I'm just standing here, minding my own business when suddenly –

Yami: Runs by. He looks really scared

YamiJadedkatrina: Runs by too. She has this evil smile on her face and she's carrying a flamethrower. Yami! Get back here!

Yami: Passing me in the other direction now No! Leave me alone! Someone, anyone, HELP!

YamiJadedkatrina: Passes me again. Oh come on Yami. I won't hurt you… much.

Yami: Oh, well that makes me feel so much better. Runs behind me. Please, don't let her get me.

YamiJadedkatrina: Stops and looks at us. Hey! Quit using the authoress as a shield Yami. I don't want to toast her to.

Toast ME! Alright that's it! Jadedkatrina could you please come in here?

Jadedkatrina: Walks in What is it? Sees YamiJadedkatrina and the flamethrower and her eyes narrow What did I tell you? You can only hurt Yami when he doesn't behave. Now, give me that weapon!

YamiJadedkatrina: Glares, but hands over the flamethrower.

Now that that's taken care of, we can move on.

Yami: Wraps his arms around my waist and glares at YamiJadedkatrina.

YamiJadedkatrina: Smiles evilly at him

Jadedkatrina: Sighs

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Okay, on with the chapter.


Chapter 9 Sunlight Fluff and Q & A

Yugi's View

I should have felt the sunlight come into my room and warm the air. I should have felt the sunlight shine into my eyes. In addition, I should have woken up around 7:30 am because of all of this.

However, I didn't.

It was about 9:00 am when I opened my eyes. There was sunlight in the room, but it was dimmed, blocked. I looked over at my window to see what was wrong, and saw that the curtains had been drawn closed.

I blinked and sat up.

Why did Yami close the curtains? He was in the closet, wasn't he?

I looked at the closet. The door was wide open, no Yami in there.

Where was he?

I slipped out of bed, and felt how stiff my back had become. My back hurt only a little bit, and I could move around with no problems, but I wouldn't be running any marathons today. I sighed and started walking quietly down the hallway.

As I walked, I noticed that all the curtains were closed. All of them shutting out the bright light, leaving soft pale glows in all the rooms.

I got down to the end of the hallway and saw him.

Yami was sitting at the dining room table reading the paper.

At 9:00 in the morning.

In the dimmed sunlight.

During the day!

I felt shell-shocked. The light had almost killed Yami the last time he was faced with it, or at least caused him great pain. What if the light made Yami burst into flames! I would never see him again! I would never be able to tell him how much I cared for him. I would be alone.

I started to shake and a scream threatened to slip from my throat from my distress and shock. You could almost say that I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

My eyes widened and I opened my mouth, but I didn't scream. My words seemed to have been frozen in my throat.

Yami was looking up at me from over the paper. His eyes were narrowed slightly and locked on me, a frown his face as he watched me.

I closed my mouth since my vocal chords didn't seem to work and stood there shaking, my backbone and back muscles protesting weakly against my movement. Fear for Yami was written on my face as my eyes wandered to the window, thoughts of Yami screaming in pain in the flashlight that Joey had had flashing in my mind.

"Yugi," Yami's deep voice drifted over. He was still watching me. "I'm not about to burst into flames so there's no need to worry. However, I think it would be easier for me to explain why if you just come sit down by me."

I looked at Yami's eyes again. They were darker then before, and more narrow. I had a bad feeling about this.

With caution I moved over towards the table, (I was still shaking by the way) all the while watching Yami as he watched me, wincing slightly from the pain in my back as I walked.

Yami had said that he had been all right last night, and I had guessed that what ever had been hurting him was gone, but now I wasn't so sure. It seemed that something was off about Yami, and an old saying came back to me: Things may not be as they appear.

Guess what. I was right.

When I was only about a foot away, somewhere between the table and the small couch in the living room, Yami stood up and quickly reached out, before gently grabbing my arm. He pulled me over to him and I gasped when my body touched his.

I went to pull away, but he wrapped his other arm around my waist, and slipped his hand up the back of my shirt.

No! I mentally screamed as I started to wiggle around, my back screaming in protest as pain shot through me. I should never have listened to him. In the state I was in, my back laced with pained, I was too weak to be able to stop Yami if he took me.

Fill me with sin and darkness. Taint and drowned me. Rip and tear my wings, set them alight.

Steal my soul.

Was that what Yami wanted to do to me? If I let him in, would he slip his darkness into me? Just like the moon? Pressed in on my light before I choked and breathed my last breathe.

I knew that I had decided beforehand just to let Yami take me if he wanted, since he would get me eventually, but I was afraid.

I was deathly, unbelievably afraid.

I continued to shake as these thoughts took hold of me and I tried to pull away from Yami.

No, I didn't want to be taken. Not like that! Not drowning in cold, numb from the pain. No, no, no!

Holding onto me tight enough that I couldn't get away as I moved about, but gently enough not to hurt me, Yami spoke.

"Yugi," he said as I continued to try and move away, "Yugi calm down."

However, I didn't listen to him. My body started panicking as Yami frowned and then suddenly shifted his position, causing his hand to moved farther up my back, his cool, slender fingers touching my skin.

My hands gripped Yami's shoulders as the pain in my back grew sharp and that's when I felt Yami shift again and something that was soft, white, fluffy and was in Yami's hand, lobbed me on the head.

I completely stopped moving, frozen with the uncertainty of what Yami had just use to hit me with.

"Yugi you shouldn't move so much right now." Yami chided me as he held me gently and I looked up at him. "I was just trying to do a quick check of your back and you almost hurt yourself again."

I stared at him. In Yami's hand was a large, white, downy, pillow that he had grabbed off the couch.

I almost felt like kicking myself.

Yami shifting around had been just him reaching around me, trying to grab the pillow because it was the only way to stop me from hurting my back more since I was so worked up. If he hadn't done what he did then I would have been in a lot of pain.

Then, as I continued to stare at Yami, I realized that he had really hit me with a pillow.

A vampire had hit me on the head with a pillow.

If I wasn't so stunned and embarrassed over how I had over reacted then I would of cried out of sure joy.

Yami's hand slid carefully away from my back and the pillow was tossed back to the couch, before he cupped my face gently and his eyes were soft.

"Are you alright now?" Yami asked kindly, smiling softly as I finally relaxed against a threat that would never come.

I felt silly.

Yami would never hurt me.

He would never pass the weak personal barriers I had, even if he could break them with ease.

Moreover, he would never take me if I didn't want him to.

I didn't have to be afraid anymore, and as I smiled and rested against his hands, letting my eyes slip shut, I knew by his smile that he understood.

"Now," Yami started again, causing me to open my eyes, "Will you allow me to inspect your back, young one? Or am I going to have to hold you down?"

I smiled sheepishly and as Yami moved his hands to my shoulders and then down to my arms to hold my hands, I slowly nodded.

Sitting down in his chair, his back and spine pressing completely against the backrest, Yami easily pulled me towards him and I sat on his lap, face to face with this dark creature, this delicious vampire.

Yami released my hands and I brought them to his chest, my fingers digging into his shirt. I placed my head on his shoulder and relaxed as I breathed.

Hands slipping under the back of my shirt again, Yami started to softly rub and caress my back, his slim fingers cool and gentle, numbing some of my pain.

As he worked, checking my back and taking away the pain, I decided to ask him a question.

"Yami?" I asked, hoping not to distract him too much.

"Hmm?" Yami asked back, the vibration of the hum that was coming from him sending a thrum through my fingers.

"What were you doing before?" I asked, curious, "With the paper, I mean."

"I was reading about the weather, young one." He said, his fingers never pausing in their task, "It's going to snow later on today."

I blinked.

Reading about the weather in the paper. A vampire was reading about the weather. Well, I guess it wasn't that strange, considering that Yami had just hit me with a pillow. However, I never thought vampires would care to know about the weather. I thought that vampires had heighten senses, so they would know whether it was going to rain or snow on there own, why would they care what humans thought about snow coming?

I sighed, closed my eyes and then just as quickly opened them.

Wait a minute!

"Yami?" I asked again, sitting up slightly, "How did you get the paper?"

Yami looked at me out of the corner of his dark lavender eyes and gave me a very simple answer.

"I picked it up from the doorstep when it came, Yugi." He said, turning his attention back to running his fingers smoothly up my spine, "Why do you ask?"

I didn't answer. My eyes were wide open in shock.

The game shop doesn't get our newspaper until about 8:35 in the morning, and the sun would be up during that time. So, Yami…

Oh My God!

"Yami!" I cried out in fear and shock at my discovery, my eyes widening some more as I leaned up to look at him.

Yami blinked at my worried face, seemly not understanding why I had suddenly screamed his name.

"What is it?" he asked, his hands freezing as I stared at him, voice taking on a slight worried tone, "Yugi, what's wrong?"

I tried to order my thoughts into something that I could say without getting my tongue tied.

"Yami," I said slowly, "What were you doing outside during the day, aren't you going to get hurt by the light?"

Yami smiled and relaxed before he shook his head at me, glad that I wasn't in some kind of pain I guessed.

"The light may cause me pain young one," he said, looking at me, "However, it can not destroy me. Here, I'll show you. Turn on that light please." Yami gestured towards the table lamp that sat on the kitchen counter, the only thing that was separating the dining room from the kitchen.

I slid slowly off Yami's lap and moved over to turn the lamp on, before worriedly looked back at Yami. What if the light hurt him a lot more then he thought it would?

My question was evident in my pause, and Yami saw it.

"Trust me Yugi." He said.

I nodded, reached under the lampshade, and turned the lamp on. A soft circular glow was cast and I looked back at Yami. He looked anxious, but not afraid.

I watched as he slowly stood and walked up next to me and, attentively, placed his hand under the circle of light, his features bathed in soft lamplight. Yami's eyes were slightly narrowed, but he didn't seem to be in any pain. However, as before, looks can be deceiving.

"Yami?" I asked, worried. "Does it hurt?"

Yami withdrew his hand and looked at me.

"It is annoying," he said as he curled and uncurled his hand, like he was trying to get feeling back into it, "But it doesn't hurt. Only the sun and any lights that shine directly on my whole body hurt."

"Oh." I said quietly, picking up on Yami's light comment. "Any light?"

"Except lunar light and black lights." Yami answered, "They won't do anything to me."

I looked down, my eyes clouding over with my thought. So light would only hurt Yami, not kill him, but how much could he take? Yami's voice broke through my thoughts.

"You needn't worry Yugi," he said as I looked up. "I was born at sunset, so I know my own limits. Although I was surprised when your Joey friend used that flashlight on me."

I stayed silent. I didn't even know if I still had friends. I had screamed at them so loudly, I might have shattered our friendship. However, I picked up on a word Yami had said, and my worry was replaced by curiosity.

"Born?" I asked, blinking, "Vampires are born?"

Yami nodded.

"We also court, before mating for offspring, most of the time. However, our courting is a little different then yours."

My mind flashed back to what that woman on the street had said.


"Yami, last night when I followed you from the graveyard, you really should put up more of a fight. It's no fun to chase you if you don't care." Ishizu then left.


Then I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking, "Yami, what does this- courting, concise of?"

"The courting of vampires is very complex Yugi, but the first action is the older one chasing the younger."

I felt my heart lodge itself in my throat. Was that what that Ishizu woman was doing? The first step of courtship!

I-I couldn't stand, my body denied it, so I fell back and plopped into the seat behind me. I was completely oblivious to the small pain that shot up my backbone when I sat down. My face was a mask of shock and disbelief.

Yami, shocked about my fall, got on his knees in front of me to look up into my eyes. His eyes were filled with worry and shock.

"Yugi? Yugi what's wrong?" he asked, gently although slightly panicked. He reached up to cup my face in his hands, and the second that he touched me I felt tears weld up in my eyes.

I couldn't believe it. Yami was in love with another! My Yami! I knew that he wasn't really mine, but I couldn't help it. I more than just cared for him. I loved him!

I felt awful, and my tears kept getting my lap wet. Not that I really cared at the moment.

Yami's eyes soften and he tenderly wiped away my tears.

"Shh," he hushed, "Don't cry young one, it will be alright."

"No," I sobbed, "It won't be alright. You're being courted by another, so you don't love me."

I tried breathing deeply, but I just broke down again, crying harder then before. I felt Yami wrap his arms around me and bring me down to him, before laying me flat on the floor. My back touched the surface as I continued to cry.

Moreover, to my surprise, I felt Yami's cool, soft lips come in contact with my neck. My tears stopped and I arched my head up without even thinking, exposing more of my throat.

Yami smiled against me and kissed my neck some more. He was so good.

I whimpered slightly as something smooth and angular, started at the base and slipped up my throat.

My eyes snapped opened. I knew what that was, Yami's fangs! I gasped and went to move away, but Yami stopped me.

"Relax sweet one," He told me. "There is no reason for you to be afraid."

I froze for a second as Yami came up and kissed me, his lips meeting mine. However, I placed my hands on his collarbone and pushed him away, just enough for me to speak and look into his eyes.

"What about Ishizu?" I asked shyly, afraid of the answer.

Yami's eyes narrowed. "What about her?" he asked, serious.

"Well," I gulped, "Aren't you two um… courting?"

Yami stared at me. His eyes were completely blank and unreadable.

Then, suddenly, a smile curved onto Yami's features before deep happy laughter bubbled past his lips. He dug his head into my shoulder to muffle himself as he kept laughing.

His body vibrated pleasantly against me as he laughed into my shoulder, and I realized that I never had heard Yami truly laugh before. It was nice.

After Yami calmed himself, he pulled his head back up and smiled at me.

"Yugi, is that why you were so upset? You thought that I liked Ishizu?" he asked, his eyes dark and gentle.

I nodded, softly biting my bottom lip.

"Ishizu is 400 years older than I am."

I blinked.

"Why was she chasing you then?" I asked, cocking my head to the side slightly.

"She's just worried about me." Yami said, sighing, "Ishizu is trying to get me ready for courting. She says that since I'm one of the old vampires, I really shouldn't still be alone." He shook his head, "Although she really should be more worried about her brother."

Yami's eyes hardened when he spoke that last sentence and as he looked away from me, he fell silent for a moment, that hard, narrowed eyed look on his face.

"Why?" I asked, "Doesn't he have someone?"

Realizing I had said something, Yami blinked suddenly and then his eyes became soft as he looked back at me.

"I'll tell you later young one." He said, holding my hands and helping me sit up, "However, how about I get you something to eat." Yami picked me up and sat me back into my chair, before he moved off into the kitchen.

Wait a minute!

"Yami, what are you doing?" I asked as I watched him pull out pots and pans out of the drawers.


Cooking? Did Yami even know what cooking was?

"Just because I feed on blood does not mean I can't cook Yugi," Yami said, flashing me a fanged smile. "You just go get changed."

I looked down at myself and noticed that Yami was right. I had slept in my clothes last night so they where rumpled and in need of a good cleaning.

Yami turned back to his raid of our pantry. I nodded and left the room.

I picked out my clothes for the day and headed off to the bathroom. I filled the tub with water and got in, throwing my dirty clothes into a basket at the door. I'd have to wash them before grandpa got home.

The water was warm and soothing so the muscles in my back slowly relaxed, taking away the hurt and stiff feeling there. I sighed contently as I washed off, and then I started thinking.

If vampires were born, and can't die of age or disease, then there should be a lot more around, shouldn't there? Unless someone's been killing them off!

My eyes widened suddenly as I was ripped out of my thoughts by the sound of glass shattering and an ear-piercing screamed rang through out the house! Yami's cry!

(If anyone has seen the Lord of the Rings movies, and heard the nasghoul, the riders in black cloaks, scream, then you have a pretty good idea what Yami sounds like.)

I leaned out of the tub and looked for my towel. I grabbed hold of a big sandy colored one, wrapped around myself, and ran down the hallway, leaving puddles in my wake.

I burst into the kitchen and saw that Yami was leaning over the sink, back curled. His eyes and mouth were wide-open, hands clenched around the sink rim. It looked like he was choking to death!

He kept choking and gasping for air as his body shook lightly, and his high bat-like call kept slipping out of him when he wasn't fighting for breath.

I went to move over towards him, but before I could even take a step, Yami's head snapped around, looked over at me, and cried in a voice that was impossibly deep and breathlessly airy at the same time.

"No." he commanded, gasping, "Yugi don't come in here. The floor's covered with glass!"

I looked down and saw that there were curved shards of glass on the floor, as if a bowl or jar had shattered, along with a strange light tan-colored powder.

I kneeled down quickly and took some of the powder in my hand. Being careful that there weren't any small hidden glass pieces in it, I took a quick taste of it and was shocked by what it was.

Garlic. It was garlic. Weren't vampires allergic to garlic!

I looked up and saw Yami leaning over the sink again, his hands still tight around the counter. He was shaking lightly and his eyes were closed, but other wise he was pretty still.

There wasn't any glass along the wall that I could see, so I slid up against it and started making my way over to the sink.

Suddenly, Yami's eyes snapped open and he opened his mouth. He made this strange cough/gag sound and threw his head forward. Blood was thrown into the sink, and by the time I got over there, Yami was breathing normally and appeared to be fine.

"Yami?" I asked quietly as I took hold of his arm while I looked at him before peering into the sink. "Are you okay, and is that your blood?"

Yami looked at me. He was completely calm, like nothing had happened.

"Yes and no," He answered, looking back into the sink, "I'm fine Yugi, but my blood isn't red."

"Then what color is it?" I asked.


"Oh. Yami, what happened?" I asked, looking back at him again. "And why did you gag?"

"I swallowed some garlic by mistake Yugi. I had to expel it."

"What if you didn't?"

"I would get really sick. I can only eat blood and water, anything else does not go well with my system."

"Could you die?"


Well, now I knew why vampires didn't like garlic. I looked into the sink and turned on the water so the blood would go down the drain. Yami took a cup and drank some of the tap water.

"Yami?" I asked, "How old is that blood?" I watched it as it slowly disappeared.

Yami could have gone out and fed when I was asleep. Although the thought made me a little worried. How may people had he killed?

"It's days old Yugi." He said as he looked at the sink. "I haven't fed since I began to stay with you."

I'm not sure why I said it, I just did. "Good."

Yami looked at me out of the corner of his dark eyes, while I continued to watch the water run. His eyes narrowed and became darker, and a seductive, sinful smile appeared on his lips.

I turned off the water and looked at him. Why was he looking at me like that? I hadn't done, or said anything.

Then, I looked down at myself.

I was standing by the kitchen sink, dripping wet, with nothing on except the towel I had wrapped around me, in front of a dark, deadly, beautiful, sexy vampire. Who could very easily take me.

Oh, nice job Yugi. You couldn't think before you ran out of the bathroom could you. No, of coarse not.

Not that I was afraid, just worried. What of that thing that was inside of him, the one that he seemed to lose himself do, that hurt him. Where was it? Had it disappeared, or was it still there, waiting to blind Yami again?

I trusted Yami.

I didn't trust the one that made him blind, and part of me feared.

I was in so much trouble.

Quick Note from the author - Also a note to everyone who as read this far, I just wanted to remind everyone that the rating for this story is T for Teen, and if you don't like Yaoi or mush and fluff, even though Yami and Yugi aren't going to be doing anything super gross or anything, I just wanted to warn everyone before someone reads to far and I start getting flamed. So read at your own risk please.

Yami: (purrs) - End of Note. (Smile)

Yami's View

Beautiful little one. He probably hadn't even noticed the position he had put himself in.

I took a step towards him, and he stepped back, slowly. Pulling the towel around him up to his collarbone, he didn't seem to be afraid of me, just unsure.

Yugi had made a mistake coming to me with nothing to protect his sweet body and soul. I could easily take him, and since my instincts weren't a threat at the moment, I could go slow and be gentle with him.

Nevertheless, I had promised that I wouldn't take him until he was willing.

However, that didn't make him less desirable.

Yugi just stood there. His shoulders were moving slightly as he breathed, and his beautiful amethyst eyes were locked on me.

He didn't need to worry. I had promised that I wouldn't hurt him. So even if I let some of my vampire nature surface and fed on his sweetness, I would only touch and taste, not take.

I promised.

I smiled lightly, and Yugi slowly backed up against the wall. So I slowly held my hand out for him. He looked at my hand, then into my eyes, and made up his mind. He gradually reached out and placed his hand in mine, before I gently curled my fingers around his.

He looked at me and smiled.

Yugi was such a trusting and innocent creature. Beautiful.

Pulling him towards me until his small warm form touched mine, he gasped faintly and looked at me.

I knew why he was nervous. He was so vulnerable at the moment. Taking his sweet form would not be hard at all.

"What are you going to do?" He asked me, fighting back his insecurity and slight fear.

I reached under his chin and gently tipped his head up. Then I got close.

"Nothing," I purred, "Not unless you want me to."

My lips met his as his eyes slid shut and my hands slipped down his streamline neck. He was warm and soft. An angel that fell to earth.


Yugi slowly broke away from me as he looked down in his thought.

"I-I-" he softly stuttered, before looking back up. "I want you to love me. Please Yami."

He then gripped my shirt with his free hand.

"I'm not ready to be taken, but could you just love me for now? Please?" He pleaded, his pleas turning into soft sobs.

Smiling softly, I bent down and whispered into his ear.

"Of coarse, hikari no tenshi."

Yugi blinked at the new pet name.

Angel of Light.

I picked Yugi up and walked off to his bedroom, where I sat him on his mattress, and sunk down to my knees on the floor, my arms wrapped gently around his waist. I met Yugi's eyes as he looked down at me.

Yugi smiled at me, eyes full of trust and innocence. He was warm and willing for love, and I was not going to disappoint him, or make him doubt his trust in me.

My hands wandered up his back slowly as I rose, my cool lips meeting his warm ones. He willingly let his sweet mouth drop opened, his free hand coming up and gripping the shirt I wore.

I slipped my tongue past his lips, deep into his mouth, as my hands came up and, starting at the top of his neck, moved down his throat, and along the curve of his shoulders.

Yugi was warm, smooth, and soft. Prefect in everyway known to man.

No. Not man.


I grinned slightly at that thought.

Yugi made this beautiful little mewling sound and pulled me closer to him, before I slowly broke the kiss so he could take in a faint breath.

"You are getting bolder, sweet one." I purred to him.

Yugi had never pulled me to him, never so needing and wanting. He had also never made that noise before.

He shyly looked up at me, and his eyes begin to fill with doubt and worry. Worry that I would push him away.

I leaned down and got close enough so he could feel my breath.

"Go on," I coaxed, "I won't bite."

I heard Yugi gulp, and he hesitated, but only for a second, before he lunged at me. His mouth met up with mine once again, and I parted my lips for him. Attentively, he slipped his cute pink tongue into my mouth.

My hands drifted past Yugi's shoulders and rested on the hand that was holding up the only protection Yugi had. He breathed in sharply when I eased it from his hand.

However, he relaxed when I did not release my hold of it.

Yugi pulled away slowly and looked at me with his beautiful amethyst eyes, before speaking.

"Yami, I-I've never done anything like this before, so please… be gentle."

I smiled softly before whispering tenderly in his ear, "You have my word, hikari no tenshi."

My lips slowly and softly trailed butterfly kisses down the young one's throat and neck, and I felt him tremble as I gradually moved lower.

"Y-Yami?" he quivered, not out of fear, but of longing, need.

"Hm?" I voiced quietly, wondering lightly what he wanted.

"Yami, how strong is a vampire's word?"

I didn't hesitate, there was no reason too. "Very strong, sweet one. You may not believe, but most vampires take their words as law."

Yugi sighed calmly and wrapped his arms around my neck. "Thank you, my yami no yasha."

I wrapped my free arm around Yugi's waist and smiled. Yugi not only claimed ownership of me, but did not shy from what I was.

Yami no Yasha.

Demon of Darkness.

My lips moved down along the young one's collarbone as I listened to his quiet mewls. He tasted and felt so good. I let his protection slip down slightly and moved lower to warm, newly exposed, skin.

Slowly lowering him so his back touched the soft mattress, Yugi's breathing quickened as I slipped down his small bare chest. A velvet thrum filled my throat and I realized that I was purring.

Finally stopping around his waist, where I secured his protection around his waist so I wouldn't be tempted, I wrapped my other arm around him and rested my chin on his stomach, silencing myself.

My breathing gently matched his calming breath as he blinked and stared at me.

It was so easy, matching myself with him. His breath, his movements, everything that was his, I matched with ease.

I wondered why.

Yugi continued to stare, and I did the same.

I wondered how long it would take him to realize my game?

He smiled.

Not long.

Hikari no tenshi giggled, before reaching down and grabbing hold of my shirt collar. His warm lips met with mine when I moved up to him, and I could taste the need, the wish that we could always be together, from his taste.

I felt small, warm, curious fingers wine their way into a gap between leather and my collarbone, brushing up against my cool skin.

However, no matter how curious, Yugi's fingers trembled, unsure.

I gently took his hands and guided him so the top button of my shirt snapped. Letting him know that he could do as he pleased, for I knew he wouldn't try to harm me. I was not afraid.

Not afraid of the light that he was.

The light that surrounded his soul.

He would not let it hurt me.

After a few more buttons, my shirt came completely undone and I felt warm fingers wander down my cool skin before Yugi wrapped his arms around me, pushing himself up against me.

Yugi's smile was light and happy as he hugged me, and when he looked up at me, I narrowed my eyes softly, making them grow dark with my passion. A shiver slipped up Yugi's body, and he pressed his head up against my chest.

Then, suddenly, I heard Yugi gasp lightly. He pulled his head away from me for a second, and then pressed himself back to me, seemly trying to hear something.

"What is it?" I asked, watching him.

"Yami, y-your heart's not beating!" He said, slightly worried.

I sighed, closed my eyes, and waited for Yugi's question.

"Why?" He asked softly as he looked at me.

"I'm not sure why Yugi. It just doesn't. It never has, and never will."

"But, if your heart doesn't beat, then how can you be alive?" He asked.

I took a deep breath to prepared myself for what I was about to say. "Because I'm not alive."

Yugi looked up at me with confusion in his eyes.

"I can not die Yugi, not really, but I'm not alive. I'm somewhere stuck in between."

"Oh." He looked down for a moment, and then looked back up, "Do you miss it?"

"A heartbeat?"

Yugi nodded.

"I can not miss it if I've never had it Yugi, but yes, I do wish for it." I said, looking away.

Yugi was silent for a moment, and when he called me, I turned back to him.

He had this contemplative look in his eyes for a moment before reaching up and, wrapping his fingers behind my neck, pulled me close. He looked deep into my eyes before speaking softly, question in his voice.

"Do you want to listen to my heart?"

I nodded and kissed him tenderly as I wrapped my arms around his small form and rested my head against his chest.

"Thank you." I whispered, closing my eyes, "Thank you, Yugi."

Yugi's beautiful heartbeat was gentle and smooth. Skin soft and warm. Even breath.

I was…so… tired.

I sighed calmly and started to drift into the haze of sleep. However, just before I dozed off, I heard Yugi sigh in relaxation and he breathed out, "I love you, my Yami."

I realized that Yugi had fallen fast asleep, so I didn't need to answer, not that I could.

Vampires were not suppose to tell someone they loved them, it was forbidden. Especially since after they said it the vampire would be bonded with the one they loved, even if the one hated the vampire.

Moreover, that usually happened between two vampires, not a mortal human and an immortal darkling.

Nevertheless, I couldn't think about that now. Yugi was so warm, heart beating softly, breath matching my own, and I was drifting away.

I took in another deep breath before slipping away into the darkness of sleep. The arms of a demon wrapped around the sweet soul of an angel.


I was so warm, calm, safe. I could hear Yugi's soft heartbeat as it thrummed slowly, and his small chest rose and fell gently with every breath.

What had awoken me?


I groaned and picked up my head. Some of my hair had flopped down into my eyes, so I brushed it away. I was not in the mood to be dealing with a phone call.


The phone was getting impatient, and I felt Yugi stir lightly from under me. I snorted, but got up anyway when the phone continued it's annoying call.


As I walked down the hallway, my eyes narrowed. If I had been awoken for a salesman, I would not be pleased.


I picked up the phone before it finished its fifth call.

"Hello?" I growled lightly into the phone.

"Oh!" The person, a man to be exact, sounded quite surprised, "I wasn't expecting anyone to pick up. I was just going to leave a message."

"Alright," I said, "So who is this?"

"Soloman Mouto, Yugi's grandfather. Who's this?"

"Yami Kkwy. What is it?"

"Oh." Yugi's grandpa said, "I didn't know that you were still over there." His voice didn't hold any suspicion or hate, it sounded normal, which was strange to me.

"Well anyway," he continued, "Please tell Yugi that I will be back on Thursday, so I will see him then.

"Alright, I'll tell him." I said.

"And Yami?" Soloman asked.


"Please take care of my grandson. I'd hate for anything to happen to him."

"So would I," I replied, "Don't worry Mr. Mouto. I promise, I'll take good care of Yugi."

"Do I have your word?"


"Thank you Yami, goodbye."

"Goodbye." And I hung up the phone.

When I walked back into Yugi's room, he had awoken. His eyes were slightly clouded over and his hair was slightly array, giving him a sleepy dazed look. His eyes were soft as he smiled at me.


"Who was it?" He asked softly, pulling the towel he wore back up to his collarbone.

"Your grandfather." I said, coming over and sitting down next to him. "He wanted to let you that he will be back on Thursday."

"Oh? Was that it?"

"Well, he also asked me if he had my word to take care of you." I purred, leaning over.

"And does he?" Yugi asked, letting me come closer.

"What does you sweet soul tell you?" I whispered gently into Yugi's ear, my right hand resting gently under his chin.

Yugi smiled and his warm, slim, arms reached up and wrapped tenderly around my neck, before I let my lips brush against his.

Hikari no Tenshi's mouth softly fell opened and my tongue slipped past his warm lips. His breathing and heartbeat began to race when I broke away and lowered to his sweet throat, kissing him tenderly.

Yugi trembled in pleasure as I dip down lower to his collarbone, and my hands drifted slowly along his back.

I slipped my hands under the top of Yugi's towel and began to caress his soft skin.

Yugi gasped, his heart raced, and then-


We both froze cold.

Yugi blinked and stared at me in confusion, I did the same.

The heat between us had iced over, and all because of that darn phone!

I growled to myself as it went off again.


Maybe I should just rip it from the wall. That would make it silent.


"I-I should get that." Yugi said, sighing lightly.

I pushed the phone out of my mind and turned back to Yugi.

"Must you?" I purred, my breath fanning against his neck.

"Well…" Yugi said quietly, a coy smile crossing his features and eyes narrowing slightly.

My own eyes narrowed softly and I reached out to brush my lips against his sweet throat.


I growled and Yugi sighed again, both of us wanting to fall back into our warm haze, but were not allowed.


Yugi started to try and get up, but I pushed him back.

"No," I whispered, "You stay here sweet one, I'll get it."

With that I was up and out of the room, wondering if Yugi would get mad if I destroyed his phone.

If I hadn't swallowed some of my anger, then I would have torn the phone from the wall when I picked it up.

As I held it in my hand, I battled with the idea of answering, or just slamming it back onto its cradle. However, I knew that not answering would be rude, and I was not one to do the petite act of rudeness.

Holding the phone to my ear, I tried to keep from growling.

"Hello?" I answered in the calmest voice I could, under the circumstances.

"Hey!" A boy's voice, one with a slight Brooklyn accent cried happily, "Can I speak with Yug'?"

I sighed inwardly. It was one of Yugi's friends, the Joey boy. Nevertheless, I answered his question, smooth and calm.

"Yes," I said, an amused smile slipping onto my face, "However, who should I say is calling the sweet angel?"

Joey's sudden call on his friend's well-being had interrupted my time with Yugi, which annoyed me slightly, and I was bored anyway. I could afford a little amusement couldn't I?

"Sw-sweet angel?" Joey stuttered, his voice holding question and slight worry, "Uh… This is Joey, who's this?"

Joey's voice hinted at suspicion as he finished his sentence, and perhaps I took my fun a little too far with my next words.

"Yami." I breathed into the phone, "You remember, don't you Joseph? The vampire?"

Joey was silent for a moment, chocking on the information I had just given him, and in the time it took him to take a breath I pulled the phone away form my ear. With my higher hearing, I didn't need to go deaf.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE!" Joey screamed angrily, his voice loud even with the phone an arm length away from me.

"Now calm down Joey," I said after I had brought the phone back to me, "You don't need to worry about Yugi, I've been here taking care of him."

"You what?" Joey squeaked, "H-how long have you been?…"

"Two days." I said, calmly.

"T-two days?" I could almost hear the anger bubbling up in Joseph behind his shocked stutter, and his next words confirmed my thought, "What have you done to my best friend?"

Joey was stern and angry and I really shouldn't of let him dangle for so long, but I just couldn't help it. Being interrupted by Joseph had made me feel restless and playing around with him was helping me forget my anger with him.

Besides, it was better than what I usually would of done.

"It's alright," I said, like I was trying to appease Joey's question, "I have done nothing to Yugi. Well, at least nothing permanent."

Joseph's breathing sounded strained through the phone, and as I moved the phone away from my ear again, Joey took in a deep breath and began to yell and swear every ounce of his fury at me.

It was about this time that Yugi came walking down the hallway to find out where I had gone.

Hikari no tenshi had gotten dressed and was wearing a pair of jeans with a snap and zipper, and a t-shirt that caught my eye. The fact was, the shirt was pastel yellow and quite loose, so it hung in a way that showed Yugi's collarbone. The cloth of the shirt also seemed very airy and soft, prefect for me to slip my hands underneath it and touch Yugi's even softer skin.

I smiled but drove my own thoughts away, watching as Yugi found me with the phone held out as far away from me as possible with his angry friend's voice emitting from it.

Yugi blinked and looked from me to the phone before speaking.

"Yami…what are you…?"

Joey's voice then began to resemble something of coherency and he yelled angrily.


Hearing his best friend's voice, Yugi's eyes widened slightly and he took the phone from my out stretch arm, wincing slightly when he brought the phone to his ear.

"Joey?" he questioned, his one eye squeezed shut as he tried to speak over his friend, "Joey it's Yugi, please stop yelling!"

"Oh," Joseph said, realizing he wasn't yelling at me anymore, "Sorry Yugi, I didn't mean to yell in your ear."

"It's okay Joey," Yugi said, relaxing, "What do you what?"

"Oh yeah, that," Joey said, composing himself, "Listen Yug', Tristan, Tea, and me want to apologize for yesterday. We didn't mean to jump to conclusions on you, but we just didn't know what to think. Sorry."

"It's alright," Yugi said as he smiled, "I know you guys where just trying to do what was best for me, no hard feelings."

"Right, no hard feelings," Joseph said, he voice sounding slightly sheepish but glad that Yugi had forgiven him, "Oh, and one more thing Yug'." He hesitated for a moment, "What is that YAMI guy still doing over there?"

Yugi's smile disappeared as Joey's tone became hard and protective.

"He hasn't done anything to you, has he?" Joey asked.

I could see the worry and fear reflecting in Yugi's blank eyes, and when he didn't speak, I knew he was having a battle inside of himself.

"Yug'?" Joey questioned, "Yugi are you okay?"

When Yugi still didn't speak I moved behind him and wrapped my arms around him. Feeling his warm form shutter with fear of what he should not say to his friend, I leaned down and gently whispered into his ear.

"Tell him the truth."

That was it. One simple command. If my own safety needed to rely on Yugi being frightened of his friends and classmates, then I would have to bear the threat of Joseph and anyone else that didn't understand, alone. As long as Yugi was safe and happy, that was what mattered the most to me.

Yugi's breathe shuttered against me, then he reached over and took my hand, intertwining our fingers together as his eyes grew sad and damp with tears.

"I can't." he said sadly, he voice almost breaking as he squeeze my hand, searching for comfort, "I can't tell him, Yami."

"Can't tell me what?" Joey asked, a sore, worried edge in his voice.

Everything was silent for a brief moment, Yugi fighting off the wave of sadness that was washing over him as I held him in my arms.

"Yugi?" Joey's voice again, sounding softly quiet, worried and apologetic, "I'm sorry. Tristan, Tea and I are goin' come over in a little while okay?"

Yugi nodded, but since Joseph couldn't see him, he spoke in a quiet voice.


There was a click as Joey hung up and Yugi let the phone drop to the carpeted floor. Yugi's breath hitched into quiet sobs, the pain, fear, worries, and despair in him finally breaking through.

As I squeezed Yugi's hand, overcome by his sadness and love for me, I pulled him into me, place my head on top of his and held him. Supporting him and keeping him from crashing to the floor, I spoke gently to him. For I understood how hard this was for him.

"It's alright, sweet one," I said, wishing that I had some natural warmth to give and not just words and cold comfort, "It's alright to cry, I am right here, it's okay."

Yugi sobbed quietly once more before the tears came, flowing from his eyes with the sound of his hurt.

Yugi's soul was weeping.

Lifting him easily and gently into my arms, my hand still holding on to his, I carried him over to the couch and sat down with him in my lap, his tears mixed with sobs and pain.

Tilting his head I slowly kissed away his sweet tears, brushing his skin gently with my fingertips, trying to ease the pain he felt.

As a vampire, I couldn't fully understand why Yugi wept as much as he did. I had only known him for two and half days and yet he had bled his sadness almost seven times in my presence.

Yugi was a delicate and fragile creature, and even if I didn't completely understand, I would try to help him in anyway that I could.

I drank his tears and held him close, and soon he began to respond to me. His sweet mouth turned up towards me and brushed against my lips, needing the comfort that I was giving. Yugi gasped and sobbed against me as he craved my touch, and I was gentle.

There was no way that I wouldn't be.

We stayed this way for hours, I trying to comfort the weeping angel in my embrace and Yugi's sobs quieting as time went on.

When Yugi's tears where finally dry, he smiled tiredly at me, and squeezed my hand. I took comfort in this and squeezed back, and that was when he spoke.

"I can't tell them, Yami." He sighed, "I just can't."

I knew what Yugi was talking about, and I understood.

If he let his friends in on what was happening between us, Joseph, Tristan, and Tea, may try to tear Yugi away and then they would slaughter me.

Or at least, they could try.

It was the only course of action that frightened mortals could take.

I closed my eyes for a moment to think.

I wished that there was a way around this. I wished that Yugi's friends would understand. I wished that there was a way that I could stop all of Yugi's pain.

Unfortunately, wishing never solved anything.

However, I knew what to say to the sweet one in my arms.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Then don't, let them find out on their own."

Yugi wrapped his arms around my neck, I pulled him up as I leaned back up, my arm slipping behind him to support his back, and he sighed.

"But how can I?" he said, "The moment they find out about us they will-"

Yugi's form trembled in my grasp, and he dug his head into my shoulder before he spoke again.

"They will kill you."

I sighed, rubbing my fingers against Yugi's back to relax him, I spoke quietly.

"They may," I said, "But it doesn't matter what they do, Yugi. I won't let them hurt you."

I won't let them hurt you.

Yugi sighed again and his twisted himself around so the back of his head rested on my collarbone. Then he spoke again.

"I hope so." He said, and then he went quite.

I stayed silent as I leaned down, my chin coming to rest on Yugi's shoulder, lips brushing near his ear, then I looked down with my eyes.

Since Yugi's shirt had such a loose collar, I could see down it completely. The collar not only showed Yugi's collarbone, but down his chest and all the way to his stomach as well.

Yugi noticed me looking.

My eyes narrowed softly as an idea formed.

"Yugi?" I asked gently against his ear, "When you warped yourself in soft cloth, did you choose with something in mind? Or are you just trying to tease me?"

My lips brushed his ear, soft as silk, and a small smile graced his lips, enjoying the touch.

"Maybe I did." He answered softly, the smile growing on his face as I wrapped my arms around him, fingers slipping under his shirt to brush his stomach and sides lightly.

Missing Scene

Will be continued at a later date.