After the last chapter some wondered if the story was complete. Not quite. Here is the epilogue. I am giving it to you only a day later as a thanks to all my wonderful readers and because it is short.


Chapter 27 – Epilogue

Twenty Years Post Voldemort


Harry woke in his usual position among a delightful pile of womanly flesh. He heard a bell ringing and smiled as the tone became more insistent as the ringer increased their speed. Susan was on his right and groaned at the sound of one or more of their children ready to tackle their Christmas presents. A few other moans met theirs and Harry knew that, as usual, there would be no Christmas morning loving. He remembered back to the first couple of years of the coven before the children understood Christmas and he could wake slowly and move around the bed shagging his lovelies before proceeding onto presents. He had at least another ten years until the kids would be grown enough to see that happening again. Then he remembered his conversation with Ginny yesterday when he mentioned that and she had reminded him that by then there would be grandchildren wanting to open presents first off. Oh well, he did love the little ones.

"Come on lovelies, they're well trained to leave us be, but some of them have gotten good with charms and may be working on unlocking soon if we don't appear."

More groans did eventually lead to movement as the seven coven members stood and stretched before going to find house clothes and robes. Within a few minutes, they all stepped out into the informal living room outside the master bedroom. Perched on a sofa were a half dozen of the youngest, with the bell in hand. The bell was something that had been adopted about fifteen years ago as a way for the kids to call their parents out of the bedroom. The bell was charmed so that it would be heard even through the permanent silencing charms on the room. While the kids didn't realize this early on, as the older ones became more proficient in runes and understood better, they all agreed it was masterful work, while also agreeing that they didn't want to think further about it.

Harry grinned at the lot waiting for them on the couch and swept in to grab two under his arms, soon setting off a round of giggling. Daphne shook her head. Harry Potter, Lord Gryffindor-Peverell-Potter, one of the richest men in Britain, non-magical or magical, and one of the most powerful in the magical world, could still be reduced to a child among his children. He was thirty-five now and a bit of grey was showing at his temples, but his eyes were as full of green fire as ever and they each loved him more than ever. Seeing him with his children like this was one of the many reasons.

The family proceeded downstairs, gathering a few more children as they passed the second floor. By the time they reached the first floor, all of the Potter Coven family was in place around the tree. The extended family would gather later, this year at Bones Manor, which would be true madness, but for now it was just the immediate family. Harry looked around and grinned. His six ladies had given him twenty-two children total. The oldest, James, was nineteen now and apprenticing at Gringotts. He would probably take over the Potter businesses eventually, but Harry was still young and the experience at Gringotts would be invaluable. Like Hermione had declared at his birth, he looked like a clone of his father, although a few inches taller and with his mother's razor wit. The youngest in the room was Luna's last, Marguerite. She had been a surprise and Harry had almost lost both mother and baby at birth. The healers had saved them, but Luna would give him no more. Harry was fine with that, he needed his moonbeam. In truth, all the ladies were done with babies now, unless there were more surprises, but multiple measures were being taken to prevent those. Harry was more than happy as he looked around the room. All three of his houses had at least one heir, with Hermione surprisingly giving him three for Potter, as well as all three consort lines were assured. And anyway, soon there would be grandchildren.

**105 years later – 2120**

Marguerite Lovegood Collins Brown eased her old bones into her favorite chair. It was time to get back to writing. She was in decent health, but at a 107, she knew better than to procrastinate on projects. And hers was quite a project. She had started just over a year ago on the day of the memorial. Many thought it would be a sad day, but in reality it had been a day to rejoice in a unique and beautiful love that had proven out until the end. No one had written the full history of the Potter Coven and their family, and she felt it was beyond time. As the youngest of the children born to the seven coven members, this was a calling.

Marguerite sat back as she pondered her family. She had twenty-one older brothers and sisters. Oh, only two were full blood siblings, the rest were half siblings born to various mothers, but those distinctions were never made in her family. No, she had grown up with six mothers. Her own mother was Mama Luna to everyone. The others were the same to everyone, Mama Mione, Mama Daphne, Mama Ginny, Mama Tonks and Mama Susie. And Dad, of course. Her father was a unique and special man. Of the twenty-one, sixteen had married, although her sister Blossom had provided grandchildren without a union. James was gay of course, but his love Kyle had been a dear soul. She missed them both. And Bridget went both ways depending on the year. That reminded her, she needed to owl her sister. The Potter Coven's children were as prolific as them, providing 68 grandchildren. Those grandchildren became 189 great-grandchildren, and now 157 great-great grandchildren and still counting. Maybe more in the last few days, it was getting to the point that she really couldn't keep track.

The most important thing that her father and mothers instilled in all their children, and that was then instilled down the line, was a sense of fairness for all. Bigotry of any sort was not tolerated. Any unfair comment was slapped down immediately and brought a stern talking to. The money and businesses that the Potter Coven were tied to may have initially led to the beginning of the social changes in magical Britain, but it was their children and descendants who would carry it forward. By the time James started Hogwarts, a half dozen lycans were in attendance at Hogwarts. The following year saw a veela transfer student also attend. A couple of years later, a goblin child took a few classes on a part time basis. The non-magical and wizarding world studies classes were an enormous success, closing the divide between the school's students. Coming along years later, Marguerite saw plenty of evidence of that.

Thinking back on that evidence brought to mind the memorial service now exactly one year past. That singular event was a perfect tribute to the wide sweeping changes that the Potter Coven had wrought in a little over one hundred years.

The Ministry of Magic had enlisted the help of the Bureau du Magie and MAC USA to bring in additional staff to coordinate the event. Family, friends, and close business associates had spent a week agonizing over the guest list. A number of people had invited themselves. Many were people who couldn't be denied. Thankfully it was August, so a remote moor in the Hebrides was chosen and warded. Initially the family had thought about using the Manor. When the guest list had reached past 1,000 it was no longer feasible.

In the end, the Potter Coven had been passed for two weeks before a memorial of 12,400 attended on a remote island in the Hebrides. All portkeyed in and out of the heavily warded location that was quite spartan given the status of many of the attendees. Not only was the Queen in attendance, but also nine other European royals, three African princes, three Prime Ministers, five Presidents, and a Pope. As specified by the families, non-magical and magical were not divided and every social status mixed. Marguerite had nearly wept at the beauty of it and knew that her parents were smiling down as she watched Saudi Prince Hassan listen to President Jenkins discuss the role the coven had played many years before in stopping a devastating flood that saved a vital alfalfa crop that was later shipped to Kentucky, where the Prince's father kept his stable of horses. It seemed that the prince had not realized that his father's horses had benefited from the coven's rituals. That was one more note for the book.

As the memorial got underway, others gave their own remembrances from times long past. Marguerite hadn't realized that Mama Tonks' security firm had been hired to augment the Prime Minister's trip during the difficult summer of 2032. Or that the coven had performed an extra protection ritual around the Prime Minister's convoy. She did remember hearing about a bomb attempt and the bomb failing for some unknown reason. Or that was what the media had reported. Now she understood why. People really underestimated the extent of coven magic when used properly.

Next to step forward to say a few words was one of the African princes. His story started when he was a boy of fourteen, a year after he had taken his throne, and he had called on the coven to help with a drought in his country. Since their assistance, his land had never been terribly wet, but it had never suffered terrible drought in the nearly seventy years since.

Next at the podium was a woman who instead spoke specifically about Healer Bones and the Bones Natural Healing Institute. The woman was non-magical and had suffered from a debilitating skin condition that she had been cured of at the institute. Only years later when she had a magical child and learned of the world of magic, did she realize the true origin of her cure. Throughout it all, she had remained friends with Susan, who was relieved when the issue of secrecy was able to be lifted from her friend.

The stories lasted for close to two hours, from people dramatically affected by both the coven or by individual members of the coven. Marguerite had personally known of course how special they all were, but she was in awe by the end of the memorial. Prior to the service she had thought about writing a book, but by the end, she was determined. It would be criminal for future generations not to know all of this, to not have it all compiled together. When she arrived home after her portkey, she wasted no time in starting her task.

Sitting at her table a year later, Marguerite wiped away a tear as she remembered her family, and resumed her task of writing. After an hour, she took a break and went to heat a pot of tea. As she did, she looked out on her garden to the peonies that grew from cuttings taken from the peony garden at the manor. The garden had been a favorite of hers as a child and she had loved to look at pictures from the wedding. Thinking back on those pictures, she thought back on the coven's passing two weeks prior to that amazing memorial. No one had quite anticipated what would happen when one of the coven passed, how the others would carry on.

Surprisingly, it had been Mama Ginny who had taken ill and wasted away quickly over a couple of weeks despite the healers' best efforts. All of her coven mates had laid around her sides while family visited, breezing in and out. While the visitors were acknowledged and welcomed, it was obvious to see that all who mattered were on the bed around the old lady who had just turned 138. She was comfortable at least, the healers made sure of that. Marguerite had not been there when it actually happened. Her sister Meri and brother Cecil, with his wife Anna, had been in attendance and had later provided the memory. It had been amazing to watch. Ginny had been awake for the first time in days, talking to her coven mates about past memories. Then she had gotten a far off look and declared she was tired. Harry had clasped her hand with all the others taking hold as well. Then, as one, they closed their eyes and Ginny exhaled one last breath. When she did, a silvery light encompassed the group and everyone else let out a final breath. The healers had rushed in, but there was nothing to be done. Meri had stopped them from interfering and then collapsed in her brother's arms. The coven had left together, as they wished.

Marguerite sighed at the memory and then her teapot whistled, reminding her that she had writing yet to do. The story of the amazing Potter Coven needed to be told.


And so ends our tale. It took a bit longer than originally planned, as my stories often seem to do. Thank you all for staying with me.

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