. Joe went flying backwards into the graveyard fence, which was about 15 feet away.

The big guy saw what I had done, so he dropped Yugi and his dagger, and took off. But I wasn't going to let him go that easy. I picked up the dagger and though it at him. The weapon went flying though the darkness and landed into the man's back, swiftly killing him. The guy fell down, dead.

I smirked and looked back at Yugi.

He was lying on the ground; his eyes wide open in pure terror. He had seen what I had done, and he probably thought that I was going to kill him next. But I wasn't going to do such a heartless thing. I kneeled down to him and looked him in the eye.

"Yugi?" I asked. "H-how do you know my name?" he said. "That's my secret." I said.

I then remembered the blood on Yugi's neck. So I tilted his head up a bit, by holding his chin between my thumb and forefinger. He didn't resist me.

"You should go see a doctor about that." I said. Who knows what could have been on that thug's dagger.

Yugi groaned in pain, trying his hardest not to move. My eyes looked up into his. The pain was just too much for him, I could see it. I sighed. I was a vampire, and like my animal partners, the vampire bat, my saliva had a healing substance. So when I bit someone, they would heal in a few hours, it would also keep the wound from getting infected. And I was sure that I didn't want this little one getting sick.

I kept Yugi's head up as I place my other hand on his chest so that he didn't get up when I did what I needed to do. I felt Yugi's chest heave as I heard him gasp.

I didn't say anything because I didn't feel like I needed to tell him what I was doing, he would fine out soon enough.

I looked at Yugi's neck and lend down a bit. I could smell the blood and it made my senses go crazy. I felt my fangs coming out of my mouth. But I shook my head and pulled them back in. This little one was NOT going to be my next meal. I lend down just a bit more until I was just an inch from Yugi's neck. My tongue slip out of my mouth and, starting at the bottom, I slowly went up the young one's neck, tasting his blood.

Yugi whimpered when he felt what I was doing. But at that time I didn't really care, because my instincts had taken over. He tasted good, very good. I groan slightly as I tried to keep my fangs in, so I wasn't per swayed to bite him. But, luckily, I finished before that happen. He would be o.k. now.

I got off of him and backed off, as Yugi sat up. I turned away from him and started walking back into the graveyard when I heard. "Wait!" I stopped, but didn't look back. "Why did you help me?" Yugi asked. I looked back at him and shrugged. "I don't know." I then went back into the graveyard.


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