The Red and White Dragon Emperor from the alternate world

Prologue: The Red and White Emperor's second chance at the new world


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" In the name of Sona Sitri and Serafall Leviathan I shall destroy you!" speak

[Boost!] Ddraig

{Divide!} Albion

"TRACE ON!" using Skills or ability

"Man I'm so bored I need to eat " thoughts or talk via telepathy thing or something lol

DxD world Alternate World (a world without Rias Gremory and some several characters)

Somewhere in Human World

Issei is fighting on Trihexa the world he knew was destroyed everyone he knew was killed by Trihexa

Heaven and Underworld were destroyed by Trihexa.

The 3 factions and the rest of other mythologies like Norse were destroyed by Trihexa

Since Heaven is destroyed the system went haywire since no one is maintaining it due to that the human world is in a turmoil, later on, they discovered about the supernatural

later on, Trihexa came to the human world and destroy everything in his sight

"Change Fang Blast!"

[Welsh Blaster Bishop!]

Issei changed his form to Welsh Blaster Bishop then he starts charging

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

Issei had enough boost then he fires "Take this Dragon Blaster!"

The blast hits Trihexa but that attack didn't make a scratch on it.

Trihexa retaliates he fires his breath

"Damn it!" Issei called his left hand "Albion!"

{Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide!}

Issei tries to reduce Trihexa flames but it wasn't enough


Trihexa flames hit him if he didn't use {Divide!} many times on Trihexa flames he would die instantly


Issei is starting to fall he was about to lose his conscious and he starts to say his last words

[Partner wake up we're not done yet!]

{Kid don't you dare die on us right now you have to stand up!}

"I can't move a muscle...Sorry….Albion...Ddraig...I regret that...our strength wasn't enough…. to beat that monster.." Issei was too weak to recover due to that attack

{Kid I have to tell you that you're the best host I ever had.}

[I have to agree with Albion. Partner, we're glad you were our host definitely the best one we had!]

{Even thou you're a pervert}

Issei chuckled says "Well...sorry for being a perverted…. since this is the real me...after all..damn that I haven't get laid yet..."

[Even you have that perverted personality you're the still the best host we had!]

"Thanks..but I guess this is it…. Sona...Sera...Asia...everyone... forgive me…. It seems I can't avenge your deaths…." Issei went unconscious.

[{Partner! / Kid!}] Draig and Albion said in Unison.

While he was falling there's a strange Portal opens Issei's body went in the portal after that the portal is gone… and his home world completely was destroyed by Trihexa.

DxD world (the world were Hyoudou Issei doesn't exist)

(well this were our Issei went in, a few weeks before the actual canon starts this will be the start of divergence because of his presence so i decided to skip Asia rescue arc but to Raiser Arc will be moved after the Kokabiel incident)

Somewhere in Italy…. (afternoon)

Issei was dropped to the ground his balance breaker was turned off he was unconscious…

until there's a nun found him (obviously its Asia)

"Oh my god are you alright?!" the nun starts to heal him with her Sacred Gear then she hears his mumbling

"Sona...Sera...let me...become...your...Pawn...again..." Issei was mumbling while unconscious

After he said that something strange happens to Issei

Meanwhile at Japan

Kouh Academy Student Council room (night)

Sona was about to finish her paperwork aside from that she decided that she's going to recruit Saji Genshiro as her Pawn

Before she retire something strange happen on her 8 Pawns

"My Pawns!... whats going on?!" Sona was confused she has no idea what's going on this the first time happens her Pawns moving its own…

"Kaichou whats going on here?" Tsubaki was surprised her master Pawns are moving by its own

Sona says "I don't know Tsubaki my pawns starting to act on its own"

The Pawns starts glowing until the pawns disappear from their sight ...

Tsubaki noticed the Pawns is gone at their sight "Kaichou your Pawns is gone!"

Sona is surprised her Pawns was gone "No My Pawns!"

Meanwhile at Underworld.

Serafall is resting on her shooting of TV show until her Pawns starts acting strange

"What's wrong my cute Pawns?" Serafall is worried and surprised this is the first time that her Pawns acting strangely.

Until the Pawns glowing until it disappears from her sight …

"Nooo! My cute Pawns are gone!" Serafall was shocked her Pawn are disappeared from her sight.

Back at Issei

The nun was surprised what she sees until she saw the 8.. no 16 Pawns was surrounding him until the Pawns went inside of him until he grunts

"Guaah.!" Issei is hurt during the process until all the pawns went inside of him the pain was stopped

The nun doesn't know what going on until Issei's left hand glows.

[Girl please heal him with your Sacred Gear!] Draig asked the nun (speaking at in her language)

The nun surprised she saw Issei's left hand is glowing "Ehh who are you?!" she asked

[We can talk to this later girl but please first heal my host and nurse him until he recovers.] Ddraig begged the nun to heal him

The nun nods "Yes I will help him" the girl starts healing him.

While the nun heals him the dragons are talking something on their mind

{Ddraig that Nun has the Twilight Healing what's going on here?} Albion surprised since he recognized the girl since she high affiliate with the dragons like them.

[I don't know Albion it seems that Portal send us here... but this is very odd this world is similar we know but it's strange that i can sense my other self here somewhere in this world] Ddraig was confused also what's going on that nun on was suppose to be dead but she's alive and well

{I sense my other self here too yet very far from our I believe this world we shouldn't belong's like we're in different world.}

Ddraig nods [I agree with you Albion this world is not the same we know yet I don't feel that Trihexa, I believe in this world he's still sealed state.]

{i that make sense since we see the nun is alive in this world so that means his masters should be alive on this world too!}

Ddraig nods [Indeed Albion his masters is certainly alive in this world]

{Indeed... but I wonder those Pieces came out of nowhere went inside of our host. I guess those pieces belong to his masters... but I'm sure those two are going search for him sooner or later.}

[That is a true Albion but we need to tell our host we shouldn't meet them yet since our host needs some adjustment here before going back to his masters and I'm sure he will be surprised when he hears this news]

Albion smirked {I'm sure of it Ddraig for now since we're going to change everything here which is starting from the nun I should say we have a good head start here since the nun will be safe on our side now until she became a devil or not since we giving her a choice}

[Indeed but this time we're going face our counterpart and their host I'm sure we will have a hard time to deal with them] Ddraig says the possible outcome

Albion agreed with him {Indeed I wonder how powerful my counterpart and its host here}

Ddraig smirked [if those two fighting each other I'm sure my counterpart and its host would win against your weak counterpart.]

Albion was annoyed says {Ddraig... we have an agreement here remember.}

[My bad!...sorry about that Albion... I almost forgot our truce here while we're still on our current host.] Ddraig apologized Albion

4 days later…. (morning)

Issei is awake he was very hungry right now, he about to stand up until he noticed, he saw the nun preparing her meal and he recognize her immediately

"Asia…..but how?" Issei was surprised that Asia was alive but how?

[Allow me to explain partner...] Draig told him

"Ddraig what's going here I see Asia and she's alive but how?!" Issei talked to him mentally

[Partner I know you're confused and so are we also we noticed that after you got your pieces back] Ddraig told him

" My pieces?...wait you mean my Pawn Pieces are back but how Sona and Sera were killed before our last battle with…wait...did I survive?!" Issei was noticed something just now he survived that monster attack before he could speak again

{Yes they were dead and we fought that monster until to the bitter end... we thought that you were dead but you ended unconscious until the strange Portal appears during your fall.}

"wait what a Portal?! Don't tell me guys did we go back in time?" Issei want to assure something first

Ddraig says [You're half correct Partner but this isn't the world we know let's just say we're in the another world.]

"You mean like a parallel world?" Issei said

Ddraig nods [Yes we might face several people we know and we don't know from this world so we better prepare for the worst case scenario since in this world that monster seems is in the sealed state so we better prepare ourselves when we get there.]

Issei nods "I see we better prepare ourselves than before we go back to them since they are not the same people I met.. Fine, I will do my best!... this time will be different I will prevent that monster from being unsealed this time.."

Albion nods {we better get stronger kid before that incident comes.}

[Indeed there's a chance we might face our counterparts and their host.] Ddraig added

Issei is surprised "Eeeeeh?! I didn't sign up for this to face your counterparts and their host...hmm we might be stronger than them but i won't let my guard down when I encounter either those two... I hope it won't happen." Issei completely understands the situation and then he noticed Asia was staring at him with concern

Asia ask "Are you alright?"

Issei nodded "Yea thanks for taking care of me Asia"

Asia was surprised that he knew her name "how did you know my name?"

"My Sacred Gear told me my name is Hyoudou Issei" Issei greeted her

"My name Asia Argento nice to meet you Issei-san" Asia greets him

"Thank you for taking care of me Asia" Issei thank her

Asia smiled on him "Thank goodness you're ok it seems God saves you from dying"

Issei gets a headache mumbled, "ow..even at this world still they still have that system..."

Asia notice Issei got a headache and she was worried "Are you ok Issei-san?"

Issei nods "Yes Asia I'm fine since I'm a devil my head hurts if I heard that kind of words..." Issei just said the truth it's not his style to lie especially to her

Asia stepped back "Eh!? Issei-san is a devil?"

Issei answers her question "Yes I'm a devil Asia are you afraid of me?"

Asia was frightened and she asked "No...Are you going to kill me?"

Issei shooked his head "I wouldn't hurt you Asia since you saved my life and you're my friend!"

Asia surprised "You consider me as your friend Issei-san?"

Issei nodded "of course Asia I'm your friend and I won't even dare hurt you." he said it happily

Asia smiles "Thank you Issei-san for being my first friend"

"Asia as a friend I swear will protect you from bad people..even from that bastard Diodora Astaroth and Shalba Beelzebub" Issei remembers that Diodora is the reason why Asia went exile from the church and kidnapped her during the rating game yet sabotaged by Khaos Brigade and Shalba for almost ruined his life when he throws Asia on the Dimensional Gap that forced him to use Juggernaut Drive from the 1st time that almost lose his life

"Asia I want you to come with me, I know that you been exiled by the church if you want more friends I know a place for us to live."

Asia was surprised says "Ehh?! how did you know I been exiled from the church?"

Issei answers her question "i been hearing around the country that you were been labelled as a heretic because you heal a devil those hypocrites... because that reason honestly Asia you just did the right thing" Issei couldn't tell her the truth that he's from the alternate world yet but he will tell her sooner or later

"Thank you Issei-san!" Asia thank him

"So Asia are you coming with me?" Issei asked her again

Asia happily replies "Yes I'm coming with you!"

"Good since while we travel I'm going to teach you some good magic!"

"I will be in your care Issei-san!"

"Ok then lets!"

And thus Issei and Asia Travels together until they reach Japan

Meanwhile on the underworld

Ajuka's Lab

Ajuka was surprised on the news that Serafall and her little sister's Pawns went missing

Serafall says "So Ajuka-chan did you find out something about our missing Pawns?"

Ajuka replies " Not yet Sera-chan this the first time happen for both you."

Sona asked, "is it possible that our Pawns choose our servant by its own?"

Ajuka said "Hmm that is possible but 16 Pawns on a single person is most likely impossible but I'm not going to remove that theory if that is true I wouldn't be surprised that you two will have a shared pawn at your peerage from the first time since we have no history of shared servants."

Serafall was surprised "Eeeeh?! Is that really possible I and So-tan have a shared servant?"

Sona was annoyed "Stop calling me that Onee-sama!"

Serafall chuckled "Aw don't be like that So-tan~!"

"But please don't add -tan on it Onee-sama!" Sona is very annoyed at her childish behavior

Serafall replies "But I like calling you that~!"

"Mou!" Sona was ashamed for her big sister childish behavior

Ajuka seems it went to off topic "As for your questions Sera-chan... Yes, it's highly possible to have a shared servant as long it the same piece."

"I been wondering why 16 Pawns is that person really powerful to be reincarnated?" Sona was curious

Serafall was concerned about this too and she thinks the possible reasons "Unless that person holds 2 Longinus Type Sacred Gears..."

Ajuka was surprised about this possible reasons the user could have 2 Longinus Sacred Gears but it's impossible since there's no history about 2 Sacred Gears wielder on a single host

Sona is also surprised about possible reasons her new Pawn could have not 1 but 2 Longinus Sacred Gears the question what kind of Sacred Gears that person hold right now….

Prologue End….


Note: I decided to remake my old one for some reason honestly I have no idea how to pull those arcs without Rias and the rest I killed off on yet I was planning to do this kind of scenario before I made my first one.


After this chapter, this one will start at Near End of Kokobiel Arc since I scratch the Asia Rescue Arc since Issei is with Asia on their travels until they reach Japan. While


The Riser Arc will be next after Kokabiel, of course, Issei will interfere this marriage even thou he's not on Rias Peerage after this Arc will set to 3 Faction Peace Conference and so on.


Also, you noticed that Issei skills at his world reached only at Illegal Move Triana and Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive moveset but don't worry he will get his power-ups like in the original series yet in a different way.